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Adrian A Matioc
This second installment of the history of basic airway management covers the early-artisanal-years of anesthesia from 1846 to 1904. Anesthesia was invented and practiced as a supporting specialty in the context of great surgical and medical advances. The current-day anesthesia provider tends to equate the history of airway management with the history of intubation, but for the first 58 yr after the introduction of ether anesthesia, airway management was provided by basic airway techniques with or without the use of a face mask...
January 12, 2017: Anesthesiology
Nadine Steckling, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Julia Winkelnkemper, Florian Fischer, Bret Ericson, Alexander Krämer, Claudia Hornberg, Richard Fuller, Dietrich Plass, Stephan Bose-O'Reilly
In artisanal small-scale gold mining, mercury is used for gold-extraction, putting miners and nearby residents at risk of chronic metallic mercury vapor intoxication (CMMVI). Burden of disease (BoD) analyses allow the estimation of the public health relevance of CMMVI, but until now there have been no specific CMMVI disability weights (DWs). The objective is to derive DWs for moderate and severe CMMVI. Disease-specific and generic health state descriptions of 18 diseases were used in a pairwise comparison survey...
January 10, 2017: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Jing Li, Yi Zheng, Haiyan Xu, Xiaoxia Xi, Qiangchuan Hou, Shuzhen Feng, Laga Wuri, Yanfei Bian, Zhongjie Yu, Lai-Yu Kwok, Zhihong Sun, Tiansong Sun
BACKGROUND: In Kazakhstan, traditional artisanal cheeses have a long history and are widely consumed. The unique characteