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Jeffrey C Liu, Peter L Nesper, Amani A Fawzi, Manjot K Gill
Purpose: We report a case of acute macular neuroretinopathy (AMN) following routine annual inactivated influenza vaccination. Projection-resolved optical coherence tomography angiography (PR-OCTA) was used to analyze the retinal capillary flow within the AMN lesion. Observations: Our patient reported visual symptoms of her right eye nine days after routine annual influenza vaccination. Multimodal imaging revealed small vessel peripheral vasculitis and AMN in the affected eye...
June 2018: American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports
Sen Yang, Dongwen Wang, Xiaoming Cao, Xuhui Zhang, Xiaobin Yuan, Tiancheng Yang, Yang Mi
Store operated calcium channels (SOCCs) have been suggested to play a critical role in many diabetic complications. Diabetic cystopathy (DCP) is common in patients with diabetes, but the role of SOCCs in DCP is still unclear. The aim of the present study was to investigate the role of SOCCs in DCP with streptozocin (STZ)‑induced diabetic rats. Specifically, the authors investigated whether SOCCs were altered in streptozocin (STZ)‑induced diabetic rats and, if so, how this may contribute to the contraction of bladder detrusor strips and the intracellular Ca2+ concentration of bladder smooth muscle cells in diabetic rats...
March 9, 2018: Molecular Medicine Reports
Guoshuai Liu, Yanan Zhou, Jie Teng, Jinna Zhang, Shijie You
The advanced oxidation process (AOP) based on SO4 - radicals draws an increasing interest in water and wastewater treatment. Producing SO4 - radicals from the activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) by transition metal ions or oxides may be problematic due to high operational cost and potential secondary pollution caused by metal leaching. To address this challenge, the present study reports the efficient production of SO4 - radicals through visible-light-driven photocatalytic activation (VL-PCA) of PMS by using Cu2 (OH)PO4 single crystal for enhanced degradation of a typical recalcitrant organic pollutant, i...
March 2, 2018: Chemosphere
Jing Xu, Hong Xu, Yang Yu, Yi He, Qi Liu, Bo Yang
BACKGROUND The purpose of the present study was to assess the effect of luteolin and solifenacin on diabetic cystopathy (DCP) and to investigate the mechanism of action. A novel link between the overexpression of c-Kit in the bladder and voiding dysfunction was identified in rats with DCP. MATERIAL AND METHODS A rat model of DCP was successfully established by intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin and a diet high in glucose and lipids, and animals were treated with luteolin and solifenacin. The effect of luteolin and solifenacin on urinary dysfunction in DCP rats was investigated by assessing bladder pressure and performing a volume test...
March 10, 2018: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Jingli Guo, WenYi Tang, Xiaofeng Ye, Haixiang Wu, Gezhi Xu, Wei Liu, Yongjin Zhang
BACKGROUND: To evaluate the structural changes associated with visual acuity (VA) in patients with idiopathic macular telangiectasia (MT) type 1 using multimodal imaging modalities. METHODS: A retrospective study of 14 patients with MT type 1 and of 10 eyes from 10 healthy individuals as age-matched controls was conducted. The medical records of patients who had undergone colour fundus photography, spectral domain optical coherence tomography (OCT), fluorescein angiography and OCT angiography were reviewed...
March 5, 2018: BMC Ophthalmology
Edouard Augstburger, Pierre Zéboulon, Chafik Keilani, Christophe Baudouin, Antoine Labbé
Purpose: To analyze retinal and choroidal microvasculature in patients with nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) by using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A). Methods: In this case-control retrospective observational study, patients with atrophic NAION (at least 3 months after onset of symptoms) and normal subjects underwent a complete ophthalmic examination including spectral-domain OCT, visual field (VF), and OCT-A. Whole en face image vessel density (wiVD) was used to assess retinal blood flow of the radial peripapillary capillaries (RPCs), circumpapillary RPC vessel density (cpVD), superficial capillary plexus (SCP), deep capillary plexus (DCP), and choriocapillaris (CC)...
February 1, 2018: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Nikola Bulatović, Miroslav Kezunović, Čedomir Vučetić, Nermin Abdić, Ivan Benčić, Tomislav Čengić
The rate of periprosthetic femoral fractures following total hip replacement has been growing steadily in the last 20 years and ranges from 0.1% to 2.1%. These fractures are mostly related to older patients with the presence of chronic diseases and frequently poor bone quality. The treatment is surgically very complex and demanding, followed by a series of complications. The evaluation in this retrospective study included 23 patients who were medically treated from January 2004 to December 2015 with the mean follow-up of 14...
