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Jakob Schmidt Jensen, David Hebbelstrup Jensen, Christian Grønhøj, Kirstine Kim Schmidt Karnov, Cecilie Nørregaard, Tina Klitmøller Agander, Lena Specht, Christian von Buchwald
BACKGROUND: Oropharyngeal carcinomas (OPCs) constitute a significant and increasing proportion of head and neck carcinomas and are an important global cause of morbidity and mortality. The purpose of this study was to determine trends in incidence and survival in OPC in the Danish population from 1980 to 2014. METHODS: This study included all patients registered in the nationwide Danish Cancer Registry over the period 1980-2014. The age-adjusted incidence rates (AAIR) per 100,000, annual percentage change (APC) and average annual percent change (AAPC) were evaluated...
October 23, 2017: Acta Oncologica
Kanyanat Wongsa, Orawan Duangphakdee, Atsalek Rattanawannee
The cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch (Hemiptera: Aphididae), is one of the most destructive insect pests of legume plants worldwide. Although outbreaks of this pest occur annually in Thailand causing heavy damage, its genetic structure and demographic history are poorly understood. In order to determine genetic structure and genetic relationship of the geographic populations of this species, we examined sequences of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene of 51 individuals collected from 32 localities throughout Thailand...
July 1, 2017: Journal of Insect Science
Damian C Onwudiwe, Madalina Hrubaru, Eric C Hosten, Charmaine Arderne
The title compound, [Cd2(C7H10NS2)4], is a neutral dinuclear cadmium(II) complex bearing four bis N,N-di-allyl-di-thio-carbamate ligands coordinating to two Cd(II) cations. In each of the monomeric subunits, there are four S atoms of two di-thio-carbamate ligands [Cd-S = 2.5558 (3), 2.8016 (3), 2.6050 (3) and 2.5709 (3) Å] that coordinate to one Cd(II) atom in a bidentate mode. The dimers are located over an inversion centre bridged by two additional bridging Cd-S bonds [2.6021 (3) Å], leading to a substantial distortion of the geometry of the monomeric subunit from the expected square-planar geometry...
September 1, 2017: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Junxin Aw, Frances Widjaja, Yichen Ding, Jing Mu, Liang Yang, Bengang Xing
Correction for 'Enzyme-responsive reporter molecules for selective localization and fluorescence imaging of pathogenic biofilms' by Junxin Aw et al., Chem. Commun., 2017, 53, 3330-3333.
September 19, 2017: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Jing-Zhen Yang, Li-Ping Li, Hong-Qian Wu, Daniel McGehee, Corinne Peek-Asa
BACKGROUND: Few published studies have examined child passenger safety practices across countries. This study compared the prevalence and associated factors of child passenger restraint use among children, aged 0 to 17 in the state of Iowa in the United States, and the city of Shantou in China. METHODS: Child restraint use observations were conducted in Iowa and in Shantou in 2012, respectively, among child passengers. Observations in Iowa were conducted at randomly selected gas stations, while in Shantou observations were completed at randomly selected schools or medical clinics...
December 2017: World Journal of Pediatrics: WJP
Bagher Hayati, Afshin Maleki, Farhood Najafi, Hiua Daraei, Fardin Gharibi, Gordon McKay
This research demonstrates the capability of carbon nanotubes (CNT) modified with four generations of poly-amidoamine dendrimer (PAMAM, G4) to remove Cu(2+) and Pb(2+) heavy metals from aqueous solution in single and binary component systems. Uniquely high adsorption capacities for copper and lead, which are 3333 and 4870mg/g respectively, were achieved. FTIR, H(1) NMR, Zeta potential, SEM and TEM techniques were employed for characterizing the synthetic nanocomposite and indicated that the dendrimer functionalized CNTs have been synthesized...
April 18, 2017: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Kiara Taylor-Edinbyrd, Tanping Li, Revati Kumar
The effect of chemical structure of different biologically compatible S-nitrosothiols on the solvation environment at catalytic copper sites in a metal organic framework (MOF) suspended in a solution of ethanol is probed using computational methods. The use of a copper based MOF as a storage vehicle and catalyst (copper sites of the MOF) in the controlled and sustained release of chemically stored nitric oxide (NO) from S-nitrosocysteine has been shown to occur both experimentally and computationally [J. Am...
