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Guoying An, Hongyu Zhang, Shanguang Zheng, Weixin Wang, Liming Ma
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the mid-term outcomes of the correction of various congenital heart defects through a right subaxillary thoracotomy. METHODS: Between June 2004 and April 2014, all eligible patients were those with a common congenital heart defect corrected via an approach through a right subaxillary thoracotomy. There were 836 patients (male 417, female 419; median age, 3.5 years; median weight 13.6kg) with ventricular septal defect (VSD) closure (523 patients), atrial septal defect (ASD) closure (235 patients), partial atrioventricular canal (PAVC) correction (55 patients), mild tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) (23 patients)...
February 17, 2016: Heart, Lung & Circulation
Brenda Zataráin, Josué Avila, Angeles Moyaho, Rosendo Carrasco, Carmen Velasco
The purpose of this study was to assess the degree of lower incisor inclination with respect to different reference planes. It was an observational, analytical, longitudinal, prospective study conducted on 100 lateral cephalograms which were corrected according to the photograph in natural head position in order to draw the true vertical plane (TVP). The incisor mandibular plane angle (IMPA) was compensated to eliminate the variation of the mandibular plane growth type with the formula "FMApx.- 25 (FMA) + IMPApx...
September 2016: Acta Odontológica Latinoamericana: AOL
Llorenç Grau-Roma, Kirsty Reid, Simone de Brot, Richard Jennison, Paul Barrow, Raúl Sánchez, Miquel Nofrarías, Mike Clark, Natàlia Majó
Increasing evidence suggests that a new birnavirus, named chicken proventricular necrosis virus (CPNV), is the aetiological agent of transmissible viral proventriculitis (TVP). The present work aimed to explore the possible presence of both TVP and CPNV in the UK. Forty-four chickens showing TVP-compatible gross lesions were classified into three groups based on the histological lesions: (i) TVP-affected chickens: lymphocytic infiltration and glandular necrosis (n = 15); (ii) lymphocytic proventriculitis (LP)-affected chickens: lymphocytic infiltration without necrosis (n = 18); and (iii) without proventriculitis (WP): no lymphocytic infiltration or necrosis (n = 11)...
February 2017: Avian Pathology: Journal of the W.V.P.A
Diogo Kuczera, Lorena Bavia, Ana Luiza Pamplona Mosimann, Andrea Cristine Koishi, Giovanny Augusto Camacho Antevere Mazzarotto, Mateus Nóbrega Aoki, Ana Maria Ferrari Mansano, Ediléia Inês Tomeleri, Wilson Liuti Costa Junior, Milena Menegazzo Miranda, Maria Lo Sarzi, Wander Rogério Pavanelli, Ivete Conchon-Costa, Claudia Nunes Duarte Dos Santos, Juliano Bordignon
BACKGROUND: We report the isolation and characterization of dengue virus (DENV) serotype 4 from a resident of Santa Fé, state of Paraná, South Brazil, in March 2013. This patient presented with hemorrhagic manifestations, high viral load and, interestingly, a mixed Th1/Th17 cytokine profile. CASE PRESENTATION: The patient presented with classical dengue symptoms, such as fever, rash, myalgia, arthralgia, and hemorrhagic manifestations including petechiae, gum bleeding and a positive tourniquet test result...
June 6, 2016: Virology Journal
Nicole Piela, Steven Kornweiss, Alfred Sacchetti, Amanda Gallagher, Allen Abrams
PURPOSE: Placement of TVPs is a core EM procedure. Despite this, there is no specific outcome data on this procedure in the ED setting. This study examines the success of Emergency Physician (EP) attempted TVPs as well as their hospital courses and survivals. METHODS: The charts of patients undergoing TVP placement in the ED of an urban community hospital were prospectively collected by a department billing abstractor and then underwent a structured review. All patients had a TVP placed by a board eligible or board certified EP or by a PGY2 EM resident under the direct supervision of an attending EP...
August 2016: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
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2016: Acta Oto-laryngologica
Shu-Chien Huang, Yih-Sharng Chen, Chung-I Chang, Ing-Sh Chiu
BACKGROUND: Significant tricuspid valve regurgitation (TR) is considered a poor prognosis factor for patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). Performing a tricuspid valve plasty (TVP) during Norwood Stage I palliation (S1P) has rarely been reported. We report mid-term results of performing TVP during Norwood S1P. METHODS AND RESULTS: Between December 2004 and July 2013, 48 patients with HLHS or variants underwent Norwood S1P and of them 11 (23%) with TR of a moderate degree or above underwent TVP...
