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Aimee Elizabeth Kessler, Malia A Santos, Ramona Flatz, Nyambayar Batbayar, Tseveenmyadag Natsagdorj, Dashnyam Batsuur, Fyodor G Bidashko, Natsag Galbadrakh, Oleg Goroshko, Valery V Khrokov, Tuvshin Unenbat, Ivan I Vagner, Muyang Wang, Christopher Irwin Smith
The Great Bustard is the heaviest bird capable of flight and an iconic species of the Eurasian steppe. Populations of both currently recognized subspecies are highly fragmented and critically small in Asia. We used DNA sequence data from the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and the mitochondrial control region to estimate the degree of mitochondrial differentiation and rates of female gene flow between the subspecies. We obtained genetic samples from 51 individuals of Otis tarda dybowskii representing multiple populations, including the first samples from Kazakhstan and Mongolia and samples from near the Altai Mountains, the proposed geographic divide between the subspecies, allowing for better characterization of the boundary between the two subspecies...
June 2, 2018: Journal of Heredity
Matiram Pun, Sara E Hartmann, Michael Furian, Adrienna M Dyck, Lara Muralt, Mona Lichtblau, Patrick R Bader, Jean M Rawling, Silvia Ulrich, Konrad E Bloch, Marc J Poulin
Aim: High altitude (HA) hypoxia may affect cognitive performance and sleep quality. Further, vigilance is reduced following sleep deprivation. We investigated the effect on vigilance, actigraphic sleep indices, and their relationships with acute mountain sickness (AMS) during very HA exposure, acclimatization, and re-exposure. Methods: A total of 21 healthy altitude-naive individuals (25 ± 4 years; 13 females) completed 2 cycles of altitude exposure separated by 7 days at low altitude (LA, 520 m). Participants slept at 2900 m and spent the day at HA, (5050 m)...
2018: Frontiers in Physiology
Veronika Kovacova, Jan Zukal, Hana Bandouchova, Alexander D Botvinkin, Markéta Harazim, Natália Martínková, Oleg L Orlov, Vladimir Piacek, Alexandra P Shumkina, Mikhail P Tiunov, Jiri Pikula
BACKGROUND: Spatiotemporal distribution patterns are important infectious disease epidemiological characteristics that improve our understanding of wild animal population health. The skin infection caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans emerged as a panzootic disease in bats of the northern hemisphere. However, the infection status of bats over an extensive geographic area of the Russian Federation has remained understudied. RESULTS: We examined bats at the geographic limits of bat hibernation in the Palearctic temperate zone and found bats with white-nose syndrome (WNS) on the European slopes of the Ural Mountains through the Western Siberian Plain, Central Siberia and on to the Far East...
June 18, 2018: BMC Veterinary Research
Iva Hůnová, Marek Brabec, Marek Malý, Anna Valeriánová
We examined observation-based fog occurrence at three Czech monitoring sites: Praha 4 - Libuš, Košetice and Churáňov, representing different environments - urban, rural and mountain - over a time span of 27 years (1989-2015). We searched for a simple model describing fog occurrence fitting the observed air pollution and meteorological data. For our analysis we used a generalized additive model, GAM, with (penalized) spline components to capture possible nonlinear and a priori unknown functional relationships...
September 15, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Martin A Briggs, Zachary C Johnson, Craig D Snyder, Nathaniel P Hitt, Barret L Kurylyk, Laura Lautz, Dylan J Irvine, Stephen T Hurley, John W Lane
Streams strongly influenced by groundwater discharge may serve as "climate refugia" for sensitive species in regions of increasingly marginal thermal conditions. The main goal of this study is to develop paired air and stream water annual temperature signal analysis techniques to elucidate the relative groundwater contribution to stream water and the effective groundwater flowpath depth. Groundwater discharge to streams attenuates surface water temperature signals, and this attenuation can be diagnostic of groundwater gaining systems...
