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Peter Lush, Jim Parkinson, Zoltan Dienes
We investigate conditions in which more accurate metacognition may lead to greater susceptibility to illusion and thus conditions under which mindfulness meditation may lead to less accurate perceptions. Specifically, greater awareness of intentions may lead to an illusory compression of time between a voluntary action and its outcome ("intentional binding"). Here, we report that experienced Buddhist mindfulness meditators rather than non-meditators display a greater illusory shift of the timing of an outcome toward an intentional action...
2016: Mindfulness
M Gasnier, A Pelissolo, G Bondolfi, S Pelissolo, M Tomba, L Mallet, K N'diaye
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a frequent and severe disease, potentially inducing a major impairment for the patient and burden for their family. Recent research in psychiatry and neuroscience have led to better comprehension of the disease's mechanisms and helped to improve its treatment. However, a large proportion of patients have refractory symptoms, including for traditional cognitive and behavioral therapy by exposure and response prevention (ERP), leading clinicians to look for new treatments...
November 22, 2016: L'Encéphale
Dylan DeLosAngeles, Graham Williams, John Burston, Sean P Fitzgibbon, Trent W Lewis, Tyler S Grummett, C Richard Clark, Kenneth J Pope, John O Willoughby
Meditative techniques aim for and meditators report states of mental alertness and focus, concurrent with physical and emotional calm. We aimed to determine the electroencephalographic (EEG) correlates of five states of Buddhist concentrative meditation, particularly addressing a correlation with meditative level. We studied 12 meditators and 12 pair-matched meditation-naïve participants using high-resolution scalp-recorded EEG. To maximise reduction of EMG, data were pre-processed using independent component analysis and surface Laplacian transformed data...
October 1, 2016: International Journal of Psychophysiology
Tamar Ginossar, Julian Benavidez, Zachary D Gillooly, Aarti Kanwal Attreya, Hieu Nguyen, Joshua Bentley
CONTEXT AND SETTING: New Mexico (NM) is a minority-majority state. Despite its unique cultural characteristics and documented ethnic/racial disparities in deceased organ donation (DOD), past studies did not explore predictors of organ donor registration status (ODRS) in this state. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed at identifying demographic, cultural, and religious predictors of ODRS among a diverse sample of young adults in NM. DESIGN: This study focused on recruitment of American Indian, Hispanic, and Asian American participants through online social network sites and university listservs...
September 12, 2016: Progress in Transplantation
Jianbin Xu
OBJECTIVES: Religion is increasingly conceptualized as a meaning system for adjustment and coping. Most of the conceptualizations are grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition. They may thus not be applicable to Buddhism, which provides a distinct tenor of meaning for coping. This article seeks to construct a conceptual framework of Buddhism-as-a-meaning-system for coping with late-life stress. METHOD: Literature review and conceptualization were employed. RESULTS: Under this framework, Buddhism functions as a meaning system involving existential meaning, cognitive meaning, and behavioral meaning...
September 9, 2016: Aging & Mental Health
Shaoguo Zhai, Qi Zhuang, Pei Wang, Zhaoxi Wang, Peter C Coyte
This study used quantitative and qualitative data collected in the Guanzhong Qinling area of China to examine living conditions and perceived needs for social security among men and women of the clergy. The survey finds that most respondent clergy are Buddhists. When the clergy have economic difficulties, their main types of support include self-support (28.8%), help from other believers (25.6%), and assistance from other community residents (18.4%). When the clergy are old, they tend to live alone (25%), receive institutional care from religious organizations (19%), and receive support from other believers (18%)...
