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Wolff distraction

Brandon Esenther, Riva Ko
A 4-year-old boy presented for elective bronchoscopy after years of pharmacologically unresponsive reactive airway disease that limited physical activity. After mask induction with nitrous oxide and sevoflurane, the patient was noted to be intermittently in a hemodynamically stable tachyarrhythmia. The anesthesia machine, though equipped with electrocardiogram (ECG) recording capabilities, malfunctioned during the case and was not able to print a rhythm strip. As a substitute, a smartphone picture and video were recorded...
August 1, 2015: A & A Case Reports
Jian-cheng Zang, Si-He Qin
Wolff law was an adaptable principle of bone, Tension-Stress Principle was equal to Distraction Osteogenesis or Distraction Tissue Regeneration, The Natural Reconstruction theory was a new orthopedic perspective proposed by Prof. QIN after deformity correction using Ilizarov technology. The thought about their relationship originated from a social phenomena, that the crowds and the confusion about export choice in Beijing's subway. Ilizarov technology and Wolff law were one concept related to Mechanics, and the former is completely in line with the latter...
April 2013: Zhongguo Gu Shang, China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Alexander Prehn-Kristensen, Kerstin Krauel, Hermann Hinrichs, Jochen Fischer, Ulrike Malecki, Hartmut Schuetze, Stephan Wolff, Olav Jansen, Emrah Duezel, Lioba Baving
Patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show deficits in working memory (WM) which may be related to prefrontal dysfunction. Methylphenidate (MPH) can restore WM deficits in ADHD by enhancing prefrontal activity. At the same time, changes in striatal activation could cause ADHD patients to be more interference-sensitive during working memory tasks. However, it is unclear whether MPH reduces WM distractibility in ADHD. In this fMRI study, 12 ADHD patients and 12 healthy controls participated on two separate days in a delayed-match-to-sample test...
May 4, 2011: Brain Research
David D Aronsson, Ian A F Stokes
BACKGROUND: Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a common disorder in which the spine gradually develops a curvature that is first detected in patients between 11 and 17 years of age. The only accepted treatment methods are bracing and surgery. Whether brace treatment alters the natural history is being questioned, and patient compliance is low. Surgery usually includes a spinal fusion that creates a rigid spine and concentrates stresses at the ends. METHODS: This study focuses on correlating the laboratory results with clinical reports for treating patients with AIS...
January 2011: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics
Noor J Wolff, Anne-Sophie E Darlington, Joke A M Hunfeld, Frank C Verhulst, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Henriette A Moll, Albert Hofman, Jan Passchier, Henning Tiemeier
OBJECTIVE: To examine the association of parent behavior with infant distress during a potentially painful medical procedure. A second aim was to investigate the association of parent chronic pain and psychological problems with parent behavior and infant distress during the procedure. DESIGN: Population-based cohort study with both cross-sectional and prospective measurements. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Video recordings of 275 parents and their 14-month-old infant undergoing venipuncture were coded with an observational instrument to yield measures of infant distress behaviors and parent behaviors, such as reassuring, showing empathy, praising, and distracting...
September 2009: Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association
Paul A Anderson, Rick C Sasso, K Daniel Riew
Cervical disk arthroplasty, one of the emerging motion-sparing technologies, is currently undergoing evaluation in the United States as an alternative to arthrodesis for the treatment of cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy. With both arthrodesis and arthroplasty, the primary surgical goal is thorough decompression of neurocompressive pathology--directly by removal of osteophyte and disk and indirectly by disk distraction. There is, however, one principal difference between arthrodesis and arthroplasty. With a solid fusion, resorption of osteophytes (in accordance with Wolff's law) further enhances decompression...
2007: Instructional Course Lectures
E Schröger, M H Giard, C Wolff
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to illuminate behavioral and event-related potential (ERP) effects of attentional orienting and reorienting obtained in a newly developed auditory distraction paradigm, to provide more precise indicators about the neural generators of the ERP effects using scalp current density (SCD) analysis, and to evaluate the stability of the distraction effects. METHODS: In two sessions separated by 25 days, 10 subjects were presented with tones being of short (200 ms) and long (400 ms) duration equiprobably; tones were of high-probability standard or of low-probability deviant frequency...
