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abdominal pain potassium level

Hideki Mizuno, Kazutoshi Yamada, Keiji Minouchi, Shinji Kamiyamamoto, Yoshinobu Hinoue
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of a potassium-competitive acid blocker (P-CAB), vonoprazan, for the maintenance therapy of healed reflux esophagitis (RE). A total of 60 patients were enrolled in this open-label, single-center, prospective study. All patients were diagnosed with RE with a frequency scale for the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (FSSG) total score ≥8 following treatment with standard proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for a minimum of 8 weeks. Standard PPI treatment was switched to vonoprazan 20 mg once daily for 4 weeks...
February 2018: Biomedical Reports
Lavanya Dharmarajan, Hussam Ammar
A 31-year-old woman presented to the hospital with generalised weakness and lower back and abdominal pain. The only significant finding on physical examination was the weakness of the legs. Laboratory analysis in the emergency department revealed that she was hypokalaemic with metabolic acidosis. She was treated with oral and intravenous potassium, which resolved her weakness. During the search for an explanation for her renal tubular acidosis, she said she was exposed to paint exposure while working on a friend's house...
August 1, 2017: BMJ Case Reports
A A Alzenaidi, J Dendy, L Rejjal
INTRODUCTION: Immunotherapy has been approved for treatment of melanoma. Autoimmune endocrinopathies have been reported in trials involving immunotherapy but autoimmune diabetes has not been definitively linked to them. Here we describe a case of autoimmune diabetes presenting with DKA after receiving combined immunotherapy with anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD1 monoclonal antibodies. CASE: A 47year old gentleman with metastatic melanoma presented to our institution with confusion, abdominal pain and decreased oral intake...
March 2017: Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society: Official Organ of the Louisiana State Medical Society
Yanlan Yu, Liang Ma, Zhenghui Wang, Zhigen Zhang
Cases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) presenting as a simple cyst are extremely rare. We herein report the case of a patient with RCC diagnosed as a simple renal cyst preoperatively. A 39-year-old female patient presented with abdominal pain for 3 months. Ultrasonography and contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed a simple cyst in the left kidney. The patient underwent laparoscopic decortication of the renal cyst. Biochemical analysis of the cystic fluid revealed unusually low levels of potassium, sodium, calcium and glucose, and the histological examination of the floor of the cyst indicated malignancy...
April 2017: Molecular and Clinical Oncology
Bharivi Jani, Fadi Rzouq, Shreyas Saligram, Atta Nawabi, Marian Nicola, Katie Dennis, Carly Ernst, Ali Abbaszadeh, John Bonino, Mojtaba Olyaee
CONTEXT: Groove pancreatitis is a rare form of chronic pancreatitis affecting the "groove" of the pancreas among the pancreatic head, duodenum, and common bile duct. The exact cause is unknown, although there are associations with long-term alcohol abuse, smoking, peptic ulcer disease, heterotopic pancreas, gastric resection, biliary disease, and anatomical or functional obstruction of the minor papilla. The diagnosis can be challenging. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography are the preferred imaging modalities...
November 2015: North American Journal of Medical Sciences
Yu-Tang Tung, Lei-Chen Lin, Ya-Ling Liu, Shang-Tse Ho, Chi-Yang Lin, Hsiao-Li Chuang, Chien-Chao Chiu, Chi-Chang Huang, Jyh-Horng Wu
BACKGROUND: Some of the genus Rhododendron was used in traditional medicine for arthritis, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, pain, inflammation, rheumatism, hypertension and metabolic diseases and many species of the genus Rhododendron contain a large number of phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties that could be developed into pharmaceutical products. METHODS: In this study, the antioxidative phytochemicals of Rhododendron oldhamii Maxim. leaves were detected by an online HPLC-DPPH method...
2015: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Karla G G Serafim, Suelen A Navarro, Ana C Zarpelon, Felipe A Pinho-Ribeiro, Victor Fattori, Thiago M Cunha, Jose C Alves-Filho, Fernando Q Cunha, Rubia Casagrande, Waldiceu A Verri
Bosentan is a mixed endothelin receptor antagonist widely used to treat patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, and the emerging literature suggests bosentan as a potent anti-inflammatory drug. Superoxide anion is produced in large amounts during inflammation, stimulates cytokine production, and thus contributes to inflammation and pain. However, it remains to be determined whether endothelin contributes to the inflammatory response triggered by the superoxide anion. The present study investigated the effects of bosentan in a mouse model of inflammation and pain induced by potassium superoxide, a superoxide anion donor...