May 17, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Anh Q Vo, Xin Feng, Manjeet Pimparade, Xinyou Ye, Dong Wuk Kim, Scott T Martin, Michael A Repka
In the present study, we aimed to prepare a gastroretentive drug delivery system that would be both highly resistant to gastric emptying via multiple mechanisms and would also potentially induce in situ supersaturation. The bioadhesive floating pellets, loaded with an amorphous solid dispersion, were prepared in a single step of hot-melt extrusion technology. Hydroxypropyl cellulose (Klucel™ MF) and hypromellose (Benecel™ K15M) were used as matrix-forming polymers, and felodipine was used as the model drug...
February 28, 2017: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jing-Lun Liu, Xiao-Ying Chen, Ni-Na Gu, Jin-Ye Zhang, Li-Ping Jiang, Dan Zhang, Guo-Sheng Ren
OBJECTIVE: The objective was to investigate the correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of chromogranin A (CHGA) and prognosis of critically ill patients. METHODS: We screened 357 critically ill patients consecutively admitted to our intensive care unit. The -89/-415/-462 SNP locus in the promoter region and the +9559/+9578/+9590/+9611 SNP locus in exon 7 coding of CHGA were genotyped by polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing technology. Subsequently, the correlation between genotype and prognosis of patients was analyzed...
June 2017: Journal of Critical Care
F Neely, M-L Lambert, J Van Broeck, M Delmée
BACKGROUND: Previous studies comparing Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) due to different ribotypes have been conflicting, and many have only compared small numbers of cases or few ribotypes. AIM: To compare patient and episode characteristics for CDI due to different ribotypes. METHODS: The ribotyping results from 3333 toxin-producing isolates collected from 110 Belgian hospitals between October 2010 and December 2015 were matched to clinical data from the national CDI surveillance database...
April 2017: Journal of Hospital Infection
Roberto Velasco, Helvia Benito, Rebeca Mozun, Juan E Trujillo, Pedro A Merino, Mercedes de la Torre, Borja Gomez, Santiago Mintegi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics define urinary tract infection (UTI) as the growth of greater than 50,000 ufc/mL of a single bacterium in a urine culture with a positive urine dipstick or with a urinalysis associated. Our objective was to evaluate the adequacy of this cutoff point for the diagnosis of UTI in young febrile infants. METHODS: Subanalysis of a prospective multicenter study developed in RISeuP-SPERG Network between October 11 and September 13...
December 2016: Pediatric Emergency Care
Zhong-Zhen Zhou, Bing-Chen Ge, Qiu-Ping Zhong, Chang Huang, Yu-Fang Cheng, Xue-Mei Yang, Hai-Tao Wang, Jiang-Ping Xu
In this study, catecholamides (7a-l) bearing different aromatic rings (such as pyridine-2-yl, pyridine-3-yl, phenyl, and 2-chlorophenyl groups) were synthesized as potent phosphodiesterase (PDE) 4 inhibitors. The inhibitory activities of these compounds were evaluated against the core catalytic domains of human PDE4 (PDE4CAT), full-length PDE4A4, PDE4B1, PDE4C1, and PDE4D7 enzymes, and other PDE family members. Eight of the synthesized compounds were identified as having submicromolar IC50 values in the mid-to low-nanomolar range...
November 29, 2016: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
X Q Mao, Z B Li, Y F Ning, J B Shangguan, Y Yuan, Y S Huang, B B Li
Rabbitfish, Siganus fuscescens, is widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific regions and eastern Mediterranean. Its dwelling place includes reef flats, coral reef regions, and seagrass meadows in tropical area and reef areas or shallow waters in locations at high latitudes. In the present study, 10 new polymorphic microsatellite markers were screened from 30 wild S. fuscescens individuals, using a method of fast isolation protocol and amplified fragment length polymorphism of sequences containing repeats. The number of polymorphic alleles per locus was 3 to 5 with a mean of 4...
