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Sameer Shakeel Ansari, Imtiyaz Yousuf, Farukh Arjmand, Mohammad Khursheed Siddiqi, Saeeda Naqvi
The intermolecular interaction of flufenamic acid (Hfluf) with two model proteins i.e., hemoglobin and lysozyme was explored using fluorescence, UV-vis, circular dichroism, DLS, and molecular docking techniques. The corroborative spectroscopic techniques suggested efficient binding of Hfluf to both the proteins. The S-V plot in Hb-Hfluf system showed positive deviation highlighting the presence of both static and dynamic quenching. Hence, ground state complex model and sphere of action quenching model were used for the study...
May 16, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Naoya Uchida, Selami Demirci, Juan J Haro-Mora, Atsushi Fujita, Lydia N Raines, Matthew M Hsieh, John F Tisdale
In vitro erythroid differentiation from primary human cells is valuable to develop genetic strategies for hemoglobin disorders. However, current erythroid differentiation methods are encumbered by modest transduction rates and high baseline fetal hemoglobin production. In this study, we sought to improve both genetic modification and hemoglobin production among human erythroid cells in vitro . To model therapeutic strategies, we transduced human CD34+ cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) with lentiviral vectors and compared erythropoietin-based erythroid differentiation using fetal-bovine-serum-containing media and serum-free media...
June 15, 2018: Molecular Therapy. Methods & Clinical Development
Chang Li, Nikoletta Psatha, Hongjie Wang, Manvendra Singh, Himanshu Bhusan Samal, Wenli Zhang, Anja Ehrhardt, Zsuzsanna Izsvák, Thalia Papayannopoulou, André Lieber
We generated an integrating, CD46-targeted, helper-dependent adenovirus HDAd5/35++ vector system for hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy. The ∼12-kb transgene cassette included a β-globin locus control region (LCR)/promoter driven human γ-globin gene and an elongation factor alpha-1 (EF1α)-mgmtP140K expression cassette, which allows for drug-controlled increase of γ-globin-expressing erythrocytes. We transduced bone marrow lineage-depleted cells from human CD46-transgenic mice and transplanted them into lethally irradiated recipients...
June 15, 2018: Molecular Therapy. Methods & Clinical Development
Hong Lou, Eduardo Gharzouzi, Sarita Polo Guerra, Joël Fokom Domgue, Julie Sawitzke, Guillermo Villagran, Lisa Garland, Joseph F Boland, Sarah Wagner, Héctor Rosas, Jami Troxler, Heidi McMillen, Bailey Kessing, Enrique Alvirez, Miriam Castillo, Hesler Morales, Victor Argueta, Andert Rosingh, Femke J H B van Aerde-van Nunen, Griselda Lopez, Herbert M Pinedo, Mark Schiffman, Michael Dean, Roberto Orozco
BACKGROUND: A low cost and accurate method for detecting high-risk (HR) human papillomavirus (HPV) is important to permit HPV testing for cervical cancer prevention. We used a commercially available HPV method (H13, Hybribio) which was documented to function accurately in a reduced volume of cervical specimen to determine the most prevalent HPV types and the distribution of HPV infections in over 1795 cancer-free women in Guatemala undergoing primary screening for cervical cancer by cytology...
May 15, 2018: BMC Cancer
Ricardo da Silva Antunes, John Pham, Curtis McMurtrey, William H Hildebrand, Elizabeth Phillips, Simon Mallal, John Sidney, Paula Busse, Bjoern Peters, Véronique Schulten, Alessandro Sette
Mouse allergy in both laboratory workers and in inner-city children is associated with allergic rhinitis and asthma, posing a serious public health concern. Urine is a major source of mouse allergens, as mice spray urine onto their surroundings, where the proteins dry up and become airborne on dust particles. Here, we tested whether oligopeptides that are abundant in mouse urine may contribute to mouse allergic T cell response. Over 1,300 distinct oligopeptides were detected by mass spectrometry analysis of the low molecular weight filtrate fraction of mouse urine (LoMo)...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Bingsheng Guan, Jingge Yang, Yanya Chen, Wah Yang, Cunchuan Wang
BACKGROUND: Nutritional deficiencies have been reported in bariatric surgery patients with inconsistent results. However, scarce data exist for Chinese patients. We aimed to assess nutritional deficiencies in Chinese patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and sleeve gastrectomy (SG), and to identify predictors of postoperative nutritional status. METHODS: A retrospective review of a prospectively collected database was conducted in the patients undergoing RYGB and SG in our hospital between June 2013 and January 2017...
