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Kidney intersticial

Rafael Coimbra Ferreira Beltrame, Maurício Friderichs, Bárbara Rayanne Fior, Pedro Guilherme Schaefer, Gustavo Gomes Thomé, Dirceu Reis da Silva, Elvino José Guardão Barros, Renato Seligman, Francisco Veríssimo Veronese
The IgG4-related disease has a wide clinical spectrum where multiple organs can be affected, and the diagnosis depends on typical histopathological findings and an elevated IgG4 expression in plasma cells in the affected tissue. We describe the clinical presentation and evolution of a patient with acute tubulointerstitial nephritis, severe kidney failure and systemic manifestations such as lymphadenomegaly and chronic pancreatitis. The diagnosis was confirmed by the clinical picture and kidney and lymph node histopathology, in which immunohistochemistry of the lymphoid tissue showed policlonality and increased expression of IgG4, with a IgG4/total IgG ratio > 80%...
July 2016: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
V I Savenkov
In patients, suffering hydronephrosis stages II-III, caused by the ureteric-pelvic segment (UPS) obstruction due to inborn failures of urinary system, the collagen types I and III ratio reduction, and in acquired obstruction--its enhancement, are noted in interstitium, renal parenchyma vessels and the UPS walls. While obstruction in patients due to inborn failures in vascular basal membranes a deficiency of collagen type IV and appearance of nontypical for vascular basal membranes intersticial collagen type Il are observed...
February 2015: Klinichna Khirurhiia
Andrei Ferreira Nicolau da Costa, Lara de Paula Miranda Pereira, Manoel Luiz Ferreira, Paulo Cesar Silva, Vera Lucia Antunes Chagar, Alberto Schanaider
OBJECTIVES: To establish a model of chronic renal failure in rabbits, with perspectives of its use for therapeutic and repairing actions. METHODS: Nineteen males, adults rabbits (New Zealand) randomly distributed into three groups were used: Group 1 - Control (n =5); Group 2-Sham (n =7); and Group 3 - Experimental (n =7). They were anaesthetized by using intramuscular Cetamine, Diazepam and Fentanyl followed by Sevorane with vaporizer device. In Group 3, a bipolar left nephrectomy was carried out and after four weeks, it was also done a right nephrectomy...
February 2009: Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões
H O Sun, W X Hu, H L Xie, H T Zhang, H P Chen, C H Zeng, Z H Liu, L S Li
A retrospective analysis of the long-term outcome of patients with membranous lupus nephropathy (MLN) was conducted. One hundred Chinese patients, 90 females and 10 males with a mean age of 32+/-9 years, with systemic lupus erythematosus and biopsy-proven MLN (ISN/RPS2003 classification criteria) were enrolled in this study. The patient and renal survivals were estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method and the risk factors associated with end-stage renal failure (ESRF) were assessed by the Cox proportional hazards regression analysis...
January 2008: Lupus
Joyce Trujillo, Victoria Ramírez, Jazmín Pérez, Ivan Torre-Villalvazo, Nimbe Torres, Armando R Tovar, Rosa M Muñoz, Norma Uribe, Gerardo Gamba, Norma A Bobadilla
The obese Zucker rat is a valuable model for studying kidney disease associated with obesity and diabetes. Previous studies have shown that substitution of animal protein with soy ameliorates the progression of renal disease. To explore the participation of nitric oxide (NO) and caveolin-1 in this protective effect, we evaluated proteinuria, creatinine clearance, renal structural lesions, nitrites and nitrates urinary excretion (UNO(2)(-)/NO(3)V), and mRNA and protein levels of neuronal NO synthase (nNOS), endothelial NOS (eNOS), and caveolin-1 in lean and fatty Zucker rats fed with 20% casein or soy protein diet...
January 2005: American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology
R Alvarez Navascués, Z Bastardo, M Fernández Díaz, J Guerediaga, L Quiñones, J Pinto
Loratadine is a second generation histamine H1 receptor antagonist, that has high potency antiallergic properties and is associated with low adverse effects compared with other antihistamines. Acute interstitial nephritis is a cause of acute renal failure that is most often induced by drugs or, less frequently, infection or sarcoidosis. Although the number of drugs associated with acute intersticial nephritis is too large, the antihistaminic loratadine have never been reported before. We report a case of an interstitial nephritis with acute renal failure that suggesting hypersensitivity reaction in a 77 old man who had received loratadine (10 mg/day) during ten days before his assessment to our hospital by disseminated pruritic syndrome...
July 2003: Nefrología: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española Nefrologia
Jorge E Toblli, Margarita Angerosa, Inés Stella, León Ferder, Felipe Inserra
A number of studies have demonstrated that the urinary ion activity product (IAP) of calcium oxalate (CaOx), as an index of urinary CaOx supersaturation (SS), is higher in renal stone formers than in normal subjects. Besides, the relation between CaOx SS and lithogenesis, crystal CaOx exposition can produce tubular cell as well as renal interstitial lesions. The aim of our study was to evaluate the possible relationship between CaOx SS and tubulointerstitial (TI) damage in an animal model of hyperoxaluria. During four weeks, male Sprague-Dawley rats received: G1 (n = 8) control regular water, and G2 (n = 8) 1% ethylene glycol (ETG) (precursor for oxalates) in drinking water...
