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Mohammad Bagher Rajabi

Ali Abbasian Ardakani, Ali Mohammadzadeh, Nahid Yaghoubi, Zahra Ghaemmaghami, Reza Reiazi, Amir Homayoun Jafari, Sepideh Hekmat, Mohammad Bagher Shiran, Ahmad Bitarafan-Rajabi
PURPOSE: This study investigated the potentiality of ultrasound imaging to classify hot and cold thyroid nodules on the basis of textural and morphological analysis. METHODS: In this research, 42 hypo (hot) and 42 hyper-function (cold) thyroid nodules were evaluated through the proposed method of computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system. To discover the difference between hot and cold nodules, 49 sonographic features (9 morphological, 40 textural) were extracted. A support vector machine classifier was utilized for the classification of LNs based on their extracted features...
April 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Farshad Gholipour, Koosha Ramezani, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Seyed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie
PURPOSE: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of orbital vector and other biometric parameters (i.e. axial globe length, axial globe projection) on the development of involutional entropion or ectropion. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, 167 eyes from 132 patients were included. Of these eyes, 128 had involutional entropion and 39 had involutional ectropion, all of lower lids. The axial globe projection was measured using Hertel exophthalmometry; axial globe length was assessed by A-mode ultrasound; and orbital vector was determined clinically...
February 2018: Orbit
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Ali Makateb, Narges Hassanpoor, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Fatameh Bazvand, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to identify the different factors that an oculoplastic surgeon should consider while practicing cosmetic or reconstructive eyebrow surgery in order to have the final patient's satisfaction. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: In an observational case series study, five photographs were taken from each of 60 females to show ideal eyebrow positioning with fingers. Eyebrow landmarks, including tarsal plate show (TPS) and eyebrow height, were measured in the ideal position...
2017: Clinical Ophthalmology
Fatemeh Bazvand, Reza Karkhaneh, Ramak Roohipoor, Mohammad-Bagher Rajabi, Nazanin Ebrahimiadib, Samaneh Davoudi, Bobeck S Modjtahedi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: A retrospective case series reporting optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) findings in foveal hypoplasia. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients with foveal hypoplasia who presented to the authors' tertiary eye center. Cases of foveal hypoplasia that underwent OCTA were reviewed, and the clinical histories as well as imaging findings were summarized. RESULTS: Three patients presented to the authors' eye center for evaluation of foveal hypoplasia and underwent OCTA: a 5-year-old girl, a 40-year-old woman, and a 22-year-old man...
December 1, 2016: Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging Retina
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie
PURPOSE: To introduce a new modification of transposition flap technique for reconstruction of the medial canthal region. METHODS: This prospective study included 58 patients with the full thickness involvement of both upper and lower lid in the medial canthal area. Reconstruction of posterior lamella was performed by utilizing periosteal flaps and tarsoconjunctival grafts, and anterior lamellar reconstruction was performed using transposition of multiple full-thickness skin flaps, a modified form of rhomboid flap technique...
December 2016: Journal of Current Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Najmeh Zavarzadeh, Alireza Mahmoudi, Mohammad Karim Johari, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Yalda Abrishami, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
AIM: To investigate the clinical outcomes of different intubation techniques in the cases of failed primary probing. METHODS: This retrospective study was performed on 338 patients with the diagnosis of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction with age 1-4y that had failed primary probing. Intubation was performed under light sedation in operating room and the stent was left 3mo in place. Clinical outcome was investigated 3mo after tube removal. RESULTS: Bicanalicular intubation method had higher complete and relative success rates compared to monocanalicular intubation (P=0...
2016: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Zahra Ghorbani, Fereshteh Nobahari, Fatemeh Bazvand, Askar Doostdar, Parviz Zarrinbakhsh, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
PURPOSE: To investigate the medical profiles of patients referred to Iran Lens Clinic with myopic/myope-astigmatic refractive errors. METHODS: Medical records of 182 patients (364 eyes) with myopic/myope-astigmatic refractive errors that underwent orthokeratology contact lens wear and fulfilled a 6-month period of follow-up were recruited. Efficacy and safety of these contact lenses in improving the visual acuity and correction of the refractive errors were investigated...
September 2015: Journal of Current Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Sara Korouji, Mahgol Farjadnia, Mohammad Naderan, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Bahram Khosravi, Seyed Mehdi Tabatabaie
AIM: To compare higher order aberrations in two aspherical intraocular lenses (IOLs): Akreos advanced optics (AO) and Dr. Schmidt Microcrystalline 6125 aspheric anterior surface (MC6125AS) with each other. METHODS: Forty eyes of 39 patients underwent phacoemulsification and Akreos AO and MC6125AS were implanted in their eyes in a random manner. Three months post-operatively, higher order aberrations including spherical aberration, coma aberration, and total aberrations were measured and compared...
2015: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Hajar Jafari, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Seyed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Fahimeh Asadi Amoli
PURPOSE: To report a case of orbital metastasis from scapular bone osteosarcoma. CASE REPORT: A 55-year-old man who was a known case of scapular bone osteosarcoma, was referred to our clinic with ocular symptoms including acute painful decreased vision, proptosis, conjunctival injection, and chemosis. He had undergone surgical excision of the original tumor and received systemic chemotherapy 4 months before. Imaging studies and incisional biopsy were performed for the orbital lesion, the histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of metastatic osteosarcoma...
