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Katharine D Wenstrom, Mary E D'Alton, Daniel F O'Keefe
OBJECTIVE:  To conduct a survey of the members of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) to determine the practice patterns of maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) subspecialists in the United States and to estimate the likelihood that our work force is sufficient to support the proposed MFM staffing requirements for level III and IV maternity centers. STUDY DESIGN:  All regular SMFM members in the United States were invited to answer a 26 question survey by email...
March 16, 2018: American Journal of Perinatology
Tunga Salthammer, Yinping Zhang, Jinhan Mo, Holger M Koch, Charles J Weschler
There is an ongoing probing of the role of chemicals in the indoor environment. The majority of potential target substances are so-called very volatile, volatile and semi volatile organic compounds (VVOCs, VOCs and SVOCs). Depending on their physical properties and mass transfer conditions, they distribute in or between the gas phase, particle phase, settled house dust, surface films, clothing and other fabrics as well as the exposed skin and hair of the occupants themselves. Therefore, inhalation, ingestion and dermal uptake all must be considered as relevant pathways for the exposure assessment in human habitats...
March 14, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Teresa Napiórkowska, Jarosław Kobak
The brain of arachnids contains a special neuropil area called the arcuate body (AB), whose function has been widely discussed. Its growth and proportion in the brain volume during postembryogenesis have been investigated only in several spider species. Our allometric study is aimed at determining to what extent the development of the AB in Eratigena atrica, a spider with unique biology and behaviour, is similar to the development of this body in other species. We put forward a hypothesis of allometric growth of this body in relation to the volume of the central nervous system (CNS) and its neuropil as well as in relation to the volume of the brain and its neuropil...
March 10, 2018: Invertebrate Neuroscience: IN
Xiaofeng Xie, Zhu Liang Yu, Zhenghui Gu, Jun Zhang, Ling Cen, Yuanqing Li
In off-line training of motor imagery-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), to enhance the generalization performance of the learned classifier, the local information contained in test data could be used to improve the performance of motor imagery as well. Further considering that the covariance matrices of electroencephalogram (EEG) signal lie on Riemannian manifold, in this paper, we construct a Riemannian graph to incorporate the information of training and test data into processing. The adjacency and weight in Riemannian graph are determined by the geodesic distance of Riemannian manifold...
March 2018: IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
Aletheia Soares Sampaio, Ana Lucia Ribeiro de Vasconcelos, Clarice Neuenschwander Lins de Morais, George Tadeu Nunes Diniz, Anna Lígia de Castro Figueiredo, Sílvia Maria Lucena Montenegro
INTRODUCTION: The functioning of the immune system during pregnancy is altered in both human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected and uninfected women. Unfavorable socioeconomic conditions have been indicative of higher morbidity and mortality and worsening of the immune system. The aim of this study was to correlate social status with levels of interleukin (IL)-10 (non-inflammatory) and interferon-gamma (IFN-γ; inflammatory) cytokines. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted with three groups of women: 33 pregnant HIV-infected (G1); 40 non-pregnant, HIV-infected (G2); and 35 pregnant, HIV-uninfected...
January 2018: Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical
Eva Frazer, Roger A Mitchell, LaQuandra S Nesbitt, Mallory Williams, Edith P Mitchell, Richard Allen Williams, Doris Browne
While much progress has occurred since the civil rights act of 1964, minorities have continued to suffer disparate and discriminatory access to economic opportunities, education, housing, health care and criminal justice. The latest challenge faced by the physicians and public health providers who serve the African American community is the detrimental, and seemingly insurmountable, causes and effects of violence in impoverished communities of color. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number one killer of black males ages 10-35 is homicide, indicating a higher rate of violence than any other group...
February 2018: Journal of the National Medical Association
Medard Beyanga, Benson R Kidenya, Lisa Gerwing-Adima, Eleanor Ochodo, Stephen E Mshana, Christa Kasang
BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) contact tracing is a key strategy for containing TB and provides addition to the passive case finding approach. However, this practice has not been implemented in Tanzania, where there is unacceptably high treatment gap of 62.1% between cases estimated and cases detected. Therefore calls for more aggressive case finding for TB to close this gap. We aimed to determine the magnitude and predictors of bacteriologically-confirmed pulmonary TB among household contacts of bacteriologically-confirmed pulmonary TB index cases in the city of Mwanza, Tanzania...
March 6, 2018: BMC Infectious Diseases
Chris Gilleard
Much of the literature on ageing is presaged upon a model of advocacy that seeks to combat what is seen as the negative stereotyping of old age and old people. One consequence is that ageing studies has difficulty in confronting the darker side of ageing except in so far as age associated disability and distress can be attributed to extrinsic disadvantage, such as low income, poor housing and inadequate services. The pain and suffering associated with age itself tend to be neglected as subject experiences. This paper seeks to shed some light on these topics, considered under the general heading of 'suffering'...
March 2018: Journal of Aging Studies
Chris O Ifediora, Gary D Rogers
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: This study explores the postconsultation follow-up behaviours of patients who used the Australian after-hours house-call (AHHC) medical services. These behaviours provide insights into the nature of the continuity of care (CoC) in the industry and are a measure quality in AHHC service delivery. Understanding the patterns of these CoCs and their predictors will enable stakeholders in the industry, both locally and globally, plan and implement higher quality services...
March 2, 2018: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Tanja Narancic, Elisa Scollica, Gerard Cagney, Kevin E O'Connor
Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), a biodegradable polymer accumulated by bacteria is deposited intracellularly in the form of inclusion bodies often called granules. The granules are supramolecular complexes harbouring a varied number of proteins on their surface, which have specific but incompletely characterised functions. By comparison with other organisms that produce biodegradable polymers, only two phasins have been described to date for Rhodosprillum rubrum, raising the possibility that more await discovery...
