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Rabia F El-Hawaz, Mary H Grace, Alan Janbey, Mary Ann Lila, Jeffrey W Adelberg
BACKGROUND: Turmeric is a rich source of bioactive compounds useful in both medicine and cuisine. Mineral concentrations effects (PO4 3- , Ca2+ , Mg2+ , and KNO3 ) were tested during in vitro rhizome development on the ex vitro content of volatile constituents in rhizomes after 6 months in the greenhouse. A response surface method (D-optimal criteria) was repeated in both high and low-input fertilizer treatments. Control plants were grown on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium, acclimatized in the greenhouse and grown in the field...
June 18, 2018: BMC Plant Biology
Raquel Vázquez-Mourelle, Eduardo Carracedo-Martinez, Adolfo Figueiras
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate two interventions on anabolic-androgenic-steroids (AAS) dispensation in retail pharmacies. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was conducted in a north-western region of Spain. Data were the AAS supplied by wholesale drug distributors to retail pharmacies over a period of 102 months. It is designed as an ecological time-series study; the dependent variables were daily defined doses per 1,000 inhabitants per day of each drug. The two interventions evaluated were: (1) an inspection program intended for those retail pharmacies where there was an irregular dispensation and (2) a regulation put forth forcing these pharmacies to carry out additional registers...
2018: European Addiction Research
Ertan Sonmez, Kenan Ahmet Turkdogan, Cahit Yilmaz, Sitki Kucukbuzcu, Abuzer Ozkan, Ozgur Sogutt
INTRODUCTION: It has been argued in current studies that anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are misused by a great number of bodybuilders and athletes. However, there is diverse and often conflicting scientific data on the cardiac and metabolic complications caused by the misuse of AAS. There may be various reasons for myocardial infarction (MI) with normal coronary arteries. However, for the majority of patients, the exact cause is still unknown. CASE REPORT: A 32 year-old male who was complaining about severe chest pain was admitted to our emergency department...
March 2016: Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine
Zahid Hussain, Nida Dastagir, Shabbir Hussain, Almas Jabeen, Salman Zafar, Rizwana Malik, Saira Bano, Abdul Wajid, M Iqbal Choudhary
Two fungal cultures Aspergillus niger and Cunninghamella blakesleeana were used for the biotransformation of methenolone enanthate (1). Biotransformation with A. niger led to the synthesis of three new (2-4), and three known (5-7) metabolites, while fermentation with C. blakesleeana yielded metabolite 6. Substrate 1 and the resulting metabolites were evaluated for their immunomodulatory activities. Substrate 1 was found to be inactive, while metabolites 2 and 3 showed a potent inhibition of ROS generation by whole blood (IC50=8...
August 2016: Steroids
S Rzeppa, G Heinrich, P Hemmersbach
Improvements in doping analysis can be effected by speeding up analysis time and extending the detection time. Therefore, direct detection of phase II conjugates of doping agents, especially anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), is proposed. Besides direct detection of conjugates with glucuronic acid, the analysis of sulfate conjugates, which are usually not part of the routine doping control analysis, can be of high interest. Sulfate conjugates of methandienone and methyltestosterone metabolites have already been identified as long-term metabolites...
November 2015: Drug Testing and Analysis
A G Fragkaki, Y S Angelis, P Kiousi, C G Georgakopoulos, E Lyris
Methenolone (17β-hydroxy-1-methyl-5α-androst-1-en-3-one) misuse in doping control is commonly detected by monitoring the parent molecule and its metabolite (1-methylene-5α-androstan-3α-ol-17-one) excreted conjugated with glucuronic acid using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) for the parent molecule, after hydrolysis with β-glucuronidase. The aim of the present study was the evaluation of the sulfate fraction of methenolone metabolism by LC-high resolution (HR)MS and the estimation of the long-term detectability of its sulfate metabolites analyzed by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-HRMSMS) compared with the current practice for the detection of methenolone misuse used by the anti-doping laboratories...
