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egg ultrasound treatment

P Kern, A Menezes da Silva, O Akhan, B Müllhaupt, K A Vizcaychipi, C Budke, D A Vuitton
The echinococcoses are chronic, parasitic diseases that are acquired after ingestion of infective taeniid tapeworm eggs from certain species of the genus Echinococcus. Cystic echinococcosis (CE) occurs worldwide, whereas, alveolar echinococcosis (AE) is restricted to the northern hemisphere, and neotropical echinococcosis (NE) has only been identified in Central and South America. Clinical manifestations and disease courses vary profoundly for the different species of Echinococcus. CE presents as small to large cysts, and has commonly been referred to as 'hydatid disease', or 'hydatidosis'...
2017: Advances in Parasitology
David U Olveda, Marianette Inobaya, Remigio M Olveda, Marilyn L Vinluan, Shu-Kay Ng, Kosala Weerakoon, Donald P McManus, Grant A Ramm, Donald A Harn, Yuesheng Li, Alfred K Lam, Jerric R Guevarra, Allen G Ross
BACKGROUND: Subclinical morbidity due to schistosomiasis was evaluated in 565 patients, and the enhanced liver fibrosis (ELF) test was assessed for the first time as a potential screening tool for disease. METHODS: The prevalence and intensity of infection were determined by Kato-Katz thick smear stool examination at baseline and 2 years after curative treatment. The degree of hepatic fibrosis was assessed by ultrasound. Non-invasive serum biomarkers of hepatic fibrosis were also evaluated...
January 2017: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Wen-Hua Yang, Zong-Cai Tu, Hui Wang, Xue Li, Ming Tian
BACKGROUND: Hen eggs are widely used in food industry as a result of their excellent nutritional and processing properties and ovalbumin (OVA) is the major allergen of hen egg whites. Ultrasound has been widely used in the food processing industry, although the effect of high-intensity ultrasound on the immunoglobulin (Ig)G binding, IgE binding and conformational structure of OVA remains unclear. RESULTS: Ultrasound treatment at 600-800 W dramatically increased the IgG and IgE binding of OVA, with the highest values observed at 600 W...
October 16, 2016: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Martin Brits, Jayne de Vos, Jana M Weiss, Egmont R Rohwer, Jacob de Boer
World-wide, the prevalence of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) is well documented for routine analysis of environmental and biological matrices. There is, however, limited information on these compounds in the African environment and insufficient information on the analytical approaches used to obtain data. This paper presents a review on BFR levels in the African environment and the various analytical methodologies specifically applied in Africa for polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), polybrominated biphenyls and alternative-BFRs...
December 2016: Chemosphere
J David Spence
In recent years, there have been a number of advances in the pathogenesis and treatment of atherosclerosis and in assessing prognosis in carotid atherosclerosis. Risk stratification to improve vascular prevention by identifying patients most likely to benefit from intensive therapy is much improved by measuring carotid plaque burden. In patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis, a number of modalities can be used to identify the 10-15% who could benefit from endarterectomy or stenting. Transcranial Doppler embolus detection, echolucency and ulceration on 3D ultrasound, intraplaque hemorrhage on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and reduced cerebrovascular reserve are useful already; new approaches including plaque texture on ultrasound and imaging of plaque inflammation and early calcification on positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) are in development...
2016: F1000Research
Ji Hyun Kim, Jae Hoon Jeong, Sung-Hyun Park, Jin Seon Jeong, Young-Joon Ryu, Seo-Young Song
Renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) have a strong tendency to metastasize, and the most common sites are the lungs, bones and liver. Late recurrence is another feature of the RCC, with lesions appearing ≥10 years after surgical treatment. However, fibrosis has rarely been associated with the disease. The present study reports a case of recurrent RCC that manifested as a fibrotic mass within the thorax. A 48-year-old man presented with dyspnea that had persisted for 3 days. The patient had undergone a right radical nephrectomy for stage II clear cell carcinoma of the kidney 6 years previously...
June 2016: Oncology Letters
Mark N Burgess, Elizabeth R Brunton, Ian F Burgess
Nit combing and removal of head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer (Anoplura: Pediculidae), eggs is a task made more difficult because "nit combs" vary in efficiency. There is currently no evidence that the binding of the eggshell to the hair can be loosened chemically and few hair treatments improve the slip of the louse eggs along the hair. Ultrasound, applied through the teeth of a nit comb, may facilitate the flow of fluids into the gap between the hair shaft and the tube of fixative holding louse eggs in place to improve lubrication...
