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Xavier Bonfill, Gerard Urrútia, Marta Roqué, María José Martínez, Hector Pardo-Hernández, Dimelza Osorio, Jordi Pardo, Pamela Seron, Maroussia Tzanova, Ivan Solà
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October 15, 2016: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Kelsey A Bonfils, Kimberly C Dreison, Lauren Luther, Sadaaki Fukui, Abigail E Dempsey, Charles A Rapp, Michelle P Salyers
Objective: Although shared decision making (SDM) is a key element of client-centered care, it has not been widely adopted. Accordingly, interventions have been developed to promote SDM. The aim of this study was to explore the implementation process of one SDM intervention, CommonGround, which utilizes peer specialists and a computerized decision support center to promote SDM. Method: As part of a larger study, CommonGround was implemented in 4 treatment teams in a community mental health center. The implementation process was examined by conducting semistructured interviews with 12 staff members that were integral to the CommonGround implementation...
October 10, 2016: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
M Kleine-Brueggeney, R Greif, N Urwyler, B Wirthmüller, L Theiler
We compared the Bonfils(™) and SensaScope(™) rigid fibreoptic scopes in 200 patients with a simulated difficult airway randomised to one of the two devices. A cervical collar inhibited neck movement and reduced mouth opening to a mean (SD) of 23 (3) mm. The primary outcome parameter was overall success of tracheal intubation; secondary outcomes included first-attempt success, intubation times, difficulty of intubation, fibreoptic view and side-effects. The mean (95% CI) overall success rate was 88 (80-94)% for the Bonfils and 89 (81-94)% for the SensaScope (p = 0...
September 27, 2016: Anaesthesia
Kelsey A Bonfils, Lauren Luther, Sunita George, Kelly D Buck, Paul H Lysaker
Emotional awareness deficits in people with schizophrenia have been linked to poorer objective outcomes, but no work has investigated the relationship between emotional awareness and subjective recovery indices or metacognitive self-reflectivity. The authors hypothesized that increased emotional awareness would be associated with greater self-esteem, hope, and self-reflectivity and that self-reflectivity would moderate links between emotional awareness and self-esteem and hope-such that significant relationships would only be observed at lower levels of self-reflectivity...
September 24, 2016: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
J Marcoval, C Martín-Callizo, F Valentí-Medina, M Bonfill-Ortí, L Martínez-Molina
BACKGROUND: Several studies support a strong association of Sweet syndrome (SS) with malignancy. However, only a few studies analysing the clinical features of malignancy-associated SS have been published in recent years. AIM: To retrospectively study the clinical features of SS that could predict the development of associated malignancies and to analyse the development of malignant neoplasia during long-term follow-up of patients with SS. METHODS: Clinical features of the patients diagnosed with SS syndrome between 1987 and 2013 at Bellvitge Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) were retrospectively analysed...
October 2016: Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
Kimberly C Dreison, Lauren Luther, Kelsey A Bonfils, Michael T Sliter, John H McGrew, Michelle P Salyers
Burnout is prevalent among mental health providers and is associated with significant employee, consumer, and organizational costs. Over the past 35 years, numerous intervention studies have been conducted but have yet to be reviewed and synthesized using a quantitative approach. To fill this gap, we performed a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of burnout interventions for mental health workers. We completed a systematic literature search of burnout intervention studies that spanned more than 3 decades (1980 to 2015)...
September 19, 2016: Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
Roberto Salvia, Simona D'Amore, Giusi Graziano, Caterina Capobianco, Moris Sangineto, Domenico Paparella, Paola de Bonfils, Giuseppe Palasciano, Michele Vacca
The Mediterranean diet (MeD) is believed to promote health; nevertheless, changes in the nutritional patterns in the Mediterranean area (increased intake of refined carbohydrates/saturated fats; reduced fibers intake; main calorie load shifted to dinner) led to reduced MeD benefits in recent decades. We retrospectively investigated the effects of a MeD with a low intake of refined carbohydrates in the evening ("MeDLowC") on body weight (BW) and metabolic profile of overweight/obese subjects. According to their adherence to MeDLowC, subjects were classified into 44 (41%) individuals with "excellent" adherence and 63 (59%) with "poor" adherence...