August 2000: Clinical Neurophysiology: Official Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology
E Schröger, C Wolff
We investigated event-related potential indications for the orienting towards task-irrelevant, distracting aspects of stimulation and for the subsequent reorienting towards task-related aspects of stimulation. An identical experimental protocol was run in three conditions manipulating the task relevance of the sounds. As to be expected, distractors elicited the MMN (reflecting the brain's pre-attentive change detection) in each condition (even when the sounds were ignored) and subsequent N2b and P3 (reflecting orienting towards the distractor) when the sounds were attended...
October 26, 1998: Neuroreport
E Schröger, C Wolff
A distraction paradigm was utilized that is suited to yield reliable auditory distraction on an individual level even with rather small frequency deviances (7%). Distraction to these tiny deviants was achieved by embedding task-relevant aspects and task-irrelevant, distracting aspects of stimulation into the same perceptual object. Event-related potential (ERP) and behavioral effects of this newly developed paradigm were determined. Subjects received tones that could be of short or long duration equiprobably...
July 1998: Brain Research. Cognitive Brain Research
U E Pazzaglia, L Andrini, A Di Nucci
We have used an experimental model employing the bent tail of rats to investigate the effects of mechanical forces on bones and joints. Mechanical strain could be applied to the bones and joints of the tail without direct surgical exposure or the application of pins and wires. The intervertebral disc showed stretched annular lamellae on the convex side, while the annulus fibrosus on the concave side was pinched between the inner corners of the vertebral epiphysis. In young rats with an active growth plate, a transverse fissure appeared at the level of the hypertrophic cell layer or the primary metaphyseal trabecular zone...
November 1997: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume
M J Reid, S G O'Leary, L S Wolff
Misbehaviors occur at a high rate during the toddler years, and parents use a variety of methods to control these behaviors. The present investigation compared the effectiveness of two commonly used strategies, distraction and reprimands. Twenty mothers and their 17- to 39-month-old children were observed in a laboratory setting in which mothers used either distraction then reprimands or reprimands followed by distraction in response to their children's transgressions. When reprimands were used as the initial strategy, they were significantly more effective than distraction in controlling children's transgressions...
April 1994: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
P Blomström, C Blomström-Lundqvist, E Berglin-William-Olsson, S B Olsson
The pre- and intraoperative electrophysiological studies in 9 patients with two or more accessory pathways are described. The presence of multiple accessory pathways was clinically suspected in only 2 patients. During the preoperative electrophysiological study two accessory pathways were identified in 7 patients and a single pathway in 2 patients. At operation, additionally three accessory pathways were identified in 3 patients. One out of two pathways, found preoperatively, could not be confirmed in 1 patient...
1989: Cardiology
S P Wolff, C J Gillham
The most visible aspect of the relationship between transport and health is in the realm of road traffic accidents (RTAs). But the effects of transport policy upon the public health are much wider-ranging. They include exacerbation of social and health inequalities, separation from directly health-protective amenities and social isolation, as well as health damage by physico-chemical pollution. It is arguable that these factors may account for more years of life lost annually than do RTAs. The current focus on accident reduction as the sole means of avoiding adverse health effects of transport distracts attention from the wide health erosive effects of road traffic...
May 1991: Public Health
S P Wolff
There is an ongoing debate about the possible disadvantages of human insulin use with respect to a possibly lower awareness of hypoglycemia than is associated with animal insulin usage. Participants in this debate have not, however, discussed a major contributory factor to this life-threatening acute complication of diabetes, the pressure on patients to achieve normal levels of blood glucose. This pressure stems from the view that hyperglycemia is the major causative factor in the long-term diabetic complications...
October 1991: Biochemical Medicine and Metabolic Biology
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