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Mohammad Reza Akbari

Ahmad Delbari, Farzane Keyghobadi, Yadollah Abolfathi Momtaz, Fariba Keyghobadi, Reza Akbari, Houman Kamranian, Mohammad Shouride Yazdi, Sayed Shahaboddin Tabatabaei, Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad
BACKGROUND: A number of studies have explored the issue of sex differences in stroke from biomedical perspective; however, there are still large gaps in the existing knowledge. The purpose of this study was to assess whether the differences in socioeconomic status and living conditions between men and women may explain the part of the sex differences in incidence and outcomes of stroke. METHODS: All stroke participants aged ≥60 years admitted in Vaseie Hospital in Sabzevar, Iran, from March 21, 2013, until March 20, 2014, were included in this study...
2016: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Fatemeh T Shamsabadi, Mohammad Reza Akbari Eidgahi, Parvaneh Mehrbod, Nasibeh Daneshvar, Zeenathul Nazariah Allaudin, Ahad Yamchi, Majid Shahbazi
Drawbacks of conventional cancer treatments, with lack of specificity and cytotoxicity using current approaches, underlies the necessity for development of a novel approach, gene-directed cancer therapy. This has provided novel technological opportunities in vitro and in vivo. This review focuses on a member of an apoptosis inhibitor family, survivin, as a valuable target. Not only the gene but also its promoter are applicable in this context. This article is based on a literature survey, with especial attention to RNA interference as well as tumor- specific promoter action...
2016: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
Parastoo Golshiri, Mojtaba Akbari, Mohammad Reza Abdollahzadeh
OBJECTIVE: This study was aimed to evaluate the age at natural menopause and related factors among women in a population based study in 2015 in Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study 960 menopausal women were selected by cluster sampling. Demographic, socioeconomic, lifestyle behavior and reproductive history aspects were collected using a structured questionnaire. Woman and her husband's educational level and occupation with family income were the variables to construct socioeconomic status using principal component analysis...
August 2016: Journal of Menopausal Medicine
Maryam Ahmadi, Fereidoun Mahboudi, Mohammad Reza Akbari Eidgahi, Reza Nasr, Fatemeh Nemat Pour, Samira Ahmadi, Saeedeh Ebadat, Mojtaba Aghaee Poor, Fatemeh Davami
Traditional methods to generate CHO cell lines rely on random integration(s) of the gene of interest and result in unpredictable and unstable protein expression. In comparison, site-specific recombination methods increase the recombinant protein expression by inserting transgene at a locus with specific expression features. PhiC31 serine integrase, catalyze unidirectional integration that occurs at higher frequency in comparison with the reversible integration carried out by recombinases such as Cre. In this study, using different ratios of phiC31 serine integrase, we evaluated the phiC31 mediated gene integration for expression of a humanized IgG1 antibody (mAb0014) in CHO-S cells...
September 7, 2016: Biotechnology Progress
Satar Rezaei, Ali Akbari Sari, Mohammad Arab, Reza Majdzadeh, Asghar Mohammad Poorasl
BACKGROUND: Smoking imposes considerably high economic costs both on the healthcare system as well as on a country as a whole. This study was aimed at systematically reviewing the currently published literature on the direct and indirect costs associated with smoking globally. METHODS: A systematic review was performed on systematically searched articles from PubMed and Scopus databases published during the period 1990 to 2014. A combination of key terms such as "economic burden", "direct cost", "indirect cost", and smoking, tobacco or cigarette" and "productivity lost was used for the search...
2016: Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Mohammad Ali Zare, Mohammad Reza Akbari, Mohammad Yaser Kiarudi, Hadi Zare Mehrjardi
Duane's retraction syndrome (DRS) is characterized by limitations in horizontal eye movements, globe retraction, and palpebral fissure narrowing on attempted adduction. This disorder is caused by a disturbance in innervation originating in the brain stem and represents <1% of all cases of strabismus. It is postulated that this syndrome is due to an insult during the early weeks (8-10 weeks) of pregnancy and is 10-20 times more frequently associated with other systemic congenital anomalies. This case report of bilateral DRS included bilateral iris-retinal coloboma and congenital heart disease, sensory hearing loss, and inguinal hernia...
July 2016: Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology
Mohammad Reza Akbari, Masoomeh Mohebbi, Mohammadkarim Johari, Arash Mirmohammadsadeghi, Alireza Mahmoudi
PURPOSE: To present clinical findings of a 28-year-old woman with multifocal surgically induced necrotizing scleritis following uncomplicated strabismus surgery. METHOD: A 28-year-old woman underwent uncomplicated strabismus surgery of her right eye for sensory exotropia under general anesthesia (6 mm right medial rectus muscle resection and 8 mm right lateral rectus muscle recession). DESIGN: Retrospective, observational case report and literature review...