October 2014: Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Mahla Shadravan, Mehdi Mazloumi, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
PURPOSE: To report the results of bupivacaine injection into the orbicularis oculi muscle to treat lagophthalmos in patients with long-standing Bell palsy. METHODS: In this prospective interventional case series, bupivacaine, 5 ml of a 0.750% solution, was injected into the preseptal and pretarsal area of the orbicularis oculi in each of 10 patients with idiopathic peripheral facial nerve palsy. The measures of vertical eyelid apertures during open and closed eyes were made before the procedure and 1, 3, and 6 months after injection...
November 2015: Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Ghasem Saeedi-Anari, Farshid Ramezani, Seyed-Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Fahimeh Asadi Amoli
At an estimated incidence of 2 cases per million persons per year, osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant bone tumor in children and adults, excluding hematopoietic intraosseous tumors. Orbital metastases of osteosarcoma are very rare. Only 5 cases of orbital metastasis of osteosarcoma previously reported in the literature. We report the case of a 19-year-old man with known history of osteosarcoma of right distal femur who presented with acute visual loss and progressive protrusion of his left eye...
February 2015: Archives of Iranian Medicine
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Seyed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Yalda Abrishami, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, James Oestreicher
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 4, 2014: Iranian Journal of Neurology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Hamid Riazi, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Mehdi Mazloumi, Golnaz Gharehbaghi, Fahimeh Asadi Amoli
BACKGROUND: Orbital and periorbital presentation is rare for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. These tumors are poorly defined spindle cell neoplasms of peripheral nerves and have not been reported to develop in the lacrimal gland to date. AIM: To report a rare presentation of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in the orbital cavity. CASE REPORT: A 65-year-old man was admitted with the chief complaint of prominent right eye. His symptoms began 16 months prior to his admission...
February 2015: Orbit
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Yalda Abrishami, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaee, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Jeffrey J Hurwitz
PURPOSE: To investigate the clinical outcomes of late primary probing in congenital nasolacrimal duct (NLD) obstruction. METHODS: A prospective interventional study was designed to recruit children older than 24 months who presented with clinical manifestations of NLD obstruction since February 2008 to Farabi Eye Hospital, Tehran, Iran. No prior surgical intervention for NLD obstruction was performed on these patients; they underwent probing of the nasolacrimal system and irrigation under general anesthesia by oculoplastic surgeons...
November 2014: Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Fatemeh Bazvand, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Ali Makateb, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Yalda Abrishami
AIM: To report the clinical outcomes of utilizing a three-layer flap and graft in reconstruction of the lower lid in one session. METHODS: Seventeen patients with total or near total lower eyelid defect were included. The defects were reconstructed in three layers. Posterior lamella was reconstructed by using tarsoconjunctival free graft from the ipsilateral upper lid and periosteal flap from lateral orbital rim. Mobilization of residual orbicularis muscle provided a rich blood supply; and the anterior lamella was reconstructed by skin flap prepared from upper lid blepharoplasty as a one-pedicular or bipedicular bucket handle flap...
2014: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Fatemeh Bazvand, Ali Makateb, Simindokht Hosseini, Seyed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
PURPOSE: to introduce five different type of orbital involvement by hydatid cyst in 8 consecutive patients. DESIGN: descriptive case series. METHODS: Herein 8 patients with slowly progressive proptosis from 2 to 4months earlier at their first presentation are introduced. Complete ophthalmic examinations were done. Complete blood count, serologic test, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), CT scan and MRI were requested. Surgical removal of the lesions performed in all patients...
March 2014: Archives of Iranian Medicine
Mohammad Bagher Gholivand, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Sara Dehdashtian, Hamid Reza Rajabi
The design and construction of a selective voltammetric sensor for propylparaben (PP) in cosmetics by using a molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) as recognition element was introduced. The MIP was synthesized by using PP as template and methacrylic acid as functional monomer and then incorporated in the carbon paste electrode as PP sensor. The molecularly imprinted polymer-carbon paste electrode (MIP-CPE) showed very high recognition ability in comparison to non-imprinted polymer-carbon paste electrode (NIP-CPE)...
March 1, 2014: Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Hajar Jafari, Mehdi Mazloumi, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Narges Hasanlou, Seyed-Mojtaba Abtahi, Robert A Goldberg
To investigate any correlation between lower lid retraction and proptosis and also between lower lid retraction and lamellar length, as measured by fornix depth, in patients with thyroid eye disease (TED). One hundred and sixty-six eyes of 83 patients with TED were enrolled. The inferior fornix depth, Hertel exophthalmometry measurement, clinical activity score, and lower lid position were the main outcome variables. The correlation between lower lid position measurement and Hertel measurements and also between the lower lid position measurement and inferior fornix depth were evaluated using ANOVA and Pearson's tests...
August 2014: International Ophthalmology
Mohammad Taher Rajabi, Seyedeh Simindokht Hosseini, Fatemeh Bazvand, Syed Ziaeddin Tabatabaie, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2012: Archives of Iranian Medicine
Sasan Niknam, Mehrdad Shamshiri, Seyed Sahabaldin Shahrzad, Abbas Alipour, Mohammad Bagher Rajabi, Mohammad Taher Rajabi
AIM: To evaluate the effect of Intacs SK corneal ring segment implant for treatment of patients with moderate to severe keratoconus, who have clear central cornea and cannot tolerate contact lens. METHODS: In this prospective, non-comparative, interventional case series study performed in Dena Hospital, Shiraz, Iran, thirty-seven eyes of thirty-six patients with moderate to severe keratoconus, clear central cornea, and contact lens intolerance were enrolled and underwent Intacs SK corneal ring segment implantation...
2012: International Journal of Ophthalmology
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