September 1, 2016: Social Work in Public Health
Marte Kjøllesdal, Aung Soe Htet, Hein Stigum, Ne Yi Hla, Hlaing Hlaing Hlaing, Ei Kay Khaine, Win Khaing, Aung Kyaw Khant, Naw Ohn Khin Khin, Kay Khine Aye Mauk, Ei Ei Moe, Hla Moe, Kyawt Kyawt Mon, Kyaw Swa Mya, Chomar Kaung Myint, Cho Yi Myint, Maung Maung Myint, Ohnmar Myint, Aye Aye New, Ei Sanda Oo, Khin Sandar Oo, Zin Zin Pyone, Yin Yin Soe, Myint Myint Wai, Nilar Win, Espen Bjertness
OBJECTIVES: To explore the intake of fruits and vegetables in the Yangon region, Myanmar, and to describe associations between intake of fruits and vegetables (FV) and established risk factors for non-communicable diseases. DESIGN: 2 cross-sectional studies, using the STEPs methodology. SETTING: Urban and rural areas of the Yangon region of Myanmar. PARTICIPANTS: 1486, men and women, 25-74 years, were recruited through a multistage cluster sampling method...
2016: BMJ Open
Myo Nyein Aung, Saiyud Moolphate, Thin Nyein Nyein Aung, Chitima Katonyoo, Songyos Khamchai, Pongsak Wannakrairot
BACKGROUND: Having a diverse social network is considered to be beneficial to a person's well-being. The significance, however, of social network diversity in the geriatric assessment of people aged ≥80 years has not been adequately investigated within the Southeast Asian context. This study explored the social networks belonging to the elderly aged ≥80 years and assessed the relation of social network and geriatric depression. METHODS: This study was a community-based cross-sectional survey conducted in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand...
2016: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Somasundaram Ottilingam, Murthy Tejus, Raghavan Vijaya
The search for the description of mental illness in the community is an interesting pastime and has been attempted by many psychiatrists. The present writer has described an instance in the Tamil literature of the 2nd century CE in the Tamil Buddhist epic, Manimekalai. Presently, is given another description from the stylus of the Tamil Pallava king, Mahendravarman of the 6th century CE from his farcical drama of Mattavilasa Prahasana.
August 2016: Asian Journal of Psychiatry
Paul C Cooper
The author defines Bion's use of "O" and "K" and discusses both from the radical nondualist realizational perspective available through the lens of Eihei Dogen's (1200-1253) Soto Zen Buddhist orientation. Fundamental differences in core foundational principles are discussed as well as similarities and their relevance to clinical practice. A case example exemplifies and explicates the abstract aspects of the discussion, which draws from Zen teaching stories, reference to Dogen's original writings, and the scholarly commentarial literature as well as from contemporary writers who integrate Zen Buddhist study and practice with Bion's psychoanalytic writings on theory and technique...
August 2016: Psychoanalytic Review
David M Black
Starting with an outline of Buddhist history from a psychoanalytic perspective, this paper uses ideas from philosophy and psychoanalysis to consider the nature of the psychological effectiveness of religious objects. It suggests that the development of the devotional cult of Buddhas 'without form' such as Amitābha, at-first-glance surprising when juxtaposed with the founding vision of Gautama Siddhartha, tells us a great deal about the psychological needs that impel the evolution of religious thinking. Distinguishing religious objects from mythological ones, it argues that 'religious objects' are, more specifically, allegorical objects that can be encountered in the second person; that these may not always be well described as 'illusion'; and that they may in some cases be better understood as providing opportunities for experience that, like the transference in psychoanalysis, may have far-reaching psychological impacts...
July 29, 2016: International Journal of Psycho-analysis
Stephen W Pan, Zheng Zhang, Dongliang Li, Richard M Carpiano, Martin T Schechter, Yuhua Ruan, Patricia M Spittal
BACKGROUND: Religion can profoundly impact the sociocultural contexts that shape sexual HIV vulnerability among men who have sex with men (MSM). However, the relationship between religion and HIV vulnerability remains poorly understood for MSM in China, where religious affiliations and practices are rapidly increasing. METHODS: Using cross-sectional survey data collected in Beijing and Tianjin, China from 2013-2014 (n=400), this study tests three hypotheses regarding religion and HIV sexual risk: (1) HIV vulnerabilities and testing patterns among religiously affiliated MSM are lower than for areligious MSM, (2) Religiosity is inversely associated with HIV vulnerabilities and testing, and (3) The magnitude of inverse association between religiosity and HIV vulnerabilities/ testing will be stronger among Christian and Muslim MSM than Buddhist and areligious MSM...
