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Pramod Gaudel, Ahmed H Qavi, Prasanta Basak
Thrombocytopenia is an uncommon side effect of trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TMP/SMX) when given in the usual recommended adult dosage. We report a case of severe and possibly life-threatening thrombocytopenia associated with TMP/SMX therapy. A 92-year-old female presented after a mechanical fall and subsequent intractable bleeding from a laceration on her left leg. She had a history of cellulitis of the lower extremities treated with a 10-day course of TMP/SMX. Her last dose was two days before the visit...
December 19, 2017: Curēus
D G Mostafa, M I Qavi, M M Bari, M Arifuzzaman, M Kamruzzaman, M K Saha
High-energy tibial plateau fractures associated with severe soft tissue injury are difficult to manage. The risk of wound complications following open reduction and internal fixation is notably high owing to extensive soft tissue dissection. Alternatively, application of Ilizarov ring fixator minimizes soft tissue dissection and provides adequate fracture stabilization to allow early range of motion and correction of any mal-alignment. With this technique, soft tissue complications particularly surgical site infections are expected to be significantly reduced...
January 2018: Mymensingh Medical Journal: MMJ
Ahmed H Qavi, Tasnim F Imran, Zachariah Hasan, Fariha Ilyas
Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) is an infection of the central nervous system (CNS) meninges that carries high morbidity and mortality. It is important to recognize, as patients may present with atypical symptoms. We describe the case of a 31-year-old man with a history of diabetes who presented with a sub-acute onset of right-sided facial weakness and right gaze difficulty with diplopia. History revealed low-grade fever, right-sided headache, fatigue and moderate weight loss for the past several weeks. The patient did not report neck stiffness, rigidity, fever, chills or cough...
December 7, 2017: Curēus
Ahmed H Qavi, Salman Assad, Wardha Shabbir, Maryam Kundi, Maham Habib, Sumbal Babar, Mehr Zahid
Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) is a medical emergency that is characterized by hypertension as an autonomic response to noxious stimuli in patients with a history of spinal cord injury at the level of T6 or above. We present the case of a 31-year-old Caucasian male with a history of spinal cord injury at the level of C3-C4, with symptoms described as recurring episodes of hypertension with flushing and sweating above the level of the lesion for the past five to six years. His symptoms are triggered by bowel distention, excitement, a bumpy car ride, or a simple turning of the neck to the left...
July 10, 2017: Curēus
Idrees Khan, Rehan Malik, Amina Khan, Salman Assad, Mehr Zahid, Muhammad Saad Sohail, Faizan Yasin, Ahmed H Qavi
Signet ring adenocarcinoma of the breast with synchronous metastasis to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a rare occurrence, typically presenting with abdominal pain, dyspepsia, or GI bleed. We report a case of metastatic breast cancer presenting with a complaint of anemia. A further diagnostic evaluation revealed generalized lymphadenopathy, nodular thickening of the urinary bladder wall, bone lesions, and enlarged pancreas. Biopsies from the lymph nodes, pancreatic biopsy, and bladder nodule all revealed a signet cell carcinoma...
July 6, 2017: Curēus
Javaad Ahmad, Muhammad Saad Sohail, Amina Khan, Ahmed H Qavi, Pramod Gaudel, Mehr Zahid, Salman Assad
Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate-Receptor (NMDAR) encephalitis is an autoimmune disorder with a multifaceted presentation that involves memory deficits, psychiatric symptoms, and autonomic instability. This case report describes the classic presentation of Anti-NMDAR encephalitis and highlights its association with ovarian teratomas. We present a 26 -year-old female who came in with new onset seizures and altered mentation who subsequently developed automatism. Electroencephalograms (EEG) showed left frontal spikes and right temporal delta activity...
July 5, 2017: Curēus
Ahmed H Qavi, Tasnim F Imran, Zachariah Hasan, Fariha Ilyas, Usman Ghani, Salman Assad, Shabih Hasan
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare, degenerative, invariably fatal brain disorder. CJD usually appears in later life and runs a rapid course. Typically, the onset of symptoms occurs about age 60 and about 90% of individuals die within one year. We report a case of 67-year-old male presented with progressive aphasia, confusion, dysphagia and inability to carry out activities of daily life (ADLs) over a period of three to four weeks. The patient had past medical history of chronic atrial fibrillation and hypertension...
