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Yelena Y Janjigian, Francisco Sanchez-Vega, Philip Jonsson, Walid K Chatila, Jaclyn F Hechtman, Geoffrey Y Ku, Jamie C Riches, Yaelle Tuvy, Ritika Kundra, Nancy Bouvier, Efsevia Vakiani, Jianjiong Gao, Zachary J Heins, Benjamin E Gross, David P Kelsen, Liying Zhang, Vivian E Strong, Mark Schattner, Hans Gerdes, Daniel G Coit, Manjit Bains, Zsofia K Stadler, Valerie W Rusch, David R Jones, Daniela Molena, Jinru Shia, Mark E Robson, Marinela Capanu, Sumit Middha, Ahmet Zehir, David M Hyman, Maurizio Scaltriti, Marc Ladanyi, Neal Rosen, David H Ilson, Michael F Berger, Laura Tang, Barry S Taylor, David B Solit, Nikolaus Schultz
The incidence of esophagogastric cancer is rapidly rising, but only a minority of patients derive durable benefit from current therapies. Chemotherapy as well as anti-HER2 and PD-1 antibodies are standard treatments. To identify predictive biomarkers of drug sensitivity and mechanisms of resistance, we implemented prospective tumor sequencing of patients with metastatic esophagogastric cancer. There was no association between homologous recombination deficiency defects and response to platinum-based chemotherapy...
January 2018: Cancer Discovery
Yael Baruch-Shpigler, Huan Wang, Inbal Tuvi-Arad, David Avnir
Ramachandran plots (RPs) map the wealth of conformations of the polypeptide backbone and are widely used to characterize protein structures. A limitation of the RPs is that they are based solely on two dihedral angles for each amino acid residue and provide therefore only a partial picture of the conformational richness of the protein. Here we extend the structural RP analysis of proteins from a two-dimensional (2D) map to a three-dimensional map by adding the quantitative degree of chirality-the continuous chirality measure (CCM)-of the amino acid residue at each point in the RP...
October 24, 2017: Biochemistry
Radu Iovita, Inbal Tuvi-Arad, Marie-Hélène Moncel, Jackie Despriée, Pierre Voinchet, Jean-Jacques Bahain
In the last few decades, new discoveries have pushed the beginning of the biface-rich European Acheulian from 500 thousand years (ka) ago back to at least 700 ka, and possibly to 1 million years (Ma) ago. It remains, however, unclear to date if handaxes arrived in Europe as a fully developed technology or if they evolved locally from core-and-flake industries. This issue is also linked with another long-standing debate on the existence and behavioral, cognitive, and social meaning of a possibly chronological trend for increased handaxe symmetry throughout the Lower Paleolithic...
2017: PloS One
Bogdan Geavlete, Catalin Bulai, Cosmin Ene, Ionel Checherita, Petrisor Geavlete
OBJECTIVES: The study compared the transurethral resection in saline (TURis), transurethral vaporization in saline (TUVis), bipolar plasma enucleation of the prostate (BPEP), and open prostatectomy (OP) in a single-center, prospective, randomized controlled clinical setting exclusively involving large prostate patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS: During a 4½ year enrollment period, 320 cases of prostate volume over 80 mL, maximum flow rate (Qmax) below 10 mL/second, International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) over 19, or urinary retention were included in the trial and equally randomized in the four study arms...
March 2015: Journal of Endourology
Inbal Tuvi-Arad, Tamás Rozgonyi, András Stirling
Many reactions feature symmetry variation along the reaction path on the potential energy surface. The interconversion of the point group symmetry of the stationary points can be characteristic of these processes. Increasing the temperature, however, leads to the loss of symmetry in its traditional yes-no language. We find that in such cases the instantaneous distance of the molecular structure from its symmetric counterpart is a suitable collective variable that can describe the reaction process. We show that this quantity, the continuous symmetry measure (CSM), has a positive linear relationship with temperature, implying that even highly symmetric molecules should be considered as asymmetric above 0 K...
