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Tomás A Ramos-Sánchez, Tomás Ramos-Morales, Rodolfo Morales-Avalos, Jaime Blázquez-Saldaña, Víctor M Peña-Martínez, Félix Vílchez-Cavazos
Antecedentes: El sangrado secundario es una de las principales causas de morbilidad después de la cirugía. El etamsilato se ha utilizado con buenos resultados para disminuir el sangrado en diversas patologías, como metrorragias, sangrado intraventricular, prostatectomías, cirugías de catarata y amigdalectomías. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la efectividad del etamsilato para disminuir el sangrado en la cirugía de reemplazo total de cadera. Método: La población se dividió en dos grupos...
2018: Cirugia y Cirujanos
Fernando Pompeu Piza Vicentine, Adriano Miziara Gonzalez, Ramiro Anthero de Azevedo, Barbara Burza Benini, Marcelo Moura Linhares, Gaspar de Jesus Lopes-Filho, Jose Luiz Martins, Alcides Augusto Salzedas-Netto
Background: Surgical strategy to increase the number of liver transplants in the pediatric population is the ex-situ liver transection (reduction or split). However, it is associated with complications such as hemorrhage and leaks. The human fibrinogen and thrombin sponge is useful for improving hemostasis in liver surgery. Aim: Compare pediatric liver transplants with ex-situ liver transection (reduction or split) with or without the human fibrinogen and thrombin sponge...
November 2016: Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva: ABCD, Brazilian Archives of Digestive Surgery
Frederico Michelino DE Oliveira, Marcus Vinícius H DE Carvalho, Evaldo Marchi, Clóvis Antônio Lopes Pinto
OBJECTIVE: : to evaluate the effectiveness of a collagen-based adhesive associated with fibrinogen and thrombin in experimental liver injury in rats. METHODS: : the study included 30 Wistar rats randomly divided into three groups: A, B and C. All underwent standard liver traumatic injury. In group A the lesion was treated with the adhesive; in group B, with conventional absorbable suture; and in group C, there was no treatment. We analyzed the time of hemostasis, mortality, occurrence of adhesions and any histological changes...
July 2016: Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões
Frederico Michelino de Oliveira, Marcus Vinícius H de Carvalho, Evaldo Marchi, Clóvis Antônio Lopes Pinto
OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the effectiveness of an collagen-based adhesive associated with fibrinogen and thrombin in experimental liver injuries in rats. METHODS: we randomly divided 30 Wistar rats into three groups: A, B and C. All underwent a standard liver traumatic injury. In group A, the lesion was treated with the adhesive; in group B, with conventional, absorbable suture; group C received no treatment. We analyzed the time of hemostasis, mortality, occurrence of adhesions and any histological changes...
March 2016: Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões
Montiel Jimenez-Fuertes, Ana Moreno-Posadas, Jaime Ruíz-Tovar Polo, Manuel Durán-Poveda
Liver abscesses usually arise from amoebian or bacterial origin, being rarely secondary to foreign bodies (1-3). We report the case of a 72-years-old female complaining from abdominal pain located in epoigastrium and right hypochondrium during the last 48 hours. Laboratory data revealed leukocytosis with neutrophilia and pain located in the mentioned locations at physical examination. Ultrasonography showed a liver abscess involving segments 2 and 3. CT scan revealed that the abscess was secondary to a fishbone perforating the duodenum and inlaid in the liver (Figure 1)...
January 2016: Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas
Ramón Montes, Elisabet Guruceaga, José R González-Porras, Joan C Reverter, Pascual Marco, Elena Pina, José A Páramo, José Hermida, Ramón Lecumberri
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess differences in the gene expression profile of peripheral blood cells between patients with early recurrent thrombosis vs. patients without recurrent events after withdrawal of anticoagulant therapy for a first episode of unprovoked deep vein thrombosis (uDVT), to identify novel predictors of recurrence. METHODS: In the discovery population (N = 32), a microarray RNA assay followed by RT-PCR confirmation were performed...
