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Brigitte van Zundert
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 13, 2016: Neuroscience Letters
Hugo Sepulveda, Rodrigo Aguilar, Catalina P Prieto, Francisco Bustos, Sócrates Aedo, José Lattus, Brigitte van Zundert, Veronica Palma, Martin Montecino
Wharton's Jelly mesenchymal stem cells (WJ-MSCs) are an attractive potential source of multipotent stem cells for bone tissue replacement therapies. However, the molecular mechanisms involved in their osteogenic conversion are poorly understood. Particularly, epigenetic control operating at the promoter regions of the two master regulators of the osteogenic program, RUNX2/P57 and SP7 has not yet been described in WJ-MSCs. Via quantitative PCR profiling and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) studies here we analyze the ability of WJ-MSCs to engage osteoblast lineage...
September 30, 2016: Journal of Cellular Physiology
Julian Aliste, Prangmalee Leurcharusmee, Phatthanaphol Engsusophon, Aida Gordon, Giuliano Michelagnoli, Chonticha Sriparkdee, Worakamol Tiyaprasertkul, Dana Q Tran, Tom C R V Van Zundert, Roderick J Finlayson, De Q H Tran
BACKGROUND: This randomized double-blinded trial compared the effect of intravenous and perineural dexamethasone (8 mg) on the duration of motor block for ultrasound (US)-guided axillary brachial plexus block (AXB). METHODS: Patients undergoing upper limb surgery with US-guided AXB were randomly allocated to receive preservative-free dexamethasone (8 mg) via intravenous (n = 75) or perineural (n = 75) administration. The local anesthetic agent, 1% lidocaine -0...
September 23, 2016: Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia, Journal Canadien D'anesthésie
V A Eley, L K Callaway, A A J van Zundert, J Lipman, C Gallois
Caring for obese pregnant women presents challenges for all medical professionals. Despite a lack of supporting evidence, expert opinion and international guidelines suggest early labour epidural insertion for obese women. Anecdotally this is not supported by all anaesthetists. This qualitative study explored the experiences of anaesthetists regarding early epidural analgesia in obese parturients, to answer the research question: Are anaesthetists consistent in how they apply early epidural analgesia in obese parturients? Personal in-depth interviews with 42 specialist anaesthetists working in south-east Queensland, Australia, were completed between February and April, 2015...
September 2016: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
C A Hockey, A A J van Zundert, J D Paratz
Correct inflation pressures of the tracheal cuff are recommended to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent aspiration and adverse events. However there are conflicting views on which measurement to employ. The aim of this review was to examine whether adjustment of cuff pressure guided by objective measurement, compared with subjective measurement or observation of the pressure value alone, was able to prevent patient-related adverse effects and maintain accurate cuff pressures. A search of PubMed, Web of Science, Embase, CINAHL and ScienceDirect was conducted using keywords 'cuff pressure' and 'measure*' and related synonyms...
September 2016: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
V A Eley, A A J van Zundert, J Lipman, L K Callaway
Increasing rates of obesity in western populations present management difficulties for clinicians caring for obese pregnant women. Various governing bodies have published clinical guidelines for the care of obese parturients. These guidelines refer to two components of anaesthetic care: anaesthetic consultation in the antenatal period for women with a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 40 kg/m(2) and the provision of early epidural analgesia in labour. These recommendations are based on the increased incidence of obstetric complications and the predicted risks and difficulties in providing anaesthetic care...
September 2016: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Christian Compagnone, Michael E Schatman, Richard L Rauck, Jan Van Zundert, Monika Kraus, Dragan Primorac, Frances Williams, Massimo Allegri, Gloria Saccani Jordi, Guido Fanelli
In recent decades, there has been a revision of the role of institutional review boards with the intention of protecting human subjects from harm and exploitation in research. Informed consent aims to protect the subject by explaining all of the benefits and risks associated with a specific research project. To date, there has not been a review published analyzing issues of informed consent in research in the field of genetic/Omics in subjects with chronic pain, and the current review aims to fill that gap in the ethical aspects of such investigation...