May 2015: Journal of Mass Spectrometry: JMS
Feng Guo, Jing Shao, Qian Liu, Jian-Bo Shi, Gui-Bin Jiang
A novel method for automated and sensitive analysis of testosterone, androstenedione, methyltestosterone and methenolone in urine samples by online turbulent flow solid-phase extraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry was developed. The optimization and validation of the method were discussed in detail. The Turboflow C18-P SPE column showed the best extraction efficiency for all the analytes. Nanogram per liter (ng/L) level of AAS could be determined directly and the limits of quantification (LOQs) were 0...
July 2014: Talanta
Kazuya Shimoda, Katsuto Takenaka, Akira Kitanaka, Koichi Akashi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2014: [Rinshō Ketsueki] the Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology
Satoshi Ikeda, Yurie Kamikawa, Akihiko Ohwatashi, Katsuhiro Harada, Akira Yoshida
BACKGROUND: Stretching of skeletal muscle induces expression of the genes which encode myogenic transcription factors or muscle contractile proteins and results in muscle growth. Anabolic steroids are reported to strengthen muscles. We have previously studied the effects of muscle stretching on gene expression. Here, we studied the effect of a combination of passive stretching and the administration of an anabolic steroid on mRNA expression of a muscle growth factor, insulin-like growth factor-I autocrine variant, or mechano-growth factor (MGF)...
2013: TheScientificWorldJournal
Ozgur Ozdemir, Ibrahim Bozkurt, Mehmet Ozdemir, Orhan Yavuz
The aim of this study was the investigation of effects of the metenolone enanthate (ME) that is used among athletes as doping and muscle amplifier, on hearts of male and female rats that are in puberty using morphometrical methods. A total of 36 rats which were divided into three separate groups (Experiment, ME; vehicle, PO; control, C) each consisting of 6 male and 6 female rats were used. 0.5 mg/kg metenolone enanthate was applied intraperitoneally into experiment subjects 5 times a week over a period of 4 weeks...
September 2013: Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology: Official Journal of the Gesellschaft Für Toxikologische Pathologie
Masashi Iijima, Kazuyoshi Shigehara, Kazuhiro Sugimoto, Izumi Kouji, Masato Fukushima, Yuji Maeda, Hiroyuki Konaka, Atsushi Mizokami, Eitetsu Koh, Mikio Namiki
We report a case of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) treated effectively with testosterone enanthate. A 70-year-old man was diagnosed with low-risk MDS in 1998, and he was first given methenolone acetate orally because of gradual progression of anemia and thrombocytopenia. However, this treatment was not effective, so we changed the treatment to testosterone enanthate because of his symptoms with late-onset hypogonadism. Three months after testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), anemia and thrombocytopenia had improved, and mean platelet count and hemoglobin had significant increases from 2...
June 2011: International Journal of Urology: Official Journal of the Japanese Urological Association
R C P Sequeiros, N R Neng, F C M Portugal, M L Pinto, J Pires, J M F Nogueira
This work describes the development, validation, and application of a novel methodology for the determination of testosterone and methenolone in urine matrices by stir bar sorptive extraction using polyurethane foams [SBSE(PU)] followed by liquid desorption and high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection. The methodology was optimized in terms of extraction time, agitation speed, pH, ionic strength and organic modifier, as well as back-extraction solvent and desorption time. Under optimized experimental conditions, convenient accuracy were achieved with average recoveries of 49...
April 2011: Journal of Chromatographic Science
Jenny K Y Wong, Francis P W Tang, Terence S M Wan
The study of the metabolism of drugs, in particular steroids, by both in vitro and in vivo methods has been carried out in the authors' laboratory for many years. For in vitro metabolic studies, the microsomal fraction isolated from horse liver is often used. However, the process of isolating liver microsomes is cumbersome and tedious. In addition, centrifugation at high speeds (over 100 000 g) may lead to loss of enzymes involved in phase I metabolism, which may account for the difference often observed between in vivo and in vitro results...
June 2011: Drug Testing and Analysis
Sayaka Okamoto, Shigeru Sonoda, Genichi Tanino, Ken Tomida, Hideto Okazaki, Izumi Kondo
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to clarify the effect of administration of an anabolic steroid (AS) without the addition of specific training in stroke patients by measuring the cross-sectional area (CSA) of the thigh. DESIGN: Twenty-six hemiplegic stroke patients during subacute rehabilitation were randomly assigned to a metenolone enanthate (ME) administration group or a control group (CT group). In the ME group, ME (100 mg) was injected intramuscularly weekly for 6 wks in the ME group...
