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Neurotransmitter Precursor

Francesco Trotta, Fabrizio Caldera, Roberta Cavalli, Marco Soster, Chiara Riedo, Miriam Biasizzo, Gloria Uccello Barretta, Federica Balzano, Valentina Brunella
BACKGROUND: L-DOPA is an amino acid precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine that is extensively used as a prodrug for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. However, L-DOPA is an unstable compound: when exposed to light or added to aqueous solutions, it may degrade, compromising its therapeutic properties. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: In this work, a new type of drug-loaded cyclodextrin-based nanosponge, obtained using molecular imprinting, is described for the prolonged and controlled release of L-DOPA...
October 13, 2016: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
Daniel M Raben, Casey N Barber
Lipids play a vital role in the health and functioning of neurons and interest in the physiological role of neuronal lipids is certainly increasing. One neuronal function in which neuronal lipids appears to play key roles in neurotransmission. Our understanding of the role of lipids in the synaptic vesicle cycle and neurotransmitter release is becoming increasingly more important. Much of the initial research in this area has highlighted the major roles played by the phosphoinositides (PtdIns), diacylglycerol (DAG), and phosphatidic acid (PtdOH)...
September 20, 2016: Advances in Biological Regulation
Matthias Zunhammer, Lauren M Schweizer, Vanessa Witte, Richard E Harris, Ulrike Bingel, Tobias Schmidt-Wilcke
The relationship between glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels in the living human brain and pain sensitivity is unknown. Combined glutamine/glutamate (Glx), as well as GABA levels can be measured in vivo with single-voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In this cross-sectional study, we aimed at determining whether Glx and/or GABA levels in pain-related brain regions are associated with individual differences in pain sensitivity. Experimental heat, cold, and mechanical pain thresholds were obtained from 39 healthy, drug-free individuals (25 men) according to the quantitative sensory testing protocol and summarized into 1 composite measure of pain sensitivity...
October 2016: Pain
Abdelrahman Alabsi, Adel Charbel Khoudary, Wassim Abdelwahed
BACKGROUND: Depression has been linked to disruption in the cerebral levels of specific neurotransmitters. L-tyrosine is a precursor of more than one of the neurotransmitters affected by depression. Even though setbacks of monoamines precursors include high doses and low efficiency, many studies have suggested using L-tyrosine as antidepressant. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to explore the possible antidepressant effect of L-tyrosine loaded in a nanoparticle-designed formula, using behavioral tests in acute and chronic mild stress (CMS) models of depression in rats...
July 2016: Annals of Neurosciences
Wenjing Sun, Elizabeth A Matthews, Vicky Nicolas, Susanne Schoch, Dirk Dietrich
Synaptic signaling to NG2-expressing oligodendrocyte precursor cells (NG2 cells) could be key to rendering myelination of axons dependent on neuronal activity, but it has remained unclear whether NG2 glial cells integrate and respond to synaptic input. Here we show that NG2 cells perform linear integration of glutamatergic synaptic inputs and respond with increasing dendritic calcium elevations. Synaptic activity induces rapid Ca(2+) signals mediated by low-voltage activated Ca(2+) channels under strict inhibitory control of voltage-gated A-type K(+) channels...
September 19, 2016: ELife
D Sarrouilhe, C Dejean
The etiology of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is believed to be multifactorial and to involve genetic and environmental components. Environmental chemical exposures are increasingly understood to be important in causing neurotoxicity in fetuses and newborns. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States suggest a substantial increase in ASD prevalence, only partly explicable by factors such as diagnostic substitution. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an ubiquitous xenoestrogen widely employed in a variety of consumer products including plastic and metal food and beverage containers, dental sealants and fillings, medical equipment and thermal receipts...
September 9, 2016: L'Encéphale
Jozarni J Dlabac-de Lange, Edith J Liemburg, Leonie Bais, Aida T van de Poel-Mustafayeva, Elly S M de Lange-de Klerk, Henderikus Knegtering, André Aleman
BACKGROUND: Prefrontal repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) may improve negative symptoms in patients with schizophrenia, but few studies have investigated the underlying neural mechanism. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to investigate changes in the levels of glutamate and glutamine (Glx, neurotransmitter and precursor) and N-Acetyl Aspartate (NAA) in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of patients with schizophrenia treated with active bilateral prefrontal rTMS as compared to sham-rTMS, as measured with (1)H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS)...
