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Sucessful ageing

Murat Tuncer, Banu Çevik, Bilal Eryıldırım, Gökhan Faydacı, Kemal Sarıca
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate beneficial effect of anesthesia on extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) in children older than 9 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 61 children (aged between 9 and 17 years) treated with SWL for renal stones were included. Depending on the use of general anesthesia, the children were divided into 2 groups: cases treated with SWL under anesthesia (group 1, n = 27) and cases treated with SWL without anesthesia (group 2, n = 34)...
September 2017: Urology
Joel Sousa, Daniel Brandão, Paulo Barreto, Joana Ferreira, José Almeida Lopes, Armando Mansilha
INTRODUCTION: To evaluate the results of the abdominal aortic aneurism endovascular treatment (EVAR), percutaneously and with local anesthesia, according to the concept of one day surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Unicentric, retrospective analysis of patients with aorto-iliac aneurysmal disease, consecutively treated by EVAR with percutaneous access trough the Preclose technique (pEVAR), according to the outpatient criteria, with one overnight stay in the hospital...
June 2016: Acta Médica Portuguesa
Abel Makubi, Philip Sasi, Mariam Ngaeje, Enrico M Novelli, Bruno P Mmbando, Mark T Gladwin, Julie Makani
BACKGROUND: Hydroxyurea (HU) has been demonstrated to be efficacious in reducing complications in individuals with sickle cell anemia (SCA) but poor adherence is a barrier. Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) has been shown to improve adherence in various chronic diseases but there is limited data in adults with SCA. METHODS AND DESIGN: To examine the effect of mobile-directly observed therapy (mDOT) on adherence to HU (mDOT-HuA) in adults with SCA at Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania...
October 18, 2016: BMC Medical Research Methodology
Elizângela Márcia de Carvalho Abreu, Rani de Souza Alves, Ana Carolina Lacerda Borges, Fernanda Pupio Silva Lima, Alderico Rodrigues de Paula Júnior, Mário Oliveira Lima
The aim of this study was to investigate the cardiovascular autonomic acute response, during recovery after handcycle training, in quadriplegics with spinal cord injury (SCI). [Subjects and Methods] Seven quadriplegics (SCIG -level C6-C7, male, age 28.00 ± 6.97 years) and eight healthy subjects (CG -male, age 25.00 ± 7.38 years) were studied. Their heart rate variability (HRV) was assessed before and after one handcycle training. [Results] After the training, the SCIG showed significantly reduced: intervals between R waves of the electrocardiogram (RR), standard deviation of the NN intervals (SDNN), square root of the mean squares differences of sucessive NN intervals (rMSSD), low frequency power (LF), high frequency power (HF), and Poincaré plot (standard deviation of short-term HRV -SD1 and standard deviation of long-term HRV -SD2)...
July 2016: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
S Khalilullah, Shankar P Shah, D Yadav, R P Shrivastav, H Bhattarai
BACKGROUND: To assess, analyze and compare the results of graft uptake using Tragal Cartilage-Perichondrium Composite (TCPC) graft with Temporalis Fascia (TF) graft in patients who undergoing surgery for chronic otitis media - squamous type. METHODS: Patients aged 13 years and above with diagnosis of chronic otitis media - squamous type undergoing modified radical mastoidectomy, either primary or revision surgery with grafting of tympanic membrane (TM) and patients undergoing excision of postero-superior retraction pocket (PSRP) were included in this study...
August 2, 2016: Head & Face Medicine
Zeynep Ozkan, Evrim Gul, Burhan Hakan Kanat, Zafer Gundogdu, Ayse Nur Gonen, Fatih Mehmet Yazar, Mehmet Bugra Bozan, Fatih Erol
OBJECTIVE: To determinate the safety of the surgical treatment of acute biliary pancreatitis and acute cholecystitis in elderly patients. STUDY DESIGN: Observational study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Department of General Surgery, Elazig Training and Research Hospital, Elazig, Turkey, from January 2010 to July 2012. METHODOLOGY: Records of 172 patients with acute complications of biliary calculi, aged over 65 years, were included...
