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Biocor Valve

Adnan K Chhatriwalla, Keith B Allen, John T Saxon, David J Cohen, Sanjeev Aggarwal, Anthony J Hart, Suzanne J Baron, Danny Dvir, A Michael Borkon
BACKGROUND: Valve-in-valve (VIV) transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) may be less effective in small surgical valves because of patient/prosthesis mismatch. Bioprosthetic valve fracture (BVF) using a high-pressure balloon can be performed to facilitate VIV TAVR. METHODS AND RESULTS: We report data from 20 consecutive clinical cases in which BVF was successfully performed before or after VIV TAVR by inflation of a high-pressure balloon positioned across the valve ring during rapid ventricular pacing...
July 2017: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions
Keith B Allen, Adnan K Chhatriwalla, David J Cohen, John T Saxon, Sanjeev Aggarwal, Anthony Hart, Suzanne Baron, J Russell Davis, Alex F Pak, Danny Dvir, A Michael Borkon
BACKGROUND: Valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve replacement is less effective in small surgical bioprostheses. We evaluated the feasibility of bioprosthetic valve fracture with a high-pressure balloon to facilitate valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve replacement. METHODS: In vitro bench testing on aortic tissue valves was performed on 19-mm and 21-mm Mitroflow (Sorin, Milan, Italy), Magna and Magna Ease (Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, CA), Trifecta and Biocor Epic (St...
November 2017: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Brian C Gulack, Ehsan Benrashid, Robert D B Jaquiss, Andrew J Lodge
BACKGROUND: Outcomes after surgical pulmonary valve replacement (PVR) in patients with congenital cardiac disease are limited by long-term valve deterioration, which may be hastened by turbulent flow. The use of the Trifecta valve (St. Jude Medical, Little Canada, MN) at our institution (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC) appears to result in low postimplantation transvalvular gradients. This study was performed to compare the early transvalvular gradient associated with the Trifecta valve with that associated with two other valves commonly used for PVR...
February 2017: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Roberto Adriano Latini, Luca Testa, Nedy Brambilla, Maurizio Tusa, Francesco Bedogni
In the last years, a general shift toward the use of surgical bioprosthetic aortic valves rather than mechanical valves with subsequent less use of anticoagulant therapy has been observed. However, bioprosthetic valves have limited durability. Reoperation, the current standard of care for these patients, carries a high surgical risk, especially because patients are elderly and with numerous comorbidities. Recently, transcatheter aortic valve replacement within a failed bioprosthetic valve (valve-in-valve procedure) has proven feasible...
April 2016: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
Raul A Borracci, Miguel Rubio, Maria L Sestito, Carlos A Ingino, Carlos Barrero, Carlos A Rapallo
BACKGROUND: The aim was to assess the incidence of prosthesis-patient mismatch (PPM) after mitral valve replacement (MVR) in patients receiving Biocor® porcine or mechanical valves, and to evaluate the effect of PPM on long-term survival. METHODS: All patients undergoing MVR between 2009 and 2013 received either mechanical or bioprosthetic valves (Biocor® porcine). PPM was defined as severe when the indexed effective ori-fice area was < 0.9 cm2/m2, moderate between 0...
2016: Cardiology Journal
Augusto D'Onofrio, Fabio Zucchetta, Gino Gerosa
Transcatheter "Valve-in-Valve" implantation (ViV) has shown promising results in high-risk patients suffering from structural valve deterioration (SVD) of a previously implanted heart valve bioprosthesis. We present a case of a 68-year-old woman with a history of three previous cardiac operations on the aortic and mitral valve. At the time of admission she was severely symptomatic due to a simultaneous SVD of a 23 mm aortic and of a 29 mm mitral St. Jude Biocor bioprosthesis. Because of the history of several cardiac operations and to her comorbidities, the patient was considered with an extremely high surgical risk profile and was therefore scheduled for double concomitant mitral and aortic ViV...
September 1, 2014: Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Fabrizio Sansone, Guglielmo Mario Actis Dato, Edoardo Zingarelli, Emanuele Ferrero, Sara Prot, Fabrizio Ceresa, Francesco Patanè, Riccardo Casabona
BACKGROUND: Stentless prostheses have an interesting hemodynamic performance when compared to stented prostheses and are recommended in cases of small aortic annulus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From January 1996 to January 2004, 138 patients suffering from aortic disease, underwent aortic valve replacement. • Group A: 93 patients underwent stentless aortic valve implantation [stentless Biocor (Biocor Industria e Pesguisa Ltda, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) and stentless Sorin (Sorin Group, Saluggia, Italy)]...