July 6, 2016: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: JAIDS
Ottilingam Somasundaram, A G Tejus Murthy
This article refers to materials of psychiatric interest found in the Manimekalai written by the 2(nd) Century CE Buddhist poet Sathanar. From the early description of a wandering psychotic in the streets of Pukar, the ancient maritime capital of the Cholas it is opined that this description fits that of present-day schizophrenia. A drunkard making fun of a Jain monk and a cross-dressed individual are also found in the same streets. Manimekalai's request to the Chola king to convert the prison to a place of piety with Buddhist monks is mentioned...
April 2016: Indian Journal of Psychiatry
ManChui R Leung, John J Chin, Miruna Petrescu-Prahova
Immigrant religious organizations in the United States are uniquely positioned to address critical issues beyond religion because of their moral, social and cultural prominence in community life. Increasingly, religious organizations have taken on a leadership role around health issues such as decreasing HIV/AIDS stigma and misinformation. However, there are barriers for some religious leaders and organizations in adopting new health programs, especially if the issue is seen as controversial. Our study examines how social network structures among religious members influence organizational acceptance of new information or controversial ideas, like HIV/AIDS...
August 2016: Social Science & Medicine
A Olesen, S N Nor, L Amin
Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) represents the first fusion of genomics and assisted reproduction and the first reproductive technology that allows prospective parents to screen and select the genetic characteristics of their potential offspring. However, for some, the idea that we can intervene in the mechanisms of human existence at such a fundamental level can be, at a minimum, worrying and, at most, repugnant. Religious doctrines particularly are likely to collide with the rapidly advancing capability for science to make such interventions...
September 2016: Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
Benjamard Thinhuatoey, Praneed Songwathana, Wongchan Petpichetchian
Because of the multifaceted process of weaning patients with prolonged mechanical ventilation, enhancing weaning success remains a challenge. The Care-Integrated Concentration Meditation Program was developed on the basis of Buddhist philosophy and implemented to determine its procedural feasibility. A qualitative case study with 3 participants was conducted, and the process and initial outcomes were evaluated.
July 2016: Holistic Nursing Practice
Atikarn Gainey, Thep Himathongkam, Hirofumi Tanaka, Daroonwan Suksom
OBJECTIVE: To investigate and compare the effects of Buddhist walking meditation and traditional walking on glycemic control and vascular function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. METHODS: Twenty three patients with type 2 diabetes (50-75 years) were randomly allocated into traditional walking exercise (WE; n=11) or Buddhism-based walking meditation exercise (WM; n=12). Both groups performed a 12-week exercise program that consisted of walking on the treadmill at exercise intensity of 50-70% maximum heart rate for 30min/session, 3 times/week...
June 2016: Complementary Therapies in Medicine
Timothy S Rich
Public support for gay and lesbian rights has increased in Western democracies, yet less is known regarding views in South Korea or East Asia more broadly. Rather than broad cultural claims, this analysis asks to what extent religious identification explains perceptions of gays and lesbians. Public opinion survey data from South Korea finds that Protestants were consistently less supportive of homosexual issues compared to Catholics, Buddhists, and those without a religious identification. Furthermore, after controlling for religion, identification with the largest conservative party associated with less support...
May 31, 2016: Journal of Homosexuality
Kathleen M McGeehan, Charlene K Baker
The role of religious factors in the disaster experience has been under-investigated. This is despite evidence of their influence throughout the disaster cycle, including: the way in which the event is interpreted; how the community recovers; and the strategies implemented to reduce future risk. This qualitative study examined the role of faith in the disaster experience of four faith communities in the Hawaiian Islands of the United States. Twenty-six individuals from the Bahá'í, Buddhist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), and United Methodist Church communities participated, including 10 faith leaders and 16 laypersons...
May 30, 2016: Disasters
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