September 15, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Pawel Olejniczak, Marcin Czarnoleski, Anna Delimat, Bartosz Marek Majcher, Kamil Szczepka
Research devoted to investigating the relationship between elevation and seed size in alpine plants gives contradictory results. Some studies document a positive correlation between seed size and elevation, whereas in others a negative correlation is reported. We propose a novel approach to the problem by looking at the whole strategy of seed production, including seed number, and by focusing on a range of environmental variables. In the Tatra Mountains (southern Poland), we selected 73 sites at which seeds of six widely occurring mountain herbaceous species were collected...
2018: PloS One
Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Najeeb Ur Rehman, Abdul Latif Khan, Muhammed Al-Broumi, Issa Al-Amri, Javid Hussain, Hidayat Hussain, René Csuk
The distribution and biosynthesis of boswellic acids (BAs) is scarce in current literature. Present study aims to elucidate the BAs biosynthetic and its diversity in the resins of Boswellia sacra and Boswellia papyrifera. Results revealed the isolation of new (3β, 11β-dihydroxy BA) and recently known (as new source, β-boswellic aldehyde) precursors from B. sacra resin along with α-amyrin. Following this, a detailed nomenclature of BAs was elucidated. The quantification and distribution of amyrins (3-epi-α-amyrin, β-amyrin and α-amyrin) and BAs in different Boswellia resins showed highest amyrin and BAs in B...
2018: PloS One
S Rudolph, J G Maciá-Vicente, H Lotz-Winter, M Schleuning, M Piepenbring
This study aims at characterizing the diversity and temporal changes of species richness and composition of fungi in an ecotone of a forest border and a meadow in the Taunus mountain range in Germany. All macroscopically visible, epigeous fungi and vascular plants were sampled monthly over three years, together with climatic variables like humidity and temperature that influence fungal diversity and composition as shown by previous studies. In this mosaic landscape, a total of 855 fungal species were collected and identified based on morphological features, the majority of which belonged to Ascomycota (51 %) and Basidiomycota (45 %)...
March 2018: Studies in Mycology
Jian Cui, Fengwu Zhou, Min Gao, Liuyi Zhang, Leiming Zhang, Ke Du, Qiangmei Leng, Yuanzhu Zhang, Dongyi He, Fumo Yang, Andy Chan
Six different approaches are applied in the present study to apportion the sources of precipitation nitrogen making use of precipitation data of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN, including NO3 - and NH4 + ), dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) and δ15 N signatures of DIN collected at six sampling sites in the mountain region of Southwest China. These approaches include one quantitative approach running a Bayesian isotope mixing model (SIAR model) and five qualitative approaches based on in-situ survey (ISS), ratio of NH4 + /NO3 - (RN ), principal component analysis (PCA), canonical-correlation analysis (CCA) and stable isotope approach (SIA)...
June 14, 2018: Environmental Pollution
Michael Furian, Mona Lichtblau, Sayaka S Aeschbacher, Bermet Estebesova, Berik Emilov, Ulan Sheraliev, Nuriddin H Marazhapov, Maamed Mademilov, Batyr Osmonov, Maya Bisang, Stefanie Ulrich, Tsogyal D Latshang, Silvia Ulrich, Talant M Sooronbaev, Konrad E Bloch
BACKGROUND: Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may experience acute mountain sickness (AMS) and other altitude-related adverse health effects (ARAHE) when travelling to high altitude. We evaluated whether dexamethasone, a drug used for AMS prevention in healthy individuals, would prevent AMS/ARAHE in COPD. METHODS: In this placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-design trial COPD patients, GOLD grade 1-2, living below 800m, were randomized to receive dexamethasone (8mg/day) or placebo starting on the day before ascent and while staying in a high altitude clinic at 3100m for 2 days...
June 14, 2018: Chest
Shiwei Sun, Shichang Kang, Junming Guo, Qianggong Zhang, Rukumesh Paudyal, Xuejun Sun, Dahe Qin
The Tibetan Plateau (TP) is recognized as "Water Tower of Asia". Yet our understanding of mechanisms influencing incorporation of mercury (Hg) into freshwater in mountain glaciers on the TP remains quite limited. Extensive sampling of environmental matrices (e.g., snow/ice) were conducted on the East Rongbuk glacier on Mt. Everest and Zhadang glacier on Mt. Nyainqentanglha for Hg speciation analysis. Speciated Hg behaved quite different during snowmelt: a preferential early release of DHg (dissolved Hg) was observed at the onset of snowmelt, whereas PHg (particulate-bound Hg) and THg (total Hg) become relatively enriched in snow and released later...
