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Rin graft

Ferdinando Da Rin De Lorenzo
Introduction: Non-unions at forearms are usually challenging and difficult to treat. If additionally, an infection is present, reconstructive surgery should be planned only after full debridement, antibiotic treatment, and confirmation, based on clinical observation and laboratory tests that the infection has subsided. Bone grafting may be required for reconstruction. The use of autogenous bone calls for a second surgical site with an increased risk of morbidity. Using bone substitutes may reduce the need for autogenous bone...
November 2017: Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports
Kazuaki Muramatsu, Yuya Tajima, Rin Kaneko, Yuta Yanagita, Hiroyuki Hirai, Nana Hiura
A novel hyaluronan (HA) derivative, poly(L-glutamic acid)-grafted hyaluronan (PGA-g-HA), was synthesized to improve the durability of conventional HA products for intra-articular injection. The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristics of the novel HA derivative in terms of viscoelasticity, degradation behavior, non-immunogenicity, and bioactivity using preliminary in vitro and in vivo experiments. The storage modulus (G') and loss modulus (G″) of PGA-g-HA were similar to those of HA80 (approximately 8...
July 4, 2017: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part A
Yun-Tao Hu, Xu-Dong Pan, Jun Zheng, Wei-Guo Ma, Li-Zhong Sun
INTRODUCTION: To date, clinically available expanded polytetrafluoro-ethylene (ePTFE) vascular grafts are suboptimal for reconstructing small caliber (D < 6 mm) arteries, owing to thrombosis in early and restenosis in late stage. Our aim in this preliminary study was to fabricate a nano-fibrous vascular graft which was biofunctionalized with VEGF165 and heparin. The short term performance was evaluated both in vitro and in vivo. METHOD: Four-mm caliber grafts were prepared by the coaxial-elctrospun technique, which consisted of poly(l-lactide-co-caprolactone) [P(LLA-CL)] collagen and elastin...
June 22, 2017: International Journal of Surgery
Guillaume Kreutter, Mohamad Kassem, Ali El Habhab, Philippe Baltzinger, Malak Abbas, Julie Boisrame-Helms, Lamia Amoura, Jean Peluso, Blandine Yver, Zobairi Fatiha, Geneviève Ubeaud-Sequier, Laurence Kessler, Florence Toti
Islet transplantation is associated with early ischaemia/reperfusion, localized coagulation and redox-sensitive endothelial dysfunction. In animal models, islet cytoprotection by activated protein C (aPC) restores islet vascularization and protects graft function, suggesting that aPC triggers various lineages. aPC also prompts the release of endothelial MP that bear EPCR, its specific receptor. Microparticles (MP) are plasma membrane procoagulant vesicles, surrogate markers of stress and cellular effectors...
November 2017: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Luana Soriano Mota, Claudia Maria Costa de Oliveira, Francisco Martho Leal Pinheiro, Larissa Costa de Oliveira Santos, Danilo Gonçalves Nóbrega, Paula Fbc Fernandes, Alda Angélica de Melo Costa, Sônia Leite da Silva
Introduction: Kidney transplants with expanded criteria donor have been associated with improved patient survival compared to those who remain on dialysis. Objective: To compare renal function and survival of the kidney graft of deceased donor with expanded criteria and standard criteria over a year in a single transplant center. Methods: 255 kidney transplant recipients with deceased donor were included in the study between the years 2011 to 2013 and they were separated into two groups according to the type of donor (expanded criteria donor - ECD - and standard criteria donor - SCD)...
July 2016: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Jiang-Ying Ru, Yu Cong, Dai Shi, Yang-Hu Lu, Yun-Fei Niu, Hai-Dong Xu
OBJECTIVE: To explore the indications and efficacy of augmentative locking compression plate (LCP) or less invasive stabilization system (LISS)with autogenous bone grafting (BG) in treating distal femoral nonunion subsequent to failed retrograde intramedullary nailing (RIN). METHODS: A retrospective study was performed for 21 patients with distal femoral nonunion subsequent to failed RIN, who received therapy with either augmentative LCP (n = 11) or LISS with autogenous BG (n = 13)...
