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Disabled shooting

W Z Pawlak, L Svensson, P F Jensen
Background Symptoms from disseminated cancer can develop very slowly. This could be very difficult to distinguish those symptoms from chronic disabilities and nuisances in patients with chronic non-malignant pain. Objective In this report, the case of a woman with both nonmalignant pain and cancer is presented. Case report A 54 years old woman was referred by a general practitioner to Multidisciplinary Pain Center. The diagnosis was chronic non-malignant neck pain on the basis of degenerative columnar disease...
December 29, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Pain
Jonathan W Brandon, Justin K Solarczyk, Timur S Durrani
Lead toxicity is an important environmental disease and its effects on the human body can be devastating. Unique exposures to Special Operations Forces personnel may include use of firing ranges, use of automotive fuels, production of ammunition, and bodily retention of bullets. Toxicity may degrade physical and psychological fitness, and cause long-term negative health outcomes. Specific effects on fine motor movements, reaction times, and global function could negatively affect shooting skills and decision-making...
December 0: Journal of Special Operations Medicine: a Peer Reviewed Journal for SOF Medical Professionals
Julia Kathrin Baumgart, Berit Brurok, Øyvind Sandbakk
BACKGROUND: Peak oxygen uptake (VO2peak) in Paralympic sitting sports athletes represents their maximal ability to deliver energy aerobically in an upper-body mode, with values being influenced by sex, disability-related physiological limitations, sport-specific demands, training status and how they are tested. OBJECTIVES: To identify VO2peak values in Paralympic sitting sports, examine between-sports differences and within-sports variations in VO2peak and determine the influence of sex, age, body-mass, disability and test-mode on VO2peak...
2018: PloS One
Mona L Martin, Steven I Blum, Hiltrud Liedgens, Donald M Bushnell, Kelly P McCarrier, Noël V Hatley, Abhilasha Ramasamy, Rainer Freynhagen, Mark Wallace, Charles Argoff, Mariёlle Eerdekens, Maurits Kok, Donald L Patrick
We describe the mixed-methods (qualitative and quantitative) development and preliminary validation of the Patient Assessment for Low Back Pain-Symptoms (PAL-S), a patient-reported outcome measure for use in chronic low back pain (cLBP) clinical trials. Qualitative methods (concept elicitation and cognitive interviews) were used to identify and refine symptom concepts and quantitative methods (classical test theory and Rasch measurement theory) were used to evaluate item- and scale-level performance of the measure using an iterative approach...
February 7, 2018: Pain
Ignas Martišius, Robertas Damaševičius
Although brain-computer interface technology is mainly designed with disabled people in mind, it can also be beneficial to healthy subjects, for example, in gaming or virtual reality systems. In this paper we discuss the typical architecture, paradigms, requirements, and limitations of electroencephalogram-based gaming systems. We have developed a prototype three-class brain-computer interface system, based on the steady state visually evoked potentials paradigm and the Emotiv EPOC headset. An online target shooting game, implemented in the OpenViBE environment, has been used for user feedback...
2016: Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
Matthew D Keller, David J Leahy, Bryan J Norton, Threeric Johanson, Emma R Mullen, Maclen Marvit, Arty Makagon
Small, flying insects continue to pose great risks to both human health and agricultural production throughout the world, so there remains a compelling need to develop new vector and pest control approaches. Here, we examined the use of short (<25 ms) laser pulses to kill or disable anesthetized female Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes, which were chosen as a representative species. The mortality of mosquitoes exposed to laser pulses of various wavelength, power, pulse duration, and spot size combinations was assessed 24 hours after exposure...
February 18, 2016: Scientific Reports
Laura N Syron, Devin L Lucas, Viktor E Bovbjerg, Jeffrey W Bethel, Laurel D Kincl
BACKGROUND: The US commercial fishing industry is hazardous, as measured by mortality data. However, research on non-fatal injuries is limited. Non-fatal injuries constitute the majority of occupational injuries and can result in workers' lowered productivity and wages, lost quality of life, and disability. In the United States, a Work Process Classification System (WPCS) has previously been applied in Alaskan freezer-trawl and freezer-longline fleets to identify causes of injuries and specific hazards, but not to other fishing fleets...