June 2018: Journal of Environmental Sciences (China)
Steven A Arisz, Jae-Yun Heo, Iko Tamar Koevoets, Tao Zhao, Pieter van Egmond, Jessica Meyer, Weiqing Zeng, Xiaomu Niu, Baosheng Wang, Thomas Mitchell-Olds, M Eric Schranz, Christa Testerink
Freezing limits plant growth and crop productivity, and plant species in temperate zones have the capacity to develop freezing tolerance through complex modulation of gene expression affecting various aspects of metabolism and physiology. While many components of freezing tolerance have been identified in model species under controlled laboratory conditions, little is known about the mechanisms that impart freezing tolerance in natural populations of wild species. Here, we performed a quantitative trait locus (QTL) study of acclimated freezing tolerance in seedlings of Boechera stricta, a highly adapted relative of Arabidopsis thaliana native to the Rocky Mountains...
June 15, 2018: Plant Physiology
Demetrio Antonio Zema, Giuseppe Bombino, Pietro Denisi, Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja, Santo Marcello Zimbone
In mountain streams possible negative impacts of check dams on soil, water and riparian vegetation due to check dam installation can be noticed. In spite of the ample literature on the qualitative effects of engineering works on channel hydrology, morphology, sedimentary effects and riparian vegetation characteristics, quantitative evaluations of the changes induced by check dams on headwater characteristics are rare. In order to fill this gap, this study has evaluated the effects of check dams located in headwaters of Calabria (Southern Italy) on hydrological and geomorphological processes and on the response of riparian vegetation to these actions...
June 12, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Sarah Federman, Michael J Donoghue, Douglas C Daly, Deren A R Eaton
The challenges associated with sampling rare species or populations can limit our ability to make accurate and informed estimates of biodiversity for clades or ecosystems. This may be particularly true for tropical trees, which tend to be poorly sampled, and are thought to harbor extensive cryptic diversity. Here, we integrate genomics, morphology, and geography to estimate the number of species in a clade of dioecious tropical trees (Canarium L.; Burseraceae) endemic to Madagascar, for which previous taxonomic treatments have recognized between one and 33 species...
2018: PloS One
R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, Z Ajaltouni, S Akar, J Albrecht, F Alessio, M Alexander, A Alfonso Albero, S Ali, G Alkhazov, P Alvarez Cartelle, A A Alves, S Amato, S Amerio, Y Amhis, L An, L Anderlini, G Andreassi, M Andreotti, J E Andrews, R B Appleby, F Archilli, P d'Argent, J Arnau Romeu, A Artamonov, M Artuso, E Aslanides, M Atzeni, G Auriemma, M Baalouch, I Babuschkin, S Bachmann, J J Back, A Badalov, C Baesso, S Baker, V Balagura, W Baldini, A Baranov, R J Barlow, C Barschel, S Barsuk, W Barter, F Baryshnikov, V Batozskaya, V Battista, A Bay, L Beaucourt, J Beddow, F Bedeschi, I Bediaga, A