December 5, 2013: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
Inbal Tuvi-Arad, David Avnir
Woodward-Hoffmann (WH) rules provide strict symmetry selection rules: when they are obeyed, a reaction proceeds; when they are not obeyed, there is no reaction. However, the voluminous experimental literature provides ample evidence that strict compliance to symmetry requirements is not an obstacle for a concerted reaction to proceed, and therefore the idea has developed that it is enough to have a certain degree of the required symmetry to have reactivity. Here we provide quantitative evidence of that link, and show that as one deviates from the desired symmetry, the enthalpy of activation increases, that is, we show that concerted reactions slow down the further they are from the ideal symmetry...
August 6, 2012: Chemistry: a European Journal
Nicolas B Delongchamps, Grégoire Robert, Alexandre de la Taille, Olivier Haillot, Charles Ballereau, Christian Saussine, François Kleinclauss, Abdel-Rahmène Azzouzi, Bertrand Lukacs, Olivier Dumonceau, Marc Fourmarier, Marian Devonec, Aurélien Descazeaud
INTRODUCTION: To compare postoperative outcomes of patients on oral anticoagulation (OA) treated with transurethral plasma vaporization of the prostate in saline water (TUVis) and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between January and December 2009, 111 patients on OA therapy were treated with either TURP or TUVis in eight centers. Types of OA and perioperative management were collected. Postoperative outcomes were statistically compared between the two groups...
December 2011: Canadian Journal of Urology
Inbal Tuvi-Arad, David Avnir
We propose the notion that if asymmetry characterizes a concerted reaction, a quantitative treatment in terms of continuous symmetry can bridge the gap between the Woodward-Hoffmann (WH) rules, originally formulated for symmetry-idealized unsubstituted reactants, and the fact that these rules hold for a much wider scope of reactions. Instead of focusing on symmetry conservation along the minimum energy path, we suggest that the distortion with respect to the original expected symmetry must attain a certain minimal value, not necessarily zero...
June 17, 2011: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Grégoire Robert, Aurélien Descazeaud, Nicolas Barry Delongchamps, Charles Ballereau, Olivier Haillot, Christian Saussine, François Kleinklauss, Gilles Pasticier, Abdel-Rahmène Azzouzi, Bertrand Lukacs, Olivier Dumonceau, Marc Fourmarier, Alexandre De La Taille, Marian Devonec
UNLABELLED: Study Type - Therapy (multi-centre cohort). Level of Evidence 2b. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the early functional outcomes of transurethral plasma vaporization of the prostate (TUVis) in a multicentre study. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A prospective multicentre observational study was conducted in eight urology departments. The inclusion criterion was benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) requiring surgical treatment. Patients on anti-coagulant therapy were not excluded...
August 2012: BJU International
, A A Abdo, M Ackermann, M Arimoto, K Asano, W B Atwood, M Axelsson, L Baldini, J Ballet, D L Band, G Barbiellini, M G Baring, D Bastieri, M Battelino, B M Baughman, K Bechtol, F Bellardi, R Bellazzini, B Berenji, P N Bhat, E Bissaldi, R D Blandford, E D Bloom, G Bogaert, J R Bogart, E Bonamente, J Bonnell, A W Borgland, A Bouvier, J Bregeon, A Brez, M S Briggs, M Brigida, P Bruel, T H Burnett, D Burrows, G Busetto, G A Caliandro, R A Cameron, P A Caraveo, J M Casandjian, M Ceccanti, C Cecchi, A Celotti, E Charles, A Chekhtman, C C Cheung, J Chiang, S Ciprini, R Claus, J Cohen-Tanugi, L R Cominsky, V Connaughton, J Conrad, L Costamante, S Cutini, M Deklotz, C D Dermer, A de Angelis, F de Palma, S W Digel, B L Dingus, E do Couto E Silva, P S Drell, R Dubois, D Dumora, Y Edmonds, P A Evans, D Fabiani, C Farnier, C Favuzzi, J Finke, G Fishman, W B Focke, M Frailis, Y Fukazawa, S Funk, P Fusco, F