September 12, 2016: International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Núria Coll-Bonfill, Victor I Peinado, María V Pisano, Marcelina Párrizas, Isabel Blanco, Maurits Evers, Julia C Engelmann, Jessica García-Lucio, Olga Tura-Ceide, Gunter Meister, Joan Albert Barberà, Melina M Musri
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0159460.].
2016: PloS One
Kelsey A Bonfils, Lauren Luther, Ruth L Firmin, Paul H Lysaker, Kyle S Minor, Michelle P Salyers
Hope is integral to recovery for those with schizophrenia. Considering recent advancements in the examination of clients' lexical qualities, we were interested in how clients' words reflect hope. Using computerized lexical analysis, we examined social, emotion, and future words' relations to hope and its pathways and agency components. Forty-five clients provided detailed narratives about their life and mental illness. Transcripts were analyzed using the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count program (LIWC), which assigns words to categories (e...
November 30, 2016: Psychiatry Research
Ai H Lee, Nadia M Nor, Azarinah Izaham, Nurlia Yahya, Shereen S P Tang, Norsidah A Manap
BACKGROUND: This prospective, randomized, single blind, single operator study was conducted to compare hemodynamic responses when endotracheal intubation was performed using the Bonfils intubation fibrescope versus the C-MAC videolaryngoscope. METHOD: Forty-four ASA I patients aged between 18 and 60 years, scheduled for elective surgery requiring endotracheal intubation were recruited. They were randomized into the Bonfils group or C-MAC group. Hemodynamic changes, laryngeal view, duration of intubation and post intubation complications were evaluated...
June 2016: Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology
Margarita Posso, Misericòrdia Carles, Montserrat Rué, Teresa Puig, Xavier Bonfill
OBJECTIVES: The usual practice in breast cancer screening programmes for mammogram interpretation is to perform double reading. However, little is known about its cost-effectiveness in the context of digital mammography. Our purpose was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of double reading versus single reading of digital mammograms in a population-based breast cancer screening programme. METHODS: Data from 28,636 screened women was used to establish a decision-tree model and to compare three strategies: 1) double reading; 2) double reading for women in their first participation and single reading for women in their subsequent participations; and 3) single reading...
2016: PloS One
Núria Coll-Bonfill, Victor I Peinado, María V Pisano, Marcelina Párrizas, Isabel Blanco, Maurits Evers, Julia C Engelmann, Jessica García-Lucio, Olga Tura-Ceide, Gunter Meister, Joan Albert Barberà, Melina M Musri
OBJECTIVE: Previous studies have confirmed Slug as a key player in regulating phenotypic changes in several cell models, however, its role in smooth muscle cells (SMC) has never been assessed. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the expression of Slug during the phenotypic switch of SMC in vitro and throughout the development of vascular remodeling. METHODS AND RESULTS: Slug expression was decreased during both cell-to-cell contact and TGFβ1 induced SMC differentiation...
2016: PloS One
M Ben Said, S Hays, M Bonfils, E Jourdes, J-P Rasigade, F Laurent, J-C Picaud
During hospitalization, sepsis occurs in one of every five very-low-birthweight infants. The emergence of Staphylococcus capitis (SC)-related sepsis in preterm infants was observed recently. This study aimed to evaluate the clinical severity of SC-related sepsis in preterm infants. Of the 105 infants who presented with sepsis related to coagulase-negative staphylococci, 74 were SC. Severe morbidity was more common in the SC group (55.4%) than in the non-SC coagulase-negative staphylococci group (32.0%) (P=0...
September 2016: Journal of Hospital Infection
Hadrien Vroylandt, Anthony Bonfils, Gatien Verley
The efficiency statistics of a small thermodynamic machine has been recently investigated assuming that the total dissipation is a linear combination of two currents: the input and output currents. Here, we relax this standard assumption and consider the question of the efficiency fluctuations for a machine involving three different currents, first in full generality and second for two different examples. Since the third current may not be measurable and/or may decrease the machine efficiency, our motivation is to study the effect of unknown losses in small machines...
