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Zebrafish vwf gene

Junchao Duan, Shuang Liang, Yang Yu, Yang Li, Lijing Wang, Zehao Wu, Yueyue Chen, Mark R Miller, Zhiwei Sun
Nowadays, nanotechnology environmental health and safety (nanoEHS) is gaining attention. We previously found that silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) could induce vascular endothelial damage. However, the subsequent toxicologic response to SiNPs-induced endothelial damage was still largely unknown. In this study, we explored the inflammation-coagulation response and thrombotic effects of SiNPs in endothelial cells and zebrafish embryos. For in vitro study, swollen mitochondria and autophagosome were observed in ultrastructural analysis...
June 2018: Nanotoxicology
Cristian Dan Neacsu, Ya-Ping Ko, Andreas Tagariello, Kristina R√łkenes Karlsen, Wolfram Friedrich Neiss, Mats Paulsson, Raimund Wagener
Matrilin-1 is the prototypical member of the matrilin protein family and is highly expressed in cartilage. However, gene targeting of matrilin-1 in mouse did not lead to pronounced phenotypes. Here we used the zebrafish as an alternative model to study matrilin function in vivo. Matrilin-1 displays a multiphasic expression during zebrafish development. In an early phase, with peak expression at about 15 h post-fertilization, matrilin-1 is present throughout the zebrafish embryo with exception of the notochord...
January 17, 2014: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Chen Sun, Lili Hu, Shousheng Liu, Zhan Gao, Shicui Zhang
Vitellogenin (Vg), the precursor of egg-yolk proteins in all oviparous organisms, shares a similar domain structure combination. In most cases, Vg contains the Vitellogenin_N domain, the domain of unknown function (DUF) 1943, and the von Willebrand factor type D domain (VWD), which are present in different forms of Vg from both vertebrates and invertebrates. Occasionally, a DUF1944 domain is also present in between DUF1943 and VWD in some Vg proteins of vertebrates. Recent studies have shown that Vg participates in immune defense of host with multiple functions...
December 2013: Developmental and Comparative Immunology
Maira Carrillo, Seongcheol Kim, Surendra Kumar Rajpurohit, Vrinda Kulkarni, Pudur Jagadeeswaran
von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a large protein involved in primary hemostasis. A dysfunction in this protein or an insufficient production of the protein leads to improper platelet adhesion/aggregation, resulting in a bleeding phenotype known as von Willebrand disease (vWD). To gain a better understanding of vWF interactions in vivo, the use of zebrafish as a model is ideal because of the transparency of the embryos and larvae. In this article, we examined the presence and function of vWF in hemostasis of zebrafish utilizing a variety of molecular methods...
December 15, 2010: Blood Cells, Molecules & Diseases
Angeliki Mikrou, Dimitra Marioli, Anastasios D Papanastasiou, Ioannis K Zarkadis
The beta 2 integrin CR3 is a leukocyte adhesion heterodimeric glycoprotein which functions both as receptor for iC3b and in several cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion interactions. In order to elucidate the molecular evolution of the CR3 receptor, here we report the cloning and characterization of its beta2 (CD18) and aM (CD11b) subunits in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). The predicted polypeptide sequences of trout CD18 and CD11b-like exhibit 50, 49, or 61% and 25, 25, or 30% identity with human, mouse, and zebrafish orthologs, respectively...
January 2009: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
DAND1 (NBL1), DAND2 (CKTSF1B1 or GREM1 or GREMLIN), DAND3 (CKTSF1B2 or GREM2 or PRDC), DAND4 (CER1), DAND5 (CKTSF1B3 or GREM3 or DANTE), MUC2, MUC5AC, MUC5B, MUC6, MUC19, WISP1, WISP2, WISP3, VWF, NOV and Norrie disease (NDP or NORRIN) genes encode proteins with cysteine knot domain. Cysteine-knot superfamily proteins regulate ligand-receptor interactions for a variety of signaling pathways implicated in embryogenesis, homeostasis, and carcinogenesis. Although Ndp is unrelated to Wnt family members, Ndp is claimed to function as a ligand for Fzd4...
May 2005: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
Ya-Ping Ko, Birgit Kobbe, Mats Paulsson, Raimund Wagener
We have cloned the cDNAs of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) members of the matrilin family of extracellular adaptor proteins. In contrast to mammals, no orthologue of matrilin-2 was found in zebrafish, either by RT (reverse-transcriptase) PCR using degenerated primers or by screening the databases (Ensembl and NCBI); however, two forms of matrilin-3, matrilin-3a and -3b, were present. The identity with the mammalian matrilins is from more than 70% for the VWA (von Willebrand factor A)-like domains to only 28% for the coiled-coil domains of matrilin-3a and -3b...
March 1, 2005: Biochemical Journal
A Seeger, W E Mayer, J Klein
An important molecule in the activation of the complement system in vertebrates is factor B, a serine protease with a molecular mass of 95,000. Factor B and the complement component C2 are thought to have arisen by gene duplication. In mammals and in Xenopus the factor B gene is linked to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), whereas in domestic fowl it segregates independently of the MHC. Here we describe the isolation of a cDNA clone coding for factor B in the zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio. The deduced protein sequence exhibits a characteristic mosaic structure consisting of the short consensus repeat (SCR), the von Willebrand factor, and the serine protease domains...
April 1996: Molecular Immunology
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