August 5, 2016: Brain Stimulation
Francesco Porta, Alberto Ponzone, Marco Spada
Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiencies are inherited neuro-metabolic disorders leading to monoamine neurotransmitters deficiency. An individualized replacement therapy with neurotransmitters precursors is necessary to restore dopaminergic and serotoninergic homeostasis. The correction of dopaminergic tone is complicated, like in Parkinson disease, by l-dopa short half-life and adverse effects. To improve this picture, since 2009 we introduced the non-ergot dopamine agonist pramipexole as an adjunct to l-dopa therapy in the treatment of the most common causes of BH4 deficiency, 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydropterin synthase (PTPS) deficiency and dihydropteridine reductase (DHPR) deficiency...
November 2016: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology: EJPN
Barbara S Beltz, Georg Brenneis, Jeanne L Benton
The 1st-generation neural precursors in the crustacean brain are functionally analogous to neural stem cells in mammals. Their slow cycling, migration of their progeny, and differentiation of their descendants into neurons over several weeks are features of the neural precursor lineage in crayfish that also characterize adult neurogenesis in mammals. However, the 1st-generation precursors in crayfish do not self-renew, contrasting with conventional wisdom that proposes the long-term self-renewal of adult neural stem cells...
August 24, 2016: Brain, Behavior and Evolution
Yu-Chia Chen, Svetlana Semenova, Stanislav Rozov, Maria Sundvik, Joshua L Bonkowsky, Pertti Panula
Hypothalamic neurons expressing histamine and orexin/hypocretin (hcrt) are necessary for normal regulation of wakefulness. In Parkinson's disease, the loss of dopaminergic neurons is associated with elevated histamine levels and disrupted sleep/wake cycles, but the mechanism is not understood. To characterize the role of dopamine in the development of histamine neurons, we inhibited the translation of the two non-allelic forms of tyrosine hydroxylase (th1 and th2) in zebrafish larvae. We found that dopamine levels were reduced in both th1 and th2 knockdown, but the serotonin level and number of serotonin neurons remained unchanged...
October 14, 2016: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Shoji Yano, Kathryn Moseley, Xiaowei Fu, Colleen Azen
BACKGROUND: Phenylketonuria (PKU) is due to a defective hepatic enzyme, phenylalanine (Phe) hydroxylase. Transport of the precursor amino acids from blood into the brain for serotonin and dopamine synthesis is reported to be inhibited by high blood Phe concentrations. Deficiencies of serotonin and dopamine are involved in neurocognitive dysfunction in PKU. OBJECTIVE: (1) To evaluate the effects of sapropterin (BH4) and concurrent use of large neutral amino acids (LNAA) on the peripheral biomarkers, melatonin and dopamine with the hypothesis they reflect brain serotonin and dopamine metabolism...
2016: PloS One
Katarzyna A Nałęcz
Blood-brain barrier formed by brain capillary endothelial cells, being in contact with astrocytes endfeet and pericytes, separates extracellular fluid from plasma. Supply of necessary nutrients and removal of certain metabolites takes place due to the activity of transporting proteins from ABC (ATP binding cassette) and SLC (solute carrier) superfamilies. This review is focused on the SLC families involved in transport though the blood-brain barrier of energetic substrates (glucose, monocarboxylates, creatine), amino acids, neurotransmitters and their precursors, as well as organic ions...
August 9, 2016: Neurochemical Research
Seyedeh Parisa Navabi, Hooman Eshagh Harooni, Ahmad Ali Moazedi, Lotfolah Khajepour, Kosar Fathinia
PURPOSE: Zinc is crucial for normal development of the brain, and Zinc deficiency has been shown to associate with neurological disorders (e.g. anxiety) through interactions with several neurotransmitter systems such as nitric oxide (NO). In this regard, our study aimed to evaluate the possible involvement of l-arginine NO pathway on anxiolytic effects of zinc in adult male rats. METHODS: Zinc chloride at doses of 2.5 and 10mg/kg (intraperitoneal or ip) or saline (1ml/kg, ip) were injected 30min before the anxiety test...