June 2016: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Mika Shimosaka, Motoki Inoue, Hisato Takahashi, Masao Takahashi, Keisuke Miyajima, Toshihiro Ishikawa, Kazuyoshi Hatada
Currently, the immediate extubation in the operating room is necessary for the patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB). To achieve UFTA, anesthesiologists should control general anesthesia. We report the case series of UFTA for the patients undergone OPCAB at our hospital. Forty patients receiving OPCAB between April 2012 and April 2014 were retrospectively analyzed. We divided the patients into those extubated in the operating room (Extubation group) and those not (Intubation group). The extubation criteria included adequate revascularization, adequate hemostasis, ratio between Pa(O2) and FI(O2) more than 250, body temperature above 36 degrees C, stable hemodynamics without noradrenaline, without IABP, and normal postoperative chest X-ray...
April 2016: Masui. the Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology
João Samuel de Holanda Farias, João Pedro Pereira da Cunha, Caio Cesar Cervi Lagana, Maíra Carvalho Gallucci, Domingos Candiota Chula, Maria Fernanda Soares, Marcelo Mazza Nascimento
Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS) is a rare, life-threatening disease that can occur at any age and be sporadic or familial. aHUS is caused by an uncontrolled activation of the complement system. Plasma Exchange (PE) has been the standard treatment for years with poor results, leading approximately 40% of patients to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or death during the first clinical manifestation. Eculizumab, an humanized monoclonal antibody directed against complement component C5, has emerged in the last few years as a new therapheutic aproach with promising results...
March 2016: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Lei He, Yu Qian, Yi-jun Jin
OBJECTIVE: To compare clinical outcomes of bilateral transpedicular balloon kyphoplasty for the treatment of ordinary osteoporotic vertebral compressive fracture (OVCF) and severe osteoporotic vertebral compressive fracture. METHODS: From Junary 2009 to Febuary 2011, 60 patients (70 vertebrae) with osteoporotic vertebral compressive fracture were included. All patients were treated by bilateral transpedicular balloon kyphoplasty combined with postural reduction, including 10 males and 50 females aged from 59 to 90 years old with an average of 72...
December 2014: Zhongguo Gu Shang, China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Daniela L M Junqueira, Vitor G Prado, Flavio S Lopes, Luis Gustavo Biteli, Syril Dorairaj, Tiago S Prata
PURPOSE: To assess the prevalence and treatment outcomes of angle-closure mechanisms other than pupillary block in a population of Brazilian patients. METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted to evaluate patients who had undergone laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) due to occludable angles at a single institution between July 2009 and April 2012. An occludable angle was defined as an eye in which the posterior trabecular meshwork was not visible for ≥180° on dark-room gonioscopy...
November 2014: Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia
Monakshi Sawhney, Eri Maeda
Patient-controlled oral analgesia (PCOA) allows patients to self-administer oral opioids for pain management. Advantages of PCOA include improved pain control with lower doses of opioids, decreased length of stay, increased patient satisfaction, and better functional outcomes than conventional nurse-administered oral analgesia. Sucessful PCOA programs are well described in the literature. However, nurses have concerns about allowing patients to self-administer opioids. The purpose of this study was to identify nurses' knowledge and beliefs regarding PCOA...
December 2013: Pain Management Nursing: Official Journal of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses
C Tomasi, B-O Idmyr, J L Wennström
The purpose of this study was to evaluate patient-centred outcomes with regard to function and comfort after placement of mini-implants for stabilisation of complete dentures. The trial was designed as a prospective cohort of 12-months duration and involved 21 subjects in the age of 50-90 years having a full denture in the maxilla or the mandible with poor stability during function. Flapless installation of 2-4 narrow-body Dentatus Atlas(®) implants was performed and retention for the existing denture was obtained by the use of a silicone-based soft lining material (Tuf-Link(®))...
July 2013: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation
Cristina Soaz, Christian Lederer, Martin Daumer
Falls are a major concern for the elderly and their ability to remain healthy. Fall detection systems may notify emergency responders when no one apart from the injured is present. However, their real-world application is limited by a number of factors such as high false positive rates, low-compliance, poor-usability and short battery lifetime. In order to improve these aspects we have developed a miniaturized 3D accelerometer integrated in a belt buckle, the actibelt(®), and a fall detection algorithm. We have used a new evaluation method to assess the upper limit of the false alarm rate of our algorithm using a large set of long term standardized acceleration measurements recorded under real life conditions...
