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Childbirth Pain

Silvana Granado Nogueira da Gama, Elaine Fernandes Viellas, Jacqueline Alves Torres, Maria Helena Bastos, Odaléa Maria Brüggemann, Mariza Miranda Theme Filha, Arthur Orlando Correa Schilithz, Maria do Carmo Leal
BACKGROUND: The participation of nurses and midwives in vaginal birth care is limited in Brazil, and there are no national data regarding their involvement. The goal was to describe the participation of nurses and nurse-midwives in childbirth care in Brazil in the years 2011 and 2012, and to analyze the association between hospitals with nurses and nurse-midwives in labor and birth care and the use of good practices, and their influence in the reduction of unnecessary interventions, including cesarean sections...
October 17, 2016: Reproductive Health
O Razum, J Wenner, K Bozorgmehr
Health and access to health care are considered a human right. "Regular" immigrants such as work migrants in Germany have the same entitlement to health care coverage through the statutory health insurance as the majority population. This, however, is not the case for refugees and asylum seekers. According to paragraphs 4 and 6 of the Asylum Seekers' Benefit Act, their entitlement is restricted to care for acute pain, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as immunizations in the first 15 months. Additional care can be financed on a case-by-case basis...
October 18, 2016: Das Gesundheitswesen
Liga Blyholder, Elizabeth Chumanov, Kathleen Carr, Bryan Heiderscheit
BACKGROUND: With a recent increase in running popularity, more women choose to run during and after pregnancy. Little research has examined exercise behaviors and postpartum health conditions of runners. HYPOTHESIS: Antenatal and postpartum exercise is beneficial in reducing certain postpartum health conditions. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level 5. METHODS: A self-administered, online survey was developed that consisted of questions regarding antenatal and postpartum exercise behaviors, maternal history, and postpartum health conditions...
October 14, 2016: Sports Health
Yasunori Iida, Tsutomu Ito, Yu Inaba, Sachiko Hayashi, Takahiko Misumi, Hideyuki Shimizu
A 43-year-old woman with abdominal and back pain during childbirth consulted us 1 day postdelivery. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) revealed partially thrombosed type A aortic dissection with intimal tear in the proximal descending thoracic aorta. Conservative antihypertensive treatment was started. However, her abdominal pain progressively deteriorated. Repeat CT revealed narrowing of the descending aorta true lumen and progressive bowel malperfusion. Total arch replacement was urgently performed using the frozen elephant trunk technique...
2016: Annals of Vascular Diseases
H Virgin, E Oddby, J G Jakobsson
INTRODUCTION: Epidural analgesia is commonly used for management of pain during childbirth. Need for emergent Caesarean section e.g. because of signs of foetal distress or lack of progress is however not an uncommon event. In females having an established epidural; general anaesthesia, top-up of the epidural or putting a spinal are all possible options. Dosing of the spinal anaesthesia in females having epidural is a matter of discussion. PRESENTATION OF CASE: We describe a healthy 32 years, 0 para mother in gestation week 36 having labour epidural analgesia but due to foetal distress scheduled for an emergent Caesarean section category 2 that developed upper extremity weakness and respiratory depression after administration of standard dose high density bupivacaine/morphine/fentanyl intrathecal anaesthesia...
October 3, 2016: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Rehab Aburas, Debajyoti Pati, Robert Casanova, Nicole Gilinsky Adams
The physical environment is one of the factors that affect women's experience of labor. The basics of the childbirth process have not changed since the beginning of human existence; however, the environment in which women today give birth has changed significantly. Incorporating design elements and strategies that calm and reduce negative emotions may create positive experiences for women in labor. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of one such strategy, namely, the presentation of images of nature, on the labor and delivery experience...