January 2016: Journal of Medical Entomology
Julius E Siza, Godfrey M Kaatano, Jong-Yil Chai, Keeseon S Eom, Han-Jong Rim, Tai-Soon Yong, Duk-Young Min, Su Young Chang, Yunsuk Ko, John M Changalucha
The objective of this study was to carry out a community survey on schistosomiais and soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections in order to suggest feasible and effective intervention strategies in Lake Victoria basin, Tanzania. A total of 37 communities selected from 23 districts of the 4 regions in the Lake Victoria basin of Tanzania were involved in the study. From each of the selected locality, 50 adult community members, 25 males and 25 females, were recruited for the study. Each study participant was requested to submit stool and urine specimens...
October 2015: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Isa Niemann, Lars O Vejerslev, Ligita Frøding, Jan Blaakær, Lisa Leth Maroun, Estrid Stæhr Hansen, Anni Grove, Helle Lund, Hanne Havsteen, Lone Sunde
Hydatidiform mole is treated with surgical uterine evacuation with suction and blunt curettage (D). Medical uterine evacuation should not be used (C). On clinical suspicion of hydatidiform mole, one representative sample of the evacuated tissue is fixed for histopathologic investigation and one is forwarded unfixed for genetic analysis (D). Serum hCG is measured on suspicion of hydatidiform mole. At the time of the uterine evacuation, the initial hCG is measured (A). After a hydatidiform mole that is both triploid and partial, serum hCG is measured weekly until there are two consecutive undetectable values (< 1 or < 2), after which the patient can be discharged from follow-up (C)...
November 2015: Danish Medical Journal
Donboklang Lynser, Akash Handique, Chhunthang Daniala, Pranjal Phukan, Evarisalin Marbaniang
UNLABELLED: Despite advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal helminthiasis, ascariasis remains the most common cause of helminthic infections in the developing countries. Ultrasound offers a rapid, safe, and noninvasive approach to the diagnosis of intestinal ascariasis. Ultrasound is also the modality of choice for diagnosis of hepatobiliary ascariasis, which is relatively rare and is due to migration of intestinal worms through the papilla of Vater. We present an imaging spectrum of hepato-pancreatico-biliary and intestinal ascariasis...
December 2015: Insights Into Imaging
Iskender Yildirim, Ali Aygun, Durmus Sert
The aim of the current study was to establish the effects of preincubation application of low and high frequency ultrasound on egg weight loss, hatchability, supply organ weights, chick performance, and eggshell microbial activity in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). A total of 630 fresh eggs were randomly divided into 3 groups. Treatments were no ultrasound but eggs were sprayed with benzalkonium chloride solution (B), 35 kHz ultrasound applied for 30 min (U35), and 130 kHz ultrasound applied for 30 min (U130)...
July 2015: Poultry Science
Pokhraj Prakashchandra Suthar, Rajkumar Prakashbhai Doshi, Chetan Mehta, Khyati P Vadera
A 10-year-old child presented with dull aching periumbilical abdominal pain for 15 days. The child was not gaining weight despite a good appetite. Physical examination of the child revealed grade-I protein energy malnourishment (PEM) according to IAP (Indian Academic of Paediatrics) classification. The rest of the systemic examination was normal. Routine blood investigation revealed anaemia with eosinophilia. Abdominal ultrasonography did not show any abnormality with curvilinear transducer (3.5-5 MHz), however, linear ultrasound transducer (7...
March 12, 2015: BMJ Case Reports
Angelos G Vilos, Valter Feyles, George A Vilos, Ayman Oraif, Hanin Abdul-Jabbar, Nicholas Power
BACKGROUND: Transvaginal ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval during in vitro fertilization is performed routinely around the world and has reduced the occurrence of intra-abdominal injury considerably over laparoscopic procedures. Despite this, injuries do occur. CASE: We report a case of a 37-year-old patient who underwent IVF and encountered a ureteric injury during oocyte retrieval, which was recognized early and treated with ureteral stents with full resolution...
