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Ankle mobilization

Salomon Benhamu-Benhamu, Raquel Garcia-de-la-Peña, Gabriel Gijon-Nogueron, Maria Dolores Jimenez-Cristino, Luis M Gordillo-Fernández, Gabriel Dominguez-Maldonado
BACKGROUND: Ligamentous or joint laxity is a clinical entity characterized by increased joint mobility beyond the range of motion regarded as normal, and joint mobility is an effective indicator of the degree of laxity. We examined the influence of ligamentous laxity on the range of ankle dorsiflexion with the knee flexed and extended, comparing lax adults with a control (nonlax) group. METHODS: The sample comprised 400 individuals: 200 in the control group (mean ± SD age, 32...
May 2018: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
J Linton Steven, Nina Buer, Lars Samuelsson, Karin Harms-Ringdahl
Background and aims Pain-related fear and catastrophizing are prominently related to acute and persistent back pain, but little is known about their role in pain and function after a fracture. Since fractures have a clear etiology and time point they are of special interest for studying the process of recovery. Moreover, fracture injuries are interesting in their own right since patients frequently do not recover fully from them and relatively little is known about the psychological aspects. We speculated that catastrophizing and fear-avoidance beliefs might be associated with more pain and poorer recovery after an acute, painful fracture injury...
December 29, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Pain
Helge Kasch, Troels S Jensen
Background/aims The presence and severity of concussion related symptoms after acute whiplash injury are debatable. In this study we examine the distribution and development of the burden of concussion related symptoms in whiplash patients. Methods Consecutively 141 acute whiplash patients and 40 ankle injured controls were recruited from emergency units and were examined after 1 week, 1, 3, 6, 12 months obtaining neck/head VAS score, number-of-non-painful complaints, epidemiological, social, psychological data and neurological examination, active neck mobility, and furthermore muscle tenderness and pain response, strength and duration of neck muscles...
December 29, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Pain
Val Mikos, Shih-Cheng Yen, Arthur Tay, Chun-Huat Heng, Chloe Lau Ha Chung, Sylvia Hui Xin Liew, Dawn May Leng Tan, Wing Lok Au
BACKGROUND: Deviation in gait performance from normative data of healthy cohorts is used to quantify gait ability. However, normative data is influenced by anthropometry and such differences among subjects impede accurate assessment. De-correlation of anthropometry from gait parameters and mobility measures is therefore desirable. METHODS: 87 (42 male) healthy subjects varying form 21 to 84 years of age were assessed on gait parameters (cadence, ankle velocity, stride time, stride length) and mobility measures (the 3-meter/7-meter Timed Up-and-Go, 10-meter Walk Test)...
2018: PloS One
Roberta Castilhos Detanico Bohrer, Gleber Pereira, Joice Katiane Mendes Beck, Angélica Lodovico, André Rodacki
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of multicomponent training program, designed to improve the torque around the ankle joint performing high-speed movement execution, on healthy older adults. Participants were balanced by torque around the ankle joint and randomly allocated to either exercise (n=12, 69.7±4.8 years, 74.6±16.8 kg, 1.63±0.10 m) or control group (n=14, 70.86±6.48 years; 73.5±13.4 kg, 1.56±0.05 m). The exercise group performed a multicomponent training of resistance, agility and coordination exercises, focusing on the plantar flexor muscles during 12 weeks (3 days per week)...
June 18, 2018: Rejuvenation Research
Mirko Tessari, Veronica Tisato, Erika Rimondi, Paolo Zamboni, Anna Maria Malagoni
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to evaluate the effects of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) in patients at low mobility with leg edema. METHODS: A pilot, two-arm, randomized controlled clinical trial was performed. Fifty patients (age, 58.4 ± 9 years; male, 14), randomly allocated to a group (IPC) undergoing 1 month (n = 29) of an in-home cycle of IPC and to a control (C) group (n = 21), were studied. Leg edema was evaluated by measuring subcutaneous thickness (high-resolution ultrasound) and circumferences (metric tape), both assessed at different levels of the lower limbs, and volume (water plethysmography)...
