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Sarah Keller, Ryota Inai, Shuhei Sato, Akihiro Tada, Gerhard Adam, Jin Yamamura, Susumu Kanazawa
OBJECTIVE: The radiologic differential diagnosis of giant cell tumors (GCTs) is challenging because there is a risk of misdiagnosis of GCTs as malignant lesions such as atypically presenting osteosarcomas (OSs). This study aims to assess the feasibility of (201)Tl scintigraphy for the differential diagnosis of GCT and atypical OS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thallium-201 scintigraphy scans obtained between January 2006 and October 2015 of patients with histologically proven GCT (23 patients [male-to-female ratio, 15:8]; median age, 33...
October 11, 2016: AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology
Wassim W Ayass, Tamás Fodor, Zhengguo Lin, Rachelle M Smith, Xiaolin Xing, Khaled Abdallah, Imre Tóth, László Zékány, Magda Pascual-Borràs, Antonio Rodríguez-Fortea, Josep M Poblet, Linyuan Fan, Jie Cao, Bineta Keita, Matthias S Ullrich, Ulrich Kortz
We have synthesized and structurally characterized the first discrete thallium-containing polyoxometalate, [Tl2{B-β-SiW8O30(OH)}2](12-) (1). Polyanion 1 was characterized in the solid-state and shown to be solution-stable by (203/205)Tl NMR, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, and electrochemical studies. The antibacterial activity of 1 was also investigated.
October 5, 2016: Inorganic Chemistry
Mateusz P Karwowski, Suzette A Morman, Geoffrey S Plumlee, Terence Law, Mark Kellogg, Alan D Woolf
Though most childhood lead exposure in the USA results from ingestion of lead-based paint dust, non-paint sources are increasingly implicated. We present interdisciplinary findings from and policy implications of a case of elevated blood lead (13-18 mcg/dL, reference level <5 mcg/dL) in a 9-month-old infant, linked to a non-commercial Malaysian folk diaper powder. Analyses showed the powder contains 62 % lead by weight (primarily lead oxide) and elevated antimony [1000 parts per million (ppm)], arsenic (55 ppm), bismuth (110 ppm), and thallium (31 ppm)...
October 4, 2016: Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Hiroshi Kuroda, Yoshiyuki Mukai, Shuhei Nishiyama, Takayuki Takeshita, Maki Tateyama, Atsushi Takeda, Masashi Aoki
Thallium intoxication was reported in cases with accidental ingestion, suicide attempt, and criminal adulteration. Reported cases were mostly one-time ingestion, therefore, the clinical course of divisional ingestion has not been fully known. Here, we report a case with two-step thallium intoxication manifesting as tardily accelerated neurologic deterioration. A 16-year-old adolescent was cryptically poisoned with thallium sulfate twice at an interval of 52days. After the first ingestion, neurologic symptoms including visual loss, myalgia, and weakness in legs developed about 40days after the development of acute gastrointestinal symptoms and alopecia...
September 28, 2016: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience: Official Journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia
Xuexia Huang, Ning Li, Qihang Wu, Jianyou Long, Dinggui Luo, Ping Zhang, Yan Yao, Xiaowu Huang, Dongmei Li, Yayin Lu, Jianfeng Liang
The objective of this paper is to assess the influence of irritating paddy fields with acid mine drainage containing thallium (Tl) to rice plant-soil system and potential health risks for local residents. Vertical distribution of Tl, pH, organic matter (OM), and cation exchange capacity (CEC) in 24 paddy soil profiles around Yunfu pyrite mine area was investigated. Rice plant samples were collected from the corresponding soil sampling site. The results showed that Tl concentrations in paddy soils at 0-60 cm depth range from 3...
September 24, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
C Cazorla, S G MacLeod, D Errandonea, K A Munro, M I McMahon, C Popescu
We present a combined theoretical and experimental study of the high-pressure behavior of thallium. X-ray diffraction experiments have been carried out at room temperature (RT) up to 125 GPa using diamond-anvil cells (DACs), nearly doubling the pressure range of previous experiments. We have confirmed the hcp-fcc transition at 3.5 GPa and determined that the fcc structure remains stable up to the highest pressure attained in the experiments. In addition, HP-HT experiments have been performed up to 8 GPa and 700 K by using a combination of XRD and a resistively heated DAC...