Beiter, L J Bel, N Beliy, V Bellee, N Belloli, K Belous, I Belyaev, E Ben-Haim, G Bencivenni, S Benson, S Beranek, A Berezhnoy, R Bernet, D Berninghoff, E Bertholet, A Bertolin, C Betancourt, F Betti, M O Bettler, M van Beuzekom, Ia Bezshyiko, S Bifani, P Billoir, A Birnkraut, A Bizzeti, M Bjørn, T Blake, F Blanc, S Blusk, V Bocci, T Boettcher, A Bondar, N Bondar, I Bordyuzhin, S Borghi, M Borisyak, M Borsato, F Bossu, M Boubdir, T J V Bowcock, E Bowen, C Bozzi, S Braun, J Brodzicka, D Brundu, E Buchanan, C Burr, A Bursche, J Buytaert, W Byczynski, S Cadeddu, H Cai, R Calabrese, R Calladine, M Calvi, M Calvo Gomez, A Camboni, P Campana, D H Campora Perez, L Capriotti, A Carbone, G Carboni, R Cardinale, A Cardini, P Carniti, L Carson, K Carvalho Akiba, G Casse, L Cassina, M Cattaneo, G Cavallero, R Cenci, D Chamont, M G Chapman, M Charles, Ph Charpentier, G Chatzikonstantinidis, M Chefdeville, S Chen, S F Cheung, S-G Chitic, V Chobanova, M Chrzaszcz, A Chubykin, P Ciambrone, X Cid Vidal, G Ciezarek, P E L Clarke, M Clemencic, H V Cliff, J Closier, V Coco, J Cogan, E Cogneras, V Cogoni, L Cojocariu, P Collins, T Colombo, A Comerma-Montells, A Contu, G Coombs, S Coquereau, G Corti, M Corvo, C M Costa Sobral, B Couturier, G A Cowan, D C Craik, A Crocombe, M Cruz Torres, R Currie, C D'Ambrosio, F Da Cunha Marinho, C L Da Silva, E Dall'Occo, J Dalseno, A Davis, O De Aguiar Francisco, K De Bruyn, S De Capua, M De Cian, J M De Miranda, L De Paula, M De Serio, P De Simone, C T Dean, D Decamp, L Del Buono, H-P Dembinski, M Demmer, A Dendek, D Derkach, O Deschamps, F Dettori, B Dey, A Di Canto, P Di Nezza, H Dijkstra, F Dordei, M Dorigo, A Dosil Suárez, L Douglas, A Dovbnya, K Dreimanis, L Dufour, G Dujany, P Durante, J M Durham, D Dutta, R Dzhelyadin, M Dziewiecki, A Dziurda, A Dzyuba, S Easo, U Egede, V Egorychev, S Eidelman, S Eisenhardt, U Eitschberger, R Ekelhof, L Eklund, S Ely, S Esen, H M Evans, T Evans, A Falabella, N Farley, S Farry, D Fazzini, L Federici, D Ferguson, G Fernandez, P Fernandez Declara, A Fernandez Prieto, F Ferrari, L Ferreira Lopes, F Ferreira Rodrigues, M Ferro-Luzzi, S Filippov, R A Fini, M Fiorini, M Firlej, C Fitzpatrick, T Fiutowski, F Fleuret, M Fontana, F Fontanelli, R Forty, V Franco Lima, M Frank, C Frei, J Fu, W Funk, E Furfaro, C Färber, E Gabriel, A Gallas Torreira, D Galli, S Gallorini, S Gambetta, M Gandelman, P Gandini, Y Gao, L M Garcia Martin, J García Pardiñas, J Garra Tico, L Garrido, D Gascon, C Gaspar, L Gavardi, G Gazzoni, D Gerick, E Gersabeck, M Gersabeck, T Gershon, Ph Ghez, S Gianì, V Gibson, O G Girard, L Giubega, K Gizdov, V V Gligorov, D Golubkov, A Golutvin, A Gomes, I V Gorelov, C Gotti, E Govorkova, J P Grabowski, R Graciani Diaz, L A Granado Cardoso, E Graugés, E Graverini, G Graziani, A Grecu, R Greim, P Griffith, L Grillo, L Gruber, B R Gruberg Cazon, O Grünberg, E Gushchin, Yu Guz, T Gys, C Göbel, T Hadavizadeh, C Hadjivasiliou, G Haefeli, C Haen, S C Haines, B Hamilton, X Han, T H Hancock, S Hansmann-Menzemer, N Harnew, S T Harnew, C Hasse, M Hatch, J He, M Hecker, K Heinicke, A Heister, K