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Dipayan Sarkar, Chandrakant Ankolekar, Duane Greene, Kalidas Shetty
Superficial scald during post-harvest storage is a serious problem for long-term preservation and shelf-life of some apple and pear cultivars. Development of superficial scald and related physiological disorders such as enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning are associated in part with oxidative breakdown and redox imbalance. Therefore, targeting natural antioxidants from food-grade sources as post-harvest treatment to reduce superficial scald has merit. Such natural antioxidants can potentially counter oxidation-linked damages associated with superficial scald through stimulation of antioxidant enzyme responses and biosynthesis of less-oxidized phenolics involving protective redox-linked pathway such as proline-associated pentose phosphate pathway...
May 2018: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Qifeng Bai, Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, Zhuoyu Shi, Lanlan Li, Danfeng Shi, Huanxiang Liu, Xiaojun Yao
The FDA approved drug suvorexant binds to the horseshoe shape pocket of OX 2 R with the boat conformation. The horseshoe shape pocket plays an important role on the biological activity of OX 2 R in the cell membrane. To study the binding mechanism between the horseshoe shape pocket of OX 2 R and boat conformation of suvorexant, the crystal structures of wild type and N324A mutant of OX 2 R in complex with antagonist suvorexant are chosen to perform molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, QM/MM and MMGBSA calculations...
February 16, 2018: Chemical Biology & Drug Design
Agata Gapinska, Alan J Lough, Ulrich Fekl
Two coordination compounds containing tetra-n-butyl-ammonium cations and bis-tfd-chelated molybdenum(IV) [tfd(2-) = S2C2(CF3)2(2-)] and oxalate (ox(2-), C2O4(2-)) in complex anions are reported, namely bis-(tetra-n-butyl-ammonium) bis-(1,1,1,4,4,4-hexa-fluoro-but-2-ene-2,3-di-thiol-ato)oxalatomolybdate(IV)-chloro-form-oxalic acid (1/1/1), (C16H36N)2[Mo(C4F6S2)2(C2O4)]·CHCl3·C2H2O4 or (N (n) Bu4)2[Mo(tfd)2(ox)]·CHCl3·C2H2O4, and bis-(tetra-n-butyl-ammonium) μ-oxalato-bis-[bis-(1,1,1,4,4,4-hexa-fluoro-but-2-ene-2,3-di-thiol-ato)molybdate(IV)], (C16H36N)2[Mo2(C4F6S2)4(C2O4)] or (N (n) Bu4)2[(tfd)2Mo(μ-ox)Mo(tfd)2]...
July 1, 2017: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Soumitra Mokashi-Punekar, Andrea D Merg, Nathaniel L Rosi
Systematically controlling the assembly architecture within a class of chiral nanoparticle superstructures is important for fine-tuning their chiroptical properties. Here, we report a family of chiral gold nanoparticle single helices, varying in helical pitch and nanoparticle dimensions, that is assembled using a series of peptide conjugate molecules Cx-(PEPAu(M-ox))2 (PEPAu(M-ox) = AYSSGAPPM(ox)PPF; x = 16-22). We demonstrate that the aliphatic tail length (i) can be used as a handle to systematically tune the helical pitch from 80 to 130 nm; and (ii) influences the size, shape, and aspect ratio of the component nanoparticles...
October 11, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Phan T Truong, Eric M Gale, Stephen P Dzul, Timothy L Stemmler, Todd C Harrop
Ni-containing superoxide dismutase (NiSOD) represents an unusual member of the SOD family due to the presence of oxygen-sensitive Ni-SCys bonds at its active site. Reported in this account is the synthesis and properties of the NiII complex of the N3 S2 ligand [N3 S2 Me2 ]3- ([N3 S2 Me2 ]3- = deprotonated form of 2-((2-mercapto-2-methylpropyl)(pyridin-2-ylmethyl)amino)-N-(2-mercaptoethyl)acetamide), namely Na[Ni(N3 S2 Me2 )] (2), as a NiSOD model that features sterically robust gem-(CH3 )2 groups on the thiolate α-C positioned trans to the carboxamide...
July 17, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Khue Vu Nguyen, Karen Leydiker, Raymond Wang, Jose Abdenur, William L Nyhan
We report a patient, an infant with a neurodevelopmental disorder manifesting intractable complex partial epilepsy, bull's eye maculopathy, microcephaly, bilateral cataracts, truncal hypotonia, and spasticity of all four extremities. Sequencing of genomic DNA revealed mutations in (a) exon 8 (Ox-2 antigen domain) of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) gene: c.1075C>T, p.Arg359(*) (b) exon 8 of the senataxin (SETX) gene: c.4738C>T, p.Arg1580Cys, and (c) exon 2 of the ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal 8 (CLN8) gene: c...
May 4, 2017: Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids
Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar, Yan-Cong Chen, Murad A AlDamen, Ming-Liang Tong
Four isostructural 3D lanthanide(iii) metal-organic frameworks with the general formula (H6 edte)0.5 [LnIII (ox)2 (H2 O)] (Ln = Gd (1), Tb (2), Dy (3) and Ho (4); H4 edte = N,N,N',N'-tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine) and ox = oxalate have been synthesized from oxalate. These compounds were characterized using single-crystal X-ray diffraction, FTIR and TGA/DTG. The magnetic investigation has been performed for 1-4 and the results reveal that a Gd(iii) containing MOF has the highest magnetic density and exhibits a larger cryogenic magnetocaloric effect (ΔSm = 35...
