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Bone bruise

Sofie Symoens, Wouter Steyaert, Lynn Demuynck, Anne De Paepe, Karin E M Diderich, Fransiska Malfait, Paul J Coucke
Type I collagen is the predominant protein of connective tissues such as skin and bone. Mutations in the type I collagen genes (COL1A1 and COL1A2) mainly cause osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). We describe a patient with clinical signs of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), including fragile skin, easy bruising, recurrent luxations, and fractures resembling mild OI. Biochemical collagen analysis of the patients' dermal fibroblasts showed faint overmodification of the type I collagen bands, a finding specific for structural defects in type I collagen...
March 6, 2017: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A
Carsten Hackenbroch, Hans-Joachim Riesner, Patricia Lang, Fabian Stuby, Burkhardt Danz, Benedikt Friemert, Hans-Georg Palm
Background The incidence of fragility fractures of the pelvis is increasing. Established methods to diagnose this condition include X-rays, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Dual energy CT (DECT) is a modern technology for the imaging of bone oedema/bruises and has been used in injuries of the extremities and spine. It is unclear whether this technique can also be used in fragility fractures of the pelvis. The aim of this study was to perform a literature research and survey of the "AG Becken III" members of the German Society of Trauma Surgery (DGU) on the usefulness of DECT in fractures of the pelvis...
February 2017: Zeitschrift Für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
Marc A Tompkins, Sara R Rohr, Julie Agel, Elizabeth A Arendt
PURPOSE: The primary goal was to describe the injury patterns in a population of primary (first time) lateral patellar dislocators (LPD) to lend clarity to commonly held notions about injury patterns in this population. METHODS: A prospective study identifying patients presenting with LPD between 2008 and 2012. Inclusion criteria were a history and physical exam consistent with primary LPD, and an MRI consistent with the diagnosis without other significant ligamentous injury...
February 28, 2017: Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy: Official Journal of the ESSKA
Francisco Guerra Pinto, Mathieu Thaunat, Matt Daggett, Charles Kajetanek, Tiago Marques, Tales Guimares, Bénédicte Quelard, Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet
BACKGROUND: Cyclops syndrome is characterized by loss of terminal knee extension due to proliferative fibrous nodule formation in the intercondylar notch. This complication occurs in the early postoperative period after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). The pathogenesis of Cyclops syndrome is not well understood. HYPOTHESIS: Persistent hamstring contracture after ACLR is associated with an increased risk of subsequent Cyclops syndrome. STUDY DESIGN: Case-control study; Level of evidence, 3...
January 2017: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
C Schröter, M Bielefeld, D Bielefeld, C Macke, C Winkelmann, P Mommsen, C Krettek, C Zeckey
The upper limb is one of the most frequently injured body regions in equestrian sports, but it is unclear which injuries are involved, and there are no data on the associated accident mechanism. The present study is aimed at evaluating the accident mechanisms, injuries of the upper limbs, and the circumstances of the accident in equestrian sports. We included 218 patients who were all treated between 2006 and 2014 at the level I trauma center at the Medical University in Hannover because of equestrian-related accidents...
December 8, 2016: Der Unfallchirurg
Marta Marzotto, Clara Bonafini, Debora Olioso, Anna Baruzzi, Laura Bettinetti, Francesca Di Leva, Elisabetta Galbiati, Paolo Bellavite
Arnica montana (Arnica m.) is used for its purported anti-inflammatory and tissue healing actions after trauma, bruises, or tissue injuries, but its cellular and molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. This work tested Arnica m. effects on gene expression using an in vitro model of macrophages polarized towards a "wound-healing" phenotype. The monocyte-macrophage human THP-1 cell line was cultured and differentiated with phorbol-myristate acetate and Interleukin-4, then exposed for 24h to Arnica m. centesimal (c) dilutions 2c, 3c, 5c, 9c, 15c or Control...
