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strenght and conditioning

Kristin Heggdal, Beate Jelstad Lovaas
BACKGROUND: Chronic illness health interventions aim to strengthen individuals' wellness resources, in addition to their ability to handle their condition. This presupposes a partnership between patients and professionals and flexibility in care organization. AIM: This study aims to investigate possible changes in individuals' sense of coherence while living with long-term illness as they engage in a broadly applicable health promotion intervention developed in specialist care settings that was later implemented in the community care context...
July 12, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Maria Taberner-Vallverdú, Mariam Nazir, M Ángeles Sánchez-Garcés, Cosme Gay-Escoda
BACKGROUND: Dry socket is one of the most common complications occurring after the extraction of a permanent tooth, but in spite of its high incidence there is not an established treatment for this condition. OBJECTIVES: Analyze the efficacy of different methods used in the management of dry socket regarding results of pain's relief and alveolar mucosa healing compared to conventional surgical treatment of curettage and saline irrigation. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A Cochrane and PubMed-MEDLINE database search was conducted with the search terms "dry socket", "post-extraction complications", "alvogyl", "alveolar osteitis" and "fibrynolitic alveolitis", individually and next, using the Boolean operator "AND"...
September 1, 2015: Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal
Jatupol Junthip, Nicolas Tabary, Laurent Leclercq, Bernard Martel
A polyelectrolyte multilayer film (PEM) based on cationic and anionic β-cyclodextrin polyelectrolytes was coated onto a textile substrate for future drug delivery purposes. We firstly synthesized a novel cationic β-cyclodextrin polymer (polyEPG-CD) by crosslinking β-cyclodextrin (βCD) with epichlorohydrin (EP) under basic conditions, in the presence of glycidyltrimetrylammonium chloride (GTMAC) as cationizing group. The influence of preparation conditions has been investigated in order to preferably obtain a water soluble fraction whose charge density and molecular weights were optimal for the layer-by-layer (LbL) deposition process...
August 1, 2015: Carbohydrate Polymers
Eduardo Diogo Gurgel-Filho, Felipe Coelho Lima, Vicente de Paula Aragão Saboia, Tauby de Souza Coutinho-Filho, Aline de Almeida Neves, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal da Silva
OBJECTIVES: The aim of the present study was to investigate the bond strength of RelyX Unicem (3M) to root canal dentin when used as an endodontic sealer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Samples of 24 single-rooted teeth were prepared with Gates Glidden drills and K3 files. After that, the roots were randomly assigned to three experimental groups (n = 8) according to the filling material, (1) AH Plus (Dentsply De Trey GmbH)/Gutta-Percha cone; (2) Epiphany SE (Pentron)/Resilon cone; (3) RelyX Unicem/Gutta-Percha cone...
November 2014: Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics
V M de Oliveira, S J de Carvalho
The adsorption of pH-responsive polyelectrolyte chains onto oppositely charged spherical macroions is investigated through Metropolis Monte Carlo simulations and the Weighted Histogram Analysis Method. In this case, the polymer charge density is susceptible to the solution conditions, such as salt concentration and pH, as well as the presence of other charged species. Thus, the pH and ionic strength variations leads to abrupt variations of the conformational and electric properties of the chain, as a result of first-order-like transition between the adsorbed and desorbed states...
August 2014: European Physical Journal. E, Soft Matter
R A Walk, S Michaeli, B Hock
Molecular properties of the glyoxysomal and mitochondrial isoenzyme of malate dehydrogenase (EC; L-malate: NAD(+) oxidoreductase) from watermelon cotyledons (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.) were investigated, using completely purified enzyme preparations. The apparent molecular weights of the glyoxysomal and mitochondrial isoenzymes were found to be 67,000 and 74,000 respectively. Aggregation at high enzyme concentrations was observed with the glyoxysomal but not with the mitochondrial isoenzyme. Using sodium dodecyl sulfate electrophoresis each isoenzyme was found to be composed of two polypeptide chains of identical size (33,500 and 37,000, respectively)...
