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Muller weiss

Nora Bruns, Frauke Dransfeld, Britta Hüning, Julia Hobrecht, Tobias Storbeck, Christel Weiss, Ursula Felderhoff-Müser, Hanna Müller
: Neurodevelopmental outcome after prematurity is crucial. The aim was to compare two amplitude-integrated EEG (aEEG) classifications (Hellström-Westas (HW), Burdjalov) for outcome prediction. We recruited 65 infants ≤32 weeks gestational age with aEEG recordings within the first 72 h of life and Bayley testing at 24 months corrected age or death. Statistical analyses were performed for each 24 h section to determine whether very immature/depressed or mature/developed patterns predict survival/neurological outcome and to find predictors for mental development index (MDI) and psychomotor development index (PDI) at 24 months corrected age...
December 6, 2016: European Journal of Pediatrics
Erdem Aktaş, Tacettin Ayanoğlu, Yasin Hatipoğlu, Ulunay Kanatlı
Although, trauma, foot deformity (pesplanovalgus), systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and lupus, drugs (steroids, antineoplastic) and excessive alcohol consumption have all been accused in the etiology of avascular necrosis of the tarsal bones, spontaneous avascular necrosis of the navicular bone, especially in adults, is a rare entity. In this article, we report a 50-year-old female patient with bilateral, spontaneous avascular necrosis of the navicular bone and related severe talonavicular arthrosis...
December 2016: Eklem Hastalıkları Ve Cerrahisi, Joint Diseases & related Surgery
Franziska Schaller, Sabine Weiss, Horst M Müller
In a behavioral study we analyzed the influence of visual action primes on abstract action sentence processing. We thereby aimed at investigating mental motor involvement during processes of meaning constitution of action verbs in abstract contexts. In the first experiment, participants executed either congruous or incongruous movements parallel to a video prime. In the second experiment, we added a no-movement condition. After the execution of the movement, participants rendered a sensibility judgment on action sentence targets...
November 24, 2016: Cognitive Science
Anne Müller, Jochen Klumpp, Herbert Schmidt, Agnes Weiss
Specific strains of the apathogenic coagulase-negative species Staphylococcus carnosus are frequently used as meat starter cultures, as they contribute to color formation and the production of aroma compounds. Here, we report the complete genome sequence of S. carnosus LTH 3730, a strain isolated from a fermented fish product.
September 29, 2016: Genome Announcements
Hanna Müller, Christel Weiss, Marcus Renner, Ursula Felderhoff-Müser, Jan Mollenhauer
Meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) is characterized by surfactant inactivation and inflammation. As lung epithelial cells up-regulate nitric oxide (NO) in response to inflammation, the NO production following meconium exposition was examined in relation to expression of Deleted in Malignant Brain Tumors 1 (DMBT1), a protein with functions in innate immunity and inflammatory regulation. Here, DMBT1 expression was analyzed by immunohistochemistry in postmortem lung sections from patients with MAS. The lung epithelial cell line A549, stably transfected with a DMBT1 (DMBT1+ cells) expression plasmid or with an empty expression plasmid (DMBT1- cells), was exposed to meconium...
September 15, 2016: Histochemistry and Cell Biology
Chiraz Hamimi, Annie David, Pierre Versmisse, Laurence Weiss, Timothée Bruel, David Zucman, Victor Appay, Arnaud Moris, Marie-Noëlle Ungeheuer, Caroline Lascoux-Combe, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Michaela Muller-Trutwin, Faroudy Boufassa, Olivier Lambotte, Gianfranco Pancino, Asier Sáez-Cirión
HIV controllers (HICs), rare HIV-1 infected individuals able to control viral replication without antiretroviral therapy, are characterized by an efficient polyfunctional and cytolytic HIV-specific CD8+ T cell response. The mechanisms underlying the induction and maintenance of such response in many HICs despite controlled viremia are not clear. Dendritic cells play a crucial role in the generation and reactivation of T cell responses but scarce information is available on those cells in HICs. We found that monocyte derived dendritic cells (MDDCs) from HICs are less permissive to HIV-1 infection than cells from healthy donors...
2016: PloS One
Ramona Bosse, Anne Müller, Monika Gibis, Agnes Weiss, Herbert Schmidt, Jochen Weiss
Cured raw hams are a valuable and popular group of meat products. The consumption and international trade have increased during the last years, therefore new technologies to accelerate the production process and to increase product quality and safety are needed. In the current review, an overview of European protected cured raw hams is presented. Furthermore, traditional methods for cured raw ham production together with recent advantages in the techniques for pre-treatment (trimming, blade tenderization, freeze-thawing), curing/salting (tumbling, vacuum impregnation, pulsed pressure, ultrasound, pulsed electric fields, simultaneous thawing/salting), drying/ripening (Quick-Dry-Slice-process, oil drop application, high temperature short time process) and post-processing (vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging, high hydrostatic pressure, high pressure carbon dioxide, high pressure carbon dioxide with ultrasound) are described...