Hennessy, P Henrard, L Henry, E van Herwijnen, M Heß, A Hicheur, D Hill, P H Hopchev, W Hu, W Huang, Z C Huard, W Hulsbergen, T Humair, M Hushchyn, D Hutchcroft, P Ibis, M Idzik, P Ilten, R Jacobsson, J Jalocha, E Jans, A Jawahery, F Jiang, M John, D Johnson, C R Jones, C Joram, B Jost, N Jurik, S Kandybei, M Karacson, J M Kariuki, S Karodia, N Kazeev, M Kecke, F Keizer, M Kelsey, M Kenzie, T Ketel, E Khairullin, B Khanji, C Khurewathanakul, K E Kim, T Kirn, S Klaver, K Klimaszewski, T Klimkovich, S Koliiev, M Kolpin, R Kopecna, P Koppenburg, A Kosmyntseva, S Kotriakhova, M Kozeiha, L Kravchuk, M Kreps, F Kress, P Krokovny, W Krzemien, W Kucewicz, M Kucharczyk, V Kudryavtsev, A K Kuonen, T Kvaratskheliya, D Lacarrere, G Lafferty, A Lai, G Lanfranchi, C Langenbruch, T Latham, C Lazzeroni, R Le Gac, A Leflat, J Lefrançois, R Lefèvre, F Lemaitre, E Lemos Cid, O Leroy, T Lesiak, B Leverington, P-R Li, T Li, Y Li, Z Li, X Liang, T Likhomanenko, R Lindner, F Lionetto, V Lisovskyi, X Liu, D Loh, A Loi, I Longstaff, J H Lopes, D Lucchesi, M Lucio Martinez, H Luo, A Lupato, E Luppi, O Lupton, A Lusiani, X Lyu, F Machefert, F Maciuc, V Macko, P Mackowiak, S Maddrell-Mander, O Maev, K Maguire, D Maisuzenko, M W Majewski, S Malde, B Malecki, A Malinin, T Maltsev, G Manca, G Mancinelli, D Marangotto, J Maratas, J F Marchand, U Marconi, C Marin Benito, M Marinangeli, P Marino, J Marks, G Martellotti, M Martin, M Martinelli, D Martinez Santos, F Martinez Vidal, A Massafferri, R Matev, A Mathad, Z Mathe, C Matteuzzi, A Mauri, E Maurice, B Maurin, A Mazurov, M McCann, A McNab, R McNulty, J V Mead, B Meadows, C Meaux, F Meier, N Meinert, D Melnychuk, M Merk, A Merli, E Michielin, D A Milanes, E Millard, M-N Minard, L Minzoni, D S Mitzel, A Mogini, J Molina Rodriguez, T Mombächer, I A Monroy, S Monteil, M Morandin, M J Morello, O Morgunova, J Moron, A B Morris, R Mountain, F Muheim, M Mulder, D Müller, J Müller, K Müller, V Müller, P Naik, T Nakada, R Nandakumar, A Nandi, I Nasteva, M Needham, N Neri, S Neubert, N Neufeld, M Neuner, T D Nguyen, C Nguyen-Mau, S Nieswand, R Niet, N Nikitin, T Nikodem, A Nogay, D P O'Hanlon, A Oblakowska-Mucha, V Obraztsov, S Ogilvy, R Oldeman, C J G Onderwater, A Ossowska, J M Otalora Goicochea, P Owen, A Oyanguren, P R Pais, A Palano, M Palutan, G Panshin, A Papanestis, M Pappagallo, L L Pappalardo, W Parker, C Parkes, G Passaleva, A Pastore, M Patel, C Patrignani, A Pearce, A Pellegrino, G Penso, M Pepe Altarelli, S Perazzini, D Pereima, P Perret, L Pescatore, K Petridis, A Petrolini, A Petrov, M Petruzzo, E Picatoste Olloqui, B Pietrzyk, G Pietrzyk, M Pikies, D Pinci, F Pisani, A Pistone, A Piucci, V Placinta, S Playfer, M Plo Casasus, F Polci, M Poli Lener, A Poluektov, I Polyakov, E Polycarpo, G J Pomery, S Ponce, A Popov, D Popov, S Poslavskii, C Potterat, E Price, J Prisciandaro, C Prouve, V Pugatch, A Puig Navarro, H Pullen, G Punzi, W Qian, J Qin, R Quagliani, B Quintana, B Rachwal, J H Rademacker, M Rama, M Ramos Pernas, M S Rangel, I Raniuk, F Ratnikov, G Raven, M Ravonel Salzgeber, M Reboud, F Redi, S Reichert, A