2016: PloS One
Marc Heincelman, Nithin Karakala, Don C Rockey
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in adults is a relatively rare malignancy. The typical presentation includes signs and symptoms associated with bone marrow failure, including fevers, infections, fatigue, and excessive bruising. In this article, we report an unusual systemic presentation of ALL in a previously healthy 18-year-old man. He initially presented with several-day history of nausea and vomiting, 10-pound weight loss, and right upper quadrant abdominal pain with evidence of acute hepatocellular liver injury (elevations in aspartate aminotransferase/alanine aminotransferase) and elevation in serum creatinine...
July 2016: Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports
Michael D Ringler, Ezekiel E Shotts, Mark S Collins, B Matthew Howe
OBJECTIVE: Unlike with anterior cruciate ligament injury, little is known about the prevalence of intra-articular pathology associated with isolated posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury in the knee. The objectives of this study were to characterize and identify the frequency of meniscal tears and osteochondral injuries in these patients, and to see if management might be affected. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Altogether, 48 knee MRI exams with isolated PCL tears were evaluated for the presence of: grade and location of PCL tear, meniscal tear, articular chondral lesion, bone bruise, and fracture...
December 2016: Skeletal Radiology
Ingrid Vasconcellos Faber, Joana Rosa Marques Prota, Alberto Rolim Muro Martinez, Anamarli Nucci, Iscia Lopes-Cendes, Marcondes Cavalcante França Júnior
INTRODUCTION: Chediak-Higashi syndrome (CHS) is a very rare autosomal recessive disorder (gene CHS1/LYST) characterized by partial albinism, recurrent infections, and easy bruising. Survivors develop a constellation of slowly progressive neurological manifestations. METHODS: We describe clinical, laboratory, electrophysiological, and genetic findings of a patient who developed an immune-mediated demyelinating neuropathy as the main clinical feature of CHS. RESULTS: The patient presented with subacute flaccid paraparesis, absent reflexes, and reduced vibration sense...
September 26, 2016: Muscle & Nerve
Melissa A Kluczynski, John M Marzo, Michael A Rauh, Geoffrey A Bernas, Leslie J Bisson
BACKGROUND: Concomitant injuries can occur in patients with combined anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears; however, no studies have compared these injuries in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction with an MCL tear to those with an intact MCL. PURPOSE: To compare bone bruising, meniscus tears, and chondral lesions in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction with an MCL tear (cases) to those with an intact MCL (controls). STUDY DESIGN: Case-control study; Level of evidence, 3...
August 2016: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
Domin Na, Suk-Joo Hong, Min A Yoon, Kyung-Sik Ahn, Chang Ho Kang, Baek Hyun Kim, Yeonggul Jang
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: The study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) before and after calcium subtraction in the diagnosis of spinal bone bruise. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Among the patients who visited our emergency department between January 2013 and July 2014 who underwent both spinal DECT and magnetic resonance imaging, 38 patients (men:women = 25:13; mean age: 55.6 years, range: 28-82) were included. The patients were divided into two groups, those with and without acute spinal compression fracture, based on magnetic resonance imaging findings...
November 2016: Academic Radiology
Elcin Aslan, Alper Gultekin, Cuneyt Karabuda, Carmen Mortellaro, Vakur Olgac, Eitan Mijiritsky
Autogenous bone-block grafts are the "gold standard" for block bone grafting, but have several disadvantages. Allografts have the potential to overcome these disadvantages. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical and histomorphometric features of demineralized freeze-dried cortical block allografts (DCBA) used for ridge augmentation. Eleven patients who showed bone deficiencies of <5 mm in the horizontal plane were included in this study. The recipient sites were reconstructed with DCBA...
July 2016: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Laura A Leaman, William L Hennrikus, James J Bresnahan
PURPOSE: Fractures are the second most common presentation of child abuse following soft-tissue bruising and burns. It is often difficult to determine potential abuse in a child presenting with a non-rib fracture(s) and without soft-tissue injuries. METHODS: One hundred and fifteen consecutive patients aged ≤2 years who presented with a fracture between January 2010 and June 2012 to our emergency department (ED) or pediatric fracture clinic were retrospectively analyzed...