December 20, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Eric K Ring, James M Markert, G Yancey Gillespie, Gregory K Friedman
Pediatric brain and extracranial solid tumors are a diverse group of malignancies that represent almost half of all pediatric cancers. Standard therapy includes various combinations of surgery, cytotoxic chemotherapy, and radiation, which can be very harmful to a developing child, and survivors carry a substantial burden of long-term morbidities. Although these therapies have improved survival rates for children with solid tumors, outcomes still remain extremely poor for subsets of patients. Recently, immunosuppressive checkpoint molecules that negatively regulate immune cell function have been described...
January 15, 2017: Clinical Cancer Research: An Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research
Andrea D Merg, Jennifer C Boatz, Abhishek Mandal, Gongpu Zhao, Soumitra Mokashi-Punekar, Chong Liu, Xianting Wang, Peijun Zhang, Patrick C A van der Wel, Nathaniel L Rosi
Chiral nanoparticle assemblies are an interesting class of materials whose chiroptical properties make them attractive for a variety of applications. Here, C18-(PEPAu(M-ox))2 (PEPAu(M-ox) = AYSSGAPPM(ox)PPF) is shown to direct the assembly of single-helical gold nanoparticle superstructures that exhibit exceptionally strong chiroptical activity at the plasmon frequency with absolute g-factor values up to 0.04. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) results indicate that the single helices have a periodic pitch of approximately 100 nm and consist of oblong gold nanoparticles...
October 11, 2016: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Ryuta Ishikawa, Shunya Ueno, Sadahiro Yagishita, Hitoshi Kumagai, Brian K Breedlove, Satoshi Kawata
The proton conducting properties of two different structural types of porous coordination polymers [La2 (ox)3 (H2 O)6 ]·4H2 O (1) and [Er2 (ox)3 (H2 O)6 ]·12H2 O (2), where ox2- = oxalate, were investigated. 1 has a two-dimensional layered structure, whereas 2 has a three-dimensional structure. Both 1 and 2 have hydrophilic one-dimensional channels filled by lattice water molecules with hydrogen-bonding networks. The coordinated H2 O molecules are Lewis acidic due to the lanthanoid ions donating protons to lattice-filling H2 O molecules, thereby forming efficient proton conduction pathways...
October 21, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Jian-Feng Wang, Shi-Yuan Liu, Chun-Yu Liu, Zhi-Gang Ren, Jian-Ping Lang
Reactions of a P-N hybrid ligand, N,N-bis(diphenylphosphanylmethyl)-3-aminopyridine (3-bdppmapy), with silver oxysalts including AgNO3, AgOAc, AgBz (Bz = benzoate) and AgSal (Sal = salicylate) under different reaction conditions give rise to seven coordination compounds {[Ag4(μ-η,η-NO3)2(μ-η,η(2)-NO3)2](3-bdppmapy)2}n (1), {[Ag4(μ-η,η(2)-NO3)4](3-bdppmapy)2}n (2), {[Ag2(μ-η(2)-OAc)(μ-η,η(2)-OAc)]2(3-bdppmapy)2}n (3), [Ag2(Bz)(μ-η,η(2)-Bz)(H2O)]2(3-bdppmapy)2 (4), {[Ag4(μ-η(2)-Bz)2(μ-η,η(2)-Bz)2](3-bdppmapy)2}n (5), {Ag(Sal)(3-bdppmapy)}n (6) and {[Ag4(Sal)2(μ-η,η(2)-Sal)2](3-bdppmapy)2}n (7)...
June 14, 2016: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Jinhong Fan, Hongwu Wang, Luming Ma
The reaction of zero-valent iron and aluminum with oxygen produced reactive oxidants that can oxidize 4-chlorophenol (4-CP). However, oxidant yield without metal surface cleaning to dissolve the native oxide layer or in the absence of ligands was too low for practical applications. The addition of oxalate (ox) to dissolved oxygen-saturated solution of Fe(0)-Al(0) significantly increased oxidant yield because of the dissolution, pH buffer, and complexing characteristics of ox. Ox-enhanced reactive oxidant generation was affected by ox concentration and solution pH...
August 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Yi Miao, Lei Fan, Yu-Jie Wu, Yi Xia, Chun Qiao, Yan Wang, Li Wang, Min Hong, Hua-Yuan Zhu, Wei Xu, Jian-Yong Li
CD200, formerly known as OX-2, is a type I glycoprotein that is expressed on a variety of cell types. CD200 has been shown to be overexpressed in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Although previous studies have confirmed the diagnostic value of CD200 in differentiating CLL from to other B-cell chronic lymphoproliferative disorders especially mantle cell lymphoma, whether CD200 has prognostic significance in CLL remains to be determined. We evaluated the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of CD200 in 307 consecutive, untreated patients with CLL in our center using flow cytometry...
