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Roger Chou, Richard Deyo, Janna Friedly, Andrea Skelly, Robin Hashimoto, Melissa Weimer, Rochelle Fu, Tracy Dana, Paul Kraegel, Jessica Griffin, Sara Grusing, Erika D Brodt
Background: A 2007 American College of Physicians guideline addressed nonpharmacologic treatment options for low back pain. New evidence is now available. Purpose: To systematically review the current evidence on nonpharmacologic therapies for acute or chronic nonradicular or radicular low back pain. Data Sources: Ovid MEDLINE (January 2008 through February 2016), Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, and reference lists...
April 4, 2017: Annals of Internal Medicine
Roger Chou, Richard Deyo, Janna Friedly, Andrea Skelly, Melissa Weimer, Rochelle Fu, Tracy Dana, Paul Kraegel, Jessica Griffin, Sara Grusing
Background: A 2007 American College of Physicians guideline addressed pharmacologic options for low back pain. New evidence and medications have now become available. Purpose: To review the current evidence on systemic pharmacologic therapies for acute or chronic nonradicular or radicular low back pain. Data Sources: Ovid MEDLINE (January 2008 through November 2016), Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, and reference lists...
April 4, 2017: Annals of Internal Medicine
Marco Bennardi, Elaine McMahon, Paul Corcoran, Eve Griffin, Ella Arensman
BACKGROUND: Repeated self-harm represents the single strongest risk factor for suicide. To date no study with full national coverage has examined the pattern of hospital repeated presentations due to self-harm among young people. METHODS: Data on consecutive self-harm presentations were obtained from the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland. Socio-demographic and behavioural characteristics of individuals aged 10-29 years who presented with self-harm to emergency departments in Ireland (2007-2014) were analysed...
November 24, 2016: BMC Psychiatry
Ahmad Masri, Vidyasagar Kalahasti, Lars G Svensson, Eric E Roselli, Douglas Johnston, Donald Hammer, Paul Schoenhagen, Brian P Griffin, Milind Y Desai
BACKGROUND: In patients with a dilated proximal ascending aorta and trileaflet aortic valve, we aimed to assess (1) factors independently associated with increased long-term mortality and (2) the incremental prognostic utility of indexing aortic root to patient height. METHODS: We studied consecutive patients with a dilated aortic root (≥4 cm) that underwent echocardiography and gated contrast-enhanced thoracic aortic computed tomography or magnetic resonance angiography between 2003 and 2007...
November 29, 2016: Circulation
Arun Paul Amar, John H Griffin, Berislav V Zlokovic
In the treatment of acute ischemic stroke (AIS), vessel recanalization correlates with improved functional status and reduced mortality. Mechanical neurothrombectomy achieves a higher likelihood of revascularization than intravenous thrombolysis (IVT), but there remains significant discrepancy between rates of recanalization and rates of favorable outcome. The poor neurological recovery among some stroke patients despite successful recanalization confirms the need for adjuvant therapy, such as pharmacological neuroprotection...
2015: Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
Paul Corcoran, Eve Griffin, Ella Arensman, Anthony P Fitzgerald, Ivan J Perry
BACKGROUND: The recent economic recession has been associated with short-term increases in suicide in many countries. Data are lacking on the longer-term effect on suicide and on the impact on non-fatal suicidal behaviour. METHODS: Using interrupted time series analyses, we have assessed the impact of economic recession and austerity in Ireland on national rates of suicide mortality and self-harm presentations to hospital in 2008-12. RESULTS: By the end of 2012, the male suicide rate was 57% higher [+8...
June 2015: International Journal of Epidemiology
Paul Corcoran, Eve Griffin, Amanda O'Carroll, Linda Cassidy, Brendan Bonner
Background: The Northern Ireland Registry of Deliberate Self-Harm was established as an outcome of the Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan - Protect Life, beginning in the Western Health and Social Care Trust area. Aims: The study aimed to establish the incidence of hospital-treated deliberate self-harm in the Western Area of Northern Ireland, and to explore the profile of such presentations. Method: Deliberate self-harm presentations made to the three hospital emergency departments operating in the area during the period 2007-2012 were recorded...
