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Nguyen M Nguyen, Fabia de Oliveira Andrade, Lu Jin, Xiyuan Zhang, Madisa Macon, M Idalia Cruz, Carlos Benitez, Bryan Wehrenberg, Chao Yin, Xiao Wang, Jianhua Xuan, Sonia de Assis, Leena Hilakivi-Clarke
BACKGROUND: Maternal and paternal high-fat (HF) diet intake before and/or during pregnancy increases mammary cancer risk in several preclinical models. We studied if maternal consumption of a HF diet that began at a time when the fetal primordial germ cells travel to the genital ridge and start differentiating into germ cells would result in a transgenerational inheritance of increased mammary cancer risk. METHODS: Pregnant C57BL/6NTac mouse dams were fed either a control AIN93G or isocaloric HF diet composed of corn oil high in n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids between gestational days 10 and 20...
July 3, 2017: Breast Cancer Research: BCR
Arcangelo Liso, Stefano Castellani, Francesca Massenzio, Rosa Trotta, Alessandra Pucciarini, Barbara Bigerna, Pasquale De Luca, Pietro Zoppoli, Filippo Castiglione, Maria Concetta Palumbo, Fabrizio Stracci, Matteo Landriscina, Giorgina Specchia, Leon A Bach, Massimo Conese, Brunangelo Falini
Fever plays a role in activating innate immunity while its relevance in activating adaptive immunity is less clear. Even brief exposure to elevated temperatures significantly impacts on the immunostimulatory capacity of dendritic cells (DCs), but the consequences on immune response remain unclear. To address this issue, we analyzed the gene expression profiles of normal human monocyte-derived DCs from nine healthy adults subjected either to fever-like thermal conditions (39°C) or to normal temperature (37°C) for 180 minutes...
June 1, 2017: Oncotarget
Alessia Alunno, Onelia Bistoni, Mirko Manetti, Giacomo Cafaro, Valentina Valentini, Elena Bartoloni, Roberto Gerli, Arcangelo Liso
OBJECTIVES: Immune cell migration from the bloodstream to target tissues is a hallmark of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) pathogenesis. The role of chemoattractants, mainly chemokines, and their possible targeting for therapeutic purposes have been under intense investigation over the last few years but the results were not as satisfactory as expected. The insulin-like growth factor binding protein 6 (IGFBP6), a direct inhibitor of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-II, also exerts IGF-independent effects including tumor cell migration in vitro...
2017: Frontiers in Immunology
L Ma, M Zhao, L S Zhao, J C Xu, J J Loor, D P Bu
This study was designed to investigate the effect of dietary neutral detergent fiber to starch ratio on rumen epithelial morphological structure and gene expression. Eight primiparous dairy cows including 4 ruminally fistulated cows were assigned to 4 total mixed rations with neutral detergent fiber to starch ratios of 0.86, 1.18, 1.63, and 2.34 in a replicated 4 × 4 Latin square design. The duration of each period was 21 d including 14 d for adaptation and 7 d for sampling. Rumen epithelial papillae were collected from the ruminally fistulated cows for morphological structure examination and mRNA expression analysis using quantitative real-time PCR of several genes related to volatile fatty acid absorption and metabolism, and cellular growth...
May 2017: Journal of Dairy Science
Song Wang, Yonghua Liu, Chunshuai Wu, Weijuan Zhao, Jinlong Zhang, Guofeng Bao, Guanhua Xu, Yuyu Sun, Jiajia Chen, Zhiming Cui
IGFBP6, a member of the insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins family that contains six high affinity IGFBPs, modulates insulin-like growth factor (IGF) activity and also showed an independent effect of IGF, such as growth inhibition and apoptosis. However, the role of IGFBP6 in spinal cord injury (SCI) remains largely elusive. In this study, we have performed an acute SCI model in adult rats and investigated the dynamic changes of IGFBP6 expression in the spinal cord. Our results showed that IGFBP6 was upregulated significantly after SCI, which was paralleled with the levels of apoptotic proteins p53 and active caspase-3...
February 2017: Neurochemical Research
Yuanqi Bei, Qingfeng Huang, Jianhong Shen, Jinlong Shi, Chaoyan Shen, Peng Xu, Hao Chang, Xiaojie Xia, Li Xu, Bin Ji, JianGuo Chen
The insulin-like growth factor binding protein 6 (IGFBP6), as an inhibitor of IGF-II actions, plays an important role in inhibiting survival and migration of tumor cells. In our study, we intended to demonstrate the biological function of IGFBP6 in the development of glioma and its clinical significance. Firstly, Western blot and immunohistochemistry revealed that the expression of IGFBP6 inversely correlated with glioma grade. Secondly, multivariate analysis with the Cox proportional hazards model and Kaplan-Meier analysis indicated that IGFBP6 could be an independent prognostic factor for the survival of glioma patients...
