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Alexandr A Stekolnikov
The chigger mite genus Leptotrombidium Nagayo, Miyagawa, Mitamura and Imamura, 1916 is reviewed using literature data. For 340 larval species brief diagnoses, synonymy, data on type hosts and type localities are provided. The genus is divided into species-groups based on morphological evidence enabling easier establishment of group-membership of un-known specimens in the future. Some species groups are supported by a hierarchical cluster analysis with multiscale boot-strap resampling applied to a matrix including 335 species and geographic morphotypes and 19 standard quantitative characters...
2013: Zootaxa
Cynthia F Robinson, James T Walker, Marie H Sweeney, Rui Shen, Geoffrey M Calvert, Pam K Schumacher, Jun Ju, Susan Nowlin
BACKGROUND: Cancer and chronic disease are leading causes of death in the US with an estimated cost of $46 billion. METHODS: We analyzed 11 million cause-specific deaths of US workers age 18-64 years in 30 states during 1985-1999, 2003-2004, and 2007 by occupation, industry, race, gender, and Hispanic origin. RESULTS: The highest significantly elevated proportionate leukemia mortality was observed in engineers, protective service, and advertising sales manager occupations and in banks/savings &loans/credit agencies, public safety, and public administration industries...
February 2015: American Journal of Industrial Medicine
Matthew J Colloff, Stephen L Cameron
Hitherto, the Malaconothridae contained Malaconothrus Berlese, 1904 and Trimalaconothrus Berlese, 1916, defined by the possession of one pre-tarsal claw (monodactyly) or by three claws (tridactyly) respectively. However, monodactyly is a convergent apomorphy within the Oribatida and an unreliable character for a classification. Therefore we undertook a phylogenetic analysis of 102 species as the basis for a taxonomic review of the Malaconothridae. We identified two major clades, equivalent to the genera Tyrphonothrus Knülle, 1957 and Malaconothrus...
2013: Zootaxa
Pradeep H Navsaria, Andrew J Nicol, Sorin Edu, Rajiv Gandhi, Chad G Ball
OBJECTIVE: The primary aim of this study was to delineate the role of computed tomography (CT) in patients undergoing NOM for AGSW. BACKGROUND: Nonoperative management (NOM) of abdominal gunshot wounds (AGSWs) remains controversial. METHODS: This prospective study included all patients with abdominal gunshot injuries admitted to our trauma center from April 1, 2004 to September 30, 2009. Exclusion criteria included patients with peritonitis, hemodynamic instability, unreliable physical examination, head and spinal cord injury with an AGSW underwent immediate laparotomy...
April 2015: Annals of Surgery
Michel Sartori
The species Ecdyonurus sumatranus Ulmer, 1939 was described from Sumatra based on a female imago and a single nymph. It was designated as the type-species of the genus Ecdyonuroides Dang, 1967, erected because of the peculiar morphology of the nymph. This genus was put into synonymy later and the species is currently known as Thalerosphyrus sumatranus (Ulmer, 1939). The female imago holotype of Ecdyonurus sumatranus Ulmer, 1939 is reinvestigated and revealed to belong to the genus Rhithrogena Eaton, 1881. The combination Rhithrogena sumatrana (Ulmer, 1939) comb...
2014: Zootaxa
François Caron, Stefan Siemann, Rémi Riopel
Spot samples of shallow groundwaters have been taken between the years 2004 and 2010 near a site formerly used for the dispersal of radioactive liquid wastes. Three sampling points, one clean (upstream), and two downstream of the contamination source, were processed by ultrafiltration (5000 Da cut-off) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) to determine the association of selected artificial radionuclides ((60)Co, (137)Cs) with Natural Organic Matter (NOM). The last two sampling episodes (2008 and 2010) also benefited from fluorescence analysis to determine the major character of the NOM...
December 2014: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity
Yuxia Yang, Andreas Kopetz, Xingke Yang
Themus (s.str.) regalis (Gorham, 1889), nom. rest.; Themus (s.str.) scutulatus Wittmer, 1983 = Themus (s.str.) hmong Kazantsev, 2007, syn. n.; Themus (Telephorops) coelestis (Gorham, 1889) = Themus violetipennis Wang & Yang, 1992, syn. n.; Themus (Telephorops) uniformis Wittmer, 1983, stat. n. = Themus (Telephorops) cribripennis Wittmer, 1983, syn. n.; Themus (Haplothemus) licenti Pic, 1938, stat. rev., resurrected from synonymy with Themus coriaceipennis (Fairmaire, 1889); Lycocerus aenescens (Fairmaire, 1889) = Lycocerus tcheonanus (Pic, 1922), syn...