March 14, 2017: Curēus
Muhammad Nadeem, Salman Mansoor, Salman Assad, Fariha Ilyas, Ahmed H Qavi, Shoab Saadat
Patients with spinal abnormalities infrequently present with intradural intramedullary bleeding. The more common causes include spinal trauma, arteriovenous malformations and saccular aneurysms of spinal arteries. On occasion, spinal cord tumors either primary or metastatic may cause intramedullary bleed with ependymoma of the conus medullaris. Spinal nerve sheath tumors such as schwannomas only rarely cause intradural intramedullary bleed, especially in the absence of spinal cord or nerve root symptoms. We report a case of spinal intradural schwannoma presenting with acute onset of quadriparesis...
March 6, 2017: Curēus
Rida Kamal, Komal Kausar, Ahmed H Qavi, Moeed H Minto, Fariha Ilyas, Salman Assad, Saeed U Shah
OBJECTIVES: To investigate the association between diagonal earlobe crease (DELC) and coronary artery disease (CAD). Limited data exists in South Asia and no prior studies have been performed in Pakistan to assess this relationship. METHODS: In this case-control study, 200 participants from December 2015 to March 2016 at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan were enrolled. Consecutive non-probability sampling was used to recruit patients. Cases were enrolled from cardiac care unit (CCU) of the hospital with angiography-proven CAD...
February 5, 2017: Curēus
Khushbu K Patel, Abraham J Qavi, Karl G Hock, Ann M Gronowski
BACKGROUND: Plasma concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) have been shown to increase with age due to pituitary secretion. We previously recommended that an hCG cutoff of 14.0IU/L be used for women ≥55years of age. However, it remains unknown whether concentrations >14.0IU/L can be expected in women with advanced age. Our objectives were to establish plasma hCG reference intervals and correlate follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and hCG concentrations in postmenopausal females ≥55years...
March 2017: Clinical Biochemistry
Tasnim F Imran, Raymond Malapero, Ahmed H Qavi, Zachariah Hasan, Bryan de la Torre, Yash R Patel, R Jason Yong, Luc Djousse, J Michael Gaziano, Marie-Denise Gerhard-Herman
INTRODUCTION: Patients with chronic refractory angina whose symptoms are not controlled with conventional therapies have a poor quality of life. Adjunctive therapies, such as spinal cord stimulation (SCS) may be considered in these cases. We sought to examine whether SCS is associated with changes in exercise capacity and angina severity in these patients. METHODS: We searched Pubmed, Medline and other databases until December 2015. Two reviewers independently extracted data and assessed risk of bias...
January 15, 2017: International Journal of Cardiology
Abdul Qavi, Ravindra Kumar Garg, Hardeep Singh Malhotra, Amita Jain, Neeraj Kumar, Kiran Preet Malhotra, Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, Rajesh Verma, Praveen Kumar Sharma
In this study, we describe clinical and imaging spectrum, and the natural course of patients with disseminated cysticercosis. How albendazole affects the course of disease has also been evaluated. We assessed the Toll-like receptor-4 gene polymorphisms, to know the reason for the apparently higher prevalence of disseminated cysticercosis in India.Sixty consecutive patients with disseminated cysticercosis were enrolled. Sixty age-and-sex-matched healthy controls were also enrolled for the purpose of genetic study...
September 2016: Medicine (Baltimore)
Ahmed Hassaan Qavi, Rida Kamal, Robert W Schrier
Diuretics play significant role in pharmacology and treatment options in medicine. This paper aims to review and evaluate the clinical use of diuretics in conditions that lead to fluid overload in the body such as cardiac failure, cirrhosis, and nephrotic syndrome. To know the principles of treatment it is essential to understand the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms that cause the need of diuresis in the human body. Various classes of diuretics exist, each having a unique mode of action. A systemic approach for management is recommended based on the current guidelines, starting from thiazides and proceeding to loop diuretics...
2015: International Journal of Nephrology
Bruce Vrooman, Leonardo Kapural, Sheryar Sarwar, Edward J Mascha, Tomislav Mihaljevic, Marc Gillinov, Shahbaz Qavi, Daniel I Sessler
OBJECTIVES: To test the hypotheses that lidocaine 5% patches decrease the severity of acute pain and incidence of persistent incisional pain after robotic cardiac valve surgery. DESIGN: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. SETTING: Tertiary care academic medical center. SUBJECTS: Patients having robotic cardiac valve surgery. METHODS: Patients having robotic cardiac valve surgery were randomly assigned to 5% lidocaine patches or identical-appearing placebo patches...
