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Insipidous diabetes

Malcolm Prentice
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May 2018: Clinical Endocrinology
Hela Marmouch, Sondes Arfa, Saoussen Cheikh Mohamed, Tensim Slim, Ines Khochtali
Metastases of solid tumors to the pituitary gland are often asymptomatic or appereas as with diabetes insipid us. Pituitary metastases more commonly affect the posterior lobe and the infundibulum than the anterior lobe. The presentation with an acute adrenal insufficiency is a rare event. A 69-year-old men presented with vomiting, low blood pressure and hypoglycemia. Hormonal exploration confirmed a hypopituitarism. Appropriate therapy was initiated urgently. The hypothalamic-pituitary MRI showed a pituitary hypertrophy, a nodular thickening of the pituitary stalk...
2016: Pan African Medical Journal
N Benmostefa, F Z Boussekine, H Khabbat, R Zouaghi, R Malek
OBJECTIFS: L'intoxication au monoxyde de carbone est la première cause de décès par intoxication accidentelle dans le monde, les symptômes neurologiques sont les plus fréquents mais les évènements cardiovasculaires sont rares. Nous rapportons une observation particulière. MéTHODES: Un patient de 38, sans antécédent, était admis en ranimation pour un coma sur intoxication au monoxyde de carbone. Les explorations ont mis en évidence un accident vasculaire cérébral ischémique, un syndrome coronarien aigu et un diabète insipide...
December 2015: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
Lidija Dokmanovic, Nada Krstovski, Srdja Jankovic, Dragana Janic
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is characterized by the proliferation of clonal dendritic cells, while hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is an extreme inflammatory process sustained by the uncontrolled activation of macrophages. HLH can be primary or secondary, the latter arising in infectious, autoimmune or neoplastic disorders. We hereby present a young girl who developed secondary HLH while being treated for relapsed multisystem LCH under the LCH III Protocol. She fulfilled 5 of 8 HLH-2004 criteria (fever, splenomegaly, pancytopenia, ferritin level >500 μ/l and sIL-2R >2400 IU/ml) and was successfully treated by the HLH-2004 Protocol for secondary HLH...
July 2014: Turkish Journal of Pediatrics
Omar López-Arbolay, Justo González-González, Jorge Luis Rojas-Manresa
OBJECTIVE: Different approaches to the skull base have been developed through the sphenoidal sinus. Traditional boundaries of the trans-sphenoidal approach can be extended in antero-posterior and lateral plane. We review our experience with extended endoscopic endonasal approach in 127 cases. METHODS: We used the extended endoscopic endonasal approach in 127 patients with different lesions of the skull base. This study specifically focuses on: type of lesions, surgical approach, outcome and surgical complications...
November 2012: Neurocirugía
Mbu Kalenga, N Collignon, C Andris, M Deprez, B Otto
PURPOSE: Third cranial nerve palsies are unfrequent in childhood and adolescence and are most often congenital. The association of sellar germ cell tumor and ophthalmoplegia is considered as being very rare at this age. CASE REPORT: A 11-year-old young girl was examined in emergency with a third left cranial nerve partial palsy associated with one- year duration history of hypopituitarism with insipid diabetes and growth retardation. Cerebral IRM revealed a tumor of the pituitary gland...
2011: Bulletin de la Société Belge D'ophtalmologie
Lorena Narvaez Ponce, Judith Carrio, Enrique R Soriano, Carlos D Santos, Patricia M Imamura, Luis J Catoggio
Wegener's granulomatosis is a granulomatous necrotizing vasculitis which predominantly affects the respiratory tract, kidney, and less frequently other organs such as the nervous system. The latter may occur in up to 54% of cases and when it does it is more frequently of the peripheral nerves. We present a 19 year old woman who commenced her disease with involvement of respiratory sinuses, lungs and kidney and who developed central insipid diabetes (CID) at onset. The CID persisted in spite of adequate response of the other organs and systems with immunosuppresor treatment...
2009: Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas
Garabed Eknoyan
Diabetes insipidus is an ancient disease considered under the rubric of diabetes, the Greek descriptive term for polyuria, which was unrecognized even after the sweetness of urine was reported as a characteristic of diabetes mellitus in the 17th century. It would be another century before diabetes insipidus was identified from the insipid rather than saccharine taste of urine in cases of polyuria. After its increased recognition, pathologic observations and experimental studies connected diabetes insipidus to the pituitary gland in the opening decades of the 20th century...
December 2010: American Journal of Kidney Diseases: the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation
A U Lekmanov, D K Azovskiĭ, S F Piliutik, E N Gegueva, V M Abramova, A S Chernova
The aim of the study was to elucidate a relationship between the development of hypernatremia and the frequency of poor outcomes in children with severe brain injury (SBI). The retrospective study enrolled 77 children (54 boys and 23 girls) aged 1 month to 18 years, who had SBI in the period of January 2008 to September 2009, and were divided into 3 groups after treatment termination. The admission injury severity criterion was Glasgow coma scale (8 scores or less) rating. Group A comprised 51 children with SBI without hypernatremia; Group B included 14 children with SBI and hypernatremia...