September 21, 2016: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
Qiuyan Chen, Siyuan Qin, Yang Liu, Minghuang Hong, Chao-Nan Qian, Evan T Keller, Jian Zhang, Yi Lu
Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) play critical roles in carcinogenesis. This study assessed the impact of IGFBP6 on the progression of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). Using immunohistochemical analysis, we found that IGFBP6 was differentially expressed in primary malignant NPC tissues. Clinical samples were divided into two groups: IGFBP6(+) and IGFBP6(-). Five years of follow-up revealed that overall survival and distant metastasis-free survival rates were significantly higher in the IGFBP6(+) than IGFBP6(-) group...
October 18, 2016: Oncotarget
Katie J Trella, Jun Li, Eleni Stylianou, Vincent M Wang, Jonathan M Frank, Jorge Galante, John D Sandy, Anna Plaas, Robert Wysocki
We have used a murine Achilles tendinopathy model to investigate whether tissue changes (such as collagen disorganization, chondroid metaplasia, and loss of tensile properties) which are broadly characteristic of human tendinopathies, are accompanied by changes in the expression of chromatin-modifying enzymes and the methylation status of promoter regions of tendon cell DNA. Tendinopathy was induced by two intra-tendinous TGF-β1 injections followed by cage activity or treadmill running for up to 28 days. Activation of DNA methyltransferases occurred at 3 days after the TGF-β1 injections and also at 14 days, but only with treadmill activity...
May 2017: Journal of Orthopaedic Research: Official Publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society
Kailash Karthikeyan, Kristi Barker, Yanyang Tang, Peter Kahn, Peter Wiktor, Al Brunner, Vinicius Knabben, Bharath Takulapalli, Jane Buckner, Gerald Nepom, Joshua LaBaer, Ji Qiu
Aberrant modifications of proteins occur during disease development and elicit disease-specific antibody responses. We have developed a protein array platform that enables the modification of many proteins in parallel and assesses their immunogenicity without the need to express, purify, and modify proteins individually. We used anticitrullinated protein antibodies (ACPAs) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as a model modification and profiled antibody responses to ∼190 citrullinated proteins in 20 RA patients...
July 2016: Molecular & Cellular Proteomics: MCP
O H Minchenko, A P Kharkova, D O Minchenko, L L Karbovskyi
We have studied hypoxic regulation of the expression of different insulin-like growth factor binding protein genes in U87 glioma cells in relation to inhibition of IRE1 (inositol requiring enzyme-1), a central mediator of endoplasmic reticulum stress, which controls cell proliferation and tumor growth. We have demonstrated that hypoxia leads to up-regulation of the expression of IGFBP6, IGFBP7, IGFBP10/CYR61, WISP1, and WISP2 genes and down-regulation--of IGFBP9/NOV gene at the mRNA level in control glioma cells, being more signifcant changes for IGFBP10/CYR61 and WISP2 genes...
November 2015: Ukrainian Biochemical Journal
Cheng Xia, Xiao-Qiu Li, Zhong-He Zhou, Hui-Sheng Chen
PURPOSE: We aimed to profile cytokines in patients with malignant middle cerebral artery infarction (MMI) and non-acute cerebral infarction (NACI), and identify potential cytokines for early prediction of MMI. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 16 subjects were recruited, including 8 patients with MMI and 8 patients with NACI. Cytokine profiles and levels in serums were analyzed by Quantibody(®) Human Cytokine Antibody Array700. The two-tailed Student t-test and Fisher's Exact Test were respectively conducted for continuous variables and categorical variables to evaluate their differences between patients with MMI and those with NACI...
January 2017: International Journal of Neuroscience
K Goto, S Ishikawa, R Honma, K Tanimoto, N Sakamoto, K Sentani, N Oue, J Teishima, A Matsubara, W Yasui
The transcribed-ultraconserved regions (T-UCRs) are a novel class of non-coding RNAs, which are absolutely conserved (100%) between the orthologous regions of the human, rat and mouse genomes. Previous studies have described that several T-UCRs show differential expressions in cancers and might be involved in cancer development. We investigated the transcriptional levels of representative 26 T-UCRs and determined the regions that were differently expressed in prostate cancer (PCa) and gastric cancer (GC). A quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analysis revealed the downregulation of Uc...
July 7, 2016: Oncogene
D O Minchenko, A P Kharkova, D O Tsymbal, L L Karbovskyi, O H Minchenko
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling mediated by IRE1/ERN1 (inositol-requiring enzyme 1/endoplasmic reticulum to nucleus signaling 1) on the expression of genes encoding different groups of insulin-like growth binding proteins (IGFBP6 and IGFBP7) and CCN family (IGFBP8/CTGF/CCN2, IGFBP9/NOV/CCN3, IGFBP10/CYR61/CCN1, WISP1/CCN4, and WISP2/CCN5) and its sensitivity to glucose deprivation in U87 glioma cells...
October 2015: Endocrine Regulations
Ana Laura Astessiano, Ana Meikle, Maite Fajardo, Jorge Gil, Diego Antonio Mattiauda, Pablo Chilibroste, Mariana Carriquiry
BACKGROUND: In dairy mixed production systems, maximizing pasture intake and total mixed ration (TMR) supplementation are management tools used to increase dry matter and energy intake in early lactation. The objective was to evaluate metabolic and endocrine profiles and hepatic gene expression of Holstein cows fed either TMR ad libitum (without grazing) or diets combining TMR (50 % ad libitum DM intake) and pasture with different grazing strategies (6 h in one grazing session or 9 h in two grazing sessions) in early lactation...
