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Francesca Wanda Rossi, Nella Prevete, Felice Rivellese, Filomena Napolitano, Nunzia Montuori, Loredana Postiglione, Carmine Selleri, Amato de Paulis
Mast cell and basophils express the high affinity receptor for IgE (FcɛRI) and are primary effector cells of allergic disorders. The urokinase (uPA)-mediated plasminogen activation system is involved in physiological and pathological events based on cell migration and tissue remodelling, such as inflammation, wound healing, angiogenesis and metastasis. uPA is a serine protease that binds uPAR, a high affinity glycosyl-phosphatidyl-inositol (GPI)-anchored receptor. uPAR focuses uPA activity at the cell surface and activates intracellular signaling through lateral interactions with integrins, receptor tyrosine kinases and the G-protein-coupled family of fMLF chemotaxis receptors (FPRs)...
November 2016: Translational Medicine @ UniSa
Francesca Wanda Rossi, Nella Prevete, Felice Rivellese, Antonio Lobasso, Filomena Napolitano, Francescopaolo Granata, Carmine Selleri, Amato de Paulis
BACKGROUND: The Nef protein can be detected in plasma of HIV-1-infected patients and plays a role in the pathogenesis of HIV-1. Nef produced during the early stages of infection is fundamental in creating the ideal environment for viral replication, e.g. by reducing the ability of infected cells to induce an immune response. AIM: Based on previous experience showing that both Tat and gp41 of HIV-1 are potent chemotactic factors for basophils and mast cells, and gp120 is a powerful stimulus for the release of histamine and cytokines (IL-4 and IL-13) from basophils, in this study we aimed to verify if the HIV Nef protein can exert some effects on basophils and mast cells purified from healthy volunteers through the interaction with the CXCL12 receptor, CXCR4...
2016: Clinical and Molecular Allergy: CMA
Federica Liotti, Francesca Collina, Emanuela Pone, Lucia La Sala, Renato Franco, Nella Prevete, Rosa Marina Melillo
Interleukin-8 (IL-8/CXCL8) mediates its biological effects through two receptors, CXCR1 and CXCR2. While CXCR1 recognizes IL-8 and granulocyte chemotactic protein-2, CXCR2 binds to multiple chemokines including IL-8, CXCL1, 2 and 3. Both IL-8 and CXCL1 have been implicated in the neoplastic features of thyroid cancer (TC). Here, we assessed the role of the autocrine circuits sustained by IL-8 and CXCL1 in determining TC stem cell (TC SC) features. Using immunohistochemistry, we found that thyroid epithelial cancerous, but not normal, cells stained positive for IL-8, whose levels correlated with lymph-nodal metastases...
January 2017: Stem Cells
Gian D Sebastiani, Immacolata Prevete, Annamaria Iuliano, Giovanni Minisola
BACKGROUND: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease with a high degree of variability at onset, making it difficult to reach a correct and prompt diagnosis. OBJECTIVES: To present the difficulties faced by the clinician in making a SLE diagnosis, based on the characteristics at study entry of an Italian cohort of SLE patients with recent onset as compared to two similar cohorts. METHODS: Beginning on 1 January 2012 all patients with a diagnosis of SLE (1997 ACR criteria) and disease duration of less than 12 months were consecutively enrolled in a multicenter prospective study...
March 2016: Israel Medical Association Journal: IMAJ
Nella Prevete, Federica Liotti, Gianni Marone, Rosa Marina Melillo, Amato de Paulis
N-formyl peptide receptors (FPRs) belong to the family of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that regulate innate immune responses. Three FPRs have been identified in humans: FPR1-FPR3. FPR expression was initially described in immune cells and subsequently in non-hematopoietic cells and certain tissues. Besides their involvement in inflammatory disorders, FPRs have been implicated in the regulation of tissue repair and angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is not only a key component of pathogen defence during acute infection and of chronic inflammatory disorders, but also plays a critical role in wound healing and tissue regeneration...
December 2015: Pharmacological Research: the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society
Carla Visciano, Nella Prevete, Federica Liotti, Gianni Marone
There is compelling evidence that the tumor microenvironment plays a major role in mediating aggressive features of cancer cells, including invasive capacity and resistance to conventional and novel therapies. Among the different cell populations that infiltrate cancer stroma, mast cells (MCs) can influence several aspects of tumor biology, including tumor development and progression, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, and tissue remodelling. Thyroid cancer (TC), the most frequent neoplasia of the endocrine system, is characterized by a MC infiltrate, whose density correlates with extrathyroidal extension and invasiveness...