January 2015: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada: JOGC, Journal D'obstétrique et Gynécologie du Canada: JOGC
Hanan Mostafa Kamel, Abdel-Halim El Sayed Amin, Ahmed Reda Al-Adawy
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the predictive value of basal serum AMH for prediction of quality of the embryos, and pregnancy rate in infertile patients undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles. METHODS: This prospective study included 110 patients. All were subjected to the following on the first 3 days of the cycle prior to starting induction program; full history taken, systematic and local pelvic examination, routine investigations such as CBC, liver and kidney function tests, transvaginal ultrasound scan to assess the uterus, ovaries and to exclude any pelvic pathology...
2014: Clinical Laboratory
Cengiz Caner, Muhammed Yuceer
BACKROUND: Ultrasonic treatment is an emerging technique that could be an alternative to existing thermal processing techniques in foods. Ultrasonic treatments may also be used to extend the shelf life of egg during storage period in ambient temperature. The effectiveness of ultrasound treatment with different power levels (200 W, 300 W, 450 W) and treatment times (2 min and 5 min) was evaluated for enhancing the functional properties of eggs during storage at 24 ° C for 6 weeks. RESULTS: Ultrasound treatment power and treatment time had significant effects on Haugh unit, yolk index, albumen pH, dry matter, relative whipping capacity, and albumen viscosity resulting in extended shelf life...
November 2015: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Kannamannadiar Jayaprakasan, Amarin Narkwichean, Walid E Maalouf, Bruce K Campbell
INTRODUCTION: Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) has been proposed to improve pregnancy rates in women with diminished ovarian reserve undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. However, evidence regarding its efficacy is supported by a limited number of randomised controlled trials (RCTs). This double-blinded RCT aims to measure the effect of DHEA supplementation prior to and during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation on ovarian response prior to IVF treatment in women predicted to have poor ovarian reserve...
October 8, 2014: BMJ Open
Gert Huppertz-Hauss, Hanne Brekke, Marte Holmberg, Hilde Skudal
BACKGROUND: We present a patient from South-East Asia who has been living in Norway for five years. He was referred to our department with jaundice caused by opisthorchiasis/clonorchiasis. This reason for jaundice is highly unusual in Europe. Worldwide, however about 35,000,000 people are infected. CASE PRESENTATION: A male in his thirties, originally from South-East Asia, experienced diffuse itching for five weeks and painless jaundice for two weeks. Blood samples showed increasing cholestasis...
September 16, 2014: Tidsskrift for Den Norske Lægeforening: Tidsskrift for Praktisk Medicin, Ny Række
Shavi Fernando, Tiki Osianlis, Beverley Vollenhoven, Euan Wallace, Luk Rombauts
INTRODUCTION: High levels of oxidative stress can have considerable impact on the outcomes of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Recent studies have reported that melatonin, a neurohormone secreted from the pineal gland in response to darkness, has significant antioxidative capabilities which may protect against the oxidative stress of infertility treatment on gametes and embryos. Early studies of oral melatonin (3-4 mg/day) in IVF have suggested favourable outcomes. However, most trials were poorly designed and none have addressed the optimum dose of melatonin...
September 1, 2014: BMJ Open
Erica L T van den Akker, A A E M Janiëlle van Alfen, Theo C J Sas, Michiel N Kerstens, Martine Cools, Cornelis B Lambalk
Turner syndrome occurs in women who are missing one X chromosome. The most obvious symptoms are small stature and ovarian failure. Turner patients have an increased risk of a large number of disorders, and should therefore have lifelong medical supervision. Recent insights into patient management have been incorporated into the guidelines. Patients are increasingly involved in their own treatment. In patients with 45,X karyotype, Y-chromosomal material is actively sought in a larger number of cells and/or other tissues, using FISH...
2014: Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde
Edi Vaisbuch, Dominique de Ziegler, Milton Leong, Ariel Weissman, Zeev Shoham
An updated worldwide web-based survey assessed the real-life clinical practices regarding luteal-phase supplementation (LPS) in assisted reproduction. This survey looked for changes since a former survey conducted nearly 3years earlier. The survey questions were: If you support the luteal phase, when do you start the regimen you are using?; Which agent/route is your treatment of choice to support the luteal phase?; If you use vaginal progesterone, which formulation do you use?; and How long you continue progesterone supplementation if the patient conceived? Data were obtained from 408 centres (82 countries) representing 284,600 IVF cycles/year...
March 2014: Reproductive Biomedicine Online
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