January 1977: Planta
Giuseppe Maulucci, Marco De Spirito, Giuseppe Arcovito, Massimiliano Papi
BACKGROUND: Alpha crystallin is an oligomer composed of two types of subunits, alpha-A and alpha-B crystallin, and is the major constituent of human lens. The temperature induced condensation of alpha-crystallin, the main cause for eye lens opacification (cataract), is a two step-process, a nucleation followed by an aggregation phase, and a protective effect towards the aggregation is exhibited over the alpha crystallin phase transition temperature (Tc = 318.16 K). METHODS/RESULTS: To investigate if a modulation of the subunit interactions over Tc could trigger the protective mechanism towards the aggregation, we followed, by using simultaneously static and dynamic light scattering, the temperature induced condensation of alpha-crystallin...
2012: PloS One
Kimiko Hayashi, Juichi Sato, Nakako Fujiwara, Miwako Kajita, Michitaro Fukuharu, Xiaochen Hu, Kiyonori Kuriki, Hideki Hoshino, Rieko Kato, Shinkan Tokudome, Yuzo Sato
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the physical strength, cerebral function, and mental health conditions in elderly persons, and to examine the correlation between these functions. METHODS: The subjects were 151 independent-living elderly Japanese women, mean age 70 +/-5 years (+/-SD; range, 60 to 80 years), with normal abilities in daily life. The health check-up was conducted from April to May 1997. Physical strength was estimated by measuring seven activities. Cerebral functions were assessed by six sub-tests of the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB)...
July 2002: Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine
Jordi Camí
The peer review paradigm in our system of professional self-regulation is a complementary evaluation procedure - and as imperfect as - bibliometrics. The application of peer review depends on the journal's aims and circumstances and its results should always be contextualized, especially given the current cult of considering the journal of publication more important than the article's content and message. Participation in the peer review processes is usually altruistic and requires that certain rules of courtesy and good practice be followed, one of the main problems being conflicts of interest...
December 2008: Medicina Clínica
Christel Alberque, Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli, Antonio Andreoli, Manuella Epiney, Olivier Irion
We update the epidemiology, diagnostic process, significant clinical features as well as main treatment and prevention issues in the field of antepartum depression, a widespread condition with significant relevance to primary care. During pregnancy, one forth women exhibit clinical symptoms of depression and such maternal depression may have disruptive effects on infants attachment process, marital relationships, family cohesion and work adjustment. Strenghts and limitations of psychotherapy, antidepressant medication and psychiatric hospitalisation are reviewed with a special accent on the specific ethical and scientific issues associated with the clinical dilemma of risks balance evaluation and medication treatment choice with these patients...
February 13, 2008: Revue Médicale Suisse
Martha María Lafarque, Marcelo Ezquer, Luis Inocencio Aguado, Liliana Beatriz Oliveros
UNLABELLED: The pituitary pars tuberalis (PT) is characterized by PT-specific secretory cells which have raised the possibility of an endocrine function for this portion of adenohypophysis. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of the secretion of bovine PT cells into culture medium on growth hormone (GH) response of dispersed pars distalis (PD) cells of rats. METHODS AND RESULTS: 48-hour culture medium of all PT cells at 1 microg of protein concentration induced the greatest GH release from PD cells...
August 2004: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
G Y F Ng, H L Chan
STUDY DESIGN: Within-subject repeated-measures study. OBJECTIVES: To examine the immediate effects of counterforce forearm brace on isokinetic strenght stretch reflex, passive stretching pain threshold of the wrist extensors, and proprioception of the wrist in subjects with lateral humeral epicondylosis for different strap tensions of a forearm brace. BACKGROUND: Counterforce forearm bracing has been used for treating lateral humeral epicondylosis, but the effect of brace tension has not been well reported...
February 2004: Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
N Wakamatsu, T Goto, M Adachi, S Imura, K Hayashi, H Kamemizu, M Iijima, T Gyotoku, S Shibata, T Horiguchi
Lifetime and survival probability of brittle materials under given conditions of stress distribution, environment and component size can be predicted using an SPT (Strenght-Probability-Time) diagram. The SPT diagram for sintered hydroxyapatite (HAP) coated on the metal substrate via the fused glass was drawn and the safe working stress in 37 degrees C distilled water was estimated. The dynamic fatigue test carried out in 37 degrees C distilled water gave the fatigue parameter n = 19 for sintered HAP. This parameter is constant except that it depends on material and environment, and the greater the value of n, the greater the resistance to fatigue failure...