November 2015: Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
Haitang Wang, Yehua Cai, Jingchen Liu, Yinv Dong, Jian Lai
PURPOSE: Recent studies have shown that pain sensitivity has a significant relationship with clinical pain and may also predict the intensity of pain and analgesic consumption after surgery. However, the correlation between pre-operative pain sensitivity and stress response during anesthesia has not been investigated. Therefore, we aimed to explore the relationship between pre-operative pain sensitivity and stress responses during intubation and skin incision in this study. METHODS: Fifty women (ASA I-II) aged 20-55 years, undergoing elective abdominal surgery requiring at least a 10-cm-long skin incision were studied...
December 2015: Journal of Anesthesia
Rienzi Díaz, Jorge Vega, Helmuth Goecke
We report a 74-year-old man with diabetes mellitus type 2 and hypertension, who recently underwent coronary bypass surgery due to severe triple vessel disease receiving cardiological and combined antidiabetic therapy, including metformin 4 g/day. He was admitted with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of consciousness. At admission, he was disoriented and agitated with signs of poor perfusion. His blood pressure was 80/70 mmHg, pulse rate 40 beats/min, respiratory rate 20-breaths/min, and axillary temperature 35 °C...
March 2015: Revista Médica de Chile
Sunil Kumar Samal, Setu Rathod
Cervical pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy and it represents <1% of all ectopic pregnancies. Early diagnosis and medical management with systemic or local administration of methotrexate is the treatment of choice. If the pregnancy is disturbed, it may lead to massive hemorrhage, which may require hysterectomy to save the patient. We report three cases of cervical pregnancy managed successfully with different approaches of management. Our first case, 28 years old G3P2L2 with previous two lower segment cesarean sections, presented with bleeding per vaginum following 6 weeks of amenorrhea...
January 2015: Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine
Dong Tang, Ai-Hua Qian, Dan-Dan Song, Qi-Wen Ben, Wei-Yan Yao, Jing Sun, Wei-Guang Li, Tian-Le Xu, Yao-Zong Yuan
Visceral hypersensitivity represents an important hallmark in the pathophysiology of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), of which the mechanisms remain elusive. The present study was designed to examine whether cation-chloride cotransporter (CCC)-mediated chloride (Cl(-)) homeostasis of the spinal cord is involved in chronic stress-induced visceral hypersensitivity. Chronic visceral hypersensitivity was induced by exposing male Wistar rats to water avoidance stress (WAS). RT-PCR, Western blotting, and immunohistochemistry were used to assess the expression of CCCs in the spinal cord...
May 1, 2015: American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
Jinghong Chen, John H Winston, Yu Fu, Jutatip Guptarak, Kathryn L Jensen, Xuan-Zheng Shi, Thomas A Green, Sushil K Sarna
Psychological disorders are prevalent in patients with inflammatory bowel disease; the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. We tested the hypothesis that ulcerative colitis-like inflammation induced by dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) exacerbates the ongoing spontaneous activity in colon-projecting afferent neurons that induces abdominal discomfort and anxiety, and depressive-like behaviors in rats. In this study, we used the conditioned place preference and standard tests for anxiety- and depression-like behaviors...
January 1, 2015: American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology
Maria I Possebon, Sandra S Mizokami, Thacyana T Carvalho, Ana C Zarpelon, Miriam S N Hohmann, Larissa Staurengo-Ferrari, Camila R Ferraz, Thiago H Hayashida, Anderson R de Souza, Sergio R Ambrosio, Nilton S Arakawa, Rubia Casagrande, Waldiceu A Verri
Pimaradienoic acid (1) is a pimarane diterpene (ent-pimara-8(14),15-dien-19-oic acid) extracted at high amounts from various plants including Vigueira arenaria Baker. Compound 1 inhibited carrageenan-induced paw edema and acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing, which are its only known anti-inflammatory activities. Therefore, it is important to further investigate the analgesic effects of 1. Oral administration of 1 (1, 3, and 10 mg/kg) inhibited the acetic acid-induced writhing. This was also observed at 10 mg/kg via sc and ip routes...
November 26, 2014: Journal of Natural Products
Khalid H Safi, Amy G Filbrun, Samya Z Nasr
Hypercalcemia is a rare complication of hypervitaminosis A. We report a pediatric patient with cystic fibrosis (CF) and pancreatic insufficiency who was found to have hypervitaminosis A causing hypercalcemia, complicated by nephrocalcinosis and renal impairment. The patient is a 4-year-old girl with pancreatic-insufficient CF, gastroesophageal reflux, oral aversion, and failure to thrive requiring gastrostomy tube placement. She was prescribed Source CF vitamins, but rarely received the full dose, due to emesis and intolerance...
