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Source Plasma

A Coghlan, V C Hoad, C R Seed, R Lp Flower, R J Harley, D Herbert, H M Faddy
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: International travel assists spread of infectious pathogens. Australians regularly travel to South-eastern Asia and the isles of the South Pacific, where they may become infected with infectious agents, such as dengue (DENV), chikungunya (CHIKV) and Zika (ZIKV) viruses that pose a potential risk to transfusion safety. In Australia, donors are temporarily restricted from donating for fresh component manufacture following travel to many countries, including those in this study...
October 19, 2017: Vox Sanguinis
Ki Seok Kim, Ki Hyun Kim, You Jin Ji, Jin Woo Park, Jae Hee Shin, Albert Rogers Ellingboe, Geun Young Yeom
Depositing a barrier film for moisture protection without damage at a low temperature is one of the most important steps for organic-based electronic devices. In this study, the authors investigated depositing thin, high-quality SiNx film on organic-based electronic devices, specifically, very high-frequency (162 MHz) plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (VHF-PECVD) using a multi-tile push-pull plasma source with a gas mixture of NH3/SiH4 at a low temperature of 80 °C. The thin deposited SiNx film exhibited excellent properties in the stoichiometry, chemical bonding, stress, and step coverage...
October 19, 2017: Scientific Reports
Cheng-Te Hsiao, Hung-Wei Cheng, Chi-Ming Huang, Hao-Ru Li, Meng-Hsin Ou, Jie-Rong Huang, Kay-Hooi Khoo, Helen Wenshin Yu, Yin-Quan Chen, Yang-Kao Wang, Arthur Chiou, Jean-Cheng Kuo
Directed cell migration is an important step in effective wound healing and requires the dynamic control of the formation of cell-extracellular matrix interactions. Plasma fibronectin is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein present in blood plasma that plays crucial roles in modulating cellular adhesion and migration and thereby helping to mediate all steps of wound healing. In order to seek safe sources of plasma fibronectin for its practical use in wound dressing, we isolated fibronectin from human (homo) and porcine plasma and demonstrated that both have a similar ability as a suitable substrate for the stimulation of cell adhesion and for directing cell migration...
September 19, 2017: Oncotarget
Takashi Imazono
A Mo/Si multilayer-coated photodiode detector (MP) for beam intensity monitoring was prototyped and characterized using synchrotron radiation and X-ray laser (XRL) sources in order to perform polarization analysis of a laser-driven plasma soft XRL generated from nickel-like silver plasma. At a wavelength of 13.9 nm and an angle of incidence of 45°, the s-polarization reflectance is 0.525 and shows a strong positive correlation with the transmittance, corresponding to the photodiode current generated by the MP...
July 20, 2017: Applied Optics
Zehra Bozkurt
The amounts of elements emitted from industrial, domestic, and vehicle sources in Düzce through the analyses of lichens, which are bioindicators of air pollution, were determined in this research. Concentrations of Al, Fe, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, V, Cd, Hg, and Pb in the lichens that were collected from 40 different points were analyzed using an inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS) device. The highest concentration values were detected for Fe and Al, while the lowest concentration values were detected for Cd and Hg...
October 18, 2017: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Andrei Choukourov, Pavel Pleskunov, Daniil Nikitin, Valerii Titov, Artem Shelemin, Mykhailo Vaidulych, Anna Kuzminova, Pavel Solař, Jan Hanuš, Jaroslav Kousal, Ondřej Kylián, Danka Slavínská, Hynek Biederman
This contribution reviews plasma polymer nanoparticles produced by gas aggregation cluster sources either via plasma polymerization of volatile monomers or via radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering of conventional polymers. The formation of hydrocarbon, fluorocarbon, silicon- and nitrogen-containing plasma polymer nanoparticles as well as core@shell nanoparticles based on plasma polymers is discussed with a focus on the development of novel nanostructured surfaces.
2017: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
Jana Vitku, Lucie Kolatorova, Richard Hampl
Only 2-5% of seminal fluid is composed of spermatozoa, while the rest is seminal plasma. The seminal plasma is a rich cocktail of organic and inorganic compounds including hormones, serving as a source of nutrients for sperm development and maturation, protecting them from infection and enabling them to overcome the immunological and chemical environment of the female reproductive tract. In this review, a survey of the hormones found in human seminal plasma, with particular emphasis on reproductive hormones is provided...