2016: International Journal of Circumpolar Health
Seth Peterson
STUDY DESIGN: Clinical case report. BACKGROUND: Symptoms in the face and jaw are common after whiplash. Few studies have reported cervicogenic headache in a trigeminal nerve distribution, and no published studies could be found describing such symptoms experienced bilaterally after whiplash. The objective of the current case report was to detail the clinical reasoning and management of an uncommon patient presentation. CASE DESCRIPTION: The 41-year-old female patient of the current case complained of shooting pain in the jaw, cheek and forehead beginning 7 days after her accident...
2015: Physiotherapy Theory and Practice
David M Marks, Chi-Un Pae, Ashwin A Patkar
OBJECTIVE: The current study investigates whether milnacipran, an equipotent serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, is effective in reducing chronic radicular pain in patients (N = 11) with lumbosacral disc disease. METHOD: This study is a 10-week randomized, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of milnacipran (100-200 mg/d, dosed twice a day). Subjects (enrolled from October 2010 to September 2011 through the Duke University Pain and Palliative Care Clinic, Durham, North Carolina) included patients with radiologically confirmed disc disease with nerve root compression...
2014: Primary Care Companion to CNS Disorders
Woojong Kim, Minjung Woo
The purpose was to investigate differences in cortical activation during air-pistol shooting between elite shooters with and without spinal cord injury. 22 non-disabled and 12 disabled members of national air-pistol shooting teams participated in the study. The participants completed 20 self-paced 10-m air pistol shots. Analysis reveals that athletes with disability exhibited greater attentional demand during the aiming period, which is typically observed in patients with spinal cord injury during visuomotor performance, whereas brain regions responsible for visual-spatial processing seemed to be similar to those of athletes without disability...
October 2013: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Philippe Bourgois, Fernando Montero Castrillo, Laurie Hart, George Karandinos
For five years, the open air drug sales block where the authors resided and conducted participant-observation fieldwork in the Puerto Rican corner of inner-city Philadelphia was subject to a routinized whirlwind of shootings, stabbings and assaults. The narcotics industry filled the void left by deindustrialization, turning the city's former factory district into an open-air narcotics supermarket staffed at the entry level by young Puerto Ricans serving primarily poor white injectors. A capacity to mobilize rage ensures success in the drug economy, protection in prison, and minimal income for the no-longer-worthy poor who are diagnosed as cognitively disabled...
April 2013: Espacio Abierto
S Bandyopadhyay, M Saha, S Biswas, A Ranjan, A K Naskar, L Bandyopadhyay
INTRODUCTION: Calcium carbide used in fruit ripening industry as a cheap alternative to natural plant hormone ethylene produces highly inflammable acetylene gas. Inadvertent ignition of this gas can cause severe ocular burn injury with unilateral or bilateral blindness. OBJECTIVE: To determine the characteristics and visual outcome of ocular burn injuries from calcium carbide during mango ripening season of West Bengal, eastern India. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective study of all cases of calcium carbide related ocular burn injury attending a tertiary care hospital during mango ripening season was carried out...
July 2013: Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology
Nanna Brix Finnerup, Søren Hein Sindrup, Troels Staehelin Jensen
Neuropathic pain is the most common type of pain in neuropathy. In painful polyneuropathies the pain usually has a "glove and stocking" distribution. The pain may be predominantly spontaneous, e.g., with a burning, pricking, or shooting character or characterized by evoked pain such as mechanical or cold allodynia. In the clinical setting, the prevention of painful neuropathies and treatment of underlying neuropathy remains inadequate and thus symptomatic treatment of the pain and related disability needs to be offered...