September 2016: Strabismus
Gholam Reza Mobini, Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani, Saeid Amanpour, Ahmad Reza Dehpour, Abolfazl Akbari, Seyed Mojtaba Hoseiniharouni, Samad Muhammadnejad, Maryam Sheikhzade, Hoda Abedkhojasteh, Masoumeh Mohebi, Manzar Bolhassani, Mansour Heidari
A member of homeodomain protein namely TGIF2LX has been implicated as a tumor suppressor gene in human malignancy as well as in spermatogenesis. However, to our knowledge, dynamic functional evidence of the TGIF2LX has not yet been provided. The aim of the present study was to investigate the human TGIF2LX target gene(s) using a cDNA-AFLP as a differential display method. A pEGFP-TGIF2LX construct containing the wild-type TGIF2LX cDNA was stably transfected into SW48 cells. UV microscopic analysis and Real-time RT-PCR were used to confirm TGIF2LX expression...
May 2016: Acta Medica Iranica
Abdollah Kebriaei, Mohammad Derakhshan, Zahra Meshkat, Mohammad Reza Akbari Eidgahi, Seyed Abdolrahim Rezaee, Hadi Farsiani, Arman Mosavat, Saman Soleimanpour, Kiarash Ghazvini
As an ancient disease, tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health threat. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an effective and safe anti-TB vaccine. In the current study, a delivery system of Fc domain of mouse IgG2a and early secreted antigenic target protein 6 (ESAT-6) was evaluated for the selective uptake of antigens by antigen-presenting cells (APCs). Thus, it was based on the immunogenicity of a fusion protein. The study was initiated by the transfer of recombinant expression vectors of pPICZαA-ESAT-6:Fcγ2a and pPICZαA-ESAT-6: His into Pichia pastoris (P...
September 2016: Molecular Biology Reports
Mohammad Bazyar, Arash Rashidian, Sumit Kane, Mohammad Reza Vaez Mahdavi, Ali Akbari Sari, Leila Doshmangir
There are fragmentations in Iran's health insurance system. Multiple health insurance funds exist, without adequate provisions for transfer or redistribution of cross subsidy among them. Multiple risk pools, including several private secondary insurance schemes, have resulted in a tiered health insurance system with inequitable benefit packages for different segments of the population. Also fragmentation might have contributed to inefficiency in the health insurance systems, a low financial protection against healthcare expenditures for the insured persons, high coinsurance rates, a notable rate of insurance coverage duplication, low contribution of well-funded institutes with generous benefit package to the public health insurance schemes, underfunding and severe financial shortages for the public funds, and a lack of transparency and reliable data and statistics for policy-making...
2016: International Journal of Health Policy and Management
Mohammad Reza Zamani, Arash Salmaninejad, Firouzeh Akbari Asbagh, Ahmad Masoud, Nima Rezaei
INTRODUCTION: Endometriosis is a multifactorial benign gynecologic disorder, characterized by the ectopic growth of misplaced endometrial cells with complex genetic inheritance and changing of some immune based factors and also shares some autoimmune characteristics. However, it is not clear yet that how and when these immunological factors affect the initiation or progression of the disease. It has been shown that STAT4 is a predisposing gene in the development of some autoimmune diseases...
August 2016: European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology
Reza Goudarzi, Hojjat Zeraati, Ali Akbari Sari, Arash Rashidian, Kazem Mohammad
BACKGROUND: Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is used as a measure to valuate healthcare interventions and guide policy making. The EuroQol EQ-5D is a widely used generic preference-based instrument to measure Health-related quality of life. OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to develop a value set of the EQ-5D health states for an Iranian population. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This study is a cross-sectional study of Iranian populations...
February 2016: Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal
Seyed Taghi Heydari, Mehrdad Vossoughi, Armin Akbarzadeh, Kamran B Lankarani, Yaser Sarikhani, Kazem Javanmardi, Ali Akbary, Maryam Akbari, Mojtaba Mahmoodi, Mohammad Khabaz Shirazi, Reza Tabrizi
PURPOSE: The aim of this present study is to investigate the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse (ASA) and its relationship with other risky driving behaviors among motorcycle drivers. METHODS: This is a cross sectional study which is performed at Shiraz city of Iran. Data from motorcycle drivers were collected using a standard questionnaire in eight major streets at different times of the day. The data includes consumption of alcohol and other substances two hours before driving and some of the risky behaviors during driving...
April 1, 2016: Chinese Journal of Traumatology, Zhonghua Chuang Shang za Zhi
Hadi Farsiani, Arman Mosavat, Saman Soleimanpour, Hamid Sadeghian, Mohammad Reza Akbari Eydgahi, Kiarash Ghazvini, Mojtaba Sankian, Ehsan Aryan, Saeid Amel Jamehdar, Seyed Abdolrahim Rezaee
Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major global health threat despite chemotherapy and Bacilli Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination. Therefore, a safer and more effective vaccine against TB is urgently needed. This study evaluated the immunogenicity of a recombinant fusion protein consisting of early secreted antigenic target protein 6 kDa (ESAT-6), culture filtrate protein 10 kDa (CFP-10) and the Fc-domain of mouse IgG2a as a novel subunit vaccine. The recombinant expression vectors (pPICZαA-ESAT-6:CFP-10:Fcγ2a and pPICZαA-ESAT-6:CFP-10:His) were transferred into Pichia pastoris...