August 26, 2016: Pain Practice: the Official Journal of World Institute of Pain
A A J Van Zundert, S P Gatt, R P Mahajan
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Brigitte van Zundert, Robert H Brown
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an adult-onset, lethal, paralytic disorder caused by the degeneration of motor neurons. Our understanding of this disease has been greatly facilitated by studies of familial ALS caused by mutations in the gene encoding superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1). Evidence indicates that misfolded wild-type SOD1 may also be pathogenic in sporadic ALS. Mutant SOD1 is neurotoxic through multiple mechanisms. Because the pathogenicity of mutant SOD1 is proportional to the dose of the toxic protein, a rational approach to treating SOD1-related ALS is to reduce levels of the toxic SOD1 species...
August 6, 2016: Neuroscience Letters
Michaël J Bos, Walther N K A van Mook, André A J van Zundert
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2016: Critical Care Medicine
Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas, Valerie Jewells, Carolina Galaz-Montoya, Brigitte van Zundert, Angel Pérez-Calatayud, Eric Ascencio-Ferrel, Gildardo Valencia-Salazar, Marcela Sandoval-Cano, Esperanza Carlos, Edelmira Solorio, Hilda Acuña-Ayala, Ricardo Torres-Jardón, Amedeo D'Angiulli
Children's air pollution exposures are associated with systemic and brain inflammation and the early hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The Apolipoprotein E (APOE) 4 allele is the most prevalent genetic risk for AD, with higher risk for women. We assessed whether gender, BMI, APOE and metabolic variables in healthy children with high exposures to ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) influence cognition. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-R) was administered to 105 Mexico City children (12...
October 2016: Environmental Research
G C P van Zundert, A M J J Bonvin
Cryo-electron microscopy provides fascinating structural insight into large macromolecular machines at increasing detail. Despite significant advances in the field, the resolution of the resulting three-dimensional images is still typically insufficient for de novo model building. To bridge the resolution gap and give an atomic interpretation to the data, high-resolution models are typically placed into the density as rigid bodies. Unfortunately, this is often done manually using graphics software, a subjective method that can lead to over-interpretation of the data...
August 2016: Journal of Structural Biology
Michaël J Bos, Rick F H J van Loon, Luke Heywood, Mitchell P Morse, André A J van Zundert
STUDY OBJECTIVE: Central venous access is indicated for transduction of central venous pressure and the administration of inotropes in the perioperative period. The right internal jugular vein (RIJV) is cannulated preferentially over the left internal jugular vein (LIJV). Cannulation of the LIJV is associated with a higher complication rate and a perceived increased level of difficulty when compared with cannulation of the RIJV. Possible explanations for the higher complication rate include a smaller diameter and more anterior position relative to the corresponding carotid artery (CA) of the LIJV compared with the RIJV...
August 2016: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia
Rodrigo Aguilar, Fernando J Bustos, Mauricio Saez, Adriana Rojas, Miguel L Allende, Andre J van Wijnen, Brigitte van Zundert, Martin Montecino
During hippocampal neuron differentiation, the expression of critical inducers of non-neuronal cell lineages must be efficiently silenced. Runx2 transcription factor is the master regulator of mesenchymal cells responsible for intramembranous osteoblast differentiation and formation of the craniofacial bone tissue that surrounds and protects the central nervous system (CNS) in mammalian embryos. The molecular mechanisms that mediate silencing of the Runx2 gene and its downstream target osteogenic-related genes in neuronal cells have not been explored...
August 2016: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Barbe Ma Pieters, André Aj van Zundert
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Insufficient illumination of the oral cavity during endotracheal intubation may result in suboptimal conditions. Consequently, suboptimal illumination and laryngoscopy may lead to potential unwanted trauma to soft tissues of the pharyngeal mucosa. We investigated illumination of the oral cavity by different videolaryngoscopes (VLS) in a manikin model. METHODS: We measured light intensity from the mouth opening of a Laerdal intubation trainer comparing different direct and indirect VLS at three occasions, resembling optimal to less-than-optimal intubation conditions; at the photographer's dark room, in an operating theatre and outdoors in bright sunlight...
May 2016: Indian Journal of Anaesthesia
Kimberly D van der Willik, Mieke M Timmermans, Carolien Hm van Deurzen, Maxime P Look, Esther A Reijm, Wendy Jhp van Zundert, Renée Foekens, Anita Mac Trapman-Jansen, Michael A den Bakker, Pieter J Westenend, John Wm Martens, Els Mjj Berns, Maurice Phm Jansen
Our previous study demonstrated that high mRNA levels for Seven in Absentia Homolog 2 (SIAH2) correlated with high Estrogen Receptor (ER) mRNA levels and with longer progression-free survival (PFS) after first-line tamoxifen. Others showed high SIAH2 protein levels in ER-negative breast cancer associated with an unfavorable relapse-free survival. In the current study, we investigated SIAH2 protein expression to clarify the discrepancy between protein and mRNA findings and to determine its diagnostic value in breast cancer patients...