January 12, 2015: Crisis
Valerie Walker, Paul Cook, Damian G Griffin
Hyperuricosuria is common among stone formers, but its significance is uncertain. To progress our understanding and target treatment, we need to identify and characterise patients with uniform underlying pathology. We aimed to identify hyperuricosuric patients with a primary defect in renal urate reabsorption (renal hyperuricosuria) and to look for associated risk factors for stones. We undertook a retrospective cross-sectional database study of 666 male stone formers attending the Southampton stone clinic...
August 2014: Urolithiasis
Blanaid Mee, Eoin Gaffney, Sharon A Glynn, Simona Donatello, Paul Carroll, Elizabeth Connolly, Sarah Mc Garrigle, Terry Boyle, Delia Flannery, Francis J Sullivan, Paul McCormick, Mairead Griffin, Cian Muldoon, Joanna Fay, Tony O'Grady, Elaine Kay, Joe Eustace, Louise Burke, Asim A Sheikh, Stephen Finn, Richard Flavin, Francis J Giles
Biobank Ireland Trust (BIT) was established in 2004 to promote and develop an Irish biobank network to benefit patients, researchers, industry, and the economy. The network commenced in 2008 with two hospital biobanks and currently consists of biobanks in the four main cancer hospitals in Ireland. The St. James's Hospital (SJH) Biobank coordinates the network. Procedures, based on ISBER and NCI guidelines, are standardized across the network. Policies and documents-Patient Consent Policy, Patient Information Sheet, Biobank Consent Form, Sample and Data Access Policy (SAP), and Sample Application Form have been agreed upon (after robust discussion) for use in each hospital...
February 2013: Biopreservation and Biobanking
Kieran Keohane, Des Brennan, Paul Galvin, Brendan T Griffin
The increasing realisation of the impact of size and surface properties on the bio-distribution of drug loaded colloidal particles has driven the application of micro fabrication technologies for the precise engineering of drug loaded microparticles. This paper demonstrates an alternative approach for producing size controlled drug loaded PLGA based microparticles using silicon Microfluidic Flow Focusing Devices (MFFDs). Based on the precise geometry and dimensions of the flow focusing channel, microparticle size was successfully optimised by modifying the polymer type, disperse phase (Qd) flow rate, and continuous phase (Qc) flow rate...
June 5, 2014: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Valerie Walker, Paul Cook, Damian G Griffin
AIMS: Hypercalciuria is a common poorly understood abnormality among stone formers. We aimed to identify hypercalciuric male stone formers with a primary defect in renal calcium reabsorption and to look for associated risk factors. METHODS: A retrospective cross-sectional database study of 623 male idiopathic calcium stone formers with normal plasma ultrafilterable calcium levels attending the Southampton stone clinic. Filtered calcium was estimated from plasma ultrafilterable calcium (60% of total plasma calcium) and 24 h creatinine clearance...
April 2014: Journal of Clinical Pathology
Medha Singh, Paul C Stark, Petros D Damoulis, Paul Levi, Terrence J Griffin
The study compared a novel trap door (TD) technique with the triangular distal wedge (TW) procedure for the elimination of distal periodontal pockets adjacent to edentulous areas. Thirteen patients with suprabony pockets ≥ 5 mm at the distal surface of terminal molars bilaterally were included in this prospective, single-blinded, randomized clinical trial using a split-mouth design. The authors demonstrated the efficacy of an alternative TD technique in the elimination of the distal pockets adjacent to the terminal molars...
February 2012: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
Paul Kirk, Jim E Griffin, Richard S Savage, Zoubin Ghahramani, David L Wild
MOTIVATION: The integration of multiple datasets remains a key challenge in systems biology and genomic medicine. Modern high-throughput technologies generate a broad array of different data types, providing distinct-but often complementary-information. We present a Bayesian method for the unsupervised integrative modelling of multiple datasets, which we refer to as MDI (Multiple Dataset Integration). MDI can integrate information from a wide range of different datasets and data types simultaneously (including the ability to model time series data explicitly using Gaussian processes)...