September 2017: Acta Clinica Croatica
Sutisa Khempaka, Prapot Maliwan, Supattra Okrathok, Wittawat Molee
Two experiments were conducted to investigate the potential use of dried cassava pulp (DCP) supplemented with enzymes as an alternative feed ingredient in laying hen diets. In experiment 1, 45 laying hens (Isa Brown) aged 45 weeks were placed in individual cages to measure nutrient digestibility for 10 days. Nine dietary treatments were control and DCP as a replacement for corn at 20, 25, 30, and 35% supplemented with mixed enzymes (cellulase, glucanase, and xylanase) at 0.10 and 0.15%. Results showed that the use of DCP at 20-35% added with mixed enzymes had no negative effects on dry matter digestibility, while organic matter digestibility and nitrogen retention decreased with increased DCP up to 30-35% in diets...
February 24, 2018: Tropical Animal Health and Production
Enrico Borrelli, Marcela Lonngi, Siva Balasubramanian, Tudor C Tepelus, Elmira Baghdasaryan, Nicholas A Iafe, Stacy L Pineles, Federico G Velez, David Sarraf, SriniVas R Sadda, Irena Tsui
PURPOSE: To report optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) values in healthy pediatric eyes and to identify factors that may modify these values. METHODS: In this prospective observational cross-sectional study, macular OCTA images were acquired from healthy pediatric patients. Main outcome measures were 1) foveal avascular zone (FAZ) area at the level of the superficial retinal capillary plexus (SCP); 2) SCP and deep retinal capillary plexus (DCP) perfusion density (based on the area of vessels); 3) SCP and DCP vessel density (based on a map with vessels of 1-pixel width); and 4) CC perfusion density...
February 22, 2018: Retina
Himadri Sekhar Sarkar, Ayndrila Ghosh, Sujoy Das, Pulak Kumar Maiti, Sudipta Maitra, Sukhendu Mandal, Prithidipa Sahoo
A chemosensor, 3-aminophenol-based rhodamine conjugate (ARC) has been developed for visualisation of diethylchlorophosphate (DCP), mimic of a chemical warfare agent, in Catfish brain. The simple detection of DCP by "turn-on" fluorescence property of the chemosensor makes it unique for easy and rapid in vivo and in vitro detection of DCP with the detection limit of 5.6 nM.
February 21, 2018: Scientific Reports
A Gallego, J Laurino Soulé, H Napolitano, S L Rossi, C Vescina, S E Korol
Biodegradability of 2-Chlorophenol (2-CP), 3-Chlorophenol (3-CP), 4-Chlorophenol (4-CP), 2,4-Dichlorophenol (2,4-DCP) and 2,4,6 Trichlorophenol (2,4,6-TCP) has been tested in surface waters in the urban area of Buenos Aires. Samples were taken from the La Plata River and from the Reconquista and Matanza-Riachuelo basins, with a total amount of 18 sampling points. Water quality was established measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 ), and both Escherichia coli and Enterococcus counts...
February 20, 2018: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Riccardo Sacconi, Eleonora Corbelli, Adriano Carnevali, Stefano Mercuri, Alessandro Rabiolo, Lea Querques, Giorgio Marchini, Francesco Bandello, Giuseppe Querques
AIMS: To describe optical coherence tomography angiography (OCT-A) abnormalities of patients with pseudophakic cystoid macular oedema (PCMO) before and after pharmacological resolution, compared with diabetic macular oedema (DMO) and normal eyes. METHODS: In this retrospective, observational study, 44 eyes (30 patients) were included: 15 eyes (15 patients) affected by PCMO; 14 healthy fellow eyes used as negative control group; 15 eyes (15 age-matched and sex-matched patients) with DMO used as positive control group...
February 20, 2018: British Journal of Ophthalmology
Li Xie, Tânia Gomes, Knut Asbjørn Solhaug, You Song, Knut Erik Tollefsen
Standard chemical toxicity testing guidelines using aquatic plant Lemna minor have been developed by several international standardisation organisations. Although being highly useful for regulatory purposes by focusing on traditional adverse endpoints, these tests provide limited information about the toxic mechanisms and modes of action (MoA). The present study aimed to use selected functional assays in L. minor after exposure to 3,5-dichlorophenol (3,5-DCP) as a model to characterise the toxic mechanisms causing growth inhibition and lethality in primary producers...