2015: International Journal of Endocrinology
Alessandro Montalto, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Luca Faes, Giovanni Tessitore, Roberto Prevete, Daniele Marinazzo
A challenging problem when studying a dynamical system is to find the interdependencies among its individual components. Several algorithms have been proposed to detect directed dynamical influences between time series. Two of the most used approaches are a model-free one (transfer entropy) and a model-based one (Granger causality). Several pitfalls are related to the presence or absence of assumptions in modeling the relevant features of the data. We tried to overcome those pitfalls using a neural network approach in which a model is built without any a priori assumptions...
November 2015: Neural Networks: the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
Francesco Donnarumma, Roberto Prevete, Fabian Chersi, Giovanni Pezzulo
There is wide consensus that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) is able to exert cognitive control on behavior by biasing processing toward task-relevant information and by modulating response selection. This idea is typically framed in terms of top-down influences within a cortical control hierarchy, where prefrontal-basal ganglia loops gate multiple input-output channels, which in turn can activate or sequence motor primitives expressed in (pre-)motor cortices. Here we advance a new hypothesis, based on the notion of programmability and an interpreter-programmer computational scheme, on how the PFC can flexibly bias the selection of sensorimotor patterns depending on internal goal and task contexts...
September 2015: International Journal of Neural Systems
G D Sebastiani, I Prevete, M Piga, A Iuliano, S Bettio, A Bortoluzzi, L Coladonato, C Tani, F R Spinelli, I Fineschi, A Mathieu
BACKGROUND: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease with a high degree of variability at onset that is problematic for a correct and prompt diagnosis. We undertook this project with the purpose of collecting an inception cohort of Italian patients with recent-onset SLE, in order to obtain information on the main clinical and serological characteristics at the beginning of the disease. In this first report we describe the characteristics of this cohort at study entry...
October 2015: Lupus
Céline Schwalm, Cécile Jamart, Nicolas Benoit, Damien Naslain, Christophe Prémont, Jérémy Prévet, Ruud Van Thienen, Louise Deldicque, Marc Francaux
In humans, nutrient deprivation and extreme endurance exercise both activate autophagy. We hypothesized that cumulating fasting and cycling exercise would potentiate activation of autophagy in skeletal muscle. Well-trained athletes were divided into control (n = 8), low-intensity (LI, n = 8), and high-intensity (HI, n = 7) exercise groups and submitted to fed and fasting sessions. Muscle biopsy samples were obtained from the vastus lateralis before, at the end, and 1 h after a 2 h LI or HI bout of exercise...
August 2015: FASEB Journal: Official Publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Donnarumma, Pierpaolo Iodice, Roberto Prevete, Haris Dindo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2015: Physics of Life Reviews
C Visciano, F Liotti, N Prevete, G Cali', R Franco, F Collina, A de Paulis, G Marone, M Santoro, R M Melillo
There is increasing evidence that mast cells (MCs) and their mediators are involved in the remodeling of the tumor microenvironment and promote tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastasis. We have found that an increased density of MCs in thyroid cancer (TC) correlates with enhanced invasiveness. However, the MC-derived factors responsible for this activity and the mechanisms by which they enhance TC invasiveness remain unidentified. Here, we report that MCs, when activated by TC cells, produce soluble factors that induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and stemness features of TC cells...
October 1, 2015: Oncogene
N Prevete, F Liotti, C Visciano, G Marone, R M Melillo, A de Paulis
N-formyl peptide receptors (FPR1, FPR2 and FPR3) are involved in innate immunity, inflammation and cancer. FPR expression, initially described in immune cells, was later observed in non-hematopoietic cell populations and tissues. Several studies suggested a role for FPRs in the progression of various tumor histotypes, including gastric cancer (GC), for which a positive association with a specific FPR1 polymorphism has recently been described. We previously showed that FPRs are expressed on gastric epithelium and are required for wound repair and restitution of barrier integrity...
July 2015: Oncogene
G Minisola, A Iuliano, I Prevete
Currently available drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis can still be improved in terms of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and management. New approaches for the development of innovative drugs are possible thanks to our increasing understanding of the bone tissue biology and the cellular and molecular processes that regulate it. One of the new anti-bone resorption agents, odanacatib, a selective cathepsin-K inhibitor, is in late phase III clinical research. Among new bone anabolic drugs, those that have an action on the Wnt signaling pathway appear to be particularly promising...