August 2016: European Journal of Haematology
Huijun Ren, Lei Tong, Goumin Wu, Jianhe Hong
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the clinical effect of negative pressure drainage after septum surgery. METHOD: One hundred and two cases with septum deviation were randomly divided into two groups, i. e. experimental group and controlling one. With 51 cases in each. Degree of comfort and complication of two groups were compared. RESULT: The cases in experimental group showed significantly relieved postoperative reaction with negative pressure drainage, when compared with that of controls, the incidence of complication were not increased...
November 2014: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Carlos Grande García, Rafael Martínez Martínez, David Valcarcel Ferreiras
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 7, 2014: Medicina Clínica
Jose R Gonzalez-Porras, Fernando Escalante, Emilia Pardal, Magdalena Sierra, Luis J Garcia-Frade, Santiago Redondo, Maryam Arefi, Carlos Aguilar, Fernando Ortega, Erik de Cabo, Rosa M Fisac, Oscar Sanz, Carmen Esteban, Ignacio Alberca, Mercedes Sanchez-Barba, Maria T Santos, Abel Fernandez, Tomas J Gonzalez-Lopez
AIM: Few studies specifically focus on elderly splenectomized immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) patients. Older patients with ITP and excellent health are often excluded from surgery splenectomy. We aimed to compare the safety and efficacy of splenectomy in elderly and non-elderly ITP patients and to examine the effect of age on therapeutic response. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We carried out a retrospective analysis of a series of 218 patients who had undergone splenectomy for ITP...
September 2013: European Journal of Haematology
Byron Cardoso Medina, Cristian Hernández Giraldo, Juan Manual Clavijo, Piedad Sarmiento
Interstitial pregnancy is a dangerous and uncommon variation of ectopic pregnancy occurring in the interstitial part of the fallopian tube and extending beyond the muscular layer of the uterus. This ectopic pregnancy-related mortality rate has been reported to be as high as 2%-2,5% due to complications involving bleeding and hypervascularity. No prospective clinical trials have evaluated available treatment options for interstitial ectopic pregnancy due to its low incidence; there is thus no consensus regarding optimal treatment...
December 2012: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
Fabio C Vicentini, Marcelo Hisano, Tulio S Agresta, Claudio B Murta, Joaquim F A Claro
PURPOSE: To describe a case of a transvesical prostatectomy performed by a single port technique. PATIENT AND METHODS: JLS, 64y, diabetic and hypertense, under treatment of LUTS for 8 years with 4mg doxazosin and 5mg finasteride. The IPSS score was 26. The digital rectal exam showed a more than 60g benign prostate. The Body Mass Index was 28.9. The total PSA was 5.4ng/mL and the free/total PSA was 22%. A 12-fragments prostate biopsy showed BPH. The sonography revealed a 106g prostate and the maximum urinary flow was 12 mL/s...
May 2012: International Braz J Urol: Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology
V I Petrov, É A Ponomarev, S S Maskin, N N Strepetov
Experiment carried out on laboratory animals (rats) were aimed at comparative evaluation of the effect of several neuroprotective drugs under the conditions of model brain ischemia-reperfusion. The experimental methods included staining of brain tissue sections by hematoxiline-eosine, Nissl staining, and expression of NOS1, NOS3, TRAIL by imunnohistological means. The intensity of damage in various parts of brain and the nature of apoptosis without neuroprotection and with popular neuroprotectors (cytoflavin, actovegin, mexidol) and a test drug at the stage ofpreclinical trial (AKF-90-7) were evaluated...
2011: Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia
Joan Martí-Fàbregas, Montserrat Borrell, Yolanda Silva, Raquel Delgado-Mederos, Sergi Martínez-Ramírez, Manuel de Juan-Delago, Isabel Tirado, Aída Alejaldre, Rebeca Marín, Josep-Lluis Martí-Vilalta, Jordi Fontcuberta
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We tested the hypothesis that proteins of hemostasia could be associated with hematoma growth (HG) in patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage. METHODS: We prospectively studied patients with spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhage within the first 6 hours after the onset of symptoms. HG was defined as an increase > 33% in the volume of hematoma on CT obtained 24 to 72 hours after the onset of symptoms in comparison with the CT obtained at admission...