October 2014: Annals of the American Thoracic Society
Siddhartha Das, Abdoul Hamide, Manoj K Mohanty, Ravichandran Muthusamy
Cleistanthus collinus is an extremely toxic plant poison. We report a case of suicidal ingestion of boiled water decoction of C. collinus where the patient presented with abdominal pain and giddiness. There was persistent metabolic acidosis and fluctuation in the level of serum potassium. The ECG changes indicated a probable myocardial injury with conduction abnormality. At autopsy, the viscera were found to be congested. The toxins were detected in the viscera and blood by TLC and HPLC. Cleistanthin A and B, collinusin, and diphyllin are the principal toxic constituents of the plant...
September 2014: Journal of Forensic Sciences
Yasuyuki Yoshida, Kazuaki Yamanaka, Norichika Ueda, Toshiaki Hirai, Hidefumi Kishikawa, Kenji Nishimura, Yasuji Ichikawa
A 67-year-old woman presented with macroscopic hematuria and lower abdominal pain. Cystoscopy revealed a broad-stalk non-papillary tumor at the bladder dome. Computed tomography (CT) showed a tumor extending from the umbilicus to the bladder dome, together with multiple lung metastases. Serum carcinoembryonic antigen and cancer antigen (CA19-9) levels were elevated at 7.0 ng/ml and 180 U/ml, respectively. Transurethral resection of the tumor was performed and histopathology revealed adenocarcinoma. Therefore, the tumor was diagnosed as a stage IVB (Sheldon's category) urachal carcinoma...
March 2014: Hinyokika Kiyo. Acta Urologica Japonica
Chunhua Zhang, Yun-Yun Rui, Yuan-Yuan Zhou, Zhong Ju, Hong-Hong Zhang, Chuang-Ying Hu, Ying Xiao, Guang-Yin Xu
Chronic visceral pain in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been difficult to treat effectively partially because its pathophysiology is not fully understood. Recent studies show that norepinephrine (NE) plays an important role in the development of visceral hypersensitivity. In this study, we designed to investigate the role of adrenergic signaling in visceral hypersensitivity induced by heterotypical intermittent stress (HIS). Abdominal withdrawal reflex scores (AWRs) used as visceral sensitivity were determined by measuring the visceromoter responses to colorectal distension...
2014: PloS One
Amaka Ezimora, Marquetta L Faulkner, Oluwafisayo Adebiyi, Abimbola Ogungbemile, Salas-Vega Marianna, Chike Nzerue
Introduction. Retroperitoneal fibrosis is a rare cause of acute renal failure (ARF) with only a handful of cases reported in literature. We report a case of a 40-year-old male with an incidental finding of retroperitoneal fibrosis. Case Presentation. Patient is a 40-year-old African American male with no significant past medical history who presented with a four-month history of low back pain and associated nausea with vomiting. Physical examination was significant for elevated blood pressure at 169/107 mmhg and bilateral pedal edema...
2012: Case Reports in Nephrology
Maria Wieloch, Kamila Bazylińska, Piotr Ziemniak
Spontaneous, idiopathic urinary bladder rupture is a very rare disease entity, which may face the problem of proper preoperative diagnosis. In many cases the medical history, physical examination, and additional tests raise false suspicion of gastrointestinal perforation. The study presented a case of a female patient with spontaneous urinary bladder perforation, paying particular attention to the diagnostic difficulties associated with the above-mentioned pathology. The aim of the study was to analyse the presence of symptoms and imaging and laboratory results observed in case of spontaneous urinary bladder rupture, as well as differentiate the above-mentioned pathology with gastrointestinal perforation...
December 2013: Polski Przeglad Chirurgiczny
Mohammadmahdi Forouzanfar, Pauline Haroutunian, Alireza Baratloo, Behrooz Hashemi
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome is a clinicoradiologic syndrome characterized by seizure, headache, nausea, vomiting, altered mental status, visual disturbance, or visual loss, together with radiologic findings. Herein we reported a patient who was a 27-year-old foreign workman brought to the emergency ward with blurred vision in both eyes, neck pain, somnolence, and altered mental status. He had no known medical or family history. On his physical examination, his blood pressure was 190/100 mmHg and visual acuity of both eyes was decreased (visual acuity = 20/40 for both eyes)...
May 2014: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
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