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Tongue flora

V N Diener, A Gay, M B Soyka, T Attin, P R Schmidlin, P Sahrmann
BACKGROUND: For periodontal treatment, the full mouth disinfection approach suggests disinfection of oral soft tissues, such as tongue and tonsils concomitant to scaling and root planning since patients might benefit from treatment of these oral niches either. Periodontopathogenes in tonsillar tissue support this hypothesis. This prospective controlled clinical study investigated the change in the oral flora of patients who underwent tonsillectomy. Pockets were tested for eleven bacterial species before and six weeks after the surgical intervention...
April 6, 2018: BMC Oral Health
Jie-Wei Luo, Cong-Huai Lin, Yao-Bin Zhu, Xing-Yu Zheng, Yong-Xi Wu, Wei-Wei Chen, Xiao Yang
Structural changes in symbiotic human microorganisms can affect host phenotype. Liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome (LFHS) presents as bitter taste, halitosis, xerostomia, odontalgia, and other oral symptoms. LFHS is associated with hypertension (EH). In this study, tongue flora was analyzed to further understand the intrinsic relationship between tongue flora and LFHS. Samples of tongue coating, from 16 patients with EH-LFHS, 16 with EH-non-LFHS, and 16 controls, were obtained; then, 16S rRNA variable (V3-V4) regions were amplified and sequenced by MiSeq PE300 Sequencing...
2018: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Takahiro Mitsui, Ryô Harasawa
Dietary nitrate is reduced to nitrite and nitric oxide by microbial flora, and this activity is beneficial to vascular health. It has been reported that this bacterial process is inhibited by chlorhexidine mouthwash, although the effects of other products are largely unknown. This study examined the effects of several treatments on salivary nitrate/nitrite and nitrate-reducing bacteria. Twelve university staff and students performed mouth-washing with water (control), essential oil, 0.35% povidone-iodine, or 0...
December 27, 2017: Journal of Oral Science
Maude Wikström, Kawa L Kareem, Annica Almståhl, Erika Palmgren, Peter Lingström, Inger Wårdh
OBJECTIVE: To study the effect of weekly professional oral hygiene care on the proportion of micro-organisms associated with good oral health, caries, and periodontal and soft tissue diseases in oral biofilms in dentate, dependent elderly residents. BACKGROUND: Assisted oral hygiene care reduces the plaque score and number of micro-organisms in the oral biofilms in elderly residents. Less is known about the effect on the quality/composition of the remaining oral flora...
June 2017: Gerodontology
Elichilia Shao, Flora Ruhangisa, Neema Minja, Kanankira Nnko, Denis Katundu, George Semango, Eva Mbwilo, Amos Mwasamwaja, Kajiru Kilonzo, Isaack Lyaruu
We report atypical case of Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) in a 32-year-old human immunodeficiency virus- (HIV-) infected female, involving only the tongue. Viral loads and CD4 T cells were measured and were 65,000 cps/mL and 10 cells/mL, respectively. This patient was newly diagnosed and had no history of antiretroviral therapy (ART), radiotherapy, or immunosuppressive drugs prior to this admission. Clinically, there were no dermatological features of KS lesions which are purple, red, or brown and which may be flat, raised (plaques), or bumpy (nodules) except for fungating and protruding enlarged tongue which was necrotic...
2015: Case Reports in Infectious Diseases
A Z Zengin, K Yanik, P Celenk, Z Unal-Erzurumlu, H Yilmaz, N Bulut
CONTEXT: The World Health Organization has stated that psychiatric patients are a group of people who have oral and dental illnesses. AIMS: The aims of this study were to document the oral hygiene of individuals with chronic psychiatric illness, to determine the extraoral and intraoral findings, to detect the dominant microorganisms in oral flora, and to inform clinicians of these findings. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: The study included 100 patients (69 men and 31 women) with different psychiatric illnesses living in a nursing home...
November 2015: Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice
Georgios Koukos, Dimitra Sakellari, Minas Arsenakis, Lazaros Tsalikis, Theodora Slini, Antonios Konstantinidis
OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in plaque and tongue samples from systemically healthy subjects with periodontal health, gingivitis or chronic periodontitis. METHODS: After screening 720 potentially eligible subjects, 154 systemically healthy participants were ultimately enrolled in the current study. Subgingival samples were taken from the first molars and the tongue and analyzed for the presence of S...
