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John P Hutson, Tim J Smith, Joseph P Magliano, Lester C Loschky
Film is ubiquitous, but the processes that guide viewers' attention while viewing film narratives are poorly understood. In fact, many film theorists and practitioners disagree on whether the film stimulus (bottom-up) or the viewer (top-down) is more important in determining how we watch movies. Reading research has shown a strong connection between eye movements and comprehension, and scene perception studies have shown strong effects of viewing tasks on eye movements, but such idiosyncratic top-down control of gaze in film would be anathema to the universal control mainstream filmmakers typically aim for...
2017: Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications
Tim Kasser
The idea that human well-being (WB) can be supported and even enhanced by using, producing, buying, selling and consuming less 'stuff' is anathema to many living under consumer capitalism. Yet a growing research literature actually finds that frequent engagement in pro-ecological behaviours (PEBs) is positively correlated with personal WB. This paper reviews data relevant to three possible explanations for the apparent compatibility of PEBs and WB: (i) engaging in PEBs leads to psychological need satisfaction, which in turn causes WB; (ii) being in a good mood causes people to engage in more prosocial behaviours, including PEBs; and (iii) personal characteristics and lifestyles such as intrinsic values, mindfulness and voluntary simplicity cause both PEBs and WB...
June 13, 2017: Philosophical Transactions. Series A, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Ewan Affleck
The obstacle to achieving meaningful healthcare transformation may not be a function of the integrity of reform models such as Triple Aim, but rather a by-product of the nature of healthcare stewardship. Classical definitions of health stewardship - as a governmental mandate - may be more aspirational than a reflection of reality in Canada. In Canada, healthcare is not organized as an intelligible system, but it is a disjoint matrix of services, that is governed by actions of a variety of "stewards" or power brokers - professional, governmental, non-governmental and corporate interests - that are often at odds...
2016: HealthcarePapers
Peter Hutten-Czapski
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
Marton Siklos, Manel BenAissa, Gregory R J Thatcher
Cysteine proteases continue to provide validated targets for treatment of human diseases. In neurodegenerative disorders, multiple cysteine proteases provide targets for enzyme inhibitors, notably caspases, calpains, and cathepsins. The reactive, active-site cysteine provides specificity for many inhibitor designs over other families of proteases, such as aspartate and serine; however, a) inhibitor strategies often use covalent enzyme modification, and b) obtaining selectivity within families of cysteine proteases and their isozymes is problematic...
November 2015: Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica. B
Herbert I Weisberg, Victor P Pontes
BACKGROUND: There is currently much interest in generating more individualized estimates of treatment effects. However, traditional statistical methods are not well suited to this task. Post hoc subgroup analyses of clinical trials are fraught with methodological problems. We suggest that the alternative research paradigm of predictive analytics, widely used in many business contexts, can be adapted to help. METHODS: We compare the statistical and analytics perspectives and suggest that predictive modeling should often replace subgroup analysis...
August 2015: Clinical Trials: Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials
John B West
Barcroft's bold assertion that everyone at high altitude has physical and mental impairment compared with sea level was very provocative. It was a result of the expedition that he led to Cerro de Pasco in Peru, altitude 4300 m. Although it is clear that newcomers to high altitude have reduced physical powers, some people believe that this does not apply to permanent residents who have been at high altitude for generations. The best evidence supports Barcroft's contention, although permanent residents often perform better than acclimatized lowlanders...
March 1, 2016: Journal of Physiology
Jerome P Kassirer
Given the 96 incidents of firearm violence on school campuses since Sandy Hook and the ongoing toll on lives and health, the lack of relevant data and a research pipeline in this area should be anathema to all physicians.
February 26, 2015: New England Journal of Medicine
John A Vucetich, Jeremy T Bruskotter, Michael Paul Nelson
That at least some aspects of nature possess intrinsic value is considered by some an axiom of conservation. Others consider nature's intrinsic value superfluous or anathema. This range of views among mainstream conservation professionals potentially threatens the foundation of conservation. One challenge in resolving this disparity is that disparaging portrayals of nature's intrinsic value appear rooted in misconceptions and unfounded presumptions about what it means to acknowledge nature's intrinsic value...
April 2015: Conservation Biology: the Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
Alberto Mingardi
All over Europe, the provision of healthcare services is widely considered a primary duty of the government. Universal access to medical care can be considered a basic ingredient of the so-called "European social model." But if universal access to medical care is seldom questioned, European governments-faced with expanding costs caused by an increasing demand driven by an aging population and technology-driven improvements-are contemplating the possibility of "rationing" (1) treatments, or the possibility of allowing a greater role for private suppliers...
April 2015: Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
Anthony M Vintzileos, Yinka Oyelese, Cande V Ananth
In medicine in general, and in obstetrics in particular, it is common practice to use arbitrary cutoffs in expressing continuous variables. However, the dichotomy of continuous data is associated with loss of statistical power, which may result in inaccurate estimates in clinical prognosis or prediction of outcomes and, consequently, may lead to incorrect inferences. If the predictor is a continuous variable, arbitrary percentile-based categorizations without clinical justification is an anathema (Greek word meaning "curse") and should be discouraged...