2014: Reumatismo
Li-jun Zhang, Ming-yu Sun, Bing-bing Ning, Wen-meng Zhang, Gao-feng Chen, Yong-ping Mu, Hua Zhang, Jia Liu, Yan-qin Bian, Ping Liu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of ancient Chinese medical formula Xiayuxue Decoction ([symbols; see text], XYXD) on activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) and defenestration of sinusoidal endothelial cells (SECs) in CCl4-induced fibrotic liver of mice. METHODS: High performance liquid chromatography was used to identify the main components of XYXD and control the quality of extraction. C57BL/6 mice were induced liver fibrosis by CCl4 exposure and administered with XYXD for 6 weeks simultaneously...
July 2014: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Siobhan R Smith, James Douglas, Hugues Prevet, Peter Shapland, Alexandra M Z Slawin, Andrew D Smith
The isothiourea HBTM-2.1 (5 mol %) catalyzes the asymmetric formal [2 + 2] cycloaddition of both arylacetic acids (following activation with tosyl chloride) and preformed 2-arylacetic anhydrides with N-sulfonylaldimines, generating stereodefined 2,3-diaryl-β-amino esters (after ring-opening) and 3,4-diaryl-anti-β-lactams, respectively, with high diastereocontrol (up to >95:5 dr) and good to excellent enantiocontrol. Deprotection of the N-tosyl substituent within the β-lactam framework was possible without racemization by treatment with SmI2...
February 21, 2014: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Gábor Speer
The world-wide incidence of vitamin D deficiency is high, independently of age. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disorder, occuring in those who possess or are exposed to a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. One of the environmental factors associated with the development is vitamin D. Vitamin D is an immunomodulatory agent, its role is verified in many of autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D inhibits IL-6, IL-17 and IL-23 secretions which are crucial in Th1 and Th17 differentiation and also decreases proinflammatorical cytokine production...
September 30, 2013: Ideggyógyászati Szemle
M Manara, A Bortoluzzi, M Favero, I Prevete, C A Sciré, G Bagnato, G Bianchi, M Ceruso, G A Checchia, G M D'Avola, G Di Giacinto, B Frediani, A Lombardi, A Mannoni, G Mascheroni, M Matucci Cerinic, L Punzi, P Richelmi, M Scarpellini, F Torretta, A Migliore, R Ramonda, G Minisola
Hand osteoarthritis (OA) is a common and potentially disabling disease, with different features from hip and knee OA so that a specific therapeutic approach is required. Evidence based recommendations for the management of hand OA were developed by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) in 2006. The Italian Society for Rheumatology (SIR) aimed to update, adapt to national contest and disseminate the EULAR recommendations for the management of hand OA. The multidisciplinary group of experts included specialists involved in the management of patients with hand OA...
October 31, 2013: Reumatismo
N Prevete, R I Staiano, F Granata, A Detoraki, V Necchi, V Ricci, M Triggiani, A De Paulis, G Marone, A Genovese
The Angiopoietin/Tie system is a key regulator of vascular remodeling, maturation, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. In humans there are three angiopoietins: Angiopoietin-1 (Ang1), Angiopoietin-2 (Ang2), and Angiopoietin-4 (Ang4). Ang1 and Ang2 are the best characterized angiopoietins. The angiopoietin receptor system consists of two type I tyrosine kinase receptors (Tie1 and Tie2). Tie2 binds all known angiopoietins. We sought to characterize Ang1, Ang2, Tie1 and Tie2 expression and functions in human basophils and mast cells...
July 2013: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
N Prevete, F W Rossi, F Rivellese, D Lamacchia, C Pelosi, A Lobasso, V Necchi, E Solcia, R Fiocca, P Ceppa, S Staibano, M Mascolo, G D'Argenio, M Romano, V Ricci, G Marone, A De Paulis
Eosinophils participate in the immune response against Helicobacter pylori, but little is known about their role in the gastritis associated to the infection. We recently demonstrated that the Hp(2-20) peptide derived from H. pylori accelerates wound healing of gastric mucosa by interacting with N-formyl peptide receptors (FPRs) expressed on gastric epithelial cells. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether eosinophils play a role in the repair of gastric mucosa tissue during H. pylori infection...
July 2013: International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology
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