C Dos Reis, C Remon Alepuz, V Renaudin, S Ricciardi, S Richards, M Rihl, K Rinnert, P Robbe, A Robert, A B Rodrigues, E Rodrigues, J A Rodriguez Lopez, A Rogozhnikov, S Roiser, A Rollings, V Romanovskiy, A Romero Vidal, M Rotondo, M S Rudolph, T Ruf, P Ruiz Valls, J Ruiz Vidal, J J Saborido Silva, E Sadykhov, N Sagidova, B Saitta, V Salustino Guimaraes, C Sanchez Mayordomo, B Sanmartin Sedes, R Santacesaria, C Santamarina Rios, M Santimaria, E Santovetti, G Sarpis, A Sarti, C Satriano, A Satta, D M Saunders, D Savrina, S Schael, M Schellenberg, M Schiller, H Schindler, M Schmelling, T Schmelzer, B Schmidt, O Schneider, A Schopper, H F Schreiner, M Schubiger, M H Schune, R Schwemmer, B Sciascia, A Sciubba, A Semennikov, E S Sepulveda, A Sergi, N Serra, J Serrano, L Sestini, P Seyfert, M Shapkin, Y Shcheglov, T Shears, L Shekhtman, V Shevchenko, B G Siddi, R Silva Coutinho, L Silva de Oliveira, G Simi, S Simone, M Sirendi, N Skidmore, T Skwarnicki, I T Smith, J Smith, M Smith, L Soares Lavra, M D Sokoloff, F J P Soler, B Souza De Paula, B Spaan, P Spradlin, F Stagni, M Stahl, S Stahl, P Stefko, S Stefkova, O Steinkamp, S Stemmle, O Stenyakin, M Stepanova, H Stevens, S Stone, B Storaci, S Stracka, M E Stramaglia, M Straticiuc, U Straumann, S Strokov, J Sun, L Sun, K Swientek, V Syropoulos, T Szumlak, M Szymanski, S T'Jampens, A Tayduganov, T Tekampe, G Tellarini, F Teubert, E Thomas, J van Tilburg, M J Tilley, V Tisserand, M Tobin, S Tolk, L Tomassetti, D Tonelli, R Tourinho Jadallah Aoude, E Tournefier, M Traill, M T Tran, M Tresch, A Trisovic, A Tsaregorodtsev, P Tsopelas, A Tully, N Tuning, A Ukleja, A Usachov, A Ustyuzhanin, U Uwer, C Vacca, A Vagner, V Vagnoni, A Valassi, S Valat, G Valenti, R Vazquez Gomez, P Vazquez Regueiro, S Vecchi, M van Veghel, J J Velthuis, M Veltri, G Veneziano, A Venkateswaran, T A Verlage, M Vernet, M Vesterinen, J V Viana Barbosa, D Vieira, M Vieites Diaz, H Viemann, X Vilasis-Cardona, M Vitti, V Volkov, A Vollhardt, B Voneki, A Vorobyev, V Vorobyev, C Voß, J A de Vries, C Vázquez Sierra, R Waldi, J Walsh, J Wang, Y Wang, D R Ward, H M Wark, N K Watson, D Websdale, A Weiden, C Weisser, M Whitehead, J Wicht, G Wilkinson, M Wilkinson, M Williams, M Williams, T Williams, F F Wilson, J Wimberley, M Winn, J Wishahi, W Wislicki, M Witek, G Wormser, S A Wotton, K Wyllie, Y Xie, M Xu, Q Xu, Z Xu, Z Xu, Z Yang, Z Yang, Y Yao, H Yin, J Yu, X Yuan, O Yushchenko, K A Zarebski, M Zavertyaev, L Zhang, Y Zhang, A Zhelezov, Y Zheng, X Zhu, V Zhukov, J B Zonneveld, S Zucchelli
A search for the rare decay Σ^{+}→pμ^{+}μ^{-} is performed using pp collision data recorded by the LHCb experiment at center-of-mass energies sqrt[s]=7 and 8 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3  fb^{-1}. An excess of events is observed with respect to the background expectation, with a signal significance of 4.1 standard deviations. No significant structure is observed in the dimuon invariant mass distribution, in contrast with a previous result from the HyperCP experiment. The measured Σ^{+}→pμ^{+}μ^{-} branching fraction is (2...
