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Auguste Kaceniene, Agne Krilaviciute, Jurgita Kazlauskiene, Giedre Bulotiene, Giedre Smailyte
Certain groups of individuals seem to have an increased risk of committing suicide, and a number of studies have reported an increased risk of suicide among cancer patients. In this study, we aim to estimate the risk of suicide among cancer patients in Lithuania over the period 1993-2012. The records of patients diagnosed with primary cancer were extracted from the population-based Lithuanian Cancer Registry and 273 511 cases of first cancer were included in the analysis. Sex, age and calendar period-standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) were calculated by dividing the observed numbers of suicides among cancer patients by the expected number using national rates...
September 2017: European Journal of Cancer Prevention
Louise Emilsson, Magnus Løberg, Michael Bretthauer, Øyvind Holme, Katja Fall, Henriette C Jodal, Hans-Olov Adami, Mette Kalager
OBJECTIVES: Improved understanding of the subsequent risk death from colorectal cancer (CRC) among individuals who had adenomas removed is needed. We aimed to quantify this risk using prospectively collected data from population-based cohorts. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Using Norwegian and Swedish registries, a cohort of 90,864 individuals with colorectal adenomas removed between 1980 and 2013 was identified. Surveillance was only recommended for high-risk adenomas...
September 14, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology
Yu-Jun Liu, Xuejiao Liu, Hao Chen, Peng Zheng, Wenyi Wang, Liangchao Wang, Jianhua Zhang, Jumin Tu
Several mitochondrial-targeted pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins involved in pollen development have been reported to be fertility restorer (Rf) proteins. However, the roles of plastid-localized PPR proteins in plant male reproduction are poorly defined. Here, we described a plastid-localized PPR-SMR protein, OsPPR676, which is required for plant growth and pollen development in rice. In this study, OsPPR676 was confirmed to be an interacted protein with Osj10gBTF3, β-subunit of nascent polypeptide-associated complex (β-NAC), by bimolecular fluorescence complementation assays, indicating that both proteins are probably involved in the same regulatory pathway of pollen development...
September 13, 2017: Scientific Reports
Ling-Qing Zeng, Cheng Fu, Shi-Jian Fu
Schooling behavior is an adaptive trait of important biological and ecological significance in fish species. However, the question of how aerobic capacity and environmental factors (i.e., food and water velocity) affect the spatial positioning within fish schools has received little attention. Our study measured the aerobic capacity-as indicated by standard metabolic rate (SMR), maximum metabolic rate (MMR) and aerobic scope (AS)-and swimming performance of juvenile qingbo (Spinibarbus sinensis) and filmed their schooling behavior in a swim tunnel under both a control treatment and food stimulus treatment at three water velocities (20, 30 and 40cms(-1))...
September 9, 2017: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Qi Yang, Fan-Rui Meng, Charles P-A Bourque, Zhengyong Zhao
Forest ecosite reflects the local site conditions that are meaningful to forest productivity as well as basic ecological functions. Field assessments of vegetation and soil types are often used to identify forest ecosites. However, the production of high-resolution ecosite maps for large areas from interpolating field data is difficult because of high spatial variation and associated costs and time requirements. Indices of soil moisture and nutrient regimes (i.e., SMR and SNR) introduced in this study reflect the combined effects of biogeochemical and topographic factors on forest growth...
September 8, 2017: Scientific Reports
Daniel A Bastias, Andrea C Ueno, Cristina R Machado Assefh, Adriana E Alvarez, Carolyn A Young, Pedro E Gundel
Plant-herbivore interactions are often mediated by plant microorganisms, and the "defensive mutualism" of epichloid fungal endophytes of grasses is an example. These endophytes synthesize bioactive alkaloids that generally have detrimental effects on the performance of insect herbivores, but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Our objective was to determine whether changes in the physiology and/or behavior of aphids explain the changes in performance of insects feeding on endophytic plants. We studied the interaction between the aphid Rhopalosiphum padi and the annual ryegrass Lolium multiflorum symbiotic (E+) or not symbiotic (E-) with the fungus Epichloë occultans that can synthesize loline alkaloids...