March 2014: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
P A Hancock
The headlong rush to automate continues apace. The dominant question still remains whether we can automate, not whether we should automate. However, it is this latter question that is featured and considered explicitly here. The suggestion offered is that unlimited automation of all technical functions will eventually prove anathema to the fundamental quality of human life. Examples of tasks, pursuits and past-times that should potentially be excused from the automation imperative are discussed. This deliberation leads us back to the question of balance in the cooperation, coordination and potential conflict between humans and the machines they create...
2014: Ergonomics
Aaron A Heiss, Giselle Walker, Alastair G B Simpson
Breviata anathema is an anaerobic amoeboid flagellate that does not branch within any established 'supergroup'. Molecular phylogenies suggest affinities to Amoebozoa, Opisthokonta, or apusomonads. Here we describe its flagellar apparatus ultrastructure. Breviata has two basal bodies. The flagellated anterior basal body (AB) is associated with a fan of ∼18 microtubules and a short singlet microtubular root. Three microtubular roots associate with the posterior basal body. One, the right root (RR), is initially a triplet that splits into two parts...
August 2013: European Journal of Protistology
Dawn E Holmes, Ludovic Giloteaux, Kenneth H Williams, Kelly C Wrighton, Michael J Wilkins, Courtney A Thompson, Thomas J Roper, Philip E Long, Derek R Lovley
The importance of bacteria in the anaerobic bioremediation of groundwater polluted with organic and/or metal contaminants is well recognized and in some instances so well understood that modeling of the in situ metabolic activity of the relevant subsurface microorganisms in response to changes in subsurface geochemistry is feasible. However, a potentially significant factor influencing bacterial growth and activity in the subsurface that has not been adequately addressed is protozoan predation of the microorganisms responsible for bioremediation...
July 2013: ISME Journal
R Russell M Paterson, Nelson Lima
Many fungi have significant industrial applications or biosafety concerns and maintaining the original characteristics is essential. The preserved fungi have to represent the situation in nature for posterity, biodiversity estimations, and taxonomic research. However, spontaneous fungal mutations and secondary metabolites affecting producing fungi are well known. There is increasing interest in the preservation of microbes in Biological Resource Centers (BRC) to ensure that the organisms remain viable and stable genetically...
January 2013: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Arthur Smith
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2012: BJU International
M Gregg Bloche
Quietly, Washington policymakers have begun to concede the need to weigh health care's benefits against its costs if our country is to avert fiscal ruin. That costs must be counted against benefits is common sense in other domains — and among health policy professionals. But it's anathema in..
May 24, 2012: New England Journal of Medicine
Alexandra Stock, Hans-Werner Breiner, Maria Pachiadaki, Virginia Edgcomb, Sabine Filker, Violetta La Cono, Michail M Yakimov, Thorsten Stoeck
Only recently, a novel anoxic hypersaline (thalassic) basin in the eastern Mediterranean was discovered at a depth of 3,258 m. The halite-saturated brine of this polyextreme basin revealed one of the highest salt concentrations ever reported for such an environment (salinity of 348‰). Using a eukaryote-specific probe and fluorescence in situ hybridization, we counted 0.6 × 10(4) protists per liter of anoxic brine. SSU rRNA sequence analyses, based on amplification of environmental cDNA identified fungi as the most diverse taxonomic group of eukaryotes in the brine, making deep-sea brines sources of unknown fungal diversity and hotspots for the discovery of novel metabolic pathways and for secondary metabolites...
January 2012: Extremophiles: Life Under Extreme Conditions
Anthony D Kauders
Frankfurt's decision to award Freud the Goethe Prize in 1930 as well as the same city's decision to celebrate Freud's 100th birthday in 1956 will allow us to trace specific traditions in the German encounter with psychoanalysis. The diachronic approach will show that certain traditions survived well into the late 1950s, at a time when West Germany's intellectual landscape was otherwise changing on several fronts. Psychoanalysis remained anathema because it did not conform with the idealism and holism prevalent in the academic community...
2011: Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
Laura A Katz, Jessica Grant, Laura Wegener Parfrey, Anastasia Gant, Charles J O'Kelly, O Roger Anderson, Robert E Molestina, Thomas Nerad
While a large number of aerobic free-living protists have been described within the last decade, the number of new anaerobic or microaerophilic microbial eukaryotic taxa has lagged behind. Here we describe a microaerophilic genus and species of amoeboflagellate isolated from a near-shore marine site off the coast at Plymouth, Massachusetts: Subulatomonas tetraspora nov. gen. nov. sp. This taxon is closely related to Breviata anathema based on both microscopical features and phylogenetic analyses of sequences of three genes: SSU-rDNA, actin, and alpha-tubulin...
November 2011: Protist
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