June 1, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Lilly Ramphal
A community clinic in Puerto Rico, the Bantiox Clinic, was developed to serve the medical needs of Toa Baja and the surrounding communities after Hurricanes Irma and Maria in response to an urgent need for medical treatment of the community residents. Within 4 months, the clinic had 4941 total visits. The Toa Baja residents used the clinic more than the offsite residents. Certain offsite towns needed medical care more than others, suggesting a lack of medical access in the mountainous areas. Elderly patients with chronic diseases were served more than younger patients...
July 2018: Proceedings of the Baylor University Medical Center
Hongxiang Wang, Hui Peng, Gangying Hui, Yanbo Hu, Zhonghua Zhao
Negative conspecific density dependence is one of the principal mechanisms affecting plant performance and community spatial patterns. Although many studies identified the prevalence of density dependent effects in various vegetation types by analyzing conspecific spatial dispersal patterns (spatial patterning) of forest trees, interactions between individuals and heterospecific neighboring trees caused by density-dependent effects are often neglected. The effects of negative density dependence lead us to expect that neighbourhood species segregation would increase with increasing tree size and that larger trees would be surrounded by more heterospecific neighbours than would smaller trees...
June 14, 2018: Scientific Reports
Xu Zhou, Junqun Fang, Jiayou Luo, Hua Wang, Qiyun Du, Guangwen Huang, Binbin Feng
OBJECTIVE: To describe the rate of and identify the factors associated with introduction of solid, semi-solid or soft foods among infants aged 6-8 months in poor rural areas. METHODS: A total of 1449 rural infants aged 6-8 months in 30 poor counties of Wuling Mountains and Luoxiao Mountains in Hunan Province were selected by probabilityproportional-to-size sampling( PPS) in August 2015. And designed questionnaires were used to collect information of infants feeding in the past 24 h and information of personal and family...
January 2018: Wei Sheng Yan Jiu, Journal of Hygiene Research
Fulan Zhang, Tiancheng Zhang, Xing Li, Jingmei Xiong, Jing Chen, Xiaojuan Du
OBJECTIVE: In order to have a basic understanding of the neglect condition of rural children aged 12 to 17 years old of Tujia and Miao minorities in Wuling mountainous area as well as its causes. METHODS: According to the principle of multistage stratified cluster samplingmethod, a total of 1974 students of eight middle schoolsfrom rural areas in four counties of Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi had been selected from November to December in 2014( 1020 students from Tujia minority and 954 students from Miao minority)...
July 2017: Wei Sheng Yan Jiu, Journal of Hygiene Research
Marek Switonski, Stanislaw Dzimira, Roman Aleksiewicz, Izabela Szczerbal, Joanna Nowacka-Woszuk, Paulina Krzeminska, Tomasz Deska, Wojciech Nizanski
Hypospadias, the abnormal position of the urethral orifice, is considered a rare congenital malformation of the reproductive organs in male dogs. We present 5 new cases of hypospadias - 2 of the penile type in German Shepherd Dogs and 3 perineal types in a Bavarian Mountain Hound, a French Bulldog, and an American Staffordshire Terrier. Other abnormalities (rudimentary or underdeveloped penis, incompletely formed preputial sheath, and bilateral cryptorchidism) were also observed. Molecular analysis of all cases revealed the presence of Y-linked genes (SRY and ZFY)...
June 13, 2018: Sexual Development: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution, Endocrinology, Embryology, and Pathology of Sex Determination and Differentiation
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