September 2015: Archives of Oral Biology
Annica Almståhl, Maude Wikström, Bodil Fagerberg-Mohlin
OBJECTIVE: Results indicate that late improvements of radiation therapy (RT) in the head and neck region may diminish the long-term effects on salivary glands and oral microflora. The aim was therefore to analyze salivary secretion rates and oral microflora over time in RT subjects. DESIGN: Twelve dentate subjects (28±2 teeth) and 12 controls were included. A clinical examination was performed and the salivary secretion rates were determined. Microbial samples, analyzed using cultivation technique, were collected from the soft tissues, supragingival plaque and gingival crevice region...
September 2015: Archives of Oral Biology
Derbew Fikadu Berhe, Kristina Juhlin, Kristina Star, Kidanemariam G M Beyene, Mukesh Dheda, Flora M Haaijer-Ruskamp, Katja Taxis, Peter G M Mol
OBJECTIVE: Identifying key features in individual case safety reports (ICSR) of suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) with cardiometabolic drugs from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) compared with reports from the rest of the world (RoW). METHODS: Reports on suspected ADRs of cardiometabolic drugs (ATC: A10[antidiabetic], B01[antithrombotics] and C[cardiovascular]) were extracted from WHO Global database, VigiBase(®) (1992-2013). We used vigiPoint, a logarithmic odds ratios (log2 OR)-based method to study disproportional reporting between SSA and RoW...
June 2015: Tropical Medicine & International Health: TM & IH
André Göhler, Adrian Hetzer, Birte Holtfreter, Marie Henrike Geisel, Carsten Oliver Schmidt, Ivo Steinmetz, Thomas Kocher
Periodontitis is a multi-microbial oral infection with high prevalence among adults. Putative oral pathogens are commonly found in periodontally diseased individuals. However, these organisms can be also detected in the oral cavity of healthy subjects. This leads to the hypothesis, that alterations in the proportion of these organisms relative to the total amount of oral microorganisms, namely their abundance, rather than their simple presence might be important in the transition from health to disease. Therefore, we developed a quantitative molecular method to determine the abundance of various oral microorganisms and the portion of bacterial and archaeal nucleic acid relative to the total nucleic acid extracted from individual samples...
2014: PloS One
Miki Matsui, Naoyuki Chosa, Yu Shimoyama, Kentaro Minami, Shigenobu Kimura, Mitsuo Kishi
BACKGROUND: The effects of tongue cleaning on reconstruction of bacterial flora in dental plaque and tongue coating itself are obscure. We assessed changes in the amounts of total bacteria as well as Fusobacterium nucleatum in tongue coating and dental plaque specimens obtained with and without tongue cleaning. METHODS: We conducted a randomized examiner-blind crossover study using 30 volunteers (average 23.7 ± 3.2 years old) without periodontitis. After dividing randomly into 2 groups, 1 group was instructed to clean the tongue, while the other did not...
2014: BMC Oral Health
Paulo Sérgio da Silva Santos, Marcelo Mariano, Monira Samaan Kallas, Maria Carolina Nunes Vilela
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a tongue cleaner in the removal of tongue biofilm in mechanically ventilated patients. METHODS: Tongue biofilm and tracheal secretion samples were collected from a total of 50 patients: 27 in the study group (SG) who were intubated or tracheostomized under assisted ventilation and treated with the tongue cleaner and 23 in the control group (CG) who did not undergo tongue cleaning. Oral and tracheal secretion cultures of the SG (initially and after 5 days) and the CG (at a single time-point) were performed to evaluate the changes in bacterial flora...
March 2013: Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
P-F Liu, I-F Huang, C-W Shu, C-M Huang
Halitosis (bad breath) is estimated to influence more than half of the world's population with varying degree of intensity. More than 85% of halitosis originates from oral bacterial infections. Foul-smelling breath mainly results from bacterial production of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. To date, major treatments for elimination of oral malodor include periodontal therapy combined with antibiotics or antimicrobial agents, and mechanical approaches including tooth and tongue cleaning...