July 28, 2016: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Holger Garn, Sabine Bahn, Bernhard T Baune, Elisabeth B Binder, Hans Bisgaard, Talal A Chatila, Triantafyllos Chavakis, Carsten Culmsee, Udo Dannlowski, Steffen Gay, James Gern, Tari Haahtela, Tilo Kircher, Ulf Müller-Ladner, Markus F Neurath, Klaus T Preissner, Christoph Reinhardt, Graham Rook, Shannon Russell, Bernd Schmeck, Thaddeus Stappenbeck, Ulrich Steinhoff, Jim van Os, Scott Weiss, Michael Zemlin, Harald Renz
Recent research indicates that chronic inflammatory diseases, including allergies and autoimmune and neuropsychiatric diseases, share common pathways of cellular and molecular dysregulation. It was the aim of the International von-Behring-Röntgen Symposium (October 16-18, 2014, in Marburg, Germany) to discuss recent developments in this field. These include a concept of biodiversity; the contribution of urbanization, lifestyle factors, and nutrition (eg, vitamin D); and new mechanisms of metabolic and immune dysregulation, such as extracellular and intracellular RNAs and cellular and mitochondrial stress...
July 2016: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Annals of Intensive Care
Alawi Luetz, Dennis Gensel, Judith Müller, Bjoern Weiss, Viktoria Martiny, Andreas Heinz, Klaus-Dieter Wernecke, Claudia Spies
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate test validity of the Pediatric Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU, the Pediatric Anesthesia Emergence Delirium scale, and the newly developed severity scale for the Pediatric Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU; to prospectively assess covariates and their influence on test validity of the scores. DESIGN: Prospective observational cohort study. SETTING: PICU of a tertiary care medical center. PATIENTS: Critically ill patients 5 years old or older ventilated or nonventilated with an ICU length of stay of at least 24 hours...
June 7, 2016: Critical Care Medicine
Anika Müller, Gunnar Lachmann, Alissa Wolf, Rudolf Mörgeli, Björn Weiss, Claudia Spies
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: From an elderly patient's perspective, acute and chronic cognitive disturbances are among the most harmful complications that can occur following surgery. For elderly patients, these complications often mean the end of an independent life. This article focuses on this serious aspect, which is increasingly prevalent in our aging society. Cognitive disturbances are associated with severe outcome impairments and increased mortality. This article aims to provide a current overview regarding the diagnosis, pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of this severe social problem...
August 2016: Current Opinion in Critical Care
Evyatar Steiner, Sivan Livne, Tammy Kobinson-Katz, Lior Tal, Oded Pri-Tal, Assaf Mosquna, Danuše Tarkowská, Bruno Mueller, Petr Tarkowski, David Weiss
Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) SPINDLY (SPY) is a putative serine and threonine O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase (OGT). While SPY has been shown to suppress gibberellin signaling and to promote cytokinin (CK) responses, its catalytic OGT activity was never demonstrated and its effect on protein fate is not known. We previously showed that SPY interacts physically and functionally with TCP14 and TCP15 to promote CK responses. Here, we aimed to identify how SPY regulates TCP14/15 activities and how these TCPs promote CK responses...
June 2016: Plant Physiology
Wenko Smolka, Karl Sotlar, Max Weiss, Ullrich Müller-Lisse
A case of a 71-year-old female patient with osteochondrosis dissecans of the right temporomandibular joint is presented. Osteochondrosis dissecans usually occurs at the weight-bearing convex cartilage in all larger joints. It is rarely found in the temporomandibular joint and usually shows one or two loose bodies dislodged from defects which are present on the condylar head. Because of multiple loose bodies and a defect on the temporomandibular fossa, the case presented here is very uncommon.
September 2016: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dierk Scheinert, Andrej Schmidt, Thomas Zeller, Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Sebastian Sixt, Henrik Schröder, Norbert Weiss, Dominik Ketelsen, Jens Ricke, Sabine Steiner, Kenneth Rosenfield
PURPOSE: To report a subanalysis of the German centers enrolling patients in the prospective, global, multicenter, randomized LEVANT 2 pivotal trial ( identifier NCT01412541) of the Lutonix drug-coated balloon (DCB) for the treatment of femoropopliteal occlusive disease. METHODS: Among the 476 patients in LEVANT 2, 126 patients (mean age 67.1±9.6 years; 79 men) were enrolled at the 8 participating German sites between August 2011 and July 2012 and were randomized 2:1 to treatment with the Lutonix DCB (n=83) vs an uncoated balloon during percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA, n=43)...
June 2016: Journal of Endovascular Therapy
Amelia R Bachleda, Larysa H Pevny, Ellen R Weiss
PURPOSE: Müller glia (MG), the principal glial cells of the vertebrate retina, display quiescent progenitor cell characteristics. They express key progenitor markers, including the high mobility group box transcription factor SOX2 and maintain a progenitor-like morphology. In the embryonic and mature central nervous system, SOX2 maintains neural stem cell identity. However, its function in committed Müller glia has yet to be determined. METHODS: We use inducible, MG-specific genetic ablation of Sox2 in vivo at the peak of MG genesis to analyze its function in the maturation of murine MG and effects on other cells in the retina...