March 1, 2018: Microbiology
Jianhong Ou, Haibo Liu, Jun Yu, Michelle A Kelliher, Lucio H Castilla, Nathan D Lawson, Lihua Julie Zhu
BACKGROUND: ATAC-seq (Assays for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing) is a recently developed technique for genome-wide analysis of chromatin accessibility. Compared to earlier methods for assaying chromatin accessibility, ATAC-seq is faster and easier to perform, does not require cross-linking, has higher signal to noise ratio, and can be performed on small cell numbers. However, to ensure a successful ATAC-seq experiment, step-by-step quality assurance processes, including both wet lab quality control and in silico quality assessment, are essential...
March 1, 2018: BMC Genomics
Ernesta Sofija, Melanie Plugge, Nicola Wiseman, Neil Harris
BACKGROUND: Homelessness is a persistent social issue with diverse impacts reaching far beyond individuals. Strategies and research concerning homelessness and health have largely focused on the risk factors and weaknesses of individuals. Such preoccupation has meant the potential strengths and resources within individuals, and so-called strength-based approaches have received less attention. Consequently, understanding how to effectively work with and engage this population in such interventions is limited...
February 27, 2018: BMC Public Health
Emilio Bagan, John Calsamiglia, János A Bergou, Mark Hillery
We give operational meaning to wave-particle duality in terms of discrimination games. Duality arises as a constraint on the probability of winning these games. The games are played with the aid of an n-port interferometer, and involve 3 parties, Alice and Bob, who cooperate, and the House, who supervises the game. In one game called ways they attempt to determine the path of a particle in the interferometer. In another, called phases, they attempt to determine which set of known phases have been applied to the different paths...
February 2, 2018: Physical Review Letters
William H Frishman
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 21, 2018: American Journal of Medicine
Takeshi Kawasaki, Tomohito Iwasaki, Michi Yamada, Takashi Yoshida, Takafumi Watanabe
The high incidence of meat of impaired quality poses a serious problem in the poultry industry. In recent years, the incidence of the pectoralis major muscle that appeared pale colored, remarkably hardened, and exudative, called "wooden breast" or "woody breast" has increased in slaughter houses. In the present study, 19-day-old Ross 308 broiler chickens affected (n = 10) and unaffected (n = 10) with remarkably hardened breast were selected from a commercial broiler farm, and reared to 55 days of age under a controlled environment...
2018: PloS One
Tanya W Moseley, Ashley Stanley, Wei Wei, Jay R Parikh
Newly diagnosed breast abscesses are generally treated as a medical emergency that may necessitate immediate interventional treatment. At our institution, there is no in-house after-hours coverage for breast ultrasonography. We could find no peer-reviewed studies on the cost-effectiveness or clinical management impact of on-call ultrasound technologist coverage for imaging of breast abscesses. The purposes of this study were to determine the incidence of breast abscess in patients with clinical findings highly suggestive of abscess, identify clinical factors associated with breast abscess in such patients, and determine the impact of after-hours emergent or urgent breast ultrasonography on the clinical management of breast abscesses in both outpatients and inpatients...
February 23, 2018: Diagnostics
Thomas Schneider, Geoffrey H Smith, Michael R Rossi, Charles E Hill, Linsheng Zhang
Bioinformatic analysis is an integral and critical part of clinical next-generation sequencing. It is especially challenging for some pipelines to consistently identify insertions and deletions. We present the validation of an open source tumor amplicon pipeline (OTA-pipeline) for clinical next-generation sequencing targeting solid tumor-associated variants. Raw data generated from 557 TruSight Tumor 26 samples as well as in silico data were analyzed by the OTA-pipeline and legacy pipeline and compared. Discrepant results were confirmed by orthogonal methods...
February 19, 2018: Journal of Molecular Diagnostics: JMD
Dawson Church, Dennis House
Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety. The current study sought to elucidate the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety in a nonclinical population. The sample (N = 81) comprised participants at five 2-day EFT workshops. All groups used an EFT protocol called Borrowing Benefits, in which the group facilitator works with a single client while other participants self-apply EFT. Participants were assessed on 9 specific conditions as well as on the breadth (Positive Symptom Total [PST]) and depth (General Symptom Index [GSI]) of psychological distress...
January 2018: J Evid Based Integr Med
Patricia C Lloyd, Veronica E Helms, Alan E Simon, Cordell Golden, James Brittain, Eileen Call, Lisa B Mirel, Barry L Steffen, Jon Sperling, Elizabeth C Rudd, Jennifer D Parker, Carol S Star
Objectives This report presents the development, plan, and operation of the 2011-2012 National Survey of Children's Health, a module of the State and Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. Funding was provided by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration. The survey was designed to produce national and state prevalence estimates of the physical and emotional health of children aged 0-17 years, as well as factors that may relate to child well-being including medical homes, family interactions, parental health, school and after-school experiences, and neighborhood characteristics...
October 2017: Vital and Health Statistics. Ser. 1, Programs and Collection Procedures
Christopher A Adin, Callie A Fogle, Steven L Marks
To ensure patient safety and protect the well-being of interns and residents, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) issued guidelines in 2003 limiting the working hours of physician trainees. Although many supported the goals of the ACGME, institutions struggled to restructure their programs and hire staff required by this unfunded mandate. Numerous studies have analyzed the effects of duty hours restrictions on patient outcomes and physician training over the past 15 years. Most agree that duty hours restrictions improved well-being of house officers, but these improvements came at the expense of continuity, and patient hand-offs led to medical errors...
February 19, 2018: Veterinary Surgery: VS
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