March 22, 2016: Oncotarget
Magdalena Kwaśniewska, Joanna Kozińska, Elżbieta Dziankowska-Zaborszczyk, Tomasz Kostka, Anna Jegier, Ewa Rębowska, Milena Orczykowska, Joanna Leszczyńska, Wojciech Drygas
BACKGROUND: The aim of this analysis was to examine long-term effects of changes in metabolic status on microvascular endothelial function and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) biomarkers among physically active middle-aged men. METHODS: Metabolically healthy men (n = 101, mean age 59.7 years), free of symptoms and treatment, have been prospectively observed for their lifestyle and CVD risk factors (observation period 24.7 years). At the latest follow-up (2011/2012) a set of CVD biomarkers was measured using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay...
2015: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome
Ali Özcan, Salih İlkbaş
In this study, we have performed the preparation of over-oxidized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofibers modified pencil graphite electrode (Ox-PEDOT-nf/PGE) to develop a selective and sensitive voltammetric uric acid (UA) sensor. It was noted that the over-oxidation potential and time had a prominent effect on the UA response of the Ox-PEDOT-nf/PGE. Characterizations of PEDOT-nf/PGE and Ox-PEDOT-nf/PGE have been performed by cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy...
September 3, 2015: Analytica Chimica Acta
Gideon Charach, Yoav Michowitz, Ori Rogowski, Lior Charach, Ori Argov, Jacob George, Itamar Grosskopf
Elevated level of antibodies to oxidized low-density lipoproteins (OxLDL-Ab) was shown to reliably predict morbidity and mortality in patients with heart failure (HF). Two hundred and eleven patients aged ≥65 years treated at the Heart Failure Unit, Tel Aviv-Sourasky Medical Center, were included in this retrospective study. The end points were time to the first hospitalization (morbidity), all-cause mortality, and a combination of the two (composite outcome). HF duration ranged from 8 to 10.5 years. Mean follow-up was 5...
November 1, 2015: American Journal of Cardiology
I Gryca, J Palion-Gazda, B Machura, M Penkala, R Kruszyński, J Cano, F Lloret, M Julve
Two new Re(iv) compounds of formulae H2tppz[ReCl6] (1) and [Cu(bpzm)2(μ-Cl)ReCl3(μ-ox)Cu(bpzm)2(μ-ox)ReCl3(μ-Cl)]n (2) [tppz = 2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine and bpzm = bis(pyrazolyl-1-yl)methane] have been prepared and their crystal structures determined by X-ray diffraction on single crystals. Compound 1 is a mononuclear species whose structure consists of octahedral hexachlororhenate(iv) anions and diprotonated H2tppz(2+) cations which are arranged in the unit cell as alternating anionic and cationic layers, held together by electrostatic forces...
October 21, 2015: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Dong-Hee Kim, Bo-Ryoung Choi, Won Kyung Jeon, Jung-Soo Han
Studies of rats with chronic bilateral common carotid artery occlusion (BCCAo), an animal model for vascular dementia (VaD), have reported hippocampus-dependent memory impairment and associated neuropathologies. Patients with VaD also experience attentional shifting dysfunction. However, animal models of VaD have not been used to study attentional function. Therefore, the present study examined attentional function in rats with BCCAo, using attentional set-shifting task (ASST) that required rats to choose a food-baited pot from 2 possible pots...
January 1, 2016: Behavioural Brain Research
Charlotte Petit, Klaus P Luef, Matthias Edler, Thomas Griesser, Jennifer M Kremsner, Alexander Stadler, Bruno Grassl, Stéphanie Reynaud, Frank Wiesbrock
The copoly(2-oxazoline) pNonOx80 -stat-pDc(=) Ox20 can be synthesized from the cationic ring-opening copolymerization of 2-nonyl-2-oxazoline NonOx and 2-dec-9'-enyl-2-oxazoline Dc(=) Ox in the ionic liquid n-hexyl methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate under microwave irradiation in 250 g/batch quantities. The polymer precipitates upon cooling, enabling easy recovery of the polymer and the ionic liquid. Both monomers can be obtained from fatty acids from renewable resources. pNonOx80 -stat-pDc(=) Ox20 can be used as polymer in a photoresist (resolution of 1 μm) based on UV-induced thiol-ene reactions...
October 26, 2015: ChemSusChem
Wei-Hui Fang, Lei Zhang, Jian Zhang, Guo-Yu Yang
Two sandwiched cluster organic frameworks, Eu6 (OH)2 Cu9 I6 L12 (ox)3 ⋅H2 O⋅ClO4 (FJ-23, HL=4-pyridin- 4-yl-benzonic acid, ox=oxalate) and Eu6 Cu7 I7 L12 (OAc)6 (H2 O)2 ⋅2 H2 O (FJ-24, OAc=acetate) with bnn hexagonal BN topologies have been successfully made; these frameworks were assembled by nanosized graphene-like lanthanide wheel clusters and nanoscale trigonal prism metalloligands. The cooperation of small equatorial ligands and axially trigonal prism metalloligands plays a key role in the construction of such 5-connected nets...
October 26, 2015: Chemistry: a European Journal
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