September 6, 2017: Oecologia
Anna Sannino, Robert L Smith, Gabriele G Schiattarella, Bruno Trimarco, Giovanni Esposito, Paul A Grayburn
Importance: The outcomes of patients with left ventricular (LV) dysfunction and secondary mitral regurgitation (SMR) are still controversial. Objective: To clarify the role of SMR in the outcomes of patients with ischemic or idiopathic cardiomyopathies. Data Sources: MEDLINE, ISI Web of Science, and Scopus databases were searched for studies published up to March 2017. Study Selection: Studies reporting data on outcomes in patients with SMR were included...
September 6, 2017: JAMA Cardiology
L Botrel, L Acqualagna, B Blankertz, A Kübler
Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) allow for controlling devices through modulation of sensorimotor rhythms (SMR), yet a profound number of users is unable to achieve sufficient accuracy. Here, we investigated if visuo-motor coordination (VMC) training or Jacobsen's progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) prior to BCI use would increase later performance compared to a control group who performed a reading task (CG). Running the study in two different BCI-labs, we achieved a joint sample size of in N=154 naïve participants...
September 1, 2017: International Journal of Psychophysiology
Kerry McClean, Daniel Mullany, Sue Huckson, Allison van Lint, Shaila Chavan, Peter Hicks, Graeme Hart, Eldho Paul, David Pilcher
PURPOSE: A hospital's highest-risk patients are managed in the intensive care unit. Outcomes are determined by patients' severity of illness, existing comorbidities and by processes of care delivered. The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation (CORE) manages a binational clinical registry to benchmark performance, and report and assess ICUs which appear to have worse outcomes than others. METHODS: A descriptive retrospective cohort study was undertaken to detail processes, outcomes, limitations and practical lessons learnt from monitoring ICU performance throughout Australia and New Zealand...
September 2017: Critical Care and Resuscitation: Journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine
Ségolène Bouet, Eric Samson, Iris Jovanovic, Dominique Laurier, Olivier Laurent
PURPOSE: Epidemiological studies in cohorts of uranium millers can be informative to improve knowledge of the health effects of uranium, but are very rare. The aim of this study was to analyze, for the first time, mortality in a French cohort of uranium millers. METHODS: The F-Millers cohort includes permanent contract workers employed at least 6 months at French uranium milling plants. Vital status and causes of death were obtained from national registries between 1968 and 2013, in order to perform comparisons with French national and local mortality rates by computing standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) with 95% confidence intervals (95% CI)...
August 31, 2017: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health
Michelle Palacios, Christopher A Broberg, Kimberly A Walker, Virginia L Miller
Klebsiella pneumoniae is considered a significant public health threat because of the emergence of multidrug-resistant strains and the challenge associated with treating life-threatening infections. Capsule, siderophores, and adhesins have been implicated as virulence determinants of K. pneumoniae, yet we lack a clear understanding of how this pathogen causes disease. In a previous screen for virulence genes, we identified a potential new virulence locus and constructed a mutant (smr) with this locus deleted...
July 2017: MSphere
Seyda Ignak, Yasar Nakipoglu, Bulent Gurler
BACKGROUND: Disinfectants and antiseptics are biocides widely used in hospitals to prevent spread of pathogens. It has been reported that antiseptic resistance genes, qac's, caused tolerance to a variety of biocidal agents, such as benzalkonium chloride (BAC) and chlorhexidine digluconate (CHDG) in Staphylococcus spp. isolates. We aimed to search the frequency of antiseptic resistance genes in clinical Staphylococcus spp. and Enterococcus spp. isolates to investigate the possible association with antiseptic tolerance and antibiotic resistance...
2017: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control
Theodore Garland, Ralph L Albuquerque
Animals are constrained by their abilities and by interactions with environmental factors, such as low ambient temperatures. These constraints range from physical impossibilities to energetic inefficiencies, and may entail trade-offs. Some of the constraints related to locomotion and activity metabolism can be illustrated through allometric comparisons of mammals and lizards, as representative terrestrial vertebrate endotherms and ectotherms, respectively, because these lineages differ greatly in aerobic metabolic capacities, resting energetic costs, and thermoregulatory patterns...