May 2016: Physical Review. E
Mahmoud Nassar, Ola M Zanaty, Mohamed Ibrahim
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy of both Bonfils and GlideScope in obese patient with difficult airways for bariatric surgery using awake intubation. DESIGN: Comparative study. SETTING: Operating room. PATIENTS: The study was carried out on 60 patients, for laparoscopic bariatric surgery, after approval of the Medical Ethics Committee and having an informed written consent from each patient. Patients were randomly categorized into 2 equal groups 30 patients in each group...
August 2016: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia
Rosa B Gutarra-Vilchez, Hector Pardo-Hernandez, Ingrid Arévalo-Rodríguez, Diana Buitrago, Xavier Bonfill
OBJECTIVES: To identify and describe controlled clinical trials (CCTs) published in Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics journals. In addition, to assess the quality of the CCTs on Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) identified in this project. STUDY DESIGN: In order to identify eligible CCTs, all Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics journals were handsearched. Handsearching was conducted following the guidelines provided by the Cochrane Collaboration, which state that each journal article must be carefully reviewed, including original articles and other types of studies, letters to the editor, abstracts, and conference presentations...
August 2016: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology
Carmen R Gallardo, David Rigau Comas, Angélica Valderrama Rodríguez, Marta Roqué i Figuls, Lucy Anne Parker, Joan Caylà, Xavier Bonfill Cosp
BACKGROUND: People who are newly diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) typically receive a standard first-line treatment regimen that consists of two months of isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol followed by four months of isoniazid and rifampicin. Fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of these drugs are widely recommended. OBJECTIVES: To compare the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of anti-tuberculosis regimens given as fixed-dose combinations compared to single-drug formulations for treating people with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Gerard Urrútia, Mónica Ballesteros, Benjamin Djulbegovic, Ignasi Gich, Marta Roqué, Xavier Bonfill
OBJECTIVE: The objective of the current study was to determine the publication rate of cancer RCTs and to analyse the determinants of the publication, as well as to estimate the possible existence of a location and time lag bias. We also described the bibliometric characteristics of the publications. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: We conducted an observational study that identified publications resulting from RCTs involving cancer-related drug products. These studies were authorised and registered by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) between 1999 and 2003...
May 6, 2016: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
R Seijas-Tamayo, J Fernández-Mateos, J C Adansa Klain, R Mesía, M Pastor Borgoñón, E Pérez-Ruiz, S Vázquez Fernández, C Salvador Coloma, A Rueda Domínguez, M Taberna, J Martínez-Trufero, T Bonfill Abella, S Vázquez Estévez, M Pollán, E Del Barco Morillo, J J Cruz-Hernández
PURPOSE: Head and neck cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease comprising a large number of tumors located in the cervicofacial area. This study aimed to determine the epidemiological characteristics of squamous-cell carcinomas of the head and neck in the Spanish population, and the distribution of risk factors based on tumor locations. METHODS/PATIENTS: A cohort of 459 patients (75 oral cavity, 167 oro-/hypopharyngeal and 217 laryngeal cancers) recruited in 19 hospitals participating in the Spanish head and neck cancer cooperative group were included over 3 years (2012-2014)...
April 25, 2016: Clinical & Translational Oncology
N Coll-Bonfill, B de la Cruz-Thea, M V Pisano, M M Musri
Vascular smooth muscle cells (SMC) are a highly specialized cell type that exhibit extraordinary plasticity in adult animals in response to a number of environmental cues. Upon vascular injury, SMC undergo phenotypic switch from a contractile-differentiated to a proliferative/migratory-dedifferentiated phenotype. This process plays a major role in vascular lesion formation and during the development of vascular remodeling. Vascular remodeling comprises the accumulation of dedifferentiated SMC in the intima of arteries and is central to a number of vascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pulmonary hypertension...
June 2016: Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology
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