May 2014: Journal of Cardiology
Marisa Cevasco, Stephanie L Mick, Michael Kwon, Lawrence S Lee, Edward P Chen, Frederick Y Chen
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY: Currently, there is no universal standard for sizing bioprosthetic aortic valves. Hence, a standardized comparison was performed to clarify this issue. METHODS: Every size of four commercially available bioprosthetic aortic valves marketed in the United States (Biocor Supra; Mosaic Ultra; Magna Ease; Mitroflow) was obtained. Subsequently, custom sizers were created that were accurate to 0.0025 mm to represent aortic roots 18 mm through 32 mm, and these were used to measure the external diameter of each valve...
May 2013: Journal of Heart Valve Disease
Ana Carolina Tieppo Fornari, Luís Henrique Tieppo Fornari, Juan Victor Piccoli Soto Paiva, Pauline Elias Josende, João Ricardo Michelin Sant'anna, Paulo Roberto Prates, Renato A K Kalil, Ivo A Nesralla
OBJECTIVE: Study designed to identify characteristics of patients related to increased hospital mortality after valve replacement, assumed as risk factors. METHODS: Retrospective study including 808 patients submitted to the implant of St. Jude Biocor porcine bioprosthesis between 1994 and 2009 at Instituto de Cardiologia do Rio Grande do Sul. Primary outcome was hospital death and hospital mortality was related to demographic and surgical characteristics. Statistics include t-test, qui-square test and logistical regression analysis...
December 2012: Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular
Tomaso Bottio, Edward Buratto, Carlo Dal Lin, Alban Lika, Vincenzo Tarzia, Giulio Rizzoli, Gino Gerosa
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY: The study aim was to compare the hydrodynamics of the Carpentier-Edwards Magna 21 (CEM) and St. Jude Medical Biocor-Epic-Supra 21 (SJME) valves at increasing stroke volume and pulse rate in two different aortic conduits, namely straight and with sinuses of Valsalva present. METHODS: Both valve types were tested in the aortic chamber of the Sheffield pulse duplicator, at rates of 70, 80 and 90 beats/min, and stroke volumes of 50 and 60 ml...
November 2012: Journal of Heart Valve Disease
WooSung Jang, Yong Jin Kim, Kwangho Choi, Hong-Gook Lim, Woong-Han Kim, Jeong Ryul Lee
OBJECTIVES: Pulmonary valve replacement (PVR) is performed to reduce right ventricular (RV) volume overload, resulting in improved ventricular function and clinical status. Significant pulmonary regurgitation (PR) after tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) repair could result in RV dysfunction, exercise intolerance, arrhythmia and sudden death. The present study was conducted to investigate the mid-term clinical outcomes of PVR after TOF repair. METHODS: Between 2001 and 2010, we retrospectively reviewed the outcomes of 131 (89 males and 42 females) PVRs with PR or pulmonary steno-insufficiency after TOF repair...
July 2012: European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery
J Matthew Brennan, Karen P Alexander, Amelie Wallace, Audra B Hodges, John C Laschinger, Kent W Jones, Sean O'Brien, Laura E Webb, Rachel S Dokholyan, Eric D Peterson
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY: The American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) guidelines recommend a three-month administration of warfarin following bioprosthetic valve replacement (BVR). However, strong evidence supporting this recommendation is lacking, making process variation likely. METHODS: In the ANSWER Registry, a total of 386 patients who had received either Epic or Biocor BVRs between May 2007 and August 2008 at 40 centers was enrolled...
January 2012: Journal of Heart Valve Disease
Sameh M Said, Elena Ashikhmina, Kevin L Greason, Rakesh M Suri, Soon J Park, Richard C Daly, Harold M Burkhart, Joseph A Dearani, Thoralf M Sundt, Hartzell V Schaff
BACKGROUND: Pericardial bioprostheses have favorable echocardiographic hemodynamics in the aortic position compared with porcine valves; however, there are few data comparing clinical outcomes. Our objective was to assess the late results of the two valve types. METHODS: We reviewed 2,979 patients aged 65 years or older undergoing aortic valve replacement with pericardial (n=1,976) or porcine (n=1,003) prostheses between January 1993 and December 2007. The most common pericardial prostheses were Carpentier-Edwards Perimount and Mitroflow, and the most common porcine valves were Medtronic Mosaic, Carpentier-Edwards, Hancock modified orifice, and St...