2016: American Journal of Cancer Research
Tom C R V Van Zundert, Jan F A Hendrickx, Jan L De Witte, David T Wong, Davide Cattano, Joseph R Brimacombe
STUDY OBJECTIVE: The study objective is to determine whether extraglottic airway devices (EADs) with or without mask aperture bars (MABs) result in similar anatomical positions in patients undergoing surgery. DESIGN: Prospective, randomized, crossover comparison of four extraglottic airway devices. SETTING: Operating theatre at a large teaching hospital. PATIENTS: Eighty consenting patients scheduled to undergo surgery with general anesthesia...
June 2016: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia
A A J Van Zundert, M W Skinner, T C R V Van Zundert, S R Luney, J J Pandit
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2016: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Marc F Lensink, Sameer Velankar, Andriy Kryshtafovych, Shen-You Huang, Dina Schneidman-Duhovny, Andrej Sali, Joan Segura, Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes, Shruthi Viswanath, Ron Elber, Sergei Grudinin, Petr Popov, Emilie Neveu, Hasup Lee, Minkyung Baek, Sangwoo Park, Lim Heo, Gyu Rie Lee, Chaok Seok, Sanbo Qin, Huan-Xiang Zhou, David W Ritchie, Bernard Maigret, Marie-Dominique Devignes, Anisah Ghoorah, Mieczyslaw Torchala, Raphaël A G Chaleil, Paul A Bates, Efrat Ben-Zeev, Miriam Eisenstein, Surendra S Negi, Zhiping Weng, Thom Vreven, Brian G Pierce, Tyler M Borrman, Jinchao Yu, Françoise Ochsenbein, Raphaël Guerois, Anna Vangone, João P G L M Rodrigues, Gydo van Zundert, Mehdi Nellen, Li Xue, Ezgi Karaca, Adrien S J Melquiond, Koen Visscher, Panagiotis L Kastritis, Alexandre M J J Bonvin, Xianjin Xu, Liming Qiu, Chengfei Yan, Jilong Li, Zhiwei Ma, Jianlin Cheng, Xiaoqin Zou, Yang Shen, Lenna X Peterson, Hyung-Rae Kim, Amit Roy, Xusi Han, Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez, Daisuke Kihara, Xiaofeng Yu, Neil J Bruce, Jonathan C Fuller, Rebecca C Wade, Ivan Anishchenko, Petras J Kundrotas, Ilya A Vakser, Kenichiro Imai, Kazunori Yamada, Toshiyuki Oda, Tsukasa Nakamura, Kentaro Tomii, Chiara Pallara, Miguel Romero-Durana, Brian Jiménez-García, Iain H Moal, Juan Férnandez-Recio, Jong Young Joung, Jong Yun Kim, Keehyoung Joo, Jooyoung Lee, Dima Kozakov, Sandor Vajda, Scott Mottarella, David R Hall, Dmitri Beglov, Artem Mamonov, Bing Xia, Tanggis Bohnuud, Carlos A Del Carpio, Eichiro Ichiishi, Nicholas Marze, Daisuke Kuroda, Shourya S Roy Burman, Jeffrey J Gray, Edrisse Chermak, Luigi Cavallo, Romina Oliva, Andrey Tovchigrechko, Shoshana J Wodak
We present the results for CAPRI Round 30, the first joint CASP-CAPRI experiment, which brought together experts from the protein structure prediction and protein-protein docking communities. The Round comprised 25 targets from amongst those submitted for the CASP11 prediction experiment of 2014. The targets included mostly homodimers, a few homotetramers, and two heterodimers, and comprised protein chains that could readily be modeled using templates from the Protein Data Bank. On average 24 CAPRI groups and 7 CASP groups submitted docking predictions for each target, and 12 CAPRI groups per target participated in the CAPRI scoring experiment...
September 2016: Proteins
A A J Van Zundert, C M Kumar, T C R V Van Zundert
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: British Journal of Anaesthesia
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