November 9, 2016: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Carla Roselli, Donatella Desideri, Maria Assunta Meli, Ivan Fagiolino, Laura Feduzi
Essential and toxic elements were determined by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), mass spectrometry (MS), and atomic absorption (AS) in meat of 14 migratory birds originating from central and northern Europe to provide baseline data regarding game meat consumed in central Italy. In all samples analyzed, cobalt (Co) and chromium (Cr) (total) levels were <0.326 mg/kgww. For nonessential or toxic elements, arsenic (As), barium (Ba), cadmium (Cd), stannous (Sn), thallium (Tl), tellurium (Te), titanium (Ti), cerium (Ce), lantanium (La), and uranium (U) concentrations were <0...
2016: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A
Radosław Mazur, Monika Sadowska, Łucja Kowalewska, Agnieszka Abratowska, Hazem M Kalaji, Agnieszka Mostowska, Maciej Garstka, Beata Krasnodębska-Ostręga
BACKGROUND: Heavy metal exposure affect plant productivity by interfering, directly and indirectly, with photosynthetic reactions. The toxic effect of heavy metals on photosynthetic reactions has been reported in wide-ranging studies, however there is paucity of data in the literature concerning thallium (Tl) toxicity. Thallium is ubiquitous natural trace element and is considered the most toxic of heavy metals; however, some plant species, such as white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) are able to accumulate thallium at very high concentrations...
2016: BMC Plant Biology
W Feng, X S He, Y Q Yu, Yyn Li-Gu, X M Zhang, J Yuan, W H Chen, T C Wu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the potential association between 23 urinary metals and mean platelet volume (MPV) among a community population in Wuhan. METHODS: A total of 3 053 community residents who lived in the sampling buildings for more than 5 years, aged from 18 to 80 years, were recruited using a stratified, cluster sampling approach in Wuhan city, China. Blood and urine samples were obtained from participants in the morning under fasting conditions. Urinary metals, including aluminum, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, arsenic, selenium, rubidium, strontium, molybdenum, cadmium, tin, antimony, barium, tungsten, thallium, lead and uranium, were measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry...
August 6, 2016: Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine]
Y Q Yu, X Q Cui, W Feng, X M Zhang, J Yuan, W H Chen, T C Wu
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the associations between 21 metals in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and their corresponding concentrations in urine in the general population. METHODS: Between April and May 2011, this panel study enrolled 120 residents using random sampling approach in Wuhan communities which contained 3 035 subjects. Participants were aged 18 to 80 years and had lived in the sampling buildings for at least 5 years. Data from basic questionnaires, physical examinations, and morning blood and urine samples under fasting conditions were collected...
August 6, 2016: Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine]
Aleš Vaněk, Zuzana Grösslová, Martin Mihaljevič, Jakub Trubač, Vojtěch Ettler, Leslaw Teper, Jerzy Cabala, Jan Rohovec, Tereza Zádorová, Vít Penížek, Lenka Pavlů, Ondřej Holubík, Karel Němeček, Jakub Houška, Ondřej Drábek, Christopher Ash
Here, for the first time, we report the thallium (Tl) isotope record in moderately contaminated soils with contrasting land management (forest and meadow soils), which have been affected by emissions from coal-fired power plants. Our findings clearly demonstrate that Tl of anthropogenic (high-temperature) origin with light isotope composition was deposited onto the studied soils, where heavier Tl (ε(205)Tl ∼ -1) naturally occurs. The results show a positive linear relationship (R(2) = 0.71) between 1/Tl and the isotope record, as determined for all the soils and bedrocks, also indicative of binary Tl mixing between two dominant reservoirs...
September 20, 2016: Environmental Science & Technology
Q L Zhang, G Gao
OBJECTIVE: Colloidal palladium was used as chemical modifier in the determination of blood thallium by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. METHODS: Blood samples were precipitated with 5% (V/V)nitric acid, and then determined by GFAAS with colloidal palladium used as a chemical modifier. 0.2% (W/V)sodium chloride was added in the standard series to improve the matrix matching between standard solution and sample. RESULTS: The detection limit was 0...
April 20, 2016: Chinese Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases
Elena Pavoni, Elisa Petranich, Gianpiero Adami, Elena Baracchini, Matteo Crosera, Andrea Emili, Davide Lenaz, Pablo Higueras, Stefano Covelli
The mineral body exploited in Salafossa (Eastern Dolomites) was one of the largest lead/zinc-containing mineral deposits in Europe. Both metals were mainly present as sulphides (sphalerite, ZnS and galena, PbS). Mining activity started around 1550, but it was only around 1960 that the richest veins of the minerals were discovered. The mine closed in 1985, and concentrations of several trace metals, such as thallium (Tl), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn), were detected in the soils and plant samples (Biscutella laevigata L...