May 12, 2018: Obesity Surgery
Sharon A Singh, Susmita Sarangi, Abena Appiah-Kubi, Peihong Hsu, W Byron Smith, Patrick G Gallagher, Bertil Glader, David H K Chui
Alpha thalassemia due to nondeletional mutations usually leads to more severe disease than that caused by deletional mutations. Devastating outcomes such as hydrops fetalis can occur with two nondeletional mutations, therefore warranting DNA-based workup for suspected carriers with subtle hematological abnormalities for family counseling purposes. We describe three cases with hemoglobin (Hb) Adana, a nondeletional alpha chain mutation, compounded with an alpha globin gene deletion resulting in thalassemia intermedia...
May 11, 2018: Pediatric Blood & Cancer
Mirjam Seitz, Sonja Kilo, Elisabeth Eckert, Johannes Müller, Hans Drexler, Thomas Göen
This study was performed to assess the relation between occupational exposure to N,N-dimethylformamide after an 8 h work shift in the acrylic fibre industry and its three biological markers N-methylformamide (NMFtotal ), N-acetyl-S-(N-methylcarbamoyl)cysteine (AMCC), and N-methylcarbamoyl adduct at haemoglobin (MCVal). External DMF exposure of 220 workers was determined during the whole shift. A standardised questionnaire was used to obtain information about the worker's general health status, medical treatment, smoking habits, protective measures, and possible symptoms caused by DMF exposure...
May 10, 2018: Archives of Toxicology
Leland B Gee, Hongxin Wang, Stephen P Cramer
For over 20 years, nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy (NRVS) has been used to study vibrational dynamics of iron-containing materials. With the only selection rule being iron motion, 57 Fe NRVS has become an excellent tool to study iron-containing enzymes. Over the past decade, considerable progress has been made in the study of complex metalloenzymes using NRVS. Iron cofactors in heme-containing globins; [2Fe2S], [3Fe4S], [4Fe4S] proteins; the [NiFe] and [FeFe] hydrogenases; and nitrogenases have been explored in a fashion not possible through traditional vibrational spectroscopy...
2018: Methods in Enzymology
Shiva NickAria, Sezaneh Haghpanah, Mani Ramzi, Mehran Karimi
Globin switching is a significant factor on blood hemoglobin (Hb) level but its molecular mechanisms have not yet been identified, however, several quantitative trait loci (QTL) and polymorphisms involved regions on chromosomes 2p, 6q, 8q and X account for variation in the γ-globin expression level. We studied the effect of interaction between a region on intron six of the TOX gene, chromosome 8q (chr8q) and XmnI locus on the γ-globin promoter, chr11p on γ-globin expression in 150 β-thalassemia intermedia (β-TI) patients, evaluated by statistical interaction analysis...
May 10, 2018: Hemoglobin
C Bento
INTRODUCTION: Congenital Erythrocytosis (CE) represents a rare and heterogeneous clinical entity. It is caused by deregulated erythropoiesis where red blood cell overproduction results in elevated hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. CE may either be primary or secondary to elevated erythropoietin concentrations. The only known form of primary CE is caused by mutations in the EPOR gene. Secondary CE can be a consequence of tissue hypoxia, being caused by congenital defects such as hemoglobin variants with increased oxygen affinity, due to mutations in the α- or β-globin genes (HBB, HBA2, HBA1), or due to mutations in the BPGM gene...
May 2018: International Journal of Laboratory Hematology
Qin Li, Xiao-Yin Wang, Chun-Peng Zhao, Zheng-Wei Tian, Dan-Hua Xu, Tian-Yun Wang, Jun-He Zhang
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the effects of different promoters and matrix attachment region (MAR) on the expression of transgene in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. METHODS: The expression vector was constructed by the combination of beta globin MAR (gMAR) with the human cytomegalovirus immediate-early promoter (CMV-IE) and simian virus 40 (SV40) promoter. These vectors were transfected into CHO cells,after 48 h,the transient expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) was observed; G418 was used to screen stably transformed cell lines,and the expression level of eGFP in CHO cells was analyzed by flow cytometry...
January 2018: Sichuan da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban, Journal of Sichuan University. Medical Science Edition
Shuzo Teruya, Tomohisa Okamura, Toshihiko Komai, Mariko Inoue, Yukiko Iwasaki, Shuji Sumitomo, Hirofumi Shoda, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Keishi Fujio
Programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1)-mediated induction of immune tolerance has been vigorously investigated in autoimmunity and anti-tumor immunity. However, details of the mechanism by which PD-L1 is induced in CD4+ T cells are unknown. Here, we revealed the potential function of Klf1 and Egr2-mediated induction of PD-L1 in CD4+ T cells. We focused on the molecules specifically expressed in CD4+ CD25- LAG3+ regulatory T cells (LAG3+ Tregs) highly express of PD-L1 and transcription factor Egr2. Although ectopic expression of Egr2 induced PD-L1, a deficiency of Egr2 did not affect its expression, indicating the involvement of another PD-L1 induction mechanism...