September 30, 2016: HERD
Pamela Angle, Christine Kurtz Landy, Jasmine Djordjevic, Jon Barrett, Alanna Kibbe, Saiena Sriparamananthan, Yuna Lee, Lydia Hamata, Alex Kiss
OBJECTIVES: The Angle Labor Pain Questionnaire (A-LPQ) is a new, condition-specific, multidimensional psychometric instrument which measures the most important dimensions of women's childbirth pain experiences using 5 subscales: The Enormity of the Pain, Fear/Anxiety, Uterine Contraction Pain, Birthing Pain and Back Pain/Long Haul. This study assessed the A-LPQ's test-retest reliability during early active labor without pain relief. METHODS: Two versions of the A-LPQ were randomly administered during 2 test sessions separated by a 20 minute window...
September 28, 2016: Clinical Journal of Pain
Genevieve E Becker, Hazel A Smith, Fionnuala Cooney
BACKGROUND: Breastfeeding is important, however not all infants can feed at the breast and methods of expressing milk need evaluation. OBJECTIVES: To assess acceptability, effectiveness, safety, effect on milk composition, contamination and costs of methods of milk expression. SEARCH METHODS: We searched the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group's Trials Register (21 March 2016), handsearched relevant journals and conference proceedings, and contacted experts in the field to seek additional published or unpublished studies...
September 29, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
I Petruschke, B Ramsauer, T Borde, M David
Introduction: The starting point of this study was the considerably lower rate of epidural analgesia use among women of Turkish origin in Germany compared to non-immigrant women in the German Research Foundation (DFG)-funded study entitled "Perinatal Health and Migration Berlin". The study aimed to identify possible differences in the women's attitudes towards epidural analgesia. Methods: Exploratory study with semi-structured interviews, interviews lasting 17 minutes on average were conducted with 19 women of Turkish origin and 11 non-immigrant women at a Berlin hospital...
September 2016: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde
Jila Agah, Roya Baghani, Yaser Tabaraei, Abolfazl Rad
Labor pain is one of the most tiresome types of pain. So human has been seeking to allay this pain until now. Administration of a suitable agent such as Entonox during labor is very beneficial for childbirth outcomes. Entonox can be administered in two ways: intermittently and continuously. The aim of this study is to demonstrate whether continuous method is as safe as intermittent method? This randomized clinical trial was performed in Mobini Hospital, Sabzevar, Iran. One hundred admitted women for vaginal delivery were included in this study...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: IJPR
Maria Hedqvist, Lina Brolin, Tanja Tydén, Margareta Larsson
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to assess women's experiences of having an early medical abortion at home and to investigate their perceptions of the information provided before the abortion. The study also aimed to investigate possible differences between groups of women. STUDY DESIGN: The study is cross-sectional with a descriptive and comparative design. Semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted with 119 women who had undergone a medical abortion at home...
October 2016: Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare: Official Journal of the Swedish Association of Midwives
Ema Hrešanová
This paper explores the history of the 'psychoprophylactic method of painless childbirth' in socialist Czechoslovakia, in particular, in the Czech and Moravian regions of the country, showing that it substantially differs from the course that the method took in other countries. This non-pharmacological method of pain relief originated in the USSR and became well known as the Lamaze method in western English-speaking countries. Use of the method in Czechoslovakia, however, followed a very different path from both the West, where its use was refined mainly outside the biomedical frame, and the USSR, where it ceased to be pursued as a scientific method in the 1950s after Stalin's death...
October 2016: Medical History
James E Leone, Steve Middleton
OBJECTIVE:  To discuss the case of a 49-year-old man who presented to the sports medicine staff with pelvic pain of 10 years' duration consistent with pudendal neuralgia. BACKGROUND:  Testicular pain in men is often provoked by direct trauma or may indicate an oncologic process. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS:  Epididymitis, athletic pubalgia, testicular tumor, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, lumbar radiculopathy. TREATMENT:  The patient responded positively to treatment and rehabilitation to restore normal mechanics to the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex...