2003: Medicina
Loreta Razukeviciene, Vytautas Kuzminskis, Inga Arūne Bumblyte
We analyzed 19 patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS): 11 males and 8 females (mean age 38.3 yrs. (SD 16.4), who were under observation for 39.4 months (SD 17.2). At the moment of renal biopsy 73.7% of patients had arterial hypertension, 52.6%--nephrotic proteinuria, 36.9%--chronic renal failure. Global glomerulosclerosis was present in 14 biopsies (73.7%), and intersticial fibrosis--in 13 biopsies (68.4%). The results of analysis showed multiple risk factors for progression of renal failure: initial renal failure (p=0...
2003: Medicina
L F Nikiforovskaia, A L Kononova, L N Ivanova
Content, fractional composition of glycosaminoglycans and concentration of sodium in different zones of rat kidney (cortex, outer medulla, papilla) as well as the ability of kidney to the osmotic concentration under the conditions of prolonged salt loading and after the injection of hydrocortisone were studied. The salt loading was carried out during 10 days either using catheterization (50-75 mEq of NaCl per kg of body weight) or by means of feeding a diet with high content of the salt (90-100 mEq per kg of body weight); hydrocortisone was injected daily at a dose of 3 mg/100 g of body weight...
January 1980: Voprosy Medit︠s︡inskoĭ Khimii
E N Sotnikova, L A Durnov, R V Zhordania, R F Gar'kavtseva, A F Bukhny
Hemoglobin fractions were studied in 80 patients suffering from nephroblastoma (Wilms' tumor). 10 out of 80 children had an elevated fetal hemoglobin value, higher than 2.5%, but as there was no other evidence for a thalassemia, we could not refer these patients to delta beta-thalassemia heterozygotes. An electrophoretic study of hemolyzates showed that 4 children had a uniform "quickly-proceeding" anomalous hemoglobin fraction localized in front of HbA2 which decreased in time. In one case, this anomaly was discovered in propositus and also in his father and paternal grandmother...
February 1984: Genetika
C C Arvieux, J J Rambaud, J P Alibeu, J L Davin, P Combes, G Faure
A prospective study was carried out on 20 patients admitted for transurethral prostatic resection, measuring renal function, body hydratation and levels of glycine metabolic products. This study has shown that only the haematocrit measurement during surgery allowed the early and reliable recognition of resorption of the solution. High glycine levels after resorption were reduced by increasing urinary excretion of glycine, serine, creatinine and to a lesser extent, threonine. The increased production of oxalate, another elimination pathway, leads to a urinary saturation with consequent risk of lithogenesis...
1985: Journal D'urologie
R Poveda, C Díaz-Gallo, M Carrera, M T González, V Pac, A Vidaller, L Carreras, J Alsina
Systemic vasculitis is a disease whose prognosis has improved considerably with steroid and immunosuppressive treatment, which points up the importance of early diagnosis. In elderly, diagnosis is made more difficult because the frequent onset in the form of a febrile syndrome with non-specific disturbances in general condition. In these patients it is not uncommon that a kidney involvement is what leads to diagnosis of the disease. Hematuria is almost a constant in vasculitis nephropathy. In their absence, acute renal failure in elderly is usually attributed to hemodynamic causes and the frequent presence of iatrogenic tubular factors...
April 18, 1992: Medicina Clínica
L Galavíz-Silva, E Ramírez Bond, V Vázquez Figueroa
The neolonese strain of Trypanosoma cruzi was obtained from deyections of nosed bugs (Triatoma gerstaeckeri) which were caught in General Teran and Dr. Coss, Nuevo Leon. This strain was kept alive for passing it from mouse-triatomines and vice versa. Posteriorly, nests of amastigotes were found in skeletal and myocardial muscle fibers from albinous mouse Mus musculus NHI by using light microscopy and electron microscopy. In consequence, the parasitic element was classified as a myotropic strain, although it was observed in less amount in liver, kidney and spleen...
January 1992: Boletín Chileno de Parasitología
G Mateeva, Kh Krustev
Fragments the renal cortical part of white rats were frozened in two solutions: saline and 15% of glycerol. The preservation was made in liquid nitrogen (--196 degrees) for a period of 24 hours. The obtained results from the electrone microscopic examination showed that when freezing was performed without protective media, the intactness of the cells and their ultrastructural organization were destroyed. The nuclei preserved their intactness. When protective media (15% of glycerol) was used, then greater stability to low temperatures revealed the epitheleal cells, forming the glomerulus and intersticial tubules, but the most sensitive were the epithelial cells in the main part of the nephrone...
1976: Eksperimentalna Meditsina i Morfologiia
R I Sokolova, Iu A Serebrovskaia, A M Vikhert
Electron microscopic studies of the intersticial cells of the renal medullar layer and the count of lipid granules in them were conducted in two experimental states accompanied by a reduction of the circulating blood volume--72 hours of water-free diet and intravenous administration of Lazyx that possesses a potent natriuretic and diuretic effect. The concentration of renin and angiotensin was determined in the plasma of the same animals, using the radioimmunoassay technique, and the juxtaglomerular apparatus of the kidneys was examined...
July 1976: Kardiologiia
I Goranov, V Minkova
The authors carried out quantative stereologic studies on the electronograms of intersticial cells of the medulla of the kidney during shock. There was a considerable lowering of the number and volume of lipid granules in comparison with the control nontreated animals. The results were interpreted as a manifestation of the increased release of prostaglandins from the renomedullar intersticial cells as mediators of some local processes in the kidney, enduring shock.
1978: Eksperimentalna Meditsina i Morfologiia
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