August 2016: Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica
A Schramko, R Suojaranta-Ylinen, T Niemi, E Pesonen, A Kuitunen, P Raivio, M Salmenperä
INTRODUCTION: Colloids and crystalloid are used during cardiac surgery for priming of the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) circuit. Colloids may decrease postoperative fluid balance because of their high oncotic pressure and low risk of fluid extravasation. On the other hand, colloids have been shown to impair blood coagulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In a prospective, randomized, double-blinded study, 50 patients scheduled for coronary artery bypass grafting or a valve procedure were planned to be randomized to receive either balanced 6% HES130/0...
April 2015: Perfusion
Woong Rin Chang, Il Joong Park, Hyun Woo Lee, Joon Seong Park, Hugh Chul Kim, Hyon Joo Kim, Jae Ho Han, Sung Ran Cho
Many AML-associated chromosomal abnormalities, such as t(8;21), t(15;17), inv(16), t(9;11), t(9;22) and t(6;9) are well known. The chromosomal aberration of t(16;21)(p11;q22) in AML is rare and it is known to be associated with poor prognosis, young age (median age, 22 yr), and involvement of various subtypes of the French-American-British classification. We report here 2 AML patients with t(16;21)(p11;q22), proved by conventional cytogenetics and/or reverse transcription (RT)-PCR. Erythrophagocytosis by leukemic blasts was observed in both of the cases...
October 2009: Korean Journal of Laboratory Medicine
Maaike J Smelt, Marijke M Faas, Bart J de Haan, Jeroen Hofstede, Chi-Wai Cheung, Hanna van der Iest, Aalzen de Haan, Paul de Vos
OBJECTIVES: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has been suggested to accelerate beta-cell destruction and thereby to contribute to new-onset diabetes and failure of islet allografts in both humans and rodents. Surprisingly, direct CMV infection of beta cells has received only minor attention. Therefore, we investigated the susceptibility of rat beta cells for rat CMV (RCMV) infection and the direct effects on the regulation of immune cell-activating ligands. METHODS: Primary rat beta cells, the rat beta-cell line Rin-m5F, and fibroblasts were RCMV-infected in vitro...
January 2010: Pancreas
Y-T Chen, S-H Fu, J-P Chen, B R-S Hsu
We co-transplanted silica gel-entrapping 4H-1,3-Thiazin-2-amine,5,6-dihydro-6-methyl monohydrochloride (AMT) with islets to evaluate the effects of AMT on early graft dysfunction in a syngeneic mouse model. The mean diameter of AMT-embedding silica gel particles was 595 +/- 275 nm. The cumulative release of AMT was 29% at 1 hour and 45% at 72 hours. Sixteen streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice were separated into 3 groups. Group A received 50 islets (n = 4). Group B received 50 islets and blank silica gel (n = 6)...
June 2009: Transplantation Proceedings
Yun-Jong Park, Hyung Joon Ahn, Hye Kyung Chang, Joon Ye Kim, Kyu Ha Huh, Myoung Soo Kim, Yu Seun Kim
Mycophenolic acid (MPA)-induced beta-cell toxicity is an important factor for islet graft function. The signal transduction mechanisms underlying this process have not been fully explored. Using a proteomics approach, we examined protein expression patterns in MPA-treated RIN-5 cells and found that RhoGDI-alpha expression is altered by MPA-treatment. We examined the relationship between RhoGDI-alpha expression and activated JNK during MPA-induced apoptosis. Cells were treated with N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), caspase inhibitor, JNK inhibitor, guanosine or GTP for 1 h before being treated with MPA...
February 2009: Cellular Signalling
A Langlois, W Bietiger, K Mandes, E Maillard, A Belcourt, M Pinget, L Kessler, S Sigrist
During pancreatic islet transplantation, delayed and insufficient revascularization can deprive islets of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in cell death and early graft failure. Deferoxamine (DFO), an iron chelator, increases vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression in cells. The aim of this work was to study the effect of DFO on beta-cell and pancreatic islet viability as well as VEGF expression. beta-cell lines from rat insulinoma (Rin m5f) and primary cultures of pancreatic islets from Wistar rats were incubated with DFO (10, 100, and 1000 micromol/L)...