May 25, 2016: Circulation Journal: Official Journal of the Japanese Circulation Society
David R Koolbergen, Yunus Ahmed, Berto J Bouma, Roderick W C Scherptong, Eline F Bruggemans, Hubert W Vliegen, Eduard R Holman, Barbara J M Mulder, Mark G Hazekamp
OBJECTIVES: In patients with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (ccTGA) or after atrial (Mustard or Senning) correction for transposition of the great arteries (acTGA), the right ventricle (RV) supports the systemic circulation. The tricuspid valve (TV) (systemic atrioventricular valve) is prone to regurgitation in these patients and this is associated with impending RV failure and decreased survival. This study evaluates mid-term functional improvements, echocardiographic findings and survival after TV surgery in this patient group...
September 2016: European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Harilaos Bogossian, Gerrit Frommeyer, Ilias Ninios, Dirk Bandorski, Melchior Seyfarth, Charalampos Matzaroglou, Bernd Lemke, Lars Eckardt, Markus Zarse, Konstantinos Kafchitsas
OBJECTIVE: The transplant vasculopathy as a sign of chronic graft rejection affects both the epicardial and the intramyocardial arteries of the graft. This is at least partially mediated by NO synthases. The aim of this study was to assess possible protective effects of cyclosporine A (CsA), tacrolimus (FK506), and mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) on the expression of NO synthases in an experimental transplant rat model. AIMS: Heart transplantation was performed in 322 rats...
August 2016: Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Chia-Hung Lin, Chung-Dann Kan, Wei-Ling Chen, Ming-Jui Wu, Fan-Ming Yu
Narrowed vessel accesses produce blood flow changes, and induce flow instability and vessel wall vibration, resulting in blood pressure, flow velocity, and flow resistance increases. The vessel wall vibrates and propagates the low axial blood flow, as representing the resistance (R) to blood flow. The compliance is a blood pressure-blood volume relation, representing the systole and diastole capacity of the blood vessel. These dynamic behaviors increase blood flow resistances and reduce blood vessel compliances...
May 18, 2016: Technology and Health Care: Official Journal of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine
José Francisco Rodríguez-Vázquez, Koji Sakiyama, Hiroshi Abe, Osamu Amano, Gen Murakami
Some researchers contend that in adults the tensor tympani muscle (TT) connects with the tensor veli palatini muscle (TVP) by an intermediate tendon, in disagreement with the other researchers. To resolve this controversy, we examined serial sections of 50 human embryos and fetuses at 6-17 weeks of development. At 6 weeks, in the first pharyngeal arch, a mesenchymal connection was found first to divide a single anlage into the TT and TVP. At and after 7 weeks, the TT was connected continuously with the TVP by a definite tendinous tissue mediolaterally crossing the pharyngotympanic tube...
April 2016: Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology
Chia-Hung Lin, Wei-Ling Chen, Chung-Dann Kan, Ming-Jui Wu, Yi-Chen Mai
Venous needle dislodgement (VND) is a life-threatening complication during haemodialysis (HD) treatment. When VND occurs, it only takes a few minutes for blood loss in an adult patient. According to the ANNA (American Nephrology Nurses' Association) VND survey reports, VND is a concerning issue for the nephrology nurses/staff and patients. To ensure HD care and an effective treatment environment, this Letter proposes a combination of fractional order shape index ratio (SIR) and fuzzy colour relation analysis (CRA) to detect VND...
December 2015: Healthcare Technology Letters
Weichao Liu, Fei He, Gongning Shi
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the success rates and prognosis of heart valvuloplasty and valve replacement for elderly patients, and to provide clinical evidence. METHODS: A total of 1240 patients who received heart valve surgeries in our hospital from June 2004 to October 2014 were selected and retrospectively analyzed. They were divided into two groups based on age (60), and those older than 60 (Group B) suffered from rheumatic valvular heart disease and nonrheumatic valvular heart disease including degenerative valve disease...
September 2015: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Bibek Gyanwali, Heng Li, Lihong Xie, Meichan Zhu, Zhenggui Wu, Guangyao He, Anzhou Tang
CONCLUSION: This study developed an easy way to induce otitis media in an animal model and find the relation between tensor veli palatini muscle (TVP) and levetor veli palatini [corrected] muscle (LVP) in the opening and closing of the pharyngeal orifice of Eustachian tube. It was proved that otitis media is caused due to the dysfunction of Eustachian tube and the only muscle responsible for opening and closing of ETPO (Eustachian tube pharyngeal orifice) is TVP and LVP has no role in the opening and closing of the Eustachian tube pharyngeal orifice...