June 2012: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Morgan L Brown, Soon J Park, Thoralf M Sundt, Hartzell V Schaff
OBJECTIVE: Patients who require aortic valve replacement are increasingly receiving biologic valves to avoid long-term anticoagulation. The thromboembolic risk of bioprosthetic valves is reportedly low. The study objective was to review the incidence of early valve thrombosis requiring reoperation in patients who received a bioprosthetic valve in the aortic position. METHODS: We reviewed all adult patients who had a biologic valve implanted in the aortic position at Mayo Clinic between January 1993 and July 2009...
July 2012: Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
W R Eric Jamieson, Clifton T P Lewis, Marc P Sakwa, Denton A Cooley, Vibhu R Kshettry, Kent W Jones, Tirone E David, John A Sullivan, Guy J Fradet, David S Bach
BACKGROUND: The St Jude Medical Epic heart valve (St Jude Medical, Inc, St Paul, Minn) is a tricomposite glutaraldehyde-preserved porcine bioprosthesis. The St Jude Medical Biocor porcine bioprosthesis is the precursor valve to the St Jude Medical Epic valve. The Epic valve is identical to the Biocor valve except that it is treated with Linx AC ethanol-based calcium mitigation therapy. METHODS: The St Jude Medical Epic valve was implanted in 761 patients (mean age 73...
June 2011: Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Lori A Blauwet, Gordon K Danielson, Harold M Burkhart, Joseph A Dearani, Joseph F Malouf, Heidi M Connolly, David O Hodge, Regina M Herges, Fletcher A Miller
BACKGROUND: Doppler-derived hemodynamic data for normal tricuspid valve bioprostheses are limited. METHODS: A comprehensive retrospective Doppler echocardiographic assessment of 285 normal Carpentier-Edwards Duraflex, Medtronic Mosaic, St. Jude Medical Biocor, Carpentier-Edwards Perimount, and Medtronic Hancock II tricuspid valve bioprostheses was performed early after implantation. All the important Doppler-derived hemodynamic variables reported to date for mitral valve prostheses were used...
October 2010: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Jae Gun Kwak, Jeong Ryul Lee, Woong-Han Kim, Yong Jin Kim
BACKGROUND: As the number of cases with artificial pulmonary valve implantation increases for congenital heart disease, the number of young adults with artificial pulmonary valves has also increased. METHODS: From 2000 to 2007, 146 artificial valves, such as the Carpentier-Edward Perimount, Hancock II, Biocor, homograft and hand-made valves were implanted for pulmonary valve in 132 patients with various forms of congenital heart disease. Among them, the outcomes of the Carpentier-Edward Perimount (n=63) and the Hancock II (n=40) valves were reviewed retrospectively...
April 2010: Heart, Lung & Circulation
Pia S U Mykén, Odd Bech-Hansen
OBJECTIVE: The 20-year data from the ongoing long-term study of the St Jude Medical Biocor (St Jude Medical, St Paul, Minn) porcine bioprosthesis are reported. Earlier follow-ups have shown that the valve has excellent durability. After 20 years, will this continue to be true? METHODS: Data were obtained for 1712 patients who underwent valve replacement (1518 aortic valve replacements; 194 mitral valve replacements) with glutaraldehyde-preserved Biocor bioprostheses at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden) between 1983 and 2003...
January 2009: Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Obaid Aljassim, Gunnar Svensson, Erik Houltz, Odd Bech-Hanssen
The aims of the present study were to investigate in vivo Doppler-catheter discrepancies in aortic bileaflet mechanical and stented biologic valves and evaluate whether these can be predicted using Doppler echocardiography. Results of in vitro studies of bileaflet mechanical valves suggested overestimation using Doppler gradients. Findings in stented biologic valves were conflicting. Patients who underwent valve replacement with a St. Jude Medical mechanical (n = 14, size 19 to 29) or a St. Jude Medical Biocor (Biocor, n = 13, size 21 to 25) valve were included...
November 15, 2008: American Journal of Cardiology
Walter B Eichinger, Ina M Hettich, Daniel J Ruzicka, Klaus Holper, Carolin Schricker, Sabine Bleiziffer, Ruediger Lange
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term performance of the St. Jude Medical Biocor stented porcine prosthesis in the aortic position. METHODS: From January 1985 to December 1996, 455 patients admitted for aortic valve replacement were consecutively enrolled in this study. The mean age was 72.5 +/- 9 years, 18 patients (3.5%) had had previous cardiac surgery, and coronary artery bypass grafting was performed in 171 patients (37.6%). Follow-up was complete in 99...
October 2008: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
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