July 29, 2016: Genetics and Molecular Research: GMR
P Chanphai, T J Thomas, H A Tajmir-Riahi
We have reviewed the conjugation of biogenic polyamines spermine (spm), spermidine (spmd) and synthetic polyamines 3,7,11,15-tetrazaheptadecane.4HCl (BE-333) and 3,7,11,15,19-pentazahenicosane.5HCl (BE-3333) with human serum albumin (HSA), bovine serum albumin (BSA) and milk beta-lactoglobulin (b-LG) in aqueous solution at physiological pH. The results of multiple spectroscopic methods and molecular modeling were analysed here and correlations between polyamine binding mode and protein structural changes were estabilished...
November 2016: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Saad Salman, Fariha Idrees, Sadia Pervaiz, Fahad Hassan Shah, Sareer Badshah, Abdullah, Mohammad Usman, Sm Ashhad Halimi, Jawaria Idrees
Harmine, Harmaline, Nicotine and its various complexes synthesized have been characterized by physical, spectral and analytical methods and curtained for in-vitro antimicrobial activity against different bacterial and fungal species at two different concentrations i.e.100μ/100µl and 200μ/100µl dose level respectively. Analysis showed that Nicotine, Zinc-Nico, Cd-Nico, Hg-Nico, Ni-Nico, Cu-Nico, Co-Nico, Harmine, and Harmaline having conc. of 100ug/ 100ul had antibacterial activity on zero, 5, 4, 10, zero, 5, 7, zero, zero strain of bacteria having an average of zero (SD=0...
July 2016: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Qi Wang, Chunyue Li, Chengwu Zhao, Weizheng Li
A cascaded symmetrical dual-taper Mach-Zehnder interferometer structure based on guided-mode and leaky-mode interference is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the interference spectrum characteristics of interferometer has been analyzed by the Finite Difference-Beam Propagation Method (FD-BPM). When the diameter of taper waist is 20 μm-30 μm, dual-taper length is 1 mm and taper distance is 4 cm-6 cm, the spectral contrast is higher, which is suitable for sensing. Secondly, experimental research on refractive index sensitivity is carried out...
2016: Sensors
Nadia Akseer, Ahmad S Salehi, S M Moazzem Hossain, M Taufiq Mashal, M Hafiz Rasooly, Zaid Bhatti, Arjumand Rizvi, Zulfiqar A Bhutta
BACKGROUND: After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Afghanistan experienced a tumultuous period of democracy overshadowed by conflict, widespread insurgency, and an inflow of development assistance. Although there have been several cross-sectional assessments of health gains over the last decade, there has been no systematic analysis of progress and factors influencing maternal and child health in Afghanistan. METHODS: We undertook a comprehensive, systematic assessment of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health in Afghanistan over the last decade...
June 2016: Lancet Global Health
M A Skazina, A M Gorbushin
Four exons of the CgFrep1 gene (3333 bp long) encode a putative fibrinogen-related protein (324 aa) bearing a single C-terminal FBG domain. Transcripts of the gene obtained from hemocytes of different Pacific oysters show prominent individual variation based on SNP and indels of tandem repeats resulted in polymorphism of N-terminus of the putative CgFrep1 polypeptide. The polypeptide chain bears N-terminal coiled-coil region potentially acting as inter-subunit interface in the protein oligomerization. It is suggested that CgFrep1 gene encodes the oligomeric lectin composed of at least two subunits...
July 2016: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Bingzhe Xu, Minshen Zhu, Wencong Zhang, Xu Zhen, Zengxia Pei, Qi Xue, Chunyi Zhi, Peng Shi
A field-effect transistor (FET) based on ultrathin Ti3 C2 -MXene micropatterns is developed by C. Zhi, P. Shi, and co-workers, as described on page 3333. The FET can be utilized for label-free probing of small molecules in typical biological environments, e.g., for fast detection of action potentials in primary neurons. This device is produced with a microcontact printing technique, harnessing the unique advantages for easy fabrication.
May 2016: Advanced Materials
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