August 2015: Pain Medicine: the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Alparslan Turan, Jing You, Cameron Egan, Alex Fu, Ashish Khanna, Yashar Eshraghi, Raktim Ghosh, Somnath Bose, Shahbaz Qavi, Lovkesh Arora, Daniel I Sessler, Anthony G Doufas
BACKGROUND: Evidence suggests that recurrent nocturnal hypoxemia may affect pain response and/or the sensitivity to opioid analgesia. We tested the hypothesis that nocturnal hypoxemia, quantified by sleep time spent at an arterial saturation (SaO2) < 90% and minimum nocturnal SaO2 on polysomnography, are associated with decreased pain and reduced opioid consumption during the initial 72 postoperative hours in patients having laparoscopic bariatric surgery. METHODS: With Institutional Review Board approval, we examined the records of all patients who underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery between 2004 and 2010 and had an available nocturnal polysomnography study...
2015: PloS One
Reza Foudazi, Sahar Qavi, Irina Masalova, Alexander Ya Malkin
This review explores the physics underlying the rheology of highly concentrated emulsions (HCEs) to determine the relationship between elasticity and HCE stability, and to consider whether it is possible to describe all physicochemical properties of HCEs on the basis of a unique physical approach. We define HCEs as emulsions with a volume fraction above the maximum closest packing fraction of monodisperse spheres, φm=0.74, even if droplets are not of polyhedron shape. The solid-like rheological behavior of HCEs is characterized by yield stress and elasticity, properties which depend on droplet polydispersity and which are affected by caging at volume fractions about the jamming concentration, φj...
June 2015: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science
Somnath Bose, Ashish Khanna, Jing You, Lovkesh Arora, Shahbaz Qavi, Alparslan Turan
PURPOSE: Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with chronic non-specific musculoskeletal pain syndromes; however, studies are lacking with respect to its relationship with postoperative pain. We tested the hypothesis that a lower preoperative vitamin D level is associated with increased postoperative pain and/or opioid consumption in morbidly obese patients who had laparoscopic bariatric surgery. METHODS: Data from 185 patients who underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery at the Cleveland Clinic from 2005-2009 and had a vitamin D level checked within three months of their surgery were included in the analysis...
July 2015: Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia, Journal Canadien D'anesthésie
Alparslan Turan, Jing You, Cameron Egan, Alex Fu, Ignazia Gazmuri, Ashish Khanna, Yashar Eshraghi, Raktim Ghosh, Somnath Bose, Shahbaz Qavi, Lovkesh Arora, Daniel I Sessler, Anthony G Doufas
BACKGROUND: Recurrent nocturnal hypoxemia in obstructive sleep apnea enhances sympathetic function, decreases baroreceptor sensitivity, and weakens peripheral vascular responses to adrenergic signals. The authors hypothesized that the percentage of total sleep time spent at oxyhemoglobin saturation (SaO2) less than 90% and minimum nocturnal SaO2 on preoperative polysomnography are associated with decreased intraoperative mean arterial pressure. METHODS: The authors examined the records of all patients who had laparoscopic bariatric surgery at Cleveland Clinic between 2005 and 2009 and an available polysomnography study...
January 2015: Anesthesiology
Mehreen Adhi, Jonathan J Liu, Ahmed H Qavi, Ireneusz Grulkowski, Chen D Lu, Kathrin J Mohler, Daniela Ferrara, Martin F Kraus, Caroline R Baumal, Andre J Witkin, Nadia K Waheed, Joachim Hornegger, James G Fujimoto, Jay S Duker
PURPOSE: To compare analyses of choroidal thickness and volume in healthy eyes measured concurrently with prototype long-wavelength swept-source optical coherence tomography (OCT) and commercially available spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) with and without enhanced depth imaging (EDI). DESIGN: Prospective cross sectional study. METHODS: The study included 19 healthy subjects (19 eyes), who were prospectively recruited to undergo 2 consecutive imaging sessions on the same randomly selected eye using spectral domain OCT and a prototype long-wavelength swept-source OCT...
June 2014: American Journal of Ophthalmology
Mehreen Adhi, Jonathan J Liu, Ahmed H Qavi, Ireneusz Grulkowski, James G Fujimoto, Jay S Duker
An accurate analysis of the thickness and volume of choroid using optical coherence tomography (OCT) requires precise visualization of the choroido-scleral interface. Results of studies that use spectral-domain OCT (SD-OCT) to look at the percent visualization of the choroido-scleral interface for accurate analysis of choroidal thickness show varying success rates. This study assessed the visualization of choroido-scleral interface in 19 healthy participants (19 eyes) prospectively recruited for consecutive high-definition raster scanning with an SD-OCT system with and without enhanced depth imaging (EDI) and a prototype long-wavelength swept-source OCT (SS-OCT) system...
November 2013: Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina
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