May 4, 2018: Scientific Reports
Manna Sun, Jiwu Lou, Ying Zhao, Yanhui Liu
We identified two novel δ-globin gene mutations in two families during routine thalassemia screening. One missense mutation at codon 73 on the δ-globin gene [δ73(E17)Asp→Val, HBD: c.221A>T] which results in a Hb A2 variant homologous to the β-globin gene variant called Hb Mobile [β73(E17)Asp→Val, HBB: c.221A>T] and we have named this variant Hb A2 -Henan. The other is a nonsense mutation [δ7(A4)Glu→Stop, HBD: c.22G>T] which gives rise to a stop codon (TAG) at codon 7, resulting in δ0 -thalassemia (δ0 -thal)...
May 3, 2018: Hemoglobin
Chang Liao, Bradley A Carlson, Robert F Paulson, K Sandeep Prabhu
Selenium (Se) is incorporated as the 21st amino acid selenocysteine (Sec) into the growing polypeptide chain of proteins involved in redox gatekeeper functions. Erythropoiesis presents a particular problem to redox regulation as the presence of iron, heme, and unpaired globin chains lead to high levels of free radical-mediated oxidative stress, which are detrimental to erythroid development and can lead to anemia. Under homeostatic conditions, bone marrow erythropoiesis produces sufficient erythrocytes to maintain homeostasis...
April 30, 2018: Free Radical Biology & Medicine
Onur Ozturk, Sanem Arikan, Ayfer Atalay, Erol O Atalay
BACKGROUND: Hb G-Coushatta variant was reported from various populations' parts of the world such as Thai, Korea, Algeria, Thailand, China, Japan and Turkey. In our study, we aimed to discuss the possible historical relationships of the Hb G-Coushatta mutation with the possible migration routes of the world. For this purpose, associated haplotypes were determined using polymorphic loci in the beta globin gene cluster of hemoglobin G-Coushatta and normal populations in Denizli, Turkey...
May 1, 2018: Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine
Murugaeson R Kumar, Tara Clover, Abayomi D Olaitan, Christopher Becker, Touradj Solouki, Patrick J Farmer
Several recent reports suggest that HNO may be produced endogenously by reaction of H2 S and S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO). This hypothesis was tested using deoxymyoglobin (MbFeII ) to trap the expected HNO released from the target reaction, which should generate the stable HNO adduct, HNO-Mb, under anaerobic conditions. Under numerous experimental conditions, the sole globin product was NO-Mb, as characterized by absorbance, EPR, and NMR spectroscopies. Analogous reactions of GSNO with other biological reductants such as ascorbic acid, dithiothreitol, glutathione, and dithionite also yielded NO-Mb as the sole globin product; however, whereas analogous reduction of GSNO using NaBH4 generates HNO-Mb in high yield...
April 25, 2018: Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry
Petros Patsali, Panayiota Papasavva, Coralea Stephanou, Soteroulla Christou, Maria Sitarou, Michael N Antoniou, Carsten W Lederer, Marina Kleanthous
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 26, 2018: Haematologica
Chanchai Traivaree, Chalinee Monsereenusorn, Piya Rujkijyanont, Warakorn Prasertsin, Boonchai Boonyawat
Introduction: Beta-thalassemia is a group of inherited hemolytic anemias and one of the most common genetic disorders in Thailand. The clinical spectrum of beta-thalassemia disease ranges from mild to severe clinical symptoms including mild beta-thalassemia intermedia (TI) and severe beta-thalassemia major (TM). Objective: This study aimed to determine the correlation between beta-globin gene ( HBB ) mutations and their phenotypic manifestations by evaluating patients' clinical characteristics, transfusion requirements, growth and hematologic parameters, and hemoglobin typing among pediatric patients treated at Phramongkutklao Hospital...
2018: Journal of Blood Medicine
Deepesh Nagarajan, Sujeesh Sukumaran, Geeta Deka, Kiran Krishnamurthy, Hanudatta S Atreya, Nagasuma Chandra
Heme-binding proteins constitute a large family of catalytic and transport proteins. Their widespread presence as globins and as essential oxygen and electron transporters, along with their diverse enzymatic functions, have made them targets for protein design. Most previously reported designs involved the use of α-helical scaffolds, and natural peptides also exhibit a strong preference for these scaffolds. However, the reason for this preference is not well understood, in part because alternative protein designs, such as those with β-sheets or hairpins, are challenging to perform...
April 25, 2018: Journal of Biological Chemistry
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