June 21, 2016: Molecular BioSystems
Satar Rezaei, Ali Akbari Sari, Mohammad Arab, Reza Majdzadeh, Faramarz Shaahmadi, Asghar Mohammadpoorasl
OBJECTIVES: Smoking is recognized as one of the main preventable causes of mortality and morbidity that imposes a high financial burden on healthcare systems and society. This study aimed to examine the association between smoking status and hospital length of stay (LOS) among patients with lung cancer (LC), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and ischemic heart diseases (IHD) in Iran in 2014. METHODS: A total of 1271 patients (415 LC patients, 427 COPD patients and 429 IHD patients) were included in the study...
August 2016: Hospital Practice (Minneapolis)
Fatemeh Dousti, Mohammad-Ali Assarehzadegan, Payam Morakabati, Gholam Reza Khosravi, Bahareh Akbari
Pollen from mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) is one of the important causes of immediate hypersensitivity reactions in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world. The aim of present study is to produce and purify the recombinant form of allergenic Ole e 1-like protein from the pollen of this allergenic tree. Immunological and cross-inhibition assays were performed for the evaluation of IgE-binding capacity of purified recombinant protein. For molecular cloning, the coding sequence of the mesquite Ole e 1-like protein was inserted into pTZ57R/T vector and expressed in Escherichia coli using the vector pET-21b(+)...
April 2016: Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
Mohammad Reza Akbari, Ahmad Ameri, Ali Reza Keshtkar Jaafari, Arash Mirmohammadsadeghi
PURPOSE: To evaluate the rate of and predictive factors for successful treatment of restrictive myopathy in thyroid-associated orbitopathy (TAO) using botulinum toxin injection. METHODS: Twenty patients with restrictive myopathy of TAO were enrolled in the study. Abnormal thyroid function test results were not a prerequisite for inclusion. In each extraocular muscle 25 units of botulinum toxinA were injected. The success rate, calculated at 2 years or last follow-up before surgery, was defined as proportion of the cases with esotropia of <10(Δ), vertical deviation of <5(Δ), and no diplopia in primary position and downgaze for at least 1 year...
April 2016: Journal of AAPOS: the Official Publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Mahsa Fadaee, Ariana Kariminejad, Zohreh Fattahi, Shahriar Nafissi, Hamed Reza Godarzi, Maryam Beheshtian, Raheleh Vazehan, Mohammad Reza Akbari, Kimia Kahrizi, Hossein Najmabadi
Calpain3 is a calcium-dependent intracellular protease involved in an autosomal recessive form of muscular dystrophy known as limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A. Many pathogenic mutations have been identified in calpain3, encoded by the CAPN3 gene, which leads to weakness of the pelvic and shoulder girdle muscles. In the present study, whole exome sequencing was performed on six unrelated Iranian families who presented with progressive muscle weakness, with a strong suspicion of Calpainopathies. Genetic analysis of CAPN3 gene revealed five causative variants which had not been reported in the Iranian population before including a novel 6 bp deletion (c...
April 2016: Neuromuscular Disorders: NMD
Davood Panahi, Mansour Azari, Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari, Rezvan Zendehdel, Hamid Reza Mirzaei, Hossein Hatami, Yadollah Mehrabi
Treatment using cytotoxic drugs is considered to be the most common treatment for cancers. However, the widespread use of these drugs on the health status of the staff at the oncology department has become a great concern. Due to challenges of sampling and analysis of cytotoxic drugs, the aim of this study was to development a novel practical method called Needle trap devices (NTD) for sampling and analysis of personal exposure to cyclophosphamide drug. The sampler consisted of a stainless steel hyper needle gauge 21 of length 9 cm packed with Carboxen 1000 for adsorbing cyclophosphamide...
April 2016: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Amin Torabipour, Mohammad Arab, Hojjat Zeraati, Arash Rashidian, Ali Akbari Sari, Mahmuod Reza Sarzaiem
Length of hospital stay (LOS) is a key indicator for hospital management. Reducing hospital stay is a priority for all health systems. We aimed to determine the length of hospital stay following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) based on its clinical and non-clinical factors. A cross-sectional study of 649 consecutive patients who underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery was conducted in Imam Khomeini and Shariati university hospitals, Tehran, Iran. Data was analyzed by using non-parametric univariate tests and multiple linier regression models...
February 2016: Acta Medica Iranica
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