Gargano, D Gasparrini, N Gehrels, S Germani, B Giebels, N Giglietto, P Giommi, F Giordano, T Glanzman, G Godfrey, A Goldstein, J Granot, J Greiner, I A Grenier, M-H Grondin, J E Grove, L Guillemot, S Guiriec, G Haller, Y Hanabata, A K Harding, M Hayashida, E Hays, J A Hernando Morat, A Hoover, R E Hughes, G Jóhannesson, A S Johnson, R P Johnson, T J Johnson, W N Johnson, T Kamae, H Katagiri, J Kataoka, A Kavelaars, N Kawai, H Kelly, J Kennea, M Kerr, R M Kippen, J Knödlseder, D Kocevski, M L Kocian, N Komin, C Kouveliotou, F Kuehn, M Kuss, J Lande, D Landriu, S Larsson, L Latronico, C Lavalley, B Lee, S-H Lee, M Lemoine-Goumard, G G Lichti, F Longo, F Loparco, B Lott, M N Lovellette, P Lubrano, G M Madejski, A Makeev, B Marangelli, M N Mazziotta, S McBreen, J E McEnery, S McGlynn, C Meegan, P Mészáros, C Meurer, P F Michelson, M Minuti, N Mirizzi, W Mitthumsiri, T Mizuno, A A Moiseev, C Monte, M E Monzani, E Moretti, A Morselli, I V Moskalenko, S Murgia, T Nakamori, D Nelson, P L Nolan, J P Norris, E Nuss, M Ohno, T Ohsugi, A Okumura, N Omodei, E Orlando, J F Ormes, M Ozaki, W S Paciesas, D Paneque, J H Panetta, D Parent, V Pelassa, M Pepe, M Perri, M Pesce-Rollins, V Petrosian, M Pinchera, F Piron, T A Porter, R Preece, S Rainò, E Ramirez-Ruiz, R Rando, E Rapposelli, M Razzano, S Razzaque, N Rea, A Reimer, O Reimer, T Reposeur, L C Reyes, S Ritz, L S Rochester, A Y Rodriguez, M Roth, F Ryde, H F-W Sadrozinski, D Sanchez, A Sander, P M Saz Parkinson, J D Scargle, T L Schalk, K N Segal, C Sgrò, T Shimokawabe, E J Siskind, D A Smith, P D Smith, G Spandre, P Spinelli, M Stamatikos, J-L Starck, F W Stecker, H Steinle, T E Stephens, M S Strickman, D J Suson, G Tagliaferri, H Tajima, H Takahashi, T Takahashi, T Tanaka, A Tenze, J B Thayer, J G Thayer, D J Thompson, L Tibaldo, D F Torres, G Tosti, A Tramacere, M Turri, S Tuvi, T L Usher, A J van der Horst, L Vigiani, N Vilchez, V Vitale, A von Kienlin, A P Waite, D A Williams, C Wilson-Hodge, B L Winer, K S Wood, X F Wu, R Yamazaki, T Ylinen, M Ziegler
Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are highly energetic explosions signaling the death of massive stars in distant galaxies. The Gamma-ray Burst Monitor and Large Area Telescope onboard the Fermi Observatory together record GRBs over a broad energy range spanning about 7 decades of gammaray energy. In September 2008, Fermi observed the exceptionally luminous GRB 080916C, with the largest apparent energy release yet measured. The high-energy gamma rays are observed to start later and persist longer than the lower energy photons...
March 27, 2009: Science
Ain Vellak, Eva-Liis Tuvi, Ülle Reier, Rein Kalamees, Elle Roosaluste, Martin Zobel, Meelis Pärtel
The Global Strategy of Plant Conservation states that at least 60% of threatened plant species should be within protected areas. This goal has been met in some regions with long traditions of plant protection. We used gap analysis to explore how particular groups of species of conservation interest, representing different types of natural or anthropogenic rarity, have been covered by protected areas on a national scale in Estonia during the last 100 years. Species-accumulation curves indicated that plant species that are naturally rare (restricted global or local distribution, always small populations, or very rare habitat requirements) needed almost twice as many protected areas to reach the 60% target as plant species that are rare owing to lack of suitable management (species depending on grassland management, moderate forest disturbances, extensive traditional agriculture, or species potentially threatened by collecting)...
June 2009: Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
Band, Tuvi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 1995: Physical Review. A
Band, Tuvi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 1995: Physical Review. A
Band, Tuvi, Suominen, Burnett, Julienne
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1994: Physical Review. A
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