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Araceli Boraita, Maria-Eugenia Heras, Francisco Morales, Manuel Marina-Breysse, Alicia Canda, Manuel Rabadan, Maria-Isabel Barriopedro, Amai Varela, Alejandro de la Rosa, José Tuñón
BACKGROUND: There is limited information regarding the aortic root upper physiological limits in all planes in elite athletes according to static and dynamic cardiovascular demands and sex. METHODS AND RESULTS: A cross-sectional study was performed in 3281 healthy elite athletes (2039 men and 1242 women) aged 23.1±5.7 years, with body surface area of 1.9±0.2 m(2) and 8.9±4.9 years and 19.2±9.6 hours/week of training. Maximum end-diastolic aortic root diameters were measured in the parasternal long axis by 2-dimensional echocardiography...
October 2016: Circulation. Cardiovascular Imaging
S Azghadi, D Candas, A M Monjazeb, M Fan, J S Mayadev, J J Li
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Isil Basara, Aras Emre Canda, Ozgul Sagol, Funda Obuz, Mustafa Secil
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 2016: Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift
Nicola Fossati, Peter Wiklund, Charles-Henry Rochat, Francesco Montorsi, Prokar Dasgupta, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, Abdullah E Canda, Thierry Piechaud, Walter Artibani, Alexandre Mottrie
Despite the finally acquired level 1 evidence, the urologic debate on open versus robotic prostatectomy still persists. This trial from Brisbane will encourage future studies that will better inform this debate and define what robotic surgery offers.
September 8, 2016: European Urology
Fabrizio Dal Moro, Georges P Haber, Peter Wiklund, Abdullah E Canda, Mevlana D Balbay, Arnulf Stenzl, Filiberto Zattoni, Joan Palou, Inderbir Gill, James W Catto
In this practical review, we discuss current surgical techniques reported in the literature to perform Intracorporeal Urinary Diversion (ICUD) after Robotic Radical Cystectomy (RARC), emphasizing criticisms of single approaches and making comparisons with Extracorporeal Urinary Diversion (ECUD). Although almost 97% of all RARCs use an ECUD, ICUD is gaining in popularity, in view of its potential benefits (i.e., decreased bowel exposure, etc.), although there are a few studies comparing ICUD and ECUD. Analysing single experiences and the data from recent metanalyses, we emphasize the current critiques to ICUD, stressing particular technical details which could reduce operative time, lowering the postoperative complications rate, and improving functional outcomes...
August 31, 2016: Minerva Urologica e Nefrologica, the Italian Journal of Urology and Nephrology
Beatriz Candás-Estébanez, Ariadna Padró-Miquel, Cristina Ruiz-Iruela, Emili Corbella-Inglés, Xavier Pintó-Sala, Pedro Alía-Ramos
BACKGROUND: The APOE Christchurch (APOECh) is a rare variant (c.543C>A) in codon 154. It was first described in an E2 patient with type III dyslipidemia, and thus initially called E2Ch. Its prevalence and the lipid profile of carriers remain unclear. METHODS: E2, E3, and E4 screening for the APOE gene was performed by PCR-RFLP. The rare APOECh variant was firstly found after detecting an unexpected 109 base-pair band in the high-resolution agarose gel electrophoresis leading to a genotype misinterpretation: the presence of APOECh alters the restriction-bands pattern...
August 27, 2016: Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis
Perry W Benson, Leola Dyrud Furman, Edward R Canda, Bernard Moss, Torill Danbolt
As a primary intervention, raising the topics of faith and religion with individuals traumatised by terrorism and/or natural disasters can be daunting for social workers, because victims often enter the helping relationship with feelings of helplessness, loss of personal control and of doubt about their relationships, environment, and their cultural and belief systems. Just as clients benefit from knowledge and awareness in the aftermath of a traumatic event, insights gleaned from traumatic experiences and from research can be useful for social workers grappling with the challenges associated with designing and deploying appropriate helping strategies with victims of disaster and terrorism...