July 30, 2016: Journal of Environmental Management
Amit C Nathwani, James F Down, John Goldstone, James Yassin, Paul I Dargan, Andres Virchis, Nick Gent, David Lloyd, John D Harrison
BACKGROUND: Polonium-210 ((210)Po) gained widespread notoriety after the poisoning and subsequent death of Mr Alexander Litvinenko in London, UK, in 2006. Exposure to (210)Po resulted initially in a clinical course that was indistinguishable from infection or exposure to chemical toxins, such as thallium. METHODS: A 43-year-old man presented to his local hospital with acute abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting, and was admitted to the hospital because of dehydration and persistent gastrointestinal symptoms...
September 10, 2016: Lancet
María Teresa Luján Pino, Clarisa Marotte, Sandra Viviana Verstraeten
We have reported recently that the proliferation of PC12 cells exposed to micromolar concentrations of Tl(I) or Tl(III) has different outcomes, depending on the absence (EGF(-) cells) or the presence (EGF(+) cells) of epidermal growth factor (EGF) added to the media. In the current work, we investigated whether EGF supplementation could also modulate the extent of Tl(I)- or Tl(III)-induced cell apoptosis. Tl(I) and Tl(III) (25-100 μM) decreased cell viability in EGF(-) but not in EGF(+) cells. In EGF(-) cells, Tl(I) decreased mitochondrial potential, enhanced H2O2 generation, and activated mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis...
July 13, 2016: Archives of Toxicology
Mohamed M Hassanien, Wael I Mortada, Ibrahim M Kenawy, Heba El-Daly
Amino silica gel functionalized with 2-hydroxy-5 -(2-hydroxybenzylideneamino)benzoic acid was synthesized, characterized and used as adsorbent for the removal of Ga(3+), In(3+) and Tl(3+) from aqueous solution prior to their determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Experimental parameters that affect the separation process were investigated in both batch and column modes. The maximum adsorption capacities of the sorbent are 61.7 mg g(-1), 81.3 mg g(-1) and 133.0 mg g(-1) for Ga(3+), In(3+) and Tl(3+), respectively...
June 23, 2016: Applied Spectroscopy
Fadilah S Hussain, Namath S Hussain
OBJECTIVE: To determine the diagnostic efficiency of thallium-201 single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the differentiation of primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) from other central nervous system processes in patients with HIV/AIDS. DESIGN/METHODS: Over 10 years, 68 thallium-201 SPECT scans were performed on neurologically symptomatic HIV+ patients with focal lesions on CT or MRI at the Johns Hopkins Hospital...
2016: Curēus
Pang-Yen Liu, Wen-Yu Lin, Li-Fan Lin, Chin-Sheng Lin, Wei-Shiang Lin, Shu-Meng Cheng, Shih-Ping Yang, Jun-Ting Liou
BACKGROUND: Thallium-201 myocardial perfusion image (MPI) is commonly used to detect coronary artery disease in patients with chest pain. Although a normal thallium-201 MPI result is generally considered to be a good prognosis and further coronary angiogram is not recommended, there are still a few patients who suffer from unexpected acute coronary events. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical prognosis in patients with normal thallium-201 MPI. METHODS: From January 2006 to August 2012, a total 22,003 patients undergoing thallium-201 MPI in one tertiary center were screened...
May 2016: Acta Cardiol Sin
Yi-Xin Wang, Yang Sun, Zhen Huang, Peng Wang, Wei Feng, Jin Li, Pan Yang, Mu Wang, Li Sun, Ying-Jun Chen, Chong Liu, Jing Yue, Long-Jie Gu, Qiang Zeng, Wen-Qing Lu
BACKGROUND: Exposure to metals, including essential and nonessential elements, is widespread and may be associated with male reproductive health. OBJECTIVE: To examine whether environmental exposure to metals contributes to reproductive hormone changes, spermatozoa apoptosis and sperm DNA damage in a Chinese population. METHODS: Eighteen metals (aluminum, arsenic, antimony, chromium, cobalt, copper, cadmium, iron, lead, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, tin, tungsten, thallium, uranium and zinc) were analyzed in two urine samples collected a few hours apart from male partners of couples attending an infertility clinic...
September 2016: Environment International
Vladimír Kincl, Milan Kamínek, Jiří Vašina, Roman Panovský, Martin Havel
High efficiency cadmium-zinc-telluride (CZT) cameras provide an opportunity to lower the injected activities of radiopharmaceuticals for single photon emission tomography (SPECT) myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI). The limits for reducing activities of thallium have not been determined, particularly in obese patients. After an injection of 0.7 megabecquerel (MBq) of thallium/kg, we collected an average 1.5 million counts for the 10-min acquisition in a pilot cohort of ten patients. After extrapolation, we reduced the administered activity to 0...
June 2, 2016: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
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