October 16, 2015: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica
Hamid Saeed, Weimin Qiu, Chen Li, Allan Flyvbjerg, Basem M Abdallah, Moustapha Kassem
The contribution of deficient telomerase activity to age-related decline in osteoblast functions and bone formation is poorly studied. We have previously demonstrated that telomerase over-expression led to enhanced osteoblast differentiation of human bone marrow skeletal (stromal) stem cells (hMSC) in vitro and in vivo. Here, we investigated the signaling pathways underlying the regulatory functions of telomerase in osteoblastic cells. Comparative microarray analysis and Western blot analysis of telomerase-over expressing hMSC (hMSC-TERT) versus primary hMSC revealed significant up-regulation of several components of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling...
December 2015: Biogerontology
Keigo Sawada, Masahide Takedachi, Satomi Yamamoto, Chiaki Morimoto, Masao Ozasa, Tomoaki Iwayama, Chun Man Lee, Hanayuki Okura, Akifumi Matsuyama, Masahiro Kitamura, Shinya Murakami
Stem and progenitor cells are currently being investigated for their applicability in cell-based therapy for periodontal tissue regeneration. We recently demonstrated that the transplantation of adipose tissue-derived multi-lineage progenitor cells (ADMPCs) enhances periodontal tissue regeneration in beagle dogs. However, the molecular mechanisms by which transplanted ADMPCs induce periodontal tissue regeneration remain to be elucidated. In this study, trophic factors released by ADMPCs were examined for their paracrine effects on human periodontal ligament cell (HPDL) function...
August 14, 2015: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Yinfeng Zhang, Sai-Kam Li, Kevin Yi Yang, Minghua Liu, Nelson Lee, Xian Tang, Hui Wang, Li Liu, Zhiwei Chen, Chiyu Zhang, Jianhua Wang, Stephen Kwok-Wing Tsui
Nowadays, the knowledge in DNA methylation-mediated gene regulation has shed light on the understanding of virus-host interplay in the context of genome alteration. It has also been shown that HIV is able to change the DNA methylation pattern by DNA methyltransferases and such changes can be correlated with the progression of AIDS. In this study, we have investigated the relationship between genome-wide DNA methylation pattern and HIV infection using the methylated DNA immunoprecipitation--microarray method...
2015: Scientific Reports
Yoshikazu Haramoto, Tomomi Oshima, Shuji Takahashi, Yuzuru Ito
The insulin-like growth factor binding protein (Igfbp) family consists of six members designated Igfbp1-6. Igfbps are involved in many vital biological functions. They physically interact with IGFs (IGF1 and IGF2) and act as carriers, thereby protecting IGFs from proteolytic degradation. Thus, they function as modulators of IGF activity. Furthermore, Igfbps have been reported to have IGF-independent activities. They interact with other proteins, including cell surface proteins, extra-cellular matrix proteins, and potentially intracellular molecules...
2014: International Journal of Developmental Biology
Fei Huang, Han Chang, Ann Greer, Stephen Hillerman, Karen A Reeves, Warren Hurlburt, John Cogswell, Dharmesh Patel, Zhenhao Qi, Craig Fairchild, Rolf-Peter Ryseck, Tai W Wong, Friedrich G Finckenstein, Jeffrey Jackson, Joan M Carboni
Insulin-like growth factor receptor 1 (IGF-1R)-targeting therapies are currently at an important crossroad given the low clinical response rates seen in unselected patients. Predictive biomarkers for patient selection are critical for improving clinical benefit. Coupling in vitro sensitivity testing of BMS-754807, a dual IGF-1R/IR inhibitor, with genomic interrogations in 60 human colorectal cancer cell lines, we identified biomarkers correlated with response to BMS-754807. The results showed that cell lines with BRAF(V600E) or KRAS(G13D) mutation were resistant, whereas cell lines with wild-type of both KRAS and BRAF were particularly sensitive to BMS-754807 if they have either higher RNA expression levels of IR-A or lower levels of IGFBP6...
February 2015: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Maximiliaan Schillebeeckx, Marjut Pihlajoki, Elisabeth Gretzinger, Wei Yang, Franziska Thol, Theresa Hiller, Ann-Kathrin Löbs, Theresa Röhrig, Anja Schrade, Rebecca Cochran, Patrick Y Jay, Markku Heikinheimo, Robi D Mitra, David B Wilson
Gonadectomy (GDX) induces sex steroid-producing adrenocortical tumors in certain mouse strains and in the domestic ferret. Transcriptome analysis and DNA methylation mapping were used to identify novel genetic and epigenetic markers of GDX-induced adrenocortical neoplasia in female DBA/2J mice. Markers were validated using a combination of laser capture microdissection, quantitative RT-PCR, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry. Microarray expression profiling of whole adrenal mRNA from ovariectomized vs...
January 5, 2015: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
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