March 2008: Transplantation Proceedings
C Campisi, D Davini, C Bellini, G Taddei, G Villa, E Fulcheri, A Zilli, E Da Rin, C Eretta, F Boccardo
One of the main problems of microsurgery for lymphedema consists of the discrepancy between the excellent technical possibilities and the subsequently insufficient reduction of the lymphoedematous tissue fibrosis and sclerosis. Appropriate treatment based on pathologic study and surgical outcome have not been adequately documented. Over the past 25 years, more than 1000 patients with peripheral lymphedema have been treated with microsurgical techniques. Derivative lymphatic micro-vascular procedures has today its most exemplary application in multiple lymphatic-venous anastomoses (LVA)...
2006: Microsurgery
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 1958: Minerva Fisioterapica e Radiobiologica
L B Schwartz, C M Purut, D M Craig, P K Smith, J Moawad, R L McCann
The purpose of this investigation was to measure vascular input impedance in infrainguinal vein grafts and assess the importance of clinical and hemodynamic parameters in predicting graft patency. Fifty-seven patients undergoing infrainguinal vein bypass grafting for limb salvage (n = 40) or claudication (n = 17) were prospectively studied. At the time of revascularization, simultaneously acquired intraluminal pressure and blood flow waveforms were digitized at 200 Hz and subjected to Fourier transformation in near real-time...
January 1997: Annals of Vascular Surgery
D Bleich, S Chen, Y Wen, J L Nadler
Cytokine induced pancreatic beta-cell destruction seen in Type 1 diabetes and islet graft rejection involves multiple intracellular signaling pathways that directly or indirectly lead to inflammatory damage or programmed cell death. IL-1beta has been shown to stimulate the 12-lipoxygenase pathway product 12-HETE, in RIN m5F cells; however, the precise role of 12-LO activation in mediating cytokine effects is not clear. Since the stress-activated protein kinase, JNK, has been linked to cytokine mediated inflammatory actions, we studied the effect of two LO products, 12-HETE and 15-HETE, on JNK activity...
January 13, 1997: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
W Bonnez, R C Rose, C Da Rin, C Borkhuis, K L de Mesy Jensen, R C Reichman
We report propagation of human papillomavirus (HPV) type 11 in human xenografts in the severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mouse and compare this new animal model for HPV infection to the previously established athymic nude mouse model. HPV-11-infected foreskin fragments grafted under the renal capsule of SCID mice formed large epithelial cysts that had the histologic and immunocytochemical features of HPV infection. This infection was successfully passaged to nude mice. Viral particles that reacted to an antibody directed to HPV-11 virions were identified from samples recovered from the SCID and nude mice...
November 1993: Virology
T Ishiyama, S Katsuno, M Sakaguchi, K Rin, O Sasaki, T Ogiba, K Nezu, N Takemae, T Nagasaki
A 63-year-old male with the left parotid gland carcinoma was operated with the reconstruction of the left carotid artery after the left radical neck dissection. The greater saphenous vein was used for the vein graft between the left common carotid artery and the medial cerebral artery. Postoperatively, a temporary loss of consciousness and a half body paresis of the contralateral side occurred, but they were recovered completely in 12 hours. Postoperative angiography showed a good blood flow in the reconstructed vessel...
1993: Auris, Nasus, Larynx
D S Magnuson, D J Morassutti, W A Staines, M W McBurney, K C Marshall
The multipotent embryonal carcinoma (EC) P19 cell line differentiates into neurons, glia and smooth muscle following exposure to retinoic acid (RA). RA-induced differentiation is irreversible and the neurons that develop are abundant, post-mitotic, and survive for prolonged periods in culture or when grafted into the CNS of adult rats. Striatal slices containing grafted P19 cells were studied with intracellular recording and labelling techniques to examine the development of electrophysiological and morphological properties of P19-derived neurons over a period of 6 to 120 days after grafting into ibotenic acid lesioned striatum...
January 14, 1995: Brain Research. Developmental Brain Research
P Horellou, P Brundin, P Kalén, J Mallet, A Björklund
Fibroblastic 3T3 and endocrine RIN cells were genetically modified by infection with a recombinant retrovirus encoding the form I of human tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and selection in tyrosine-free medium. These cells were grafted to rats unilaterally lesioned with 6-hydroxy-dopamine. Both cell types survived implantation into the striatum, expressed TH immunoreactivity, and as assessed by microdialysis 8-9 days after implantation, secreted high amounts of DOPA and/or dopamine into the surrounding host striatum...
October 1990: Neuron
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