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Echo Rounds

Hua Wang, Mengmeng Liu, Jianqiu Yang, Yimin Song
To study high-frequency ultrasound features and pathological characteristics of medullary thyroid carcinoma (medullary thyroid carcinoma, MTC) with the purpose to improve the diagnostic accuracy of this disease. The clinical data of 20 cases of patients with MTC confirmed by the clinical surgery were retrospectively analyzed. And the high-frequency ultrasound features were analyzed and compared with the pathological characteristics. There were 16 cases with tumor invasion into one side of the thyroid gland; 17 cases with tumor in the middle-upper pole of the thyroid gland...
November 2016: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rathmony Hong, Pauline Yongeun Ahn, Frank Wieringa, Tung Rathavy, Ludovic Gauthier, Rathavuth Hong, Arnaud Laillou, Judit Van Geystelen, Jacques Berger, Etienne Poirot
BACKGROUND: Reduction of neonatal and under-five mortality rates remains a primary target in the achievement of universal health goals, as evident in renewed investments of Sustainable Development Goals. Various studies attribute declines in mortality to the combined effects of improvements in health care practices and changes in socio-economic factors. Since the early nineties, Cambodia has managed to evolve from a country devastated by war to a nation soon to enter the group of middle income countries...
2017: PloS One
Eugenia J Olguín, Daniel A García-López, Ricardo E González-Portela, Gloria Sánchez-Galván
Phytofiltration lagoons are phytoremediation technologies suitable for tropical and sub-tropical regions requiring cost-effective and echo-friendly technologies. A biorefinery of fourth generation has been implemented at pilot plant level in Xalapa, Mexico, and the phytofiltration lagoon, being the first module for provision of treated water and plant biomass for biofuel production plays a key role. The aim of this work was to evaluate the performance of such phytofiltration lagoon with a working volume of 13,000 L for the removal of nutrients from an urban river polluted with domestic wastewater and the biomass productivity of the macrophyte Pistia stratiotes, during five different experimental periods, comprising 42 days each one...
March 16, 2017: Science of the Total Environment
Hua Wang, Mengmeng Liu, Jianqiu Yang, Yimin Song
To study high-frequency ultrasound features and pathological characteristics of medullary thyroid carcinoma (medullary thyroid carcinoma, MTC) with the purpose to improve the diagnostic accuracy of this disease. The clinical data of 20 cases of patients with MTC confirmed by the clinical surgery were retrospectively analyzed. And the high-frequency ultrasound features were analyzed and compared with the pathological characteristics. There were 16 cases with tumor invasion into one side of the thyroid gland; 17 cases with tumor in the middle-upper pole of the thyroid gland...
November 2016: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zeming Liu, Wen Zeng, Chunping Liu, Shuntao Wang, Yiquan Xiong, Yawen Guo, Xiaoyu Li, Shiran Sun, Tianwen Chen, Yusufu Maimaiti, Pan Yu, Tao Huang
BACKGROUND: Whether sonography is an appropriate imaging modality for cervical lymph nodes in patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) remains unclear. Hence, this study aimed to evaluate the diagnostic value of ultrasonography (US) features for lymph node metastasis in PTMC. METHODS: Seven hundred twelve patients with PTMC who underwent conventional ultrasonography examinations of the cervical lymph nodes were included. All included cases underwent total thyroidectomy plus prophylactic central lymph node dissection...
January 26, 2017: World Journal of Surgical Oncology
Julien P Fortineau, François Vander Meulen, Jérôme Fortineau, Guy Feuillard
We propose a method to identify the different echoes of an overlapped ultrasonic signal. This method is based on an iterative algorithm that compares the experimental signal to a realistic dictionary of trial functions and allows identification of one overlapped echo at each iteration. Adding physical parameters to the dictionary such as sample attenuation and ultrasound beam diffraction allows the method to be applied to various materials and sample geometries. Measurements at 500kHz and 5MHz on a ABS material and a copper plate are reported...