July 2018: Journal of Vascular Surgery. Venous and Lymphatic Disorders
Paolo Caravaggi, Giada Lullini, Lisa Berti, Sandro Giannini, Alberto Leardini
BACKGROUND: Flexible flatfoot (FFF) is a common alteration of the foot diagnosed in the pediatric population causing pain and decreased quality of life. Surgical treatment via arthroereisis of the subtalar joint can be recommended when non-invasive options do not result in sufficient pain relief. While clinical outcome of subtalar joint arthroereisis is generally positive, no functional evaluation has thus far been reported following surgery. RESEARCH QUESTION: The aim of this study was to assess the effects of two arthroereisis implants for the correction of bilateral FFF on foot and lower limb biomechanics during gait...
June 11, 2018: Gait & Posture
Michelle Paradis, Ian Stiell, Katherine M Atkinson, Julien Guerinet, Yulric Sequeira, Laura Salter, Alan J Forster, Malia Sq Murphy, Kumanan Wilson
BACKGROUND: The Ottawa Ankle Rules, Ottawa Knee Rule, and Canadian C-Spine Rule-together known as The Ottawa Rules-are a set of internationally validated clinical decision rules developed to decrease unnecessary diagnostic imaging in the emergency department. In this study, we sought to develop and evaluate the use of a mobile app version of The Ottawa Rules. OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of this study was to determine acceptability of The Ottawa Rules app among emergency department clinicians...
June 11, 2018: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Hiroyuki Seki, Takeo Nagura, Yasunori Suda, Naomichi Ogihara, Kohta Ito, Yasuo Niki, Morio Matsumoto, Masaya Nakamura
Axial loading of the human cadaver lower leg is known to generate eversion of the calcaneus and internal rotation of the tibia if the plantar surface of the foot does not slide on the floor. Such kinematic coupling between calcaneal eversion and internal tibial rotation has been described previously, but no studies have actually quantified the innate ability of the human foot to generate ground reaction moment around the vertical axis of the floor (vertical free moment) due to axial loading of the human cadaver lower leg...
June 2018: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine
Melissa J Black, Adam A Lucero, Philip W Fink, Lee Stoner, Sarah P Shultz, Sally D Lark, David S Rowlands
The increased risk of falls associated with advancing age has increased demand for methods to improve balance and mobility. The primary purpose of the study was to determine whether wearing Aqua Titan-treated stockings could improve balance and walking performance in an older population; secondary was to elucidate the mechanisms. In a randomized, double-blind crossover, 16 healthy older adults (age, 67.9 ± 4.2 years; BMI, 24.8 ± 3.1 kg/m²) performed two 4-day trials composed of baseline measures and fatiguing exercise on Day 1, with recovery measures at 14, 38 and 62 h post-exercise, wearing Aqua Titan and control stockings...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Functional Biomaterials
Tun Hing Lui
Ankle, hindfoot, and toe stiffness can result from hindfoot trauma. It can be due to capsular fibrosis, tendon adhesion, muscle fibrosis, or malunion. For symptomatic stiffness that is resistant to nonoperative treatment, operative treatment should be considered. It is important to tackle the sources of stiffness, and careful preoperative clinical assessment is the key for proper formulation of the surgical plan. Whenever possible, arthroscopic/endoscopic surgery is preferable to open surgery because less extensive dissection and small surgical incisions allow immediate vigorous mobilization of the foot and ankle...
May 2018: Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
Christian Kammerlander, Daniel Pfeufer, Leonard Adolf Lisitano, Stefan Mehaffey, Wolfgang Böcker, Carl Neuerburg
BACKGROUND: For elderly trauma patients, a basic goal is early mobilization, as immobilization can trigger various complications, such as venous thromboembolism, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and pressure ulcers. Although partial weight-bearing has been shown to significantly increase mortality compared with unrestricted weight-bearing, it remains a frequent recommendation of aftercare following lower-extremity fracture fixation. METHODS: An insole force sensor was used to measure true postoperative weight-bearing by patients ≥75 years of age treated for hip fracture compared with patients 18 to 40 years of age treated for ankle fracture...
June 6, 2018: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume
Murray Penner, W Hodges Davis, Kevin Wing, Thomas Bemenderfer, Feras Waly, Robert B Anderson
AIMS: This study presents the first report of clinical and radiographic outcomes of the Infinity Total Ankle System (Wright Medical, Memphis, TN) with minimum 2-year follow-up. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The first 67 consecutive patients who underwent primary total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) with the Infinity system at 2 North American sites between August 2013 and May 2015 were reviewed in a prospective, observational study. Demographic, radiographic, and functional outcome data were collected preoperatively, at 6 to 12 months postoperatively, and annually thereafter...
