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Seiji Kakehata, Takatoshi Furukawa, Tsukasa Ito, Toshinori Kubota, Kazunori Futai, Tomoo Watanabe
OBJECTIVE: To compare levels and causes of postoperative pain after cholesteatoma removal by transcanal endoscopic ear surgery (TEES) versus microscopic ear surgery (MES). STUDY DESIGN: Prospective case series. SETTING: Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS: One-hundred-and-sixty-one patients who had undergone middle ear surgery between February 2013 and April 2016. INTERVENTIONS: Comparison of postoperative pain between TEES and MES groups and among TEES and MES subgroups divided by range of bone removal...
June 15, 2018: Otology & Neurotology
Akira Toriihara, Hiromitsu Daisaki, Akihiro Yamaguchi, Makoto Kobayashi, Shogo Furukawa, Katsuya Yoshida, Jun Isogai, Ukihide Tateishi
PURPOSE: To evaluate potential of a semiquantitative method using standardized uptake value (SUV) in 123 I-2β-carbomethoxy-3β-(4-iodophenyl)-N-(3-fluoropropyl) nortropane (123 I-FP-CIT) single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) compared with specific binding ratio (SBR). MATERIALS AND METHODS: First, we performed a phantom study to validate the accuracy of measuring SUV. 52 patients (25 male, 27 female; mean age of 75.1-year-old; 40 and 12 patients with neurodegenerative diseases with or without presynaptic dopaminergic deficits, respectively) were enrolled in a retrospective study...
June 14, 2018: Clinical Imaging
Shuntaro Ando, Atsushi Nishida, Satoshi Usami, Shinsuke Koike, Syudo Yamasaki, Sho Kanata, Shinya Fujikawa, Toshiaki A Furukawa, Masato Fukuda, Susan M Sawyer, Mariko Hiraiwa-Hasegawa, Kiyoto Kasai
BACKGROUND: Seeking help from others is an essential behavioural intention for humans to adapt to the social environment. Transgenerational and gender-related mechanisms of how this intention is shaped is an important but unresolved question in adolescent development. This study aimed to comprehensively examine the factors promoting or inhibiting intention to seek help for depression in 10-year-olds, including transgenerational factors, and to investigate the sex differences in the effect of these factors...
June 7, 2018: Journal of Affective Disorders
David E Long, Mark Tann, Ke Colin Huang, Gregory Bartlett, James O Galle, Yukie Furukawa, Mary Maluccio, John A Cox, Feng-Ming Spring Kong, Susannah G Ellsworth
PURPOSE: Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scans provide global and regional assessments of liver function that can serve as a road map for functional avoidance in stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) planning. Functional liver image guided hepatic therapy (FLIGHT), an innovative planning technique, is described and compared with standard planning using functional dose-volume histograms. Thresholds predicting for decompensation during follow up are evaluated. METHODS AND MATERIALS: We studied 17 patients who underwent HIDA scans before SBRT...
May 1, 2018: Practical Radiation Oncology
Taichi Kosugi, Hirofumi Nishi, Yoritaka Furukawa, Yu-Ichiro Matsushita
We demonstrate in the present study that self-consistent calculations based on the self-energy functional theory (SFT) are possible for the electronic structure of realistic systems in the context of quantum chemistry. We describe the procedure of a self-consistent SFT calculation in detail and perform the calculations for isolated 3d transition metal atoms from V to Cu as a preliminary study. We compare the one-particle Green's functions obtained in this way and those obtained from the coupled-cluster singles and doubles method...
June 14, 2018: Journal of Chemical Physics
Toshi A Furukawa, Hissei Imai, Masaru Horikoshi, Shinji Shimodera, Takahiro Hiroe, Tadashi Funayama, Tatsuo Akechi
BACKGROUND: Behavioral activation (BA) is receiving renewed interest as a stand-alone or as a component of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for depression. However, few studies have examined which aspects of BA are most contributory to its efficacy. METHODS: This is a secondary analysis of a 9-week randomized controlled trial of smartphone CBT for patients with major depression. Depression severity was measured at baseline and at end of treatment by the Patient Health Questionnaire-9...
June 6, 2018: Journal of Affective Disorders
Akihide Nishiyama, Masaya Fukuda, Shigeki Mori, Ko Furukawa, Heike Fliegl, Hiroyuki Furuta, Soji Shimizu
5,15-Dioxaporphyrin was synthesized for the first time by a nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction of a nickel bis(α,α'-dibromodipyrrin) complex with benzaldoxime, followed by an intramolecular annulation of the α-hydroxy-substituted intermediate. This unprecedented molecule is 20π-electron antiaromatic in terms of Hückel's rule of aromaticity because lone pair electrons of oxygen atoms are incorporated into the 18π-electron conjugated system of porphyrin. A theoretical analysis based on the gauge including magnetically induced current method confirmed its antiaromaticity and a dominant inner pathway for the ring current...