July 2016: British Journal of Social Work
Erdal Alkan, Abdullah Erdem Canda, Mirac Turan, Merve Yilmaz, Ahmet Oguz Ozkanli, Mevlana Derya Balbay
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Central European Journal of Urology
Erdal Alkan, Abdullah Erdem Canda, Altug Semiz, Ahmet Oguz Ozkanli, Merve Yilmaz, Mevlana Derya Balbay
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Central European Journal of Urology
Osman Bilgin Gülçiçek, Ali Solmaz, Kamil Özdoğan, Candaş Erçetin, Erkan Yavuz, Hakan Yiğitbaş, Fatih Çelebi, Serdar Altınay
Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach accounts for less than 1% of all gastric malignancies. Less than 100 cases were reported in the literature. Therefore, knowledge about management and prognosis of the disease is limited. Surgical approach is the basic form of treatment. In this study we confirmed a case of primary gastric squamous cell carcinoma with the aim of contribution to the literature, which is seen rare, and the diagnosis was confirmed pathologically.
2016: Ulusal Cerrahi Dergisi
Osman Bilgin Gulcicek, Ali Solmaz, Hakan Yiğitbaş, Candas Ercetin, Erkan Yavuz, Kamil Ozdogan, Sinan Arici, Asli Kahraman Akkalp, Tulin Sarac, Fatih Çelebi, Atilla Celik
Introduction. Short bowel syndrome can crop up if more than 50% of small intestine is resected or when less than 100 cm of small bowel is left. Glutamine is the main food source of enterocytes. Curcumin has protective effects on intestinal ischemia-reperfusion damage. Nesfatin-1 is a satiety molecule. It has protective effects on gastric mucosa. The primary purpose of this study is to compare effects of glutamine, curcumin, and nesfatin-1 on the gastric serosal surface neomucosa formation on rats. Materials and Methods...
2016: Gastroenterology Research and Practice
Ali Solmaz, Osman Bilgin Gülçiçek, Candaş Erçetin, Hakan Yiğitbaş, Erkan Yavuz, Sinan Arıcı, Can Erzik, Oğuzhan Zengi, Pelin Demirtürk, Atilla Çelik, Fatih Çelebi
Obstructive jaundice (OJ) can be defined as cessation of bile flow into the small intestine due to benign or malignant changes. Nesfatin-1, recently discovered anorexigenic peptide derived from nucleobindin-2 in hypothalamic nuclei, was shown to have anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects. This study is aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects of nesfatin-1 on OJ in rats. Twenty-four adult male Wistar-Hannover rats were randomly assigned to three groups: sham (n = 8), control (n = 8), and nesfatin (n = 8)...
August 15, 2016: Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
Duygu Gezen-Ak, Merve Alaylıoğlu, Gençer Genç, Ayşegül Gündüz, Esin Candaş, Başar Bilgiç, İrem L Atasoy, Hülya Apaydın, Güneş Kızıltan, Hakan Gürvit, Haşmet Hanağası, Sibel Ertan, Selma Yılmazer, Erdinç Dursun
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 21, 2016: Neuromolecular Medicine
Candaş Erçetin, Ahmet Cem Dural, Yaşar Özdenkaya, Özlem Dural, Huriye Gözde Muhafız Dada, Gülçin Yeğen, Yersu Kapran, Yeşim Erbil
We report a 32-year-old patient who underwent laparoscopy with classical symptoms and signs of acute appendicitis. An inflamed, edematous and non-perforated appendix, also a large amount gelatinous ascites, omental and peritoneal implants were seen. Appendectomy was performed and multiple biopsies were taken from omentum and peritoneum for definitive diagnosis. Histopathologic diagnosis was a metastatic gastric signet-ring cell carcinoma (GSRCC) involving appendix and other specimens. A flat lesion involving corpus to antrum was diagnosed by gastroscopy and GSRCC was verified histopathologically in a tertiary centre and the case evaluated as stage IV gastric carcinoma...