2013: ZooKeys
Sanghyun Jeong, Arumugam Sathasivan, George Kastl, Wang Geun Shim, Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran
Coagulation removes colloidal matters and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) which can cause irreversible membrane fouling. However, how DOC is removed by coagulant is not well-known. Jar test was used to study the removal of hydrophobic and hydrophilic DOC fractions at various doses (0.5-8.0 mg-Fe(+3) L(-1)) of ferric chloride (FeCl3) and pH (5.0-9.0). Natural organic matter (NOM) in seawater and treated seawater were fractionated by liquid chromatography-organic carbon detector (LC-OCD). Compared to surface water, the removal of DOC in seawater by coagulation was remarkably different...
January 2014: Chemosphere
Lorayne Meltzer, Naomi S Blinick, Abram B Fleishman
The shrimp fishery is the most economically important fishery in Mexico. The trawler-based portion of this fishery results in high rates of by-catch. This study quantifies and describes the biodiversity of by-catch associated with trawling in the Bahía de Kino region of Sonora, Mexico. Data were collected from 55 trawls, on six boats, over 14 nights, during November of 2003, 2004, 2006-2009. By-catch rates within trawl samples averaged 85.9% measured by weight. A total of 183 by-catch species were identified during the course of this study, including 97 species of bony fish from 43 families, 19 species of elasmobranchs from 12 families, 66 species of invertebrates from eight phyla, and one species of marine turtle; seven of the documented by-catch species are listed on the IUCN Red List, CITES, or the Mexican NOM-059-ECOL-2010; 35 species documented in the by-catch are also targeted by local artisanal fishers...
2012: PloS One
Lindsay A McDonald, Natalie L Yanchar
PURPOSE: Nonoperative management (NOM) of blunt splenic injuries has become the standard of care in hemodynamically stable children. This study compares the management of these injuries between pediatric and nonpediatric hospitals in Canada. METHODS: Data were obtained from the Canadian Institute of Health Information trauma database on all patients aged 2 to 16 years, admitted to a Canadian hospital with a diagnosis of splenic injury between May 2002 and April 2004...
March 2012: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Yusheng Qu, Paul Schnier, Roger Zanon, Hugo M Vargas
INTRODUCTION: Measurement of drug-induced inhibition of potassium current flow through the hERG channel is used to determine potency at the channel, which is used as an in vitro risk assessment for QTc interval prolongation in vivo. In the hERG assay, test solutions of varying strength are prepared to construct a concentration-response curve based upon the nominal drug concentration (NOM). Dose-solution analysis (DSA) is an analytical approach to confirm the test concentration achieved in an in vitro assay (Herron, Towers, & Templeton, 2004), and can be included as a component of hERG channel study to confirm drug concentration in the assay buffer to determine potency using the "actual" drug level in solution (ACT)...
November 2011: Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods
Isaac Chun-Jen Chen, Shang-Chiung Wang, Hsin-Chin Shih, Chien-Ying Wang, Chen-Chi Liu, Yi-Szu Wen, Mu-Shun Huang
BACKGROUND: Spleen artery embolization (SAE) may increase the success rate of nonoperative management (NOM). The present study investigated the clinical outcome after the installation of SAE in the management of blunt splenic injury. METHODS: A retrospective review of hospital records was performed to enroll patients with blunt injury of the spleen. Demographic data and information about the injury severity score, organ injury scale, hospitalization days, management and final outcomes were evaluated...
August 2011: Journal of the Chinese Medical Association: JCMA
Aneel Bhangu, Anjali Gupta, Alice Elvy
OBJECTIVES: To describe the rates of surgery and nonoperative management (NOM) for patients with blunt splenic trauma in a district general hospital. METHODS: Retrospective review of 20 patients with blunt splenic trauma from 2004 to 2010. RESULTS: Six patients underwent immediate surgery. Fourteen (70%) patients entered a trial of NOM, of whom three failed the trial (21%) and required surgery. These three patients had significantly lower systolic blood pressures within 60 min of hospital arrival than those who succeeded NOM (90 vs...
