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hormones and proteomics

Kun Gao, Xiang-Yuan Deng, Meng-Ke Shang, Guang-Xing Qin, Cheng-Xiang Hou, Xi-Jie Guo
: Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (BmCPV) specifically infects the epithelial cells in the midgut of silkworm and causes them to death, which negatively affects the sericulture industry. In order to determine the midgut response at the protein levels to the virus infection, differential proteomes of the silkworm midgut responsive to BmCPV infection were identified with isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation (iTRAQ) labeling followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)...
November 28, 2016: Journal of Proteomics
Ritesh Ghosh, Ratnesh Chandra Mishra, Bosung Choi, Young Sang Kwon, Dong Won Bae, Soo-Chul Park, Mi-Jeong Jeong, Hanhong Bae
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November 24, 2016: Scientific Reports
Jianhang Guo, Juanxu Liu, Qian Wei, Rongmin Wang, Weiyuan Yang, Yueyue Ma, Guoju Chen, Yuyixun Yu
Petal senescence is a complex programmed process. It has been previously demonstrated that treatment with ethylene, a plant hormone involved in senescence, can extensively alter transcriptome and proteome profiles in plants. However, little is known regarding the impact of ethylene on post-translational modification (PTM) or the association between PTM and the proteome. Protein degradation is one of the hallmarks of senescence, and ubiquitination, a major PTM in eukaryotes, plays important roles in protein degradation...
November 3, 2016: Plant Physiology
Marimuthu Kumaravel, Subbaraya Uma, Suthanthiram Backiyarani, Marimuthu Somasundaram Saraswathi, Muthu Mayil Vaganan, Muthusamy Muthusamy, Kallu Purayil Sajith
Endogenous hormone secretion proteins along with stress and defense proteins play predominant role in banana embryogenesis. This study reveals the underlying molecular mechanism during transition from vegetative to embryogenic state. Banana (Musa spp.) is well known globally as a food fruit crop for millions. The requirement of quality planting material of banana is enormous. Although mass multiplication through tissue culture is in vogue, high-throughput techniques like somatic embryogenesis (SE) as a mass multiplication tool needs to be improved...
November 2, 2016: Plant Cell Reports
Jidong Cao, Chao Yang, Lingjuan Li, Lan Jiang, Yao Wu, Chuanwan Wu, Qingyun Bu, Guixian Xia, Xiaoyun Liu, Yuanming Luo, Jun Liu
Plant plasma membrane (PM) plays important roles in immune response. Here, we utilized quantitative mass spectrometry to explore rice PM protein composition and dynamic changes during Magnaporthe oryzae infection. We report, thus far, the largest rice PM proteome dataset with 3,906 identified proteins, among which 484 proteins were differentially expressed after M. oryzae infection. One third of the identified proteins are predicted to have at least one transmembrane domain. Half of the identified proteins are predicted to have binding functions and over one third of the proteins have enzyme-related functions...
November 30, 2016: Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions: MPMI
Magdalena Pertynska-Marczewska, Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis
OBJECTIVE: The hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulse generator, the pituitary gonadotropes, the ovaries, and the uterus play a crucial role in female fertility. A decline in reproductive performance represents a complex interplay of actions at all levels of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. Recently, in the field of female reproductive aging attention is drawn to the carbonyl stress theory. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) contribute directly to protein damage, induce a chain of oxidative stress (OS) reactions, and increase inflammatory reactions...
October 3, 2016: Menopause: the Journal of the North American Menopause Society
Stina Söderlund, Lisa Christiansson, Inger Persson, Henrik Hjorth-Hansen, Johan Richter, Bengt Simonsson, Satu Mustjoki, Ulla Olsson-Strömberg, Angelica Loskog
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The simultaneous measurement of many proteins is now possible using multiplex assays. In this pilot study we investigated a total of 124 proteins in plasma from chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients with the purpose of identifying proteins that are differently expressed at diagnosis and after tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) treatment initiation. METHODS: Samples were taken from 14 CML patients at diagnosis and after three months of TKI treatment (imatinib or dasatinib)...