January 2010: Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia
E Gheorghita, O Rata, M Trifu
Organ transplantation is a multidisciplinary speciality that has undergone a remarkable development in the last two decades, saving the lives of patients in advanced failure of various organs. Medical management of organ donors is an essential component of achieving success in transplantation. It requires a good knowledge and understanding of the pathological changes caused by brain death, changes that usually require a diagnosis and a rapid treatment. In our study we intend to analyse the problems that we encountered during preparation of the donors...
March 2010: Chirurgia
F del Río-Gallegos, J L Escalante-Cobo, J R Núñez-Peña, E Calvo-Manuel
Brain death implies the complete cessation of activity in both cerebral hemispheres and in the brainstem; this leads to severe physiopathological disorders that make donor maintenance complex and involve the concomitant risk of rapid organ deterioration. The heart is one of the target organs in this process of multiple organ failure. Myocardial stunning occurs due to a "catecholamine storm" and subsequent release of many proinflammatory mediators, free oxygen radicals, and electrolyte imbalance secondary to insipid diabetes and hypothermia...
October 2009: Medicina Intensiva
A Sayouti, R Benhaddou, R Khoumiri, L Gaboune, H Guelzim, N Benfdil, A Moutaoukil
Wolfram syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disease; it is characterized by the appearance of diabetes mellitus in childhood associated with bilateral optic atrophy that often leads to blindness. Insipid diabetes, deafness, psychiatric disorders, anosmia, anomalies of the urinary tract, nystagmus, ataxia, and myoclonias are less frequent. We report two cases of Wolfram syndrome, diagnosed in a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. In each case, there was a history of diabetes mellitus; they consulted for a progressive loss of vision...
June 2007: Journal Français D'ophtalmologie
Emidio Procaccini, Georg Dorfmüller, Martine Fohlen, Christine Bulteau, Olivier Delalande
OBJECTIVE: Hypothalamic hamartomas (HHs) require surgical treatment in patients presenting with refractory epilepsy. METHODS: The authors report on a single-center series of 33 patients (24 males, 9 females) who underwent surgery between January 1997 and April 2004. They experienced several types of seizure (gelastic, tonic, partial, atonic, generalized tonic-clonic, dacrystic, infantile spasm, mental retardation, and behavioral and endocrinological abnormalities)...
October 2006: Neurosurgery
Z Alioua, N Hjira, S Oumakhir, R Frikh, M Ghfir, M Rimani, O Sedrati
BACKGROUND: Adult multisystem Langerhans cell histiocytosis is an excepted disorder, which have several treatments. The purpose of this study was to test the disease-controlling effect of thalidomide in a case of adult multisystem Langerhans cell histiocytosis with cutaneomucous and hypothalamic localizations at dermatology department, of Mohammed-V military hospital, Rabat. CASE REPORT: A 43-year-old women, presented multifocal chronic Langerhans cell histiocytosis confined to cutaneous, oral cavity, perianal, mastoid and hypothalamic areas, with severe disabling ulcers in intertriginous areas, diabetes insipid and amenorrhoea...
August 2006: La Revue de Médecine Interne
S Fuertes Cabero, D Fuster Pelfort, X Setoain Perego, J González Berenguer, J J Mateos Fernández, P Paredes Barranco, J Ortín Pérez, F Pons Pons
We present the case of a 43-year-old man diagnosed of insipid diabetes and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in whom a right temporal bone lesion was observed in the control MRI, thus leading to his admission. A bone scintigraphy with 99mTc-HMDP showed increased uptake in the right temporal region with sphenoidal extension, coinciding with the MRI. In addition, increased uptake having less intensity and size was observed in the left temporal region. A biopsy on the newly appearing mouth ulcers in the jugal mucous was performed and showed Langerhan's cells, the diagnosis of histiocytosis X being confirmed...
January 2005: Revista Española de Medicina Nuclear
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1950: Annales D'endocrinologie
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 1965: Sovetskaia Meditsina
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 1960: Medicină Internă
L Martínez-Sánchez, A Arce, J Caritg-Bosch, J Campistol, C Pavía, E Gean-Molins
INTRODUCTION: Septo optic syndrome, described by De Morsier in 1956, consists in the hypoplasia of one or both optic nerves, mid line brain malformations and hypothalamohypophysial dysfunction, which is inconstant. It is an infrequent, but treatable, cause of hepatic and neurological damage, and it is important to obtain an early diagnosis and to begin hormone replacement therapy. CASE REPORT: We report the clinical case of a female baby who was diagnosed early on as suffering from septo?optic dysplasia, after discovery of the existence of cholestatic jaundice...
September 1, 2002: Revista de Neurologia
C Chapelon-Abric
A neurological localization is observed in 20% of the cases of sarcoidosis. Involvement of the central and/or peripheral nervous system is generally observed in Caucasians while cranial nerve localization predominates in blacks. Beside these particular elements, lymphocytic meningitis, psychiatric disorders, insipid diabetes, and cranial nerve palsy are the most frequent signs. A cerebrospinal fluid test as well as brain and spinal cord MRI with gadolinium injection is required in all cases. Depending on the clinical expression, complementary tests may include PEA, PEV and neuropsychic tests...
March 2001: Annales de Médecine Interne
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