October 2011: European Journal of Emergency Medicine: Official Journal of the European Society for Emergency Medicine
Pradeep H Navsaria, Sorin Edu, Andrew J Nicol
BACKGROUND: The nonoperative management (NOM) of abdominal gunshot injuries is gradually becoming the standard of care. Patients with pelvic gunshot injuries constitute a subgroup of patients at high risk of visceral injury. The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility and safety of the selective NOM of pelvic gunshot injuries. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This prospective study was performed from April 1, 2004, to November 30, 2008. Patients with pelvic gunshot injuries underwent laparotomy for peritonitis, hemodynamic instability, rectal bleeding, and urologic injuries...
June 2011: American Journal of Surgery
S H Hashemzadeh, K H Hashemzadeh, M Dehdilani, S Rezaei
AIM: Over the past several years, non-operative management (NOM) has increasingly been recommended for the care of selected blunt abdominal solid organ injuries. No prospective study has evaluated the rate of NOM of blunt abdominal trauma in the northwest of Iran. The objective of our study was to evaluate the success rate of this kind of management in patients who do not require emergency surgery. METHODS: This prospective study was carried out in Imam Khomeini Hospital (as a referral center of trauma) at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, between 20 March 2004 and 20 March 2007...
June 2010: Minerva Chirurgica
Gustav Norrman, Bobby Tingstedt, Mikael Ekelund, Roland Andersson
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Non-operative management (NOM) of blunt liver trauma is currently, if possible, the preferred treatment of choice. The present study evaluates the experience of blunt liver injury in adults in a Swedish university hospital. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Forty-six patients with blunt liver trauma were treated from January 1994 through to December 2004. Patient charts were reviewed retrospectively to examine injury severity score (ISS), liver injury grade, diagnostics, treatment and outcome...
February 2009: HPB: the Official Journal of the International Hepato Pancreato Biliary Association
Chen-Guang Zhao, Xi-Jing He, Bin Lu, Hao-Peng Li, Dong Wang, Zhen-Zhong Zhu
BACKGROUND: Gluteal muscle contracture (GMC) is a clinical syndrome due to multiple etiologies in which hip movements may be severely limited. The aim of this study was to propose a detailed classification of GMC and evaluate the statistical association between outcomes of different management and patient conditions. METHODS: One hundred fifty-eight patients, who were treated between January 1995 and December 2004, were reviewed at a mean duration of follow-up of 4...
2009: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Roman Kuchta, Tomás Scholz, Rodney A Bray
The tapeworm order Bothriocephalidea Kuchta, Scholz, Brabec & Bray, 2008 (Platyhelminthes: Eucestoda), which has until recently formed part of the suppressed order Pseudophyllidea, is revised. Four new genera, namely Andycestus n. g. [type- and only species A. abyssmus (Thomas, 1953) n. comb.], Plicocestus n. g. [type- and only species P. janickii (Markowski, 1971) n. comb.] (both Bothriocephalidae), Mesoechinophallus n. g. [type-species M. hyperogliphe (Tkachev, 1979) n. comb.; other species M. major (Takao, 1986) n...
October 2008: Systematic Parasitology
Sara E Luckhaupt, Geoffrey M Calvert
BACKGROUND: The odds of dying from bloodborne infections among health-care workers has not been well studied. METHODS: Using data from the National Occupational Mortality Surveillance (NOMS) system, a matched case-control design was employed to examine the relationship between health-care employment and death from HIV, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV; non-A/non-B viral hepatitis), liver cancer, and cirrhosis from 1984 to 2004. We examined the whole health-care industry and specific health-care occupations...
November 2008: American Journal of Industrial Medicine
R I Moreno-Enriquez, A Garcia-Galaz, E Acedo-Felix, I H Gonzalez-Rios, J E Call, J B Luchansky, M E Diaz-Cinco
In the first part of this study, samples were collected from farms, cheese processing plants (CPPs), and retail markets located in various geographical areas of Sonora, Mexico, over a 12-month period during the summer of 2004 and winter of 2005. Four (all Queso Fresco [QF] from retail markets) of 349 total samples tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes (Lm). Of these four positive samples, three were collected in the northern region and one in the southern region of Sonora. Additionally, two were collected during the winter months, and two were collected during the summer months...
November 2007: Journal of Food Protection
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