September 2013: Current Molecular Medicine
S Saad, K Hewett, J Greenman
The objective of this study was to demonstrate the utility of a modified flat-bed perfusion biofilm matrix system for testing toothpaste formulations directly, without dilution, as a layer in direct contact with the biofilm matrix surface. Final biofilm yields and volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) biogenesis were measured to show the relative efficacy of toothpaste formulations. Diffusion characteristics of the flat-bed system to exposure with Meridol® tooth and tongue gel (TTG; 1,400 ppm F(-) from amine fluoride/stannous fluoride, 0...
September 2013: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Yanping Nie, Jing Liu, Lisu Peng, Mei Lin, Liying Xiao
OBJECTIVE: To examine the flora samples from the tongue dorsum of the atrophic glossitis group and to discuss the relationship so as to provide a thinking pattern for therapy and a clue for deeper research. METHODS: To collect personal information on 60 cases of atrophic glossitis and 40 cases of volunteers as control. The main items include general status, oral examination, salivary flow rate, pH value and bacteria test. All data were analyzed statistically. RESULTS: 1) Among the 60 cases, 75...
October 2012: Hua Xi Kou Qiang Yi Xue za Zhi, Huaxi Kouqiang Yixue Zazhi, West China Journal of Stomatology
Francesco Manna, Egidio Barbi, Flora Murru, Rossana Bussani
We present the case of a 15-year-old boy who presented to our emergency department because of a soft lesion growing on the back of his tongue. On examination, a vegetant mass on the posteromidline lingual part of the body of the tongue was noticed: it was not painful, even if the boy reported discomfort because of its size; there was no bleeding or signs of infection. The magnetic resonance imaging showed the lesion as trilobated and capsulated, but was not diriment to define a diagnosis; excisional biopsy was performed under general anesthesia, and the mass was identified as a schwannoma...
September 2012: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Norihiko Kanaguchi, Naoki Narisawa, Tatsuro Ito, Yosuke Kinoshita, Yasuka Kusumoto, Osamu Shinozuka, Hidenobu Senpuku
BACKGROUND: Candida albicans is a dimorphic fungus that is part of the commensal microbial flora of the oral cavity. When the host immune defenses are impaired or when the normal microbial flora is disturbed, C. albicans triggers recurrent infections of the oral mucosa and tongue. Recently, we produced NOD/SCID.e2f1-/- mice that show hyposalivation, decrease of salivary protein flow, lack IgA and IgG in saliva, and have decreased NK cells. Our objective was to characterize C. albicans infection and biofilm formation in mice...
2012: BMC Oral Health
Behnam Yousefi, Shahrooz Ghaderi, Alireza Rezapoor-Lactooyi, Niusha Amiri, Javad Verdi, Alireza Shoae-Hassani
BACKGROUND: 10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid is the most active and unique component to the royal jelly that has antimicrobial properties. Streptococcus mutans is associated with pathogenesis of oral cavity, gingivoperiodontal diseases and bacteremia following dental manipulations. In the oral cavity, S. mutans colonize the soft tissues including tongue, palate, and buccal mucosa. When considering the role of supragingival dental plaque in caries, the proportion of acid producing bacteria (particularly S...
2012: Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials
Amanda T Harrington, Jennifer C Hsia, Eduardo Mendez, Jill E Clarridge
Lingual abscesses are rare. We describe a case in a healthy female with no recent history of trauma. The organism recovered by culture of drainage material collected prior to antibiotic treatment was Streptococcus intermedius, an organism recognized as flora of the oropharynx and associated with abscess formation. The isolate was resistant to clindamycin, which was the antibiotic therapy that the patient received.
April 2012: Journal of Medical Microbiology
J T Patterson, P A Gibbs
Edible offals are relatively perishable and may be frozen before leaving the abattoir, commanding a lower price on the wholesale market than fresh offals. Investigations are described in which a range of offals was vacuum-packaged in an effort to extend the shelf-life of the fresh material. Several visits to two abattoirs revealed that their offals after chilling were generally of rather poor microbiological quality, partly due to handling practices and, in one abattoir, to inadequate chilling. Reductions in the initial microbial load on hearts and tongues were achieved by immersion in water at 90°C, or with 100 ppm free chlorine or 1 % (v/v) lactic acid...
July 1979: Meat Science
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