June 1, 2018: Foot & Ankle Specialist
Émilie Petitclerc, Luc J Hébert, Jean Mathieu, Johanne Desrosiers, Cynthia Gagnon
BACKGROUND: Although adult and late-onset DM1 phenotypes DM1 present distinct lower limb weaknesses portraits, resulting physical limitations have never been described separately for each phenotype. OBJECTIVE: To characterize the lower limb weaknesses and physical limitations among the DM1 adult and late-onset phenotypes separately and to document the contribution of weaknesses on mobility to optimize the management of this population. METHODS: The strength of four muscle groups among 198 participants was quantified...
2018: Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases
Yu A Kolmykova, I N Kukhareva, M V Ott, O A Trubnikova, A V Kovalenko, A N Sumin
AIM: To identify associations between cognitive impairment and values of ankle-brachial index (ABI) in patients after ischemic stroke at discharge from the hospital and over one-year follow-up. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included 375 patients with normal (n=192) and elevated (n=153) ABI who underwent ischemic stroke (IS). Neurological examination was performed using NIHSS, the Rankin scale, Barthel index, Rivermead Mobility Index at discharge from the hospital and over one-year follow-up...
2018: Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova
Angela Margaret Evans, Trupti Berde, Leila Karimi, Prajakta Ranade, Nehal Shah, Raju Khubchandani
Paediatric leg pains, long described as 'growing pains', frequently present to clinicians, are prevalent in early childhood, disrupt sleep, and distress affected children and parents. There are many cited associations, but no defined leg pain sub-types, nor revealed predictive factors. We explored the implicated factors (viz. foot arches, foot strength, joint mobility, vitamin D, iron) in children with leg pain versus a control group. Leg pain sub-groups-growing pains (GP), restless legs (RLS), both (mixed)-are defined for the first time...
July 2018: Rheumatology International
Gemma V Espí-López, Susana López-Martínez, Marta Inglés, Pilar Serra-Añó, Marta Aguilar-Rodríguez
OBJECTIVES: To compare the effectiveness of a specific Manual Therapy (MT) protocol applied to field hockey players (FHP), versus a Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) protocol, in the improvement of dynamic balance, active range of movement and lumbar flexibility one-week and four-weeks after the treatment. DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. Participants were assigned to 2 groups: MT and PNF. 30 min' sessions were performed once a week for three weeks...
April 22, 2018: Physical Therapy in Sport
Maryam Hosseini, Mostafa Allami, Mohammadreza Soroush, Fateme Babaha, Javad Minooeefar, Davood Rahimpoor
BACKGROUND: Osteomyelitis (OM) is an atypical consequence of ankle-foot trauma which is associated with long-term mental and physical morbidity and persistent pain. This study aimed to assess the health status of OM patients with war-related ankle-foot injuries. METHODS: A total of 1129 veterans with ankle-foot injuries participated in a case-control study (2014-2016). Thirty patients with chronic OM of the ankle-foot were compared with 90 non-OM participants as the control group...
May 15, 2018: Military Medical Research
Frédéric Noé, Xavier García-Massó, Pauline Delaygue, Audrey Melon, Thierry Paillard
External supports that reduce ankle joint mobility such as ski-boots can impair postural control of healthy participants. Although this disruptive effect has been attributed to the rigidity of the external supports, the results remained controversial and no study has been conducted in order to evaluate the influence of ski-boots rigidity. Hence, the question about the influence of ankle support rigidity on postural control remains open. This study was therefore undertaken in order to investigate the effect of ski-boots rigidity on postural control...
May 21, 2018: Sports Biomechanics
P Broderick, F Horgan, C Blake, M Ehrensberger, D Simpson, K Monaghan
BACKGROUND: Mirror therapy has been proposed as an effective intervention for lower limb rehabilitation post stroke. RESEARCH QUESTION: This systematic review with meta-analysis examined if lower limb mirror therapy improved the primary outcome measures of muscle tone and motor function and the secondary outcome measures balance characteristics, functional ambulation, walking velocity, passive range of motion (PROM) for ankle dorsiflexion and gait characteristics in patients with stroke compared to other interventions...
May 12, 2018: Gait & Posture
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