2016: Acta Oto-laryngologica
Elham Fakhrejahani, Masae Torii, Toshiyuki Kitai, Shotaro Kanao, Yasufumi Asao, Yohei Hashizume, Yoshiki Mikami, Iku Yamaga, Masako Kataoka, Tomoharu Sugie, Masahiro Takada, Hironori Haga, Kaori Togashi, Tsuyoshi Shiina, Masakazu Toi
Photoacoustic tomography is a recently developed imaging modality that can provide high spatial-resolution images of hemoglobin distribution in tissues such as the breast. Because breast cancer is an angiogenesis-dependent type of malignancy, we evaluated the clinical acceptability of breast tissue images produced using our first prototype photoacoustic mammography (PAM) system in patients with known cancer. Post-excisionally, histological sections of the tumors were stained immunohistochemically (IHC) for CD31 (an endothelial marker) and carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) (a marker of hypoxia)...
2015: PloS One
Rute Noiva, J S Guy, R Hauck, H L Shivaprasad
This report describes an outbreak of transmissible viral proventriculitis (TVP) associated with runting stunting syndrome (RSS) in 25- and 28-day-old broiler chickens, in which chicken proventricular necrosis virus (CNPV) was detected. Clinical signs included poor uniformity, very small birds for their age, increased mortality, and culling of smaller birds. Almost all birds necropsied exhibited moderate to severely enlarged proventriculi with diffusely pale serosa and thickened walls. Microscopically the proventriculi had lesions of degeneration and necrosis of the epithelium of the proventricular glands, accompanied by lymphocytic inflammation and glandular hyperplasia, with occasional formation of lymphoid nodules within the glandular parenchyma...
September 2015: Avian Diseases
Khaled Mohyelden, Osman Abdel-Kader
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate a new technique, the rectal balloon (RB), to control blood loss after transvesical prostatectomy (TVP). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Over 2 years 100 patients were prospectively randomised into two equal groups. All patients underwent TVP for their benign prostatic hyperplasia but a RB (a balloon fixed to a three-way Foley catheter tip by a plaster strip, making it airtight) was used in group 2. The RB was placed in the rectum opposing the prostate and inflated (pressure controlled) for 15 min...
June 2015: Arab Journal of Urology
Chung-Hwan Chen, Lin Kang, Hui-Chen Lo, Tai-Hao Hsu, Fang-Yi Lin, Yi-Shan Lin, Zai-Jie Wang, Shih-Tse Chen, Chwan-Li Shen
This study investigates the effects of Trametes versicolor (L.:Fr.) Pilát (TVP, also known as Yunzhi) on bone properties in diabetic rats. Forty-five male Wistar rats (8 weeks old) were fed either a chow diet (control) or a high-fat diet throughout the study period of 28 days. Animals in the high-fat-diet group were injected with nicotinamide and streptozotocin to induce diabetes mellitus (DM). The DM rats were divided into a group receiving distilled water (vehicle) and another group receiving TVP at 0.1 g/kg weight by gavage...
October 28, 2015: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Vanessa V Sarathy, Ernesto Infante, Li Li, Gerald A Campbell, Tian Wang, Slobodan Paessler, P Robert Beatty, Eva Harris, Gregg N Milligan, Nigel Bourne, Alan D T Barrett
Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused by four related but distinct dengue viruses, DENV-1 to DENV-4. Dengue is endemic in most tropical countries, and over a third of the world's population is at risk of being infected. Although the global burden is high, no vaccine or antiviral is licensed to combat this disease. An obstacle complicating dengue research is the lack of animal challenge models that mimic human disease. Advances in immunocompromised murine infection models resulted in development of lethal DENV-2, DENV-3 and DENV-4 models in AG129 mice, which are deficient in both the IFN-α/β receptor (IFN-α/βR) and the IFN-γ receptor (IFN-γR)...
October 2015: Journal of General Virology
Hong Meng, Shi-Wei Pan, Sheng-Shou Hu, Kun-Jing Pang, Jian-Feng Hou, Hao Wang
BACKGROUND: The main goal of this study was to explore the feasibility of stratifying patients with secondary tricuspid regurgitation (TR) into different risk levels, and to compare the surgical outcomes of patients within different risk levels who underwent different tricuspid valve repair (TVP) approaches. METHODS: One hundred and one patients with left-sided valvular disease underwent either left-sided valvular replacement or repair, and 79 patients underwent concomitant TVP...
October 2015: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
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