2013: Handbook of Clinical Neurology
Shai Luria, Gurion Rivkin, Malka Avitzour, Meir Liebergall, Yoav Mintz, Ram Mosheiff
BACKGROUND: Explosion injuries to the upper extremity have specific clinical characteristics that differ from injuries due to other mechanisms. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the upper extremity injury pattern of attacks on civilian targets, comparing bomb explosion injuries to gunshot injuries and their functional recovery using standard outcome measures. METHODS: Of 157 patients admitted to the hospital between 2000 and 2004, 72 (46%) sustained explosion injuries and 85 (54%) gunshot injuries...
March 2013: Israel Medical Association Journal: IMAJ
Lara Heij, Albert Dahan, Elske Hoitsma
Sarcoidosis is a chronic inflammatory illness and small-fiber neuropathy (SFN) is one of the disabling and often chronic manifestations of the disease. SFN presents with peripheral pain and symptoms of autonomic dysfunction. The character of the pain can be burning or shooting. Besides, allodynia and hyperesthesia can exist. Diagnosis is usually made on the basis of clinical features, in combination with abnormal specialized tests. The aim of treatment is often to reduce pain; however, total pain relieve is seldom achieved...
2012: Pain Research and Treatment
Raôul R D Oudejans, Sjoerd Heubers, Jean-René J A C Ruitenbeek, Thomas W J Janssen
We examined the effects of visual control training on expert wheelchair basketball shooting, a skill more difficult than in regular basketball, as players shoot from a seated position to the same rim height. The training consisted of shooting with a visual constraint that forced participants to use target information as late as possible. Participants drove under a large screen that initially blocked the basket. As soon as they saw the basket they shot. When training with the screen, shooting percentages increased...
September 2012: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Emanuele Franciosi, Maria Chiara Gallotta, Carlo Baldari, Gian Pietro Emerenziani, Laura Guidetti
Although sport for athletes with mental retardation (MR) is achieving an important role, the literature concerning basketball tests and training is still poor. The aims of this study were to verify whether the basketball test battery could be an appropriate modality to classify the players in the Promotion (Pro) category, to assess basketball abilities before (PRE) and after (POST) an 8-month training in players with MR in relation to Competitive (Comp) and Pro categories, to analyze the variation of specific basketball abilities based on subjects' MR diagnosis...
June 2012: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
James T Chok, Derek D Reed, Amanda Kennedy, Frank L Bird
We evaluated ambient prism lenses as an intervention to improve the cognitive and motor skills of an adolescent diagnosed with autism and mild mental retardation. Cognitive tasks were presented in both ambient prism lenses and no lenses conditions across four assessments in a multielement design. We then evaluated the effects of ambient prism lenses, placebo lenses, and no lenses on motor skills assessed in previous studies (i.e., balance beam walk and ball-catch) as well as leisure and vocational tasks relevant to the student's academic programming (i...
2010: Behavior Analysis in Practice
Sonja De Groot, Inge J M Balvers, Sanne M Kouwenhoven, Thomas W J Janssen
The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of wheelchair basketball field tests. Nineteen wheelchair basketball players performed 10 test items twice to determine the reliability. The validity of the tests was assessed by relating the scores to the players' classification and competition standard, and rating of coach and player. Six field tests' test-retest showed good reliability (Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) = 0.80-0.97), while the pass-for-accuracy, free throws, lay-up and spot shot showed weak to moderate reliability (ICC = 0...
May 2012: Journal of Sports Sciences
R Thara, S Rajkumar, V Valecha
Measurement of Disability is one of the off-shoot projects of the major multicentred study on 'Factors Affecting Course and Outcome of Schizophrenia' being held at Madras, Vellore and Lucknow. As part of this study, modification of the Disability Assessment Schedule (II) was carried out at the Madras centre. Certain items of the DAS were deleted and the rest were regrouped into 4 main areas of personal, social, occupational and global disability. This modified instrument called the Schedule for Assessment of Psychiatric Disability (SAPD) was administered to 30 patients each of the 3 groups of psychoses, neurotics and diabetics...
January 1988: Indian Journal of Psychiatry
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