August 2016: Journal of Children's Orthopaedics
Sina Pezeshki, Thomas J Vogl, Mohammad Zakaria Pezeshki, Mohammad Hossein Daghighi, Masoud Pourisa
BACKGROUND: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a noninvasive diagnostic tool may help clinicians in the evaluation of injuries to menisci and ligaments. PURPOSE: this study assessed the associations between type of trauma to knee joint, bone bruise, fracture and pathological joint effusion with injuries to menisci and ligaments of knee joint. METHODS: we reviewed knee joint MRI of 175 patients aged less than 45 years old who were referred to MRI center of our University...
January 2016: Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal
Camilo Partezani Helito, Paulo Victor Partezani Helito, Hugo Pereira Costa, Marco Kawamura Demange, Marcelo Bordalo-Rodrigues
PURPOSE: To evaluate the epidemiology of injuries and abnormalities of the anterolateral ligament (ALL) by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in cases of acute anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. METHODS: MRIs of patients with acute ACL injury were evaluated. Acute injuries of the ACL were considered in cases in which the patient reported knee trauma occurring less than 3 weeks prior and when bone bruise in the femoral condyles and tibial plateau was identified...
January 2017: Arthroscopy: the Journal of Arthroscopic & related Surgery
Melissa A Kluczynski, Jeansol V Kang, John M Marzo, Leslie J Bisson
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of comorbid knee pathology has been examined for sports-related anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, but it has not been examined in ice hockey players. PURPOSE: To compare concomitant bone bruising, collateral ligament injuries, and intra-articular injuries in ACL injuries suffered during ice hockey versus other sports. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study; Level of evidence, 3. METHODS: A total of 20 patients with ACL injuries sustained during ice hockey were identified from a prospective registry, of which 95% were male and 90% had a contact mechanism of injury (MOI)...
May 2016: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine
Bingyou Yang, Xiaoying Lin, Jinyan Tan, Xian She, Yan Liu, Haixue Kuang
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Sambucus Williamsii Hance (SWH) is a plant from a family of Caprifoliaceae, which has a long medical history of use as an effective folk treatment for fracture bruises. AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluate the effects of 50% ethanol extracts of root-bark of Sambucus Williamsii Hance(EE-rbSWH) on fracture healing of rats and explore its mechanism of actions related to the BMP-2 signaling pathway. MATERIALS AND METHODS: EE-rbSWH was orally administered at the doses of 340 and 680mg/kg to adult Sprague-Dawley rats with operation of open femur fracture completely for 2, 4 and 8 weeks...
September 15, 2016: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Tamika Kelson, Robert Davidson, Tim Baker
INTRODUCTION: To compare the cost-effectiveness and patient impact between acute magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) management and conventional management in the diagnosis of occult scaphoid fractures in a rural setting. METHODS: Consecutive patients presenting to a rural emergency department (ED) with a suspected scaphoid fracture were randomly assigned to either conventional management (6) or acute MRI management (10) (3 patients were excluded from the study analysis)...
March 2016: Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences
R Schmitt, H Rosenthal
Up to 30 % of acute scaphoid fractures are missed in conventional radiography. CT and MRI should be early performed in the diagnostic workflow, when radiograms (dorsopalmar, lateral and Stecher's views) are negative or inconclusive in fracture detection. Significance of CT is different from that of MRI: Sensitivity of CT imaging (85 to 95 %) is superior to conventional radiography (about 70 %), but inferior to MRI (almost 100 %). However, CT (specificity 95 to 100 %) is able to provide more detailed anatomic information of the fracture pattern when compared to MRI (specificity 80 to 90 %)...
May 2016: RöFo: Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin
Yan-xia Chen, Kun Ma
Dingkun Dan is a representative of the classic gynecological medicine. With Tonifying the liver and kidney, supplementing Qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation Shuyu, promoting the role of pain. Used in treatment of liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of both qi and blood, Qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, uterine bleeding, leukorrhea with reddish discharge, bruise blood removal, infertility, and various postpartum deficiency and bone steaming hot flashes of gynecological common disease...
October 2015: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
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