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Stochastic bistability

Linda Irons, Markus R Owen, Reuben D O'Dea, Bindi S Brook
Integrin-mediated adhesions between airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM) regulate how contractile forces generated within the cell are transmitted to its external environment. Environmental cues are known to influence the formation, size, and survival of cell-matrix adhesions, but it is not yet known how they are affected by dynamic fluctuations associated with tidal breathing in the intact airway. Here, we develop two closely related theoretical models to study adhesion dynamics in response to oscillatory loading of the ECM, representing the dynamic environment of ASM cells in vivo...
June 5, 2018: Biophysical Journal
Xue-Zhong He, Kai Li, Chuncheng Wang
By developing a continuous-time heterogeneous agent financial market model of multi-assets traded by fundamental and momentum investors, we provide a potential mechanism for generating time-varying dominance between fundamental and non-fundamental in financial markets. We show that investment constraints lead to the coexistence of a locally stable fundamental steady state and a locally stable limit cycle around the fundamental, characterized by a Bautin bifurcation. This provides a mechanism for market prices to switch stochastically between the two persistent but very different market states, leading to the coexistence and time-varying dominance of seemingly controversial efficient market and price momentum over different time periods...
May 2018: Chaos
Josep Sardanyés, Andreu Arderiu, Santiago F Elena, Tomás Alarcón
Evolutionary and dynamical investigations into real viral populations indicate that RNA replication can range between the two extremes represented by so-called 'stamping machine replication' (SMR) and 'geometric replication' (GR). The impact of asymmetries in replication for single-stranded (+) sense RNA viruses has been mainly studied with deterministic models. However, viral replication should be better described by including stochasticity, as the cell infection process is typically initiated with a very small number of RNA macromolecules, and thus largely influenced by intrinsic noise...
May 2018: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Marco Faggian, Francesco Ginelli, Francesco Marino, Giovanni Giacomelli
Experimental evidence of an absorbing phase transition, so far associated with spatiotemporal dynamics, is provided in a purely temporal optical system. A bistable semiconductor laser, with long-delayed optoelectronic feedback and multiplicative noise, shows the peculiar features of a critical phenomenon belonging to the directed percolation universality class. The numerical study of a simple, effective model provides accurate estimates of the transition critical exponents, in agreement with both theory and our experiment...
April 27, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Hongkun Li, Changbo He, Reza Malekian, Zhixiong Li
The Centrifugal compressor is a piece of key equipment for petrochemical factories. As the core component of a compressor, the blades suffer periodic vibration and flow induced excitation mechanism, which will lead to the occurrence of crack defect. Moreover, the induced blade defect usually has a serious impact on the normal operation of compressors and the safety of operators. Therefore, an effective blade crack identification method is particularly important for the reliable operation of compressors. Conventional non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E) methods can detect the blade defect effectively, however, the compressors should shut down during the testing process which is time-consuming and costly...
April 19, 2018: Sensors
Pranesh Padmanabhan, Geoffrey J Goodhill
For the brain to function properly, its neurons must make the right connections during neural development. A key aspect of this process is the tight regulation of axon growth as axons navigate towards their targets. Neuronal growth cones at the tips of developing axons switch between growth and paused states during axonal pathfinding, and this switching behaviour determines the heterogeneous axon growth rates observed during brain development. The mechanisms controlling this switching behaviour, however, remain largely unknown...
April 25, 2018: Proceedings. Biological Sciences
Ye Guan, Zhengda Li, Shiyuan Wang, Patrick M Barnes, Xuwen Liu, Haotian Xu, Minjun Jin, Allen P Liu, Qiong Yang
Single-cell analysis is pivotal to deciphering complex phenomena like heterogeneity, bistability, and asynchronous oscillations, where a population ensemble cannot represent individual behaviors. Bulk cell-free systems, despite having unique advantages of manipulation and characterization of biochemical networks, lack the essential single-cell information to understand a class of out-of-steady-state dynamics including cell cycles. Here, by encapsulating Xenopus egg extracts in water-in-oil microemulsions, we developed artificial cells that are adjustable in sizes and periods, sustain mitotic oscillations for over 30 cycles, and function in forms from the simplest cytoplasmic-only to the more complicated ones involving nuclear dynamics, mimicking real cells...
April 5, 2018: ELife
Bo Wang, Qianqian Qi
In the reality, the lake system will be disturbed by stochastic factors including the external and internal factors. By adding the additive noise and the multiplicative noise to the right-hand sides of the model equation, the additive stochastic model and the multiplicative stochastic model are established respectively in order to reduce model errors induced by the absence of some physical processes. For both the two kinds of stochastic ecosystems, the authors studied the bifurcation characteristics with the FPK equation and the Lyapunov exponent method based on the Stratonovich-Khasminiskii stochastic average principle...
March 20, 2018: Mathematical Biosciences
Hao Ge, Pingping Wu, Hong Qian, Xiaoliang Sunney Xie
Within an isogenic population, even in the same extracellular environment, individual cells can exhibit various phenotypic states. The exact role of stochastic gene-state switching regulating the transition among these phenotypic states in a single cell is not fully understood, especially in the presence of positive feedback. Recent high-precision single-cell measurements showed that, at least in bacteria, switching in gene states is slow relative to the typical rates of active transcription and translation...
March 2018: PLoS Computational Biology
Dola Sengupta, Sandip Kar
Neural stem cells (NSCs) often give rise to a mixed population of cells during differentiation. However, the dynamical origin of these mixed states is poorly understood. In this article, our mathematical modeling study demonstrates that the bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) mediated disparate differentiation dynamics of NSCs in central and peripheral nervous systems essentially function through two distinct bistable switches that are mutually interconnected via a mushroom-like bifurcation. Stochastic simulations of the model reveal that the mixed population originates due to the existence of these bistable switching regulations and that the maintenance of such mixed states depends on the level of stochastic fluctuations of the system...