September 14, 2016: Journal of Athletic Training
Jeong In Choi, Kyung-do Han, Sa Jin Kim, Min Jeong Kim, Jae Eun Shin, Hae Nam Lee
OBJECTIVES: The study investigated the association between childbirth history and health-related quality of life (QOL) in menopausal South Korean women. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis of data from the 2010-2012 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (KNHANES) for 4277 menopausal women aged over 50. We used the EuroQol index to measure health-related QOL. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The relationship between delivery history and health-related QOL in menopausal South Korean women was analyzed...
October 2016: Maturitas
R E Rivas, J F Navío, M C Martínez, M T Miranda León, R F Castillo, O O Hernández
Objective: Pregnancy and postpartum are stages in a woman's life associated to important psychological and physiological changes that can affect her sexual behaviour. In addition, some sociodemographic and obstetric factors can also alter the sexual response. The aim of this study is to evaluate the modifications in sexual behaviour before, during and after pregnancy in a group of Spanish pregnant women and the factors that may be associated. Materials and methods: A prospective study was performed on 111 healthy pregnant women who completed a questionnaire about their sexual habits (including coital and orgasm frequency, satisfaction and pain during intercourse) prior to gestation, at 20, 30 and 38 weeks, and at three and six months postpartum...
March 10, 2016: West Indian Medical Journal
Ma Belén Conesa Ferrer, Manuel Canteras Jordana, Carmen Ballesteros Meseguer, César Carrillo García, M Emilia Martínez Roche
OBJECTIVES: To describe the differences in obstetrical results and women's childbirth satisfaction across 2 different models of maternity care (biomedical model and humanised birth). SETTING: 2 university hospitals in south-eastern Spain from April to October 2013. DESIGN: A correlational descriptive study. PARTICIPANTS: A convenience sample of 406 women participated in the study, 204 of the biomedical model and 202 of the humanised model...
2016: BMJ Open
Ignacio Macpherson, María V Roqué-Sánchez, Finola O Legget Bn, Ferran Fuertes, Ignacio Segarra
INTRODUCTION: personalised support provided to women by health professionals is one of the prime factors attaining women's satisfaction during pregnancy and childbirth. However the multifactorial nature of 'satisfaction' makes difficult to assess it. Statistical multivariate analysis may be an effective technique to obtain in depth quantitative evidence of the importance of this factor and its interaction with the other factors involved. This technique allows us to estimate the importance of overall satisfaction in its context and suggest actions for healthcare services...
October 2016: Midwifery
Shabnam Naz, Naila Yousuf Memon, Asma Sattar, Rafia Baloch
OBJECTIVE: To determine the frequency of perineal pain after childbirth after a single dose of diclofenac rectal suppository. METHODS: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Shaikh Zayed Women Hospital, Larkana, Pakistan, from April to September 2014, and comprised patients who were admitted to the labour room for normal vaginal delivery. A single dose of rectal diclofenac suppository of 100mg was given to the patients delivered vaginally or by second-stage emergency Caesarean section...
August 2016: JPMA. the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
Natasha R Alligood-Percoco, Kristen H Kjerulff, John T Repke
OBJECTIVE: To investigate risk factors for dyspareunia among primiparous women. METHODS: This was a planned secondary analysis using data from the 1- and 6-month postpartum interviews of a prospective study of women who delivered their first neonate in Pennsylvania, 2009-2011. Participants who had resumed sexual intercourse by the 6-month interview (N=2,748) constituted the analytic sample. Women reporting a big or medium problem with painful intercourse at 6 months were categorized as having dyspareunia...
September 2016: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Janne Lillelid Gjerde, Guri Rortveit, Mulu Muleta, Mulat Adefris, Astrid Blystad
INTRODUCTION: The objective of the study was to explore how women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse in a low-income setting explain, experience, and handle the potential practical and social consequences of the condition. METHODS: An explorative qualitative design was employed using in-depth interviews in the data collection. A total of 24 women with different degrees of symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse were included; 18 were recruited at the hospital and 6 from the community...
July 30, 2016: International Urogynecology Journal
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