2017: Basic and Clinical Andrology
Wenting Peng, Weiwei Wu, Junchu Peng, Jiaojiao Li, Yan Lin, Yanan Wang, Jiang Tian, Lili Sun, Cuiyue Liang, Hong Liao
A potential mechanism to enhance utilization of sparingly soluble forms of phosphorus (P) is the root secretion of malate, which is mainly mediated by the ALMT gene family in plants. In this study, a total of 34 GmALMT genes were identified in the soybean genome. Expression patterns diverged considerably among GmALMTs in response to phosphate (Pi) starvation in leaves, roots and flowers, with expression altered by P availability in 26 of the 34 GmALMTs. One root-specific GmALMT whose expression was significantly enhanced by Pi-starvation, GmALMT5, was studied in more detail to determine its possible role in soybean P nutrition...
October 17, 2017: Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Emelie Fogelqvist, Mikael Kördel, Valentina Carannante, Björn Önfelt, Hans M Hertz
Water-window x-ray microscopy allows two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) imaging of intact unstained cells in their cryofixed near-native state with unique contrast and high resolution. Present operational biological water-window microscopes are based at synchrotron facilities, which limits their accessibility and integration with complementary methods. Laboratory-source microscopes have had difficulty addressing relevant biological tasks with proper resolution and contrast due to long exposure times and limited up-time...
October 18, 2017: Scientific Reports
Shuang Rong, Xueting Hu, Siqi Zhao, Yanting Zhao, Xiao Xiao, Wei Bao, Liegang Liu
Epidemiological studies strongly support the role of procyanidin-rich beverages and fruit in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Procyanidins extracted from the litchi pericarp (LPPC), a new source of procyanidins, were isolated and identified in our laboratory and have been proven to possess strong antioxidant activity in vitro. In the present study, we investigated the anti-atherosclerotic effects of LPPC in apolipoprotein E knockout (ApoE KO) mice fed a high fat diet for 24 weeks. LPPC (100 mg kg(-1) body mass daily) significantly reduced the atherosclerotic lesion size (P < 0...
October 18, 2017: Food & Function
D J Lahneman, T J Huffman, Peng Xu, S L Wang, T Grogan, M M Qazilbash
Scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy (S-SNOM) has enormous potential as a spectroscopy tool in the infrared spectral range where it can probe phonon resonances and carrier dynamics at the nanometer lengths scales. However, its applicability is limited by the lack of practical and affordable table-top light sources emitting intense broadband infrared radiation in the 100 cm(-1) to 2,500 cm(-1) spectral range. This paper introduces a high temperature plasma light source that is both ultra-broadband and has much more radiant power in the infrared spectral range than conventional, table-top thermal light sources such as the globar...
August 21, 2017: Optics Express
Jiajian Zhu, Andreas Ehn, Jinlong Gao, Chengdong Kong, Marcus Aldén, Mirko Salewski, Frank Leipold, Yukihiro Kusano, Zhongshan Li
Translational, rotational, vibrational and electron temperatures of a gliding arc discharge in atmospheric pressure air were experimentally investigated using in situ, non-intrusive optical diagnostic techniques. The gliding arc discharge was driven by a 35 kHz alternating current (AC) power source and operated in a glow-type regime. The two-dimensional distribution of the translational temperature (Tt) of the gliding arc discharge was determined using planar laser-induced Rayleigh scattering. The rotational and vibrational temperatures were obtained by simulating the experimental spectra...
August 21, 2017: Optics Express
Scott Feister, Drake R Austin, John T Morrison, Kyle D Frische, Chris Orban, Gregory Ngirmang, Abraham Handler, Joseph R H Smith, Mark Schillaci, Jay A LaVerne, Enam A Chowdhury, R R Freeman, W M Roquemore
We report observation of kHz-pulsed-laser-accelerated electron energies up to 3 MeV in the -klaser (backward) direction from a 3 mJ laser interacting at normal incidence with a solid density, flowing-liquid target. The electrons/MeV/s.r. >1 MeV recorded here using a mJ-class laser exceeds or equals that of prior super-ponderomotive electron studies employing lasers at lower repetition-rates and oblique incidence. Focal intensity of the 40-fs-duration laser is 1.5 · 10(18) W cm(-2), corresponding to only ∼80 keV electron ponderomotive energy...