September 27, 2016: Leukemia Research
Qian-Feng Li, Min Xiong, Peng Xu, Li-Chun Huang, Chang-Quan Zhang, Qiao-Quan Liu
Brassinosteroids (BRs), essential plant-specific steroidal hormones, function in a wide spectrum of plant growth and development events, including seed germination. Rice is not only a monocotyledonous model plant but also one of the most important staple food crops of human beings. Rice seed germination is a decisive event for the next-generation of plant growth and successful seed germination is critical for rice yield. However, little is known about the molecular mechanisms on how BR modulates seed germination in rice...
October 5, 2016: Scientific Reports
Lihong Liu, Haoran Liu, Shuo Li, Xin Zhang, Min Zhang, Ning Zhu, Craig P Dufresne, Sixue Chen, Qiaomei Wang
Fruit ripening is a complex and genetically programmed process. Brassinosteroids (BRs) play an essential role in plant growth and development, including fruit ripening. As a central component of BR signaling, the transcription factor BZR1 is involved in fruit development in tomato. However, the transcriptional network through which BZR1 regulates fruit ripening is mostly unknown. In this study, we use isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation (iTRAQ) labeling technology to explore important proteins regulated by BZR1 in two independent tomato transgenic lines over-expressing BZR1-1D at four ripening stages, identifying 411 differentially expressed proteins...
September 29, 2016: Scientific Reports
Anne M Lynch, Brandie D Wagner, Naresh Mandava, Alan G Palestine, Peter M Mourani, Emily A McCourt, Scott C N Oliver, Steven H Abman
Purpose: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a vision-threatening disease associated with abnormal retinal vascular development. Proteins from the insulin-like growth factor pathway are related to ROP. However, there is a paucity of research on the role of other proteins in ROP. The aim of this study was to identify plasma proteins related to clinically significant ROP. Methods: We measured 1121 plasma proteins in the early neonatal period in infants at risk for ROP using an aptamer-based proteomic technology...
September 1, 2016: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Ritesh Ghosh, Ratnesh Chandra Mishra, Bosung Choi, Young Sang Kwon, Dong Won Bae, Soo-Chul Park, Mi-Jeong Jeong, Hanhong Bae
Sound vibration (SV) is considered as an external mechanical force that modulates plant growth and development like other mechanical stimuli (e.g., wind, rain, touch and vibration). A number of previous and recent studies reported developmental responses in plants tailored against SV of varied frequencies. This strongly suggests the existence of sophisticated molecular mechanisms for SV perception and signal transduction. Despite this there exists a huge gap in our understanding regarding the SV-mediated molecular alterations, which is a prerequisite to gain insight into SV-mediated plant development...
September 26, 2016: Scientific Reports
Lina Zhang, Giacomo Lanzoni, Matteo Battarra, Luca Inverardi, Qibin Zhang
: The etiology of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) remains elusive. Enzymatically isolated and cultured (EIC) islets cannot fully reflect the natural protein composition and disease process of in vivo islets, because of the stress from isolation procedures. In order to study islet protein composition in conditions close to the natural environment, we performed proteomic analysis of EIC islets, and laser capture microdissected (LCM) human islets and acinar tissue from fresh-frozen pancreas sections of three cadaveric donors...
January 6, 2017: Journal of Proteomics
Beenu Moza Jalali, Pawel Likszo, Dariusz J Skarzynski
Conceptus attachment is a time-sensitive process that requires a synchronized uterine environment created by molecular changes in the endometrium in response to ovarian hormones and conceptus signals. Porcine conceptuses undergo rapid elongation and differentiation, and secrete estrogens that serve as maternal-recognition-of-pregnancy signals during the peri-implantation period (Days 11-12). Pregnancy-induced proteomic changes in the porcine endometrium were measured during this period using two-dimensional differential gel electrophoresis of endometrial protein lysates from Day-12 pregnant versus non-pregnant animals (n = 4 each)...
September 2016: Molecular Reproduction and Development
Karen Gjesing Welinder, Rasmus Hansen, Michael Toft Overgaard, Malene Brohus, Mads Sønderkær, Martin von Bergen, Ulrike Rolle-Kampczyk, Wolfgang Otto, Tomas L Lindahl, Karin Arinell, Alina L Evans, Jon E Swenson, Inge G Revsbech, Ole Frøbert
Brown bears (Ursus arctos) hibernate for 5-7 months without eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating at a metabolic rate of only 25% of the summer activity rate. Nonetheless, they emerge healthy and alert in spring. We quantified the biochemical adaptations for hibernation by comparing the proteome, metabolome, and hematological features of blood from hibernating and active free-ranging subadult brown bears with a focus on conservation of health and energy. We found that total plasma protein concentration increased during hibernation, even though the concentrations of most individual plasma proteins decreased, as did the white blood cell types...