July 18, 2016: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Biomédecine & Pharmacothérapie
Rashmi Srivastava, Chandra Mohini Chaturvedi
In order to study the effect of specific phase relation of neural oscillations on reproductive regulation and the response of AVT (the avian homologue of mammalian AVP) the expression of AVT in the shell gland was monitored in sexually immature quail. In this study 3-week-old female Japanese quail were administered with serotonin precursor, 5-hydroxytryptophan followed by the dopamine precursor, l-dihydroxyphenylalanine at interval of 8h and 12h daily over a period of 13days. At thirty two days post treatment, a significant decrease in gonadal activity was seen in 8h quail although 12h quail exhibited an increase as compared to controls...
October 15, 2016: Physiology & Behavior
Yongrui He, Xian-En Zhao, Shuyun Zhu, Na Wei, Jing Sun, Yubi Zhou, Shu Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Guang Chen, Yourui Suo, Jinmao You
Simultaneous monitoring of several neurotransmitters (NTs) linked to Parkinson's disease (PD) has important scientific significance for PD related pathology, pharmacology and drug screening. A new simple, fast and sensitive analytical method, based on in situ derivatization-ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (in situ DUADLLME) in a single step, has been proposed for the quantitative determination of catecholamines and their biosynthesis precursors and metabolites in rat brain microdialysates...
August 5, 2016: Journal of Chromatography. A
T F O'Callaghan, R P Ross, C Stanton, G Clarke
The gut microbiome exerts a marked influence on host physiology, and manipulation of its composition has repeatedly been shown to influence host metabolism and body composition. This virtual endocrine organ also has a role in the regulation of the plasma concentrations of tryptophan, an essential amino acid and precursor to serotonin, a key neurotransmitter within both the enteric and central nervous systems. Control over the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis also appears to be under the influence of the gut microbiota...
July 2016: Domestic Animal Endocrinology
D P Lippelt, S van der Kint, K van Herk, M Naber
Choline is a dietary component and precursor of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter for memory-related brain functions. In two double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over experiments, we investigated whether the food supplement choline bitartrate improved declarative memory and working memory in healthy, young students one to two hours after supplementation. In experiment 1, 28 participants performed a visuospatial working memory task. In experiment 2, 26 participants performed a declarative picture memorization task...
2016: PloS One
Poojan Pyakurel, Eve Privman Champaloux, B Jill Venton
Octopamine is an endogenous biogenic amine neurotransmitter, neurohormone, and neuromodulator in invertebrates and has functional analogy with norepinephrine in vertebrates. Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) can detect rapid changes in neurotransmitters, but FSCV has not been optimized for octopamine detection in situ. The goal of this study was to characterize octopamine release in the ventral nerve cord of Drosophila larvae for the first time. A FSCV waveform was optimized so that the potential for octopamine oxidation would not be near the switching potential where interferences can occur...
August 17, 2016: ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Hisatsugu Yamada, Tetsuro Kameda, Yu Kimura, Hirohiko Imai, Tetsuya Matsuda, Shinsuke Sando, Akio Toshimitsu, Yasuhiro Aoyama, Teruyuki Kondo
In an attempt to monitor μm-level trace constituents, we applied here (1)H-{(13)C-(15)N} triple-resonance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to (13)C/(15)N-enriched l-Dopa as the inevitable precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. The perfect selectivity (to render endogenous components silent) and μm-level sensitivity (700 MHz spectrometer equipped with a cryogenic probe) of triple-resonance allowed the unambiguous and quantitative metabolic and pharmacokinetic analyses of administered l-Dopa/dopamine in the brain and liver of mice...
April 2016: ChemistryOpen
José R L P Cavalcanti, André L B Pontes, Felipe P Fiuza, Kayo D A Silva, Fausto P Guzen, Eudes E S Lucena, Expedito S Nascimento-Júnior, Judney C Cavalcante, Miriam S M O Costa, Rovena C G J Engelberth, Jeferson S Cavalcante
It is widely known that the catecholamine group is formed by dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline. Its synthesis is regulated by the enzyme called tyrosine hydroxylase. 3-hydroxytyramine/dopamine (DA) is a precursor of noradrenaline and adrenaline synthesis and acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. The three main nuclei, being the retrorubral field (A8 group), the substantia nigra pars compacta (A9 group) and the ventral tegmental area (A10 group), are arranged in the die-mesencephalic portion and are involved in three complex circuitries - the mesostriatal, mesolimbic and mesocortical pathways...
June 9, 2016: Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy
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