June 14, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Junkichi Kanda, Nobuo Izumo, Megumi Furukawa, Taketoshi Shimakura, Noriaki Yamamoto, Hideaki E Takahashi, Toshinari Asakura, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi
Immunosuppressive therapy is considered as one of the factors inducing to the onset of osteoporosis after organ transplantation. Chronic immunosuppressive therapy after transplantation is required for organ transplant patients, and it is important to prevent the occurrence of osteoporotic fractures to maintain the quality of life in patients. In this study, we examined the effects of cyclosporine and tacrolimus on bone metabolism in rats. Five-week-old male Wistar rats were treated orally with 15 mg/kg cyclosporine or 1...
2018: Biomedical Research
Kenji Nakatsuma, Hiroki Shiomi, Takeshi Morimoto, Hirotoshi Watanabe, Yoshihisa Nakagawa, Yutaka Furukawa, Kazushige Kadota, Kenji Ando, Koh Ono, Satoshi Shizuta, Takeshi Kimura
Aims: To evaluate the influence of a history of cancer on clinical outcomes in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Methods and Results: In the CREDO-Kyoto PCI/coronary bypass grafting (CABG) Registry Cohort-2, there were 12,180 CAD patients who received PCI with stents. There were 1109 patients with a history of cancer (cancer group), and 11,071 patients without cancer (non-cancer group). The cumulative 5-year incidences of cardiac death and heart failure (HF) hospitalization were significantly higher in the cancer group than in the non-cancer group (12...
April 20, 2018: European Heart Journal. Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes
Atsushi Tanaka, Atsushi Kawaguchi, Hirofumi Tomiyama, Tomoko Ishizu, Chisa Matsumoto, Yukihito Higashi, Bonpei Takase, Toru Suzuki, Shinichiro Ueda, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Tomoo Furumoto, Kazuomi Kario, Teruo Inoue, Shinji Koba, Yasuhiko Takemoto, Takuzo Hano, Masataka Sata, Yutaka Ishibashi, Koji Maemura, Yusuke Ohya, Taiji Furukawa, Hiroshi Ito, Akira Yamashina, Koichi Node
OBJECTIVES: The endothelial dysfunction-arterial stiffness-atherosclerosis continuum plays an important pathophysiological role in hypertension. The aim of this study was to investigate the cross-sectional association between serum uric acid (SUA) and vascular markers related to this continuum, and to assess the longitudinal association between SUA and endothelial function that represents the initial step of the continuum. METHODS: We evaluated the baseline associations between SUA levels and vascular markers that included flow-mediated vasodilatation (FMD), brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV), and common carotid artery intima-media thickness (CCA-IMT) in 648 subjects receiving antihypertensive treatment...
June 6, 2018: International Journal of Cardiology
Junko Yamaguchi, Kosaku Kinoshita, Akihiro Noda, Makoto Furukawa, Atsushi Sakurai
Acetaminophen is absorbed rapidly after oral intake, and serum concentration peaks within 4 hours. The Rumack-Matthew (RM) nomogram is widely used to identify the potential risk of liver dysfunction. However, the RM nomogram was intended for use only when a single agent was ingested. We report the case of a patient with overdose ingestion of an over-the-counter combination cold medication that contained acetaminophen, where the patient's serum concentration increased over time. Over-the-counter combination cold medications are designed to relieve cold symptoms...
January 1, 2018: Journal of International Medical Research
Eiichi Araki, Takafumi Senokuchi, Noboru Furukawa
The major aim of the treatment of diabetes is to prevent the occurrence and progression of micro- and macrovascular complications, and finally to maintain their quality of life (QOL) and to prolong their lives just as in healthy people. It is now clear that the tight glycemic control benefits the prevention of micro-vascular complications 1, 2 . However, the benefit is not yet clear for macro-vascular complications. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
June 8, 2018: Journal of Diabetes Investigation
Genna R Cohen, David J Jones, Jessica Heeringa, Kirsten Barrett, Michael F Furukawa, Dan Miller, Anne Mutti, James D Reschovsky, Rachel Machta, Stephen M Shortell, Taressa Fraze, Eugene Rich
Health care delivery systems are a growing presence in the U.S., yet research is hindered by the lack of universally agreed-upon criteria to denote formal systems. A clearer understanding of how to leverage real-world data sources to empirically identify systems is a necessary first step to such policy-relevant research. We draw from our experience in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Comparative Health System Performance (CHSP) initiative to assess available data sources to identify and describe systems, including system members (for example, hospitals and physicians) and relationships among the members (for example, hospital ownership of physician groups)...