February 27, 2018: Biophysical Journal
Anjan Roy, Stefan Klumpp
We computationally study genetic circuits in bacterial populations with heterogeneities in the growth rate. To that end, we present a stochastic simulation method for gene circuits in populations of cells and propose an efficient implementation that we call the "Next Family Method". Within this approach, we implement different population setups, specifically Chemostat-type growth and growth in an ideal Mother Machine and show that the population structure and its statistics are different for the different setups whenever there is growth heterogeneity...
January 23, 2018: Biophysical Journal
Josep Sardanyés, Tomás Alarcón
Tumor cell populations are highly heterogeneous. Such heterogeneity, both at genotypic and phenotypic levels, is a key feature during tumorigenesis. How to investigate the impact of this heterogeneity in the dynamics of tumors cells becomes an important issue. Here we explore a stochastic model describing the competition dynamics between a pool of heterogeneous cancer cells with distinct phenotypes and healthy cells. This model is used to explore the role of demographic fluctuations on the transitions involving tumor clearance...
January 18, 2018: Scientific Reports
Lei Zhang, Wenbin Zheng, Fei Xie, Aiguo Song
Some noisy nonlinear systems could be exploited to operate reliable logic operation in an optimal window of noise intensity, which is termed as logical stochastic resonance (LSR). We investigated the LSR phenomenon in bistable systems when internal noise and external noise are correlated. The LSR effect is evaluated by the success probability of the obtained desired output with various combinations of logic inputs. It is shown that the or-nor, and-nand, and Latch operations still can operate reliably with the correlated internal noise and external noise...
November 2017: Physical Review. E
Sarah A M Loos, Sabine H L Klapp
This paper is concerned with the Fokker-Planck (FP) description of classical stochastic systems with discrete time delay. The non-Markovian character of the corresponding Langevin dynamics naturally leads to a coupled infinite hierarchy of FP equations for the various n-time joint distribution functions. Here, we present an approach to close the hierarchy at the one-time level based on a linearization of the deterministic forces in all members of the hierarchy starting from the second one. This leads to a closed equation for the one-time probability density in the steady state...
July 2017: Physical Review. E
Avishek Chowdhury, Sylvain Barbay, Marcel G Clerc, Isabelle Robert-Philip, Rémy Braive
Stochastic resonance is a general phenomenon usually observed in one-dimensional, amplitude modulated, bistable systems. We show experimentally the emergence of phase stochastic resonance in the bidimensional response of a forced nanoelectromechanical membrane by evidencing the enhancement of a weak phase modulated signal thanks to the addition of phase noise. Based on a general forced Duffing oscillator model, we demonstrate experimentally and theoretically that phase noise acts multiplicatively, inducing important physical consequences...
December 8, 2017: Physical Review Letters
Ting Wang, Petr Plecháč
Stochastic reaction networks that exhibit bistable behavior are common in systems biology, materials science, and catalysis. Sampling of stationary distributions is crucial for understanding and characterizing the long-time dynamics of bistable stochastic dynamical systems. However, simulations are often hindered by the insufficient sampling of rare transitions between the two metastable regions. In this paper, we apply the parallel replica method for a continuous time Markov chain in order to improve sampling of the stationary distribution in bistable stochastic reaction networks...
December 21, 2017: Journal of Chemical Physics
Christian Cuba Samaniego, Elisa Franco
Life is sustained by a variety of cyclic processes such as cell division, muscle contraction, and neuron firing. The periodic signals powering these processes often direct a variety of other downstream systems, which operate at different time scales and must have the capacity to divide or multiply the period of the master clock. Period modulation is also an important challenge in synthetic molecular systems, where slow and fast components may have to be coordinated simultaneously by a single oscillator whose frequency is often difficult to tune...
January 19, 2018: ACS Synthetic Biology
Guram Gogia, Justin C Burton
Multistability is an inseparable feature of many physical, chemical, and biological systems which are driven far from equilibrium. In these nonequilibrium systems, stochastic dynamics often induces switching between distinct states on emergent time scales; for example, bistable switching is a natural feature of noisy, spatially extended systems that consist of bistable elements. Nevertheless, here we present experimental evidence that bistable elements are not required for the global bistability of a system...
October 27, 2017: Physical Review Letters
Loïc Rondin, Jan Gieseler, Francesco Ricci, Romain Quidant, Christoph Dellago, Lukas Novotny
Understanding the thermally activated escape from a metastable state is at the heart of important phenomena such as the folding dynamics of proteins, the kinetics of chemical reactions or the stability of mechanical systems. In 1940, Kramers calculated escape rates both in the high damping and low damping regimes, and suggested that the rate must have a maximum for intermediate damping. This phenomenon, today known as the Kramers turnover, has triggered important theoretical and numerical studies. However, as yet, there is no direct and quantitative experimental verification of this turnover...
December 2017: Nature Nanotechnology
Joanna Jaruszewicz-Błońska, Tomasz Lipniacki
BACKGROUND: In favorable conditions bacterial doubling time is less than 20 min, shorter than DNA replication time. In E. coli a single round of genome replication lasts about 40 min and it must be accomplished about 20 min before cell division. To achieve such fast growth rates bacteria perform multiple replication rounds simultaneously. As a result, when the division time is as short as 20 min E. coli has about 8 copies of origin of replication (ori) and the average copy number of the genes situated close to ori can be 4 times larger than those near the terminus of replication (ter)...
December 2, 2017: BMC Systems Biology
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