September 12, 2016: Ultrasonics
Fiona Irvine, Echo Yuet Wah Yeung, Martin Partridge, Peter Simcock
The limited research that considers people from black and minority ethnic communities' experiences of personalisation tends to focus on personal budgets rather than personalisation per se. This article provides an opportunity to hear the voices of people from Chinese backgrounds and their experiences of personalisation. The study used individual semi-structured interviews and focus groups to collect data from physically disabled people from Chinese backgrounds who lived in England, were aged between 18 and 70, and received social care...
May 2017: Health & Social Care in the Community
F Guo, S Svenningsen, R L Eddy, D P I Capaldi, K Sheikh, A Fenster, G Parraga
PURPOSE: Pulmonary magnetic-resonance-imaging (MRI) and x-ray computed-tomography have provided strong evidence of spatially and temporally persistent lung structure-function abnormalities in asthmatics. This has generated a shift in their understanding of lung disease and supports the use of imaging biomarkers as intermediate endpoints of asthma severity and control. In particular, pulmonary (1)H MRI can be used to provide quantitative lung structure-function measurements longitudinally and in response to treatment...
June 2016: Medical Physics
Jiaqi Zhao, Jianquan Zhang, Qi Xu, Jianguo Sheng, Zongping Diao, Shiyuan Liu
PURPOSE: This study aimed to use the multiscale blob feature (MBF) method to quantitatively evaluate porcine striated muscle injuries. METHODS: A porcine striated muscle injury model was induced by microwave ablation and anhydrous acetic acid injection, respectively. Then, both 2D sonographic and histological features of the lesions were recorded and compared. Later, MBF was used to quantitatively evaluate the porcine striated muscle injuries by extracting the texture features from the 2D ultrasonogram via measuring eight textural parameters (Mean, SDev, NOB, [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text], HOD, DOD, and POD)...
July 2016: Journal of Medical Ultrasonics
Toshifumi Tada, Takashi Kumada, Hidenori Toyoda, Yasuhiro Sone, Yuji Kaneoka, Atsuyuki Maeda, Seiji Okuda, Katsuhiko Otobe, Nozomi Tsuji
AIM: To clarify the value of gray-scale ultrasound (US) combined with contrast-enhanced US (CEUS) with perflubutane in diagnosing early hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS: A total of 57 surgically resected, well differentiated HCCs were analyzed. Hepatocellular carcinomas were macroscopically diagnosed as vaguely nodular or distinctly nodular types, which correspond to early HCC or progressed HCC, respectively. Gray-scale US findings were evaluated in terms of shape (round or roundish, or irregular), border and contour (well-defined and smooth, or poorly defined), and intratumor echo levels (hyper, hypo, iso, heterogeneous, or mosaic)...
November 2016: Hepatology Research: the Official Journal of the Japan Society of Hepatology
Blanaid Hayes, Deirdre Fitzgerald, Sally Doherty, Gillian Walsh
OBJECTIVES: To identify and rank the most significant workplace stressors to which consultants and trainees are exposed within the publicly funded health sector in Ireland. DESIGN: Following a preliminary semistructured telephone interview, a Delphi technique with 3 rounds of reiterative questionnaires was used to obtain consensus. Conducted in Spring 2014, doctors were purposively selected by their college faculty or specialty training body. SETTING: Consultants and higher specialist trainees who were engaged at a collegiate level with their faculty or professional training body...
2015: BMJ Open
Kelly Victor, Nicholas A Barrett, Stuart Gillon, Abigail Gowland, Christopher I S Meadows, Nicholas Ioannou
UNLABELLED: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is an advanced form of organ support indicated in selected cases of severe cardiovascular and respiratory failure. Echocardiography is an invaluable diagnostic and monitoring tool in all aspects of ECMO support. The unique nature of ECMO, and its distinct effects upon cardio-respiratory physiology, requires the echocardiographer to have a sound understanding of the technology and its interaction with the patient. In this article, we introduce the key concepts underpinning commonly used modes of ECMO and discuss the role of echocardiography...