December 2010: Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
S N Perekhodov, E P Kokhan, S P Gliantsev, N I Galik
According to consolidated data the frequency of injuries of blood vessels during the Great Patriotic war 1941-1945 was 2.3-4.9%. In the first and the second period of the war the temporary hemostasia on the battlefield was delivered via surgical tubing, tamponade or compressing bandage; the final--via deligation of the arteries in the wound or overlap of hemostatic clamp or the amputation was performed. In the process of delivering of the knowledgeable medical assistance garrot was removed, traumatonesis was performed and the final hemostasia was performed via vasoligation in the wound or along it, than transfused...
June 2010: Voenno-medit︠s︡inskiĭ Zhurnal
Iu N Fokin, V K Zuev, O V Pinchuk
The garrot is one of the most well-known means by stemming of an exterior flow of blood of injured limbs. The article presents analyze of frequency, of indicated values and faults during the using of garrot in modern conditions of the combat in the Northern Caucasus (1994-2002). On the base of 104 wounds of great vessels, the authors make a conclusion about the necessity of using of the garrot only in the cases of absolute indications, when the other method of hemostasia, more simple and secure, is impossible...
June 2009: Voenno-medit︠s︡inskiĭ Zhurnal
Roberto Martins Matos Junior, Rogério da Costa Godoy, Mônica da Cunha Gobbo, João Lian Junior, Gilson Luis Duz
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Patients with von Willebrand disease present abnormal bleeding after being wounded or during surgeries since it affects primary and secondary hemostasia due to changes in factor VIII. The objective of this report was to elucidate the pre-, peri-, and postoperative management of patients with this disorder. CASE REPORT: A 42-year old white female, with 165 cm, 61 kg, ASA II, with a diagnosis of type 1 von Willebrand disease, underwent pre-anesthetic evaluation for rhinoplasty...
December 2007: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Raquel Reis Soares, Viviane Ferreira Albergaria, Michelle Nacur Lorentz, Friederike W Valadares
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Aprotinin has been widely used in cardiac surgeries as a therapeutic resource for reducing the effects of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) on coagulation and fibrinolysis. Recovery of adequate hemostasia at the end of the procedure is one of the objectives of the anesthesiologist. However, aprotinin has specific indications. The objective of this report was to present the case of a patient with severe thrombocytopenia undergoing cardiac surgery in which consultation with Hematology and adequate planning were responsible for the success of the procedure...
December 2007: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Eloida Melis Tormos
In patients who undergo cardiac surgery, particularly valvular surgery it is essential to carry out frequent anticoagulation controls during their hospital stay The author questions if it is viable to carry out these controls by means of a portable coagulation meter which, in principle, can provide advantages in patient care. To determine this viability the author evaluates the concordance between the measurements obtained with this device and measurements taken in a laboratory The author compared the INR (prothrombin time, Normalized International Ratio) in 106 pairs of simultaneous blood samples, from both veins and capillaries, taken from 60 patients receiving anticoagulation medicine hospitalized in the cardiac surgery ward at the La Fe Hospital after each underwent surgery The samples taken from veins were processed in a hemostasia laboratory while the capillary samples were processed with a portable coagulation meter, a Roche CoaguChek"S...
September 2008: Revista de Enfermería
Alba Jover-Cerveró, Rafael Poveda Roda, José V Bagán, Yolanda Jiménez Soriano
Hemostasia is a defense mechanism that protects vascular integrity, avoids blood loss, and maintains blood fluidity throughout the circulatory system. The biochemical processes leading to blood clot formation are complex, and alterations can appear at any point within the chain of events. While a range of alterations can affect the coagulation factors, some are more common than others in the general population, including congenital (hemophilia A and B, Von Willebrand's disease) and acquired disorders (anticoagulant drugs)...
September 1, 2007: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
V P Vozniuk
Current views on state and main derangements of primary hemostasia in hematological patients are outlined in the article. The article discusses interaction peculiarities between main components of vascular-thrombocyte hemostasia such as: endothelium, thrombocytes, Willebrandt factor and hemodynamic effect. The author gives directions of further studies which will enable to clarify some mechanisms of development of thrombosis and bleeding.
July 2006: Likars'ka Sprava
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