March 2016: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Carles Puente-Alonso, Carmen Higueras-Suñe, Jose A González-Vargas, Cristian Carrasco-López
Owing to the limited blood supply in the midfoot, multiple arthrodesis attempts in midfood joints may result in severe osteonecrosis, leading to a difficult scenario for bone reconstruction. This article describes the use of fibula flaps (two free and one pedicled flap) to reconstruct bone defects in three cases of persistent nonunion in midfoot joints. Before admission, all patients (aged 32-56 years old) had undergone multiple arthrodesis attempts (range 3-4) aimed at treating joint diseases associated with flatfoot or Müller-Weiss syndrome...
March 18, 2016: Microsurgery
Florian M Weiss, Tino Töpper, Bekim Osmani, Hans Deyhle, Gabor Kovacs, Bert Müller
Low-voltage dielectric actuators (DEAs) can be fabricated using submicrometer-thin polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) films. The two established techniques, namely spin coating and molecular beam deposition, however, are inappropriate to produce multistack DEAs in an efficient way. Therefore, we propose an alternative deposition technique, i.e., the alternating current electrospray deposition (ACESD) of 5 vol % PDMS in ethyl acetate solution and subsequent ultraviolet light curing. Atomic force microscopy makes possible the three-dimensional analysis of cured droplet-like islands...
April 5, 2016: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
Virginia Castiglia, Alessandra Piersigilli, Florian Ebner, Marton Janos, Oliver Goldmann, Ursula Damböck, Andrea Kröger, Sigfried Weiss, Sylvia Knapp, Amanda M Jamieson, Carsten Kirschning, Ulrich Kalinke, Birgit Strobl, Mathias Müller, Dagmar Stoiber, Stefan Lienenklaus, Pavel Kovarik
Type I interferons (IFN-Is) are fundamental for antiviral immunity, but their role in bacterial infections is contradictory and incompletely described. Streptococcus pyogenes activates IFN-I production in innate immune cells, and IFN-I receptor 1 (Ifnar1)-deficient mice are highly susceptible to S. pyogenes infection. Here we report that IFN-I signaling protects the host against invasive S. pyogenes infection by restricting inflammation-driven damage in distant tissues. Lethality following infection in Ifnar1-deficient mice is caused by systemically exacerbated levels of the proinflammatory cytokine IL-1β...
March 9, 2016: Cell Host & Microbe
Matthew J Welck, Jonathan Kaplan, Mark S Myerson
UNLABELLED: Müller-Weiss disease (MWD) is a rare condition that results in dorsolateral collapse of the navicular associated with rotation of the talar head and subtalar varus deformity. There are also varying degrees of midfoot collapse and associated loss of the medial arch in more advanced cases. The characteristic deformities and classification have been described on weightbearing radiographs. While early stage disease can be detected on magnetic resonance imaging and bone scan, there are considerable advantages to computed tomography (CT) scanning, in particular, weightbearing CT for further evaluation of this condition...
June 2016: Foot & Ankle Specialist
Ayuko Hoshino, Bruno Costa-Silva, Tang-Long Shen, Goncalo Rodrigues, Ayako Hashimoto, Milica Tesic Mark, Henrik Molina, Shinji Kohsaka, Angela Di Giannatale, Sophia Ceder, Swarnima Singh, Caitlin Williams, Nadine Soplop, Kunihiro Uryu, Lindsay Pharmer, Tari King, Linda Bojmar, Alexander E Davies, Yonathan Ararso, Tuo Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Jonathan Hernandez, Joshua M Weiss, Vanessa D Dumont-Cole, Kimberly Kramer, Leonard H Wexler, Aru Narendran, Gary K Schwartz, John H Healey, Per Sandstrom, Knut Jørgen Labori, Elin H Kure, Paul M Grandgenett, Michael A Hollingsworth, Maria de Sousa, Sukhwinder Kaur, Maneesh Jain, Kavita Mallya, Surinder K Batra, William R Jarnagin, Mary S Brady, Oystein Fodstad, Volkmar Muller, Klaus Pantel, Andy J Minn, Mina J Bissell, Benjamin A Garcia, Yibin Kang, Vinagolu K Rajasekhar, Cyrus M Ghajar, Irina Matei, Hector Peinado, Jacqueline Bromberg, David Lyden
Ever since Stephen Paget's 1889 hypothesis, metastatic organotropism has remained one of cancer's greatest mysteries. Here we demonstrate that exosomes from mouse and human lung-, liver- and brain-tropic tumour cells fuse preferentially with resident cells at their predicted destination, namely lung fibroblasts and epithelial cells, liver Kupffer cells and brain endothelial cells. We show that tumour-derived exosomes uptaken by organ-specific cells prepare the pre-metastatic niche. Treatment with exosomes from lung-tropic models redirected the metastasis of bone-tropic tumour cells...
November 19, 2015: Nature
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