February 10, 2018: Aquatic Toxicology
Dan Cao, Dawei Yang, Zhongning Huang, Yunkao Zeng, Jun Wang, Yunyan Hu, Liang Zhang
AIMS: To investigate changes in retinal vascular plexuses and choriocapillaris in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) without diabetic retinopathy (DR) and healthy controls using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). METHODS: A total of 71 DM2 and 67 healthy control subjects were included. All subjects underwent OCTA examination (RTVue-XR Avanti; Optovue, Fremont, CA, USA). Average vessel density in superficial capillary plexus (SCP), deep capillary plexus (DCP) and choriocapillaris, parafoveal vessel density in SCP and DCP, FAZ area (mm2 ) in SCP, microaneurysms and capillary nonperfusion were taken into analysis...
February 16, 2018: Acta Diabetologica
Reza Abazari, Ali Reza Mahjoub
In this study, under a sonochemical method, a 3D, porous Zn(II)-based metal-organic framework [Zn(TDC)(4-BPMH)]n·n(H2O) is produced, which is called compound 1. To this end, the dicarboxylate linker of TDC, (2,5-thiophene dicarboxylic acid) and the pillar spacer of 4-BPMH, (N,N-bis-pyridin-4-ylmethylene-hydrazine) were employed. Moreover, variations in the morphology and growth of the micro/nanoparticles of compound 1 were investigated in terms of the effect of temperature, ultrasound irradiation power, sonication time, initial reagent concentrations, and pyridine concentration as a modulator...
April 2018: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
Elisabetta Pilotto, Luisa Frizziero, Anna Crepaldi, Enrico Della Dora, Davide Deganello, Evelyn Longhin, Enrica Convento, Raffaele Parrozzani, Edoardo Midena
PURPOSE: To compare the foveal avascular zone (FAZ) area measurements produced by different optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). METHODS: Healthy enrolled volunteers underwent OCTA using 2 different devices: Spectralis HRA+OCTA (Heidelberg Engineering, Heidelberg, Germany) and RS-3000 Advance (Nidek, Gamagori, Japan). Two graders measured FAZ in both superficial (SCP) and deep (DCP) retinal capillary plexuses. The SCP and DCP en face images were visualized automatically segmenting 2 separate slabs defined by the arbitrary segmentation lines created by the software of each OCT device...
February 8, 2018: Ophthalmic Research
A M El-Kosasy, Ayman H Kamel, L A Hussin, Miriam F Ayad, N V Fares
Innovative host-tailored polymers were prepared, characterized and used as recognition elements in potentiometric transducers for the selective quantification of 2,4-dichlorophenol (DCP).The polymer beads were synthesized using DCP as a template molecule, acrylamide (AM),methacrylic acid (MAA) and ethyl methacrylate (EMA) as functional monomers and divinylbenzene (DVB) and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) as cross-linkers. The sensors were fabricated by the inclusion of MIPs in plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) matrix...
June 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
Rui Zhou, Jian Zhao, Ningfei Shen, Taigang Ma, Yu Su, Hejun Ren
Magnetic spinel FeCo2O4 nanoparticles (NPs) were synthesized and proposed as a catalyst of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) for the degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol (2,4-DCP). The catalyst was characterized by XRD, TEM, XPS, nitrogen adsorption-desorption isotherms, and magnetization curve. In addition, the effects of parameters, such as initial pH, PMS dosage, FeCo2O4 addition, and initial concentration of 2,4-DCP were studied. The results showed that FeCo2O4 NPs exhibit good properties for the degradation and mineralization of 2,4-DCP, achieving 95...
January 19, 2018: Chemosphere
Antonio E Elia, Caterina F Bagella, Francesca Ferré, Giovanna Zorzi, Daniela Calandrella, Luigi M Romito
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a heterogeneous group of syndromes that cause a non-progressive disorder of early onset, with abnormal control of movement and posture. Various aetiologies can cause the CP clinical spectrum, but all have a disruption of motor control in common. CP can be divided into four major types based on the motor disability: predominant spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic and mixed form. Dyskinetic CP (DCP) is the most common cause of acquired dystonia in children. The treatment of DCP is challenging because most individuals have mixed degrees of chorea, athetosis and dystonia...
December 14, 2017: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology: EJPN
Shu-Ping Zou, Kai Gu, Yu-Guo Zheng
Halohydrin dehalogenase (HHDH)-mediated dehalogenation of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol (1,3-DCP) is a key step in the chemoenzymatic synthesis of epichlorohydrin (ECH) from glycerol. In this study, a covalent immobilization strategy was employed to enhance the stability of Agrobacterium tumefaciens HHDH by using epoxy resin ES-103B as a carrier. Under optimal conditions, the activity recovery of ES-103B-immobilized HHDH (HHDH@ES-103B) was 62.4% and the specific activity was 1604 U/g. The HHDH@ES-103B exhibited excellent thermostability, with a half-life of 68...
February 1, 2018: Biotechnology Progress
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