2016: Ulusal Cerrahi Dergisi
Sebastien Maillet, Bruno Milhau, Michel Vreulx, Luis-Carlos Sánchez De Posada
Asturian ostracods of the Givetian carbonate Candás Formation are documented for the first time from the Peran-Perlora and Carranques reference sections. More than 1,200 specimens were extracted from 44 samples by means of the hot acetolysis method. In all, 75 taxa are described herein, of which 21 are formally described and one, Evlanella peranensis Maillet n. sp., is new. All the taxa are marine benthic and belong to the Eifelian Mega-Assemblage. The assemblages recognized are representative of semi-restricted to shallow open-marine palaeoenvironments above the storm wave base...
2016: Zootaxa
Francisco Morales, Araceli Boraita, María Eugenia Heras, Alicia Canda, Manuel Marina-Breysse
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2016: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Erdinç Dursun, Merve Alaylıoğlu, Başar Bilgiç, Haşmet Hanağası, Ebba Lohmann, Irem L Atasoy, Esin Candaş, Ömür Selin Araz, Burak Önal, Hakan Gürvit, Selma Yılmazer, Duygu Gezen-Ak
Vitamin D is a secosteroid hormone that shares a synthetic pathway with cholesterol. ApoE, which is involved in the transport of cholesterol, is the most significant genetic risk factor for sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD). Surprisingly, recent studies have indicated the presence of an evolutionary juncture between these two molecules. To demonstrate this possible relationship, we investigated serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin-D3 (25OHD) in patients with early onset-AD (EOAD; n:22), late onset-AD (LOAD; n:72), mild cognitive impairment (MCI; n:32) and in healthy subjects (n:70)...
October 2016: Neurological Sciences
Demet Candas, Jian Jian Li
Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 1 (MKP1 or DUSP1) is an antiapoptotic phosphatase that is overexpressed in many cancers, including breast cancer. MKP1 expression is inducible in radiation-treated breast cancer cells, and correlates with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (ERBB2, HER2) expression. The role of MKP1 in therapy resistance suggests that targeting MKP1 in HER2-positive breast tumors may significantly enhance the efficacy of anti-HER2 and other anticancer therapies.
October 2015: Molecular & Cellular Oncology
Duygu Gezen-Ak, Merve Alaylıoğlu, Gençer Genç, Ayşegül Gündüz, Esin Candaş, Başar Bilgiç, İrem L Atasoy, Hülya Apaydın, Güneş Kızıltan, Hakan Gürvit, Haşmet Hanağası, Sibel Ertan, Selma Yılmazer, Erdinç Dursun
Vitamin D deficiency is suggested to be associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). Our aim was to investigate the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25OHD) levels of PD patients in Turkish cohort, to investigate any association of vitamin D binding protein (GC) genotypes with PD due to the significant role of GC in vitamin D transport, to determine whether vitamin D receptor (VDR) haplotype that we previously demonstrated to be a risk haplotype for AD is also a common haplotype for PD and to investigate any relevant consequence of serum 25OHD levels, GC or VDR genotypes on clinical features of PD...
June 9, 2016: Neuromolecular Medicine
Justin W Collins, Hiten Patel, Christofer Adding, Magnus Annerstedt, Prokar Dasgupta, Shamim M Khan, Walter Artibani, Richard Gaston, Thierry Piechaud, James W Catto, Anthony Koupparis, Edward Rowe, Matthew Perry, Rami Issa, John McGrath, John Kelly, Martin Schumacher, Carl Wijburg, Abdullah E Canda, Meviana D Balbay, Karel Decaestecker, Christian Schwentner, Arnulf Stenzl, Sebastian Edeling, Sasa Pokupić, Michael Stockle, Stefan Siemer, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, Xavier Cathelineau, Robin Weston, Mark Johnson, Fredrik D'Hondt, Alexander Mottrie, Abolfazl Hosseini, Peter N Wiklund
CONTEXT: Radical cystectomy (RC) is associated with frequent morbidity and prolonged length of stay (LOS) irrespective of surgical approach. Increasing evidence from colorectal surgery indicates that minimally invasive surgery and enhanced recovery programmes (ERPs) can reduce surgical morbidity and LOS. ERPs are now recognised as an important component of surgical management for RC. However, there is comparatively little evidence for ERPs after robot-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC)...
May 24, 2016: European Urology
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