June 1, 2015: Echo Research and Practice
Paru Patrawalla, Lewis Ari Eisen, Ariel Shiloh, Brijen J Shah, Oleksandr Savenkov, Wendy Wise, Laura Evans, Paul Mayo, Demian Szyld
BACKGROUND: Point-of-care ultrasound is an emerging technology in critical care medicine. Despite requirements for critical care medicine fellowship programs to demonstrate knowledge and competency in point-of-care ultrasound, tools to guide competency-based training are lacking. OBJECTIVE: We describe the development and validity arguments of a competency assessment tool for critical care ultrasound. METHODS: A modified Delphi method was used to develop behaviorally anchored checklists for 2 ultrasound applications: "Perform deep venous thrombosis study (DVT)" and "Qualify left ventricular function using parasternal long axis and parasternal short axis views (Echo)...
December 2015: Journal of Graduate Medical Education
Terje Kristensen, Erik Næsset, Mikael Ohlson, Paul V Bolstad, Randall Kolka
A large and growing body of evidence has demonstrated that airborne scanning light detection and ranging (lidar) systems can be an effective tool in measuring and monitoring above-ground forest tree biomass. However, the potential of lidar as an all-round tool for assisting in assessment of carbon (C) stocks in soil and non-tree vegetation components of the forest ecosystem has been given much less attention. Here we combine the use airborne small footprint scanning lidar with fine-scale spatial C data relating to vegetation and the soil surface to describe and contrast the size and spatial distribution of C pools within and among multilayered Norway spruce (Picea abies) stands...
2015: PloS One
S Mehta
OBJECTIVE: A cross-sectional study was done to assess the size of thymus in term healthy infants using sonography and to assess its variation in size, shape, location, echogenicity and echotexture for both male and female reference population. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A total of 250 term healthy neonates of either sex were subjected to thymic sonography. The shape, size in maximal anteroposterior, longitudinal, and transverse dimensions of both right and left lobes of thymus was evaluated...
2015: Journal of Neonatal-perinatal Medicine
J Linn
Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are defined as small, rounded, or ovoid, homogeneous hypointense lesions on T2*-weighted gradient-echo and other susceptibility-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences. They must be differentiated from other causes of focal hypointensities on these sequences. Although CMBs can be caused by a variety of diseases, they are most frequently associated with different forms of cerebral small vessel diseases. This review summarizes the MRI characteristics of CMBs including methodological considerations, as well as prevalence, differential diagnosis, mimics, and clinical relevance of CMBs...
October 2015: Clinical Neuroradiology
Louis R Caplan
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 11, 2015: Circulation
Jeffrey S Quon, Bardia Moosavi, Maneesh Khanna, Trevor A Flood, Christopher S Lim, Nicola Schieda
UNLABELLED: MP-MRI is a critical component in active surveillance (AS) of prostate cancer (PCa) because of a high negative predictive value for clinically significant tumours. This review illustrates pitfalls of MP-MRI and how to recognise and avoid them. The anterior fibromuscular stroma and central zone are low signal on T2W-MRI/apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), resembling PCa. Location, progressive enhancement and low signal on b ≥1000 mm²/s echo-planar images (EPI) are differentiating features...
August 2015: Insights Into Imaging
Bo Zhang, Yi-Rong Hou, Tian Chen, Bing Hu
OBJECTIVE: To observe vascular smooth muscle cell morphological changes induced by ultrasound combined with microbubbles by Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy (AFAM). METHODS: A7r5 rat aortic smooth muscle cells were divided into groups: control group (without ultrasonic irradiation, no micro bubbles) and US+MB group (45 kHz, 0.4 W/cm(2) ultrasound irradiate for 20 seconds with a SonoVue™ concentration of [(56-140)×10(5)/mL]. Cell micro-morphological changes (such as topographic and acoustic prognosis) were detected, before and after ultrasound destruction by AFAM...
April 2015: Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine
Hongxun Wu, Bingjie Zhang
The purpose of this study was to determine the ultrasonographic (US) appearance of focal Hashimoto's thyroiditis (FHT). Thirty-seven FHT patients and 60 consecutive patients with 60 papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTC) that were confirmed by cytology or histopathology between January 2011 and December 2013 were analyzed. Using the results of color Doppler imaging, US findings were retrospectively reviewed. Inter-group differences in size, internal content, echogenicity, echo texture, shape, boundary, margin, calcifications, fine echogenic septa, and blood flow were statistically assessed...
2015: Endocrine Journal
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