March 1990: Shika Zairyō, Kikai, Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices
A D Dolgov, D A Ivanov, K A Kapitonova, M A Mokul'skii
Dense gels of E. coli 70 S ribosomes, their 50 S subunits, CM-like particles, RNP strands and their fragments, 38 S particles obtained from RNP strand folding upon addition of Mg2+ ions, and of unoriented salt-free and free rRNA sodium and magnesium salts were studied by X-ray diffraction. It was shown that under dense gel conditions RNA molecules contained in ribosomes unfolded by desalting, like all other particles considered here, have helical regions. Under these conditions free desalted RNA has no helical regions...
January 1975: Molecular Biology
K H Sidney, R J Shephard, J E Harrison
Body composition was studied in subjects from the seventh decade of life (13 M, 25F), observations being made on recruitment and at selected points over a 1-year program of endurance training. As at younger ages, the women initially had more subcultaneous fat than the men, particularly over the limbs. In both sexes, excess weights (9.3 kg. M; 8.1 kg, F) and average skinfold radings (16.2 mm, M; 21.1mm, F) were greater than in younger adults. Edurance training (1 hr of supervised exercise, 150-200 kcal persession, nominal four sessions per week) progressively reduced skinfold readings, by an average of 1...
March 1977: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
K J Reinhardt, J Vahl
The bending strenght to the breakage point was determined for five different composites. The testing instrument was set up in accordance with standard specifications under application of pressure. It could be established that the bending strength to the breakage point depends on the intensity and duration of the force. Values were 10% to 20% higher than with polymerized samples without pressure. Long-term studies carried out approximately 24 hours after the sample had been produced showed the highest values for bending strength to the breakage point...
January 1979: Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift
J Bullier, T T Norton
1. To examine the transmission of visual information through the lateral geniculate nucleus, we have studied the receptive-field properties of 65 X and Y optic tract axons and compared them with the receptive-field properties of X and Y LGN cells in paralyzed cats anesthetized with N2O/O2 (70/30%). The same experimental conditions and quantitative methods have been used as in the preceding study of LGN cells (2). 2. The spatiotemporal organization of the receptive fields of X and Y retinal axons are similar to those of X and Y LGN cells...
January 1979: Journal of Neurophysiology
G Matthews
The trade-off between current strength and duration of a stimulating pulse was studied for the rewarding and priming effects of brain stimulation reward (BSR). With cathodal pulses, strenght-duration functions for BSR had chronaxies of .8-3 msec. No differences were observed between the results for rewarding and priming effects. With anodal pulses. strength-duration curves were parallel to the cathodal curves at pulse durations of .1-5 msec, but at pulse durations greater than 5 msec the anodal curves showed a greater drop in required current intensity than did the cathodal curves...
August 1977: Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology
V V Dunaev, E A Stroev
Experiments conducted on albino rats with a grafted tumour of transplantable alveolar mucinous carcinoma PC evidence that the cytostatic effect of thiophosphamide and sarcolysin equally grows in strenght with simultaneous introduction of thyroxin or insulin into the organism. In the same conditions the antineoplastic action of phthorafur is in a greater measure determined by the level of insulin and to a lesser degree by that of thyroxin. An analysis of the results subsequent to a biochemical examination (determination of the pyruvate, lactate, thiamine concentration in the blood and in the tumour, the rate of the 14C-glyxine incorporation in the protein of cancer cells) bears proof to the fact the neoplasm continues to definetly react in response to exogenously introduced hormones, this bringing changes into the kinetic and dynamic properties of the cytostatics...
June 1976: Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia
J Delaunay
Proteins are important constituents of the red blood cell plasma membrane. Several important breakthroughs have occurred in their analysis over the past few years. SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis lead to the separation of the major proteins and glycoproteins. Location of most of these proteins -- either on the external, the internal or both surfaces of the membrane -- was determined. The strenght of the binding of the protein to the membrane was established. Hydrophobicity of membrane proteins has so far hindered their purification...
1977: Annales de Biologie Clinique
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