October 21, 2016: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Ritu Rawal, Sonam Vijay, Kavita Kadian, Jagbir Singh, Veena Pande, Arun Sharma
In order to understand the importance of functional proteins in mosquito behavior, following blood meal, a baseline proteomic dataset is essential for providing insights into the physiology of blood feeding. Therefore, in this study as first step, in solution and 1-D electrophoresis digestion approach combined with tandem mass spectrometry (nano LC-MS/MS) and computational bioinformatics for data mining was used to prepare a baseline proteomic catalogue of salivary gland proteins of sugar fed An. culicifacies mosquitoes...
2016: PloS One
Julie Lamy, Valérie Labas, Grégoire Harichaux, Guillaume Tsikis, Pascal Mermillod, Marie Saint-Dizier
Our objective was to investigate the regulation of the proteome in the bovine oviductal fluid according to the stage of the oestrous cycle, to the side relative to ovulation and to local concentrations of steroid hormones. Luminal fluid samples from both oviducts were collected at four stages of the oestrous cycle: pre-ovulatory (Pre-ov), post-ovulatory (Post-ov), mid- and late luteal phases from adult cyclic cows (18-25 cows/stage). The proteomes were assessed by nanoLC-MS/MS and quantified by label free method...
September 6, 2016: Reproduction: the Official Journal of the Society for the Study of Fertility
I Miller, J Renaut, S Cambier, A J Murk, A C Gutleb, T Serchi
Male Wistar rats with different thyroid status (eu-, hypothyroid) were exposed to 0, 3 or 30 mg/kg body weight of the flame retardant HBCD for 7 days and obtained data compared with a previous study in females, "Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) induced changes in the liver proteome of eu- and hypothyroid female rats" (Miller et al., 2016) [1]. Specifically, proteomic investigation of liver protein patterns obtained by 2D-DIGE was performed and differences between animals groups recorded, based on the factors exposure, thyroid status and gender...
September 2016: Data in Brief
Elena De Zio, Dalila Trupiano, Antonio Montagnoli, Mattia Terzaghi, Donato Chiatante, Alessandro Grosso, Mauro Marra, Andrea Scaloni, Gabriella S Scippa
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Progress has been made in understanding the physiological and molecular basis of root response to mechanical stress, especially in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, in which bending causes the initiation of lateral root primordia toward the convex side of the bent root. In the case of woody roots, it has been reported that mechanical stress induces an asymmetric distribution of lateral roots and reaction wood formation, but the mechanisms underlying these responses are largely unknown...
August 24, 2016: Annals of Botany
Kanika Narula, Sudip Ghosh, Pooja R Aggarwal, Arunima Sinha, Niranjan Chakraborty, Subhra Chakraborty
Fruits of angiosperms evolved intricate regulatory machinery for sensorial attributes and storage quality after harvesting. Organic acid composition of storage organs forms the molecular and biochemical basis of organoleptic and nutritional qualities with metabolic specialization. Of these, oxalic acid (OA), determines the post-harvest quality in fruits. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit has distinctive feature to undergo a shift from heterotrophic metabolism to carbon assimilation partitioning during storage...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
Sahar Houshdaran, Camran R Nezhat, Kim Chi Vo, Zara Zelenko, Juan C Irwin, Linda C Giudice
Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent, progesterone-resistant disorder largely derived from retrograde transplantation of menstrual tissue/cells into the pelvis, eliciting an inflammatory response, pelvic pain and infertility. Eutopic endometrium (within the uterus), giving rise to pelvic disease, displays cycle-dependent transcriptomic, proteomic, and signaling abnormalities, and while its DNA methylation profiles dynamically change across the cycle in healthy women, studies in endometriosis are limited. Herein, we investigated the DNA methylome and associated gene expression in three phases of the cycle in eutopic endometrium of women with severe endometriosis versus controls, matched for ethnicity, medications, smoking, and no recent contraceptive steroid use...
August 17, 2016: Biology of Reproduction
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