August 7, 2017: Optics Express
E Bonvini, A Bonaldo, L Mandrioli, R Sirri, F Dondi, C Bianco, R Fontanillas, F Mongile, P P Gatta, L Parma
The aquaculture industry depends upon the development of sustainable protein sources to replace fishmeal (FM) in aquafeeds and the products derived from soybeans are some of the most studied plant feedstuffs. A key area of investigation for continuing to improve modern aquafeeds includes the evaluation of varying proportions and combinations of plant ingredients to identify mixtures that are more efficiently utilized by the fish. This study investigated the effects of increasing soybean meal (SBM) by replacing a mix of plant ingredients in low FM (20%) diets on growth, blood biochemistry profile and gut histology on European sea bass...
October 17, 2017: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Alexander M Firsov, Irina G Rybalkina, Elena A Kotova, Tatyana I Rokitskaya, Vadim N Tashlitsky, Galina A Korshunova, Sergei D Rybalkin, Yuri N Antonenko
The present study demonstrated for the first time the interaction between adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP), one of the most important signaling compounds in living organisms, and the mitochondria-targeted antioxidant plastoquinonyl-decyltriphenylphosphonium (SkQ1). The data obtained on model liquid membranes and human platelets revealed the ability of SkQ1 to selectively transport cAMP, but not guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP), across both artificial and natural membranes. In particular, SkQ1 elicited translocation of cAMP from the source to the receiving phase of a Pressman-type cell, while showing low activity with cGMP...
October 13, 2017: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Alex Evangelista do Amaral, Júlia Cisilotto, Tânia Beatriz Creczynski-Pasa, Leonardo Lucca Schiavon
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in finding new biomarkers for diagnosis and prognostication of liver diseases. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules involved in the regulation of gene expression and have been studied in relation to several conditions, including liver disease. Mature miRNAs can reach the bloodstream by passive release or by incorporation into lipoprotein complexes or microvesicles, and have stable and reproducible concentrations among individuals. In this review, we summarize studies involving circulating miRNAs sourced from the serum or plasma of patients with nontumoral liver diseases in attempt to bring insights in the use of miRNAs as biomarkers for diagnosis, as well as for prognosis of such diseases...
October 13, 2017: Pharmacological Research: the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society
Gabriel Carrasco-Escobar, Julio Miranda-Alban, Carlos Fernandez-Miñope, Kimberly C Brouwer, Katherine Torres, Maritza Calderon, Dionicia Gamboa, Alejandro Llanos-Cuentas, Joseph M Vinetz
BACKGROUND: The incidence of malaria due both to Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in the Peruvian Amazon has risen in the past 5 years. This study tested the hypothesis that the maintenance and emergence of malaria in hypoendemic regions such as Amazonia is determined by submicroscopic and asymptomatic Plasmodium parasitaemia carriers. The present study aimed to precisely quantify the rate of very-low parasitaemia carriers in two sites of the Peruvian Amazon in relation to transmission patterns of P...
October 16, 2017: Malaria Journal
Halina B Röllin, Bukola Olutola, Kalavati Channa, Jon Ø Odland
BACKGROUND: Prenatal exposure to lead (Pb) has been shown to have negative and irreversible health impacts on foetal and early childhood development, affecting morbidity and mortality in adulthood. This study aimed to assess in utero Pb exposure, examine birth outcomes, and identify confounding factors in the large cohort of South African population, following the legislated removal of Pb from petrol. METHODS: Lead was measured in the maternal blood, urine and cord blood using Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)...
2017: PloS One
Lise B Ahlborn, Mette Madsen, Lars Jonson, Finn C Nielsen, Ulrik Lassen, Christina W Yde, Morten Mau-Sorensen
BACKGROUND: Small fragments of tumor DNA can be found in the circulation of cancer patients, providing a noninvasive access to tumor material (liquid biopsy). Analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) has been used for diagnosis, treatment decisions, and detection of therapy resistance, including in patients with tumors inaccessible for biopsy, making ctDNA an important alternative source of tumor material. Immediate separation of plasma is widely used in standard isolation of cell-free DNA to ensure high quality plasma DNA...
October 1, 2017: Clinical Laboratory
A Daly, S Evans, C Ashmore, S Chahal, S Santra, A MacDonald
Children with inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) who are dependent on tube feeding and require a protein restriction are commonly fed by 'modular tube feeds' consisting of several ingredients. A longitudinal, prospective two-phase study, conducted over 18 months assessed the long-term efficacy of a pre-measured protein-free composite feed. This was specifically designed to meet the non-protein nutritional requirements of children (aged over 1 year) with organic acidaemias on low protein enteral feeds and to be used as a supplement with an enteral feeding protein source...
December 2017: Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports
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