August 1, 2017: Integrative and Comparative Biology
Vedran Radonić, Damir Kozmar, Darko Počanić, Helena Jerkić, Ivan Bohaček, Tomislav Letilović
AIM: To compare the overall and disease-specific mortality of Croatian male athletes who won one or more Olympic medals representing Yugoslavia from 1948 to 1988 or Croatia from 1992 to 2016, and the general Croatian male population standardized by age and time period. METHODS: All 233 Croatian male Olympic medalists were included in the study. Information on life duration and cause of death for the Olympic medalists who died before January 1, 2017, was acquired from their families and acquaintances...
August 31, 2017: Croatian Medical Journal
Agnieszka Kalinska-Bienias, Katarzyna Lukowska-Smorawska, Pawel Jagielski, Cezary Kowalewski, Katarzyna Wozniak
Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is associated with higher mortality and coexisting comorbidities, some of them affecting poor prognosis. The aim of the study was to identify prognostic factors causing greater mortality both in the 1st and 3rd year of follow-up and to determine the 1-, 2-, 3-year mortality rates, standardized mortality ratio (SMR) in Polish BP patients. All patients with BP (a cohort of 205 patients, mean age 76.2 years) diagnosed between 5 January 2000 and 10 December 2013 in a referral unit for autoimmune bullous diseases at the university hospital in Poland were included retrospectively...
August 29, 2017: Archives of Dermatological Research
Monique A Ladds, David J Slip, Robert G Harcourt
The study of marine mammal energetics can shed light on how these animals might adapt to changing environments. Their physiological potential to adapt will be influenced by extrinsic factors, such as temperature, and by intrinsic factors, such as sex and reproduction. We measured the standard metabolic rate (SMR) of males and females of three Australian otariid species (two Australian fur seals, three New Zealand fur seals and seven Australian sea lions). Mean SMR ranged from 0.47 to 1.05 l O2 min(-1), which when adjusted for mass was from 5...
2017: Conservation Physiology
Mikael Hallengren, Per Åstrand, Staffan Eksborg, Hans Barle, Claes Frostell
BACKGROUND: Septic shock is associated with high mortality. Aged and multimorbid patients are not always eligible for intensive care units. Norepinephrine is an accepted treatment for hypotension in septic shock. It is unknown whether norepinephrine has a place in treatment outside an intensive care unit and when given peripherally. OBJECTIVES: To describe mortality, Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE-II), time to mean arterial pressure >65 mmHg, and adverse events in patients with septic shock receiving norepinephrine peripherally in an intermediate care unit...
2017: PloS One
Inger Westborg, Elisabet Granstam, Aldana Rosso, Susanne Albrecht, Niklas Karlsson, Monica Lövestam-Adrian
PURPOSE: To present Swedish Macula Register (SMR) data regarding treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in clinical practice since 2008. METHODS: A retrospective register-based study was conducted. Evaluation of baseline demographics, visual outcome and number of injections during this period is presented. RESULTS: Mean age at diagnosis was 79 ± (SD) 8 years; 65% were female. The proportion of patients with <2 months' duration of symptoms increased from 26% in 2008 to 41% in 2014 (p = 0...
August 21, 2017: Acta Ophthalmologica
Enrico Oddone, Daniela Ferrante, Sara Tunesi, Corrado Magnani
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to describe the mortality of a cohort of asbestos-cement workers in the largest plant in the most industrialized Italian region (Lombardy). METHODS: A cohort study was carried out on 1818 subjects, corresponding to 47 536.1 person-years of observation. Standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) were computed for the major causes of death. RESULTS: Increased SMRs were observed for pleural, peritoneal and lung cancers, and for asbestosis (SMR 26...
August 18, 2017: American Journal of Industrial Medicine
Sepideh Hassanzadeh, Rahil Mashhadi, Masoud Yousefi, Emran Askari, Maryam Saniei, Mohammad Reza Pourmand
Efflux pumps are well known as a key role to fluoroquinolone resistance in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). In this study, among 60 clinical MRSA isolates, 42 isolates (70%) were resistant to ciprofloxacin. MRSA were isolated to detect efflux genes including norA, norB, norC, mepA, sepA, mdeA, qacA/B and smr. Isolates subjected to PCR detection and DNA sequence analysis for these genes. PCR detection showed that 42 isolates (70%) contained at least one efflux pump gene. Among ciprofloxacin-resistant isolates, mdeA and qacA/B genes were found with the highest (61...
August 18, 2017: Microbial Pathogenesis
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