December 15, 2012: Bioinformatics
Paul Jones, Andrew M Griffin, Lars Gawell, Rico Lavoie, Daniel Delorme, Edward Roberts, William Brown, Christopher Walpole, Wenhau Xiao, Jamie Boulet, Maryse Labarre, Martin Coupal, Joanne Butterworth, Stephane St-Onge, Lejla Hodzic, Dominic Salois
We have investigated a series of phenolic diaryl amino piperidine delta opioid receptor agonists, establishing the importance of the phenol functional group and substitution on the piperdine nitrogen for delta agonist activity and selectivity versus the mu and kappa opioid receptors. This study uncovered compounds with improved agonist potency and selectivity compared to the standard, non-peptidic delta agonist SNC-80. In vivo anti-nociceptive activity of analog 8e in two rodent models is discussed, demonstrating the potential of delta agonists to provide a novel mechanism for pain relief...
November 1, 2009: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Khalid Alhezaimi, Thakib Al-Shalan, Rory O'Neill, Tanazi Shapurian, Jafar Naghshbandi, Paul Levi, Terrence Griffin
The goal of this investigation was to evaluate histologically and histometrically the healing process in dehiscence-type defects treated by enamel matrix derivative (EMD). Five adult female beagle dogs were used. Buccal osseous dehiscences were surgically created on the maxillary canines and the second and fourth premolars. Thirty defect sites were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups (15 defect sites for each group). The treatment group received EMD application, while the control groups received no EMD...
August 2009: International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry
Yoh Matsuki, Thorsten Maly, Olivier Ouari, Hakim Karoui, François Le Moigne, Egon Rizzato, Sevdalina Lyubenova, Judith Herzfeld, Thomas Prisner, Paul Tordo, Robert G Griffin
A new polarizing agent with superior performance in dynamic nuclear polarization experiments is introduced, and utilizes two TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl) moieties connected through a rigid spiro tether (see structure). The observed NMR signal intensities were enhanced by a factor of 1.4 compared to those of TOTAPOL, a previously described TEMPO-based biradical with a flexible tether.
2009: Angewandte Chemie
Timothy J Hempton, Dimitrios Drakos, Vikram Likhari, James B Hanley, Lonnie Johnson, Paul Levi, Terrence J Griffin
Dental education in the United States and Canada is currently experiencing a crisis with respect to faculty recruitment and retention. The major reasons for the status of dental and specialty education are lower salaries and lack of interest. To make up for this deficit in the specialty of periodontology, our current educators need to utilize strategies targeted towards an existing potential teaching resource: the postdoctoral students in periodontology. The intent of this article is to review the current crisis in dental faculty recruitment and retention, show how it affects the specialty of periodontics, and describe how creating a culture of mentoring may facilitate more engagement of periodontal residents in the teaching process during their postdoctoral training...
May 2008: Journal of Dental Education
Marta Rivas, Sergio Sosa-Estani, Josefa Rangel, Maria G Caletti, Patricia Vallés, Carlos D Roldán, Laura Balbi, Maria C Marsano de Mollar, Diego Amoedo, Elizabeth Miliwebsky, Isabel Chinen, Robert M Hoekstra, Paul Mead, Patricia M Griffin
We evaluated risk factors for sporadic Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) infection among children in Argentina. We conducted a prospective case-control study in 2 sites and enrolled 150 case-patients and 299 controls. The median age of case-patients was 1.8 years; 58% were girls. Serotype O157:H7 was the most commonly isolated STEC. Exposures associated with infection included eating undercooked beef, living in or visiting a place with farm animals, and contact with a child <5 years of age with diarrhea...
May 2008: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Jessica Pole, Paul Carmichael, Julian Griffin
Functional genomic tools such as DNA microarrays are having a major impact on the drug-discovery process. Potentially, compounds with toxic responses can be identified and removed at a relatively early stage in the drug-development process before tests on animals or humans, solely on the gene expression profiles produced in cell culture. The study examined the expression profiles of primary cultured human endometrial cells treated with 17beta-oestradiol and the SERMs (selective oestrogen receptor modulators) tamoxifen and raloxifene...
November 2004: Biomarkers: Biochemical Indicators of Exposure, Response, and Susceptibility to Chemicals
Drew Monitto, Gary Bozeman, Paul Ellis, Patricia Griffin, Julian Josey, Bill Kerfoot, Harold Nixon, Al Stresing, Jim Turmel, Cliff Williams
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2003: Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association
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