February 2011: American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Erkan Ilhan, Deniz Demirci, Tolga Sinan Güvenç, Ali Nazmi Calık
A 41-year-old male bodybuilder was admitted with acute inferior myocardial infarction. The patient had been using oxymetholone and methenolone to increase his performance for 15 years and quitted smoking three years before. He underwent successful primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and bare metal stenting for total occlusion of the proximal right coronary artery. Angiography also showed a critical lesion in the left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery. Five hours after primary PCI, the patient had severe right flank pain...
June 2010: Türk Kardiyoloji Derneği Arşivi: Türk Kardiyoloji Derneğinin Yayın Organıdır
Min Shen, Ping Xiang, Hui Yan, Baohua Shen, Mengye Wang
Sensitive, specific, and reproducible methods for the quantitative determination of eight anabolic steroids in guinea pig hair have been developed using LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS. Methyltestosterone, stanozolol, methandienone, nandrolone, trenbolone, boldenone, methenolone and DHEA were administered intraperitoneally in guinea pigs. After the first injection, black hair segments were collected on shaved areas of skin. The analysis of these segments revealed the distribution of anabolic steroids in the guinea pig hair...
September 2009: Steroids
Masahiro Adachi, Ryoichi Takayanagi
Androgen inhibits osteoclastic bone resorption with increase of bone formation through androgen receptor in bone tissue. Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivates of testoterone. Anobolic steroids have favorable anabolic actions, lessening virilizing effects. Several anabolic steroids have been synthesized and some of them have been approved as a drug for anti osteoporosis. Anabolic steroids have revealed the increased bone mineral content or bone mineral density at the radius, and the lumbar spine in osteoporosis patients...
October 2008: Clinical Calcium
Masayuki Yamada, Sugako Aramaki, Masahiko Kurosawa, Isao Kijima-Suda, Koichi Saito, Hiroyuki Nakazawa
The use of anabolic steroids in racehorses is strictly regulated. We have developed a method for the simultaneous analysis of 11 anabolic steroids: fluoxymesterone, 17alpha-methyltestosterone, mestanolone, methandienone, methandriol, oxymetholone, boldenone, furazabol, methenolone, nandrolone, and stanozolol, for possible application to a doping test in racehorses. We selected 15 kinds of target substances for a doping test from the main metabolites of these anabolic steroids, and established a method for simultaneous analysis...
September 2008: Analytical Sciences: the International Journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
Laura Hintikka, Tiia Kuuranne, Antti Leinonen, Mario Thevis, Wilhelm Schänzer, John Halket, David Cowan, Joachim Grosse, Peter Hemmersbach, Michel W F Nielen, Risto Kostiainen
Liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS) method for simultaneous and direct detection of 12 glucuronide-conjugated anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) metabolites in human urine is described. The compounds selected were the main metabolites detected in human urine after dosing of the most widely abused AAS in sports, e.g. methandienone, methenolone, methyltestosterone, nandrolone and testosterone, and certain deuterium-labeled analogs of these metabolites. Sample preparation and the LC-ESI-MS/MS method were optimized, validated, and the overall process was implemented and the results between seven laboratories were compared...
July 2008: Journal of Mass Spectrometry: JMS
Kazuya Shimoda, Kotaro Shide, Kenjirou Kamezaki, Takashi Okamura, Naoki Harada, Naoko Kinukawa, Kazuma Ohyashiki, Yoshiyuki Niho, Hideaki Mizoguchi, Mitsuhiro Omine, Keiya Ozawa, Mine Haradaa
Between 1999 and 2005, 285 patients received new diagnoses of myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia (MMM) in Japan. Anemic symptoms were present in 162 patients, and hemoglobin (Hb) concentrations were <10 g/dL in 197 patients. Fifty-five MMM patients were treated with anabolic steroids, and their effect on anemia during MMM was evaluated in 39 patients. A "good" response was defined as an Hb increase of >or=1.5 g/dL, cessation of transfusion dependence, and an Hb concentration of >10 g/dL maintained for at least 8 weeks...
May 2007: International Journal of Hematology
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