2012: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
A Helck, M Notohamiprodjo, M Danastasi, F Meinel, M Reiser, D A Clevert
PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility of US image fusion in the clinical routine and to discuss potential benefits for follow-up after renal transplantation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 15 patients with a renal transplant were prospectively included in the study. For all of them, a previously performed CT- or MRI-scan covering the renal transplant was available. Each patient was investigated using ultrasound image fusion. Time needed for sucessful implementation of image fusion was registered...
2012: Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
Stefano Sivolella, Eriberto Bressan, Elisa Gnocco, Mario Berengo, Gian Antonio Favero
OBJECTIVE: To retrospectively analyze 14 consecutively treated cases of dental implants placed along with sinus lift procedures in patients with severe bone atrophy (residual bone height of 2 to 5 mm). METHOD AND MATERIALS: Thirty-one implants were placed with a lateral window sinus lift in 14 patients using deproteinized bovine bone alone (no membrane) for the graft. The implants were monitored for a mean 43.20 ± 9.30 months (minimum, 25.00 months; maximum, 53...
November 2011: Quintessence International
L Gu, Y-C Yu
BACKGROUND: The use of dental implants in organ transplant patients remains controversial because of their altered wound healing and risk of serious infections. The aims of this study were to evaluate the long-term survival rate and related clincial parameters of dental implants among liver transplant patients on immunosuppressive medications. METHODS: We placed 45 implants in 13 liver transplant patients. All implants were sucessfully placed in the mandible or maxilla...
September 2011: Transplantation Proceedings
Shuvanan Ray, Bhabani Prasad Chattopadhyay, A K Ghosh, Shilanjan Ray, Subhas Kundu, Pradip Deb, Amal Bannerjee
OBJECTIVE: Sucessful reperfusion therapy in AMI improves LV systolic function. Success in thrombolytic therapy is directly related to the ischaemic time. Our aim in the present study was to observe the importance of ischaemic time as a predictor of left ventricular systolic function in patients undergoing PPCI. In addition, the contribution of presentation delay in determining the ischaemic time in the Indian scenario was also observed. MATERIALS & METHODS: The present pilot study was carried out on 48 Indian patients (Male-40) of STEMI (Killip class I & II) undergoing primary PCI in last 2 yrs...
January 2010: Indian Heart Journal
Jonathan Nicholas
AIMS: With large numbers of young people experiencing mental health difficulties but not seeking help, there is a need to develop not only innovative but also well-promoted strategies that are appealing to this population and reduce barriers to help seeking. METHODS: Reach Out! ( is presented as a case study, demonstrating an internet-based initiative that sucessfully incorporates technology and social branding to provide a service that promotes the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Australia aged 16 to 25...
March 2010: Perspectives in Public Health
Bruno Bonnemain
The French episode in Indochina starts in the beginning of the 1860's with Saigon's capture (1861) and the start of the protectorat for Cambodia. As in the other countries that became part of the french colonial empire, military and civilian pharmacists will be very early on part of the organization of sanitary activities and the valorisation of local resources. Although local pharmacies were maintained through out the entire colonial period, occidental pharmacies were installed very soon, Lourdeau's pharmacy being implemented as early as 1865 in Saigon where he was the mayor...
July 2009: Revue D'histoire de la Pharmacie
Dominique Erni, Sora De Kerviler, Ralph Hertel, Theddy Slongo
Congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia (CPT) is caused by an ill-defined, segmental disturbance of periosteal bone formation leading to spontaneous bowing, followed by fracture and subsequent pseudarthrosis in the first 2 years of life. The results of conventional treatment modalities (e.g., bracing, internal and external fixation and bone grafting) are associated with high failure rates in terms of persisting pseudarthrosis, malunion and impaired growth. As a more promising alternative, a more aggressive approach, including wide resection of the affected bone, reconstruction with free vascularised fibula grafts from the healthy contralateral leg and stable external fixation at a very early stage has been suggested...
October 2010: Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery: JPRAS
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