December 15, 2017: EGEMS
Takahiro Matsuo, Nobuyoshi Mori, Aki Sakurai, Keiichi Furukawa
Tumbling motility is one of the useful characteristics of Listeria monocytogenes . This can be helpful to identify the causative pathogen along with Gram staining before the confirmatory microbiological examination.
June 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Emi Kino, Yohei Maki, Masanao Ohhashi, Seishi Furukawa, Takatsugu Maeda, Hiroshi Sameshima
Fetoscopic laser photocoagulation (FLP) of placental anastomoses is a well-established procedure for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome that improves fetal outcome with rare maternal complications. However, fetal hydrops can develop even after FLP, and mirror syndrome can occur, indicating that both the fetal and maternal courses should be monitored after FLP.
June 2018: Clinical Case Reports
Mamoru Kato, Hiromi Nakamura, Momoko Nagai, Takashi Kubo, Asmaa Elzawahry, Yasushi Totoki, Yuko Tanabe, Eisaku Furukawa, Joe Miyamoto, Hiromi Sakamoto, Shingo Matsumoto, Kuniko Sunami, Yasuhito Arai, Yutaka Suzuki, Teruhiko Yoshida, Katsuya Tsuchihara, Kenji Tamura, Noboru Yamamoto, Hitoshi Ichikawa, Takashi Kohno, Tatsuhiro Shibata
Advanced cancer genomics technologies are now being employed in clinical sequencing, where next-generation sequencers are used to simultaneously identify multiple types of DNA alterations for prescription of molecularly targeted drugs. However, no computational tool is available to accurately detect DNA alterations in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples commonly used in hospitals. Here, we developed a computational tool tailored to the detection of single nucleotide variations, indels, fusions, and copy number alterations in FFPE samples...
June 7, 2018: Genome Medicine
Georgia Salanti, Anna Chaimani, Toshi A Furukawa, Julian P T Higgins, Yusuke Ogawa, Andrea Cipriani, Matthias Egger
Background: There is debate in the literature as to whether inclusion of a placebo arm may alter characteristics of antidepressant trials. However, previous research has focused on response rates of various antidepressants on average only, ignoring potential differences among drugs or other aspects of trial findings. Little is known about the impact of a placebo arm on all-cause dropout and dropout due to adverse events. Methods: We carried out a systematic review of published and unpublished double-blind randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for the acute treatment of unipolar major depression (update: January 2016)...
June 6, 2018: International Journal of Epidemiology
Naomi Maruyama, Atsuhito Hikiishi, Miho Suginaka, Koichi Furukawa, Koichi Ogawa, Naoki Nakamura, Yae Yoshida, Munetake Takata, Masayoshi Nishijima, Kenichiro Otani, Takao Kamimori, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Yuki Yoshimatsu, Kayo Ueda
Nuclear protein in testis (NUT) carcinoma (NUT-C) is an exceedingly rare and aggressive neoplasm. We herein report a case of a 57-year-old man with a rapidly progressing tumor of the thorax and left pleural effusion. The pathological features and immunohistochemical staining of specimens obtained by a transbronchial lung biopsy initially indicated poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. However, given the clinical presentation along with the additional histopathologic features, NUT-C was considered. Immunohistochemical staining for NUT was positive in the pleural fluid cell block, confirming the diagnosis of NUT-C...
June 6, 2018: Internal Medicine
Akira Furutachi, Kojiro Furukawa, Kouta Shimauchi, Junji Yunoki, Manabu Itoh, Masanori Takamatsu, Eijiro Nogami, Yosuke Mukae, Takahiro Nishida
We report a case of a 66-year-old man who was diagnosed with severe aortic regurgitation, moderate tricuspid regurgitation and chronic atrial fibrillation. Preoperative computed tomography showed left lung agenesis. We performed aortic valve replacement, tricuspid valve annuloplasty and right pulmonary vein isolation via a left thoracotomy. This approach provided an adequate field of view.
June 6, 2018: General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Y Ishii, K Komatsu, S Nakano, S Machida, T Hattori, A Sano-Furukawa, H Kagi
The structure of an aluminum layered hydroxide, boehmite (γ-AlOOH), as a function of pressure was studied by using in situ synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction. Peak broadening, which is only found for hkl (h ≠ 0) peaks in the X-ray diffraction patterns, is explained by stacking disorder accompanying a continuously increasing displacement of the AlO6 octahedral layer along the a-axis. This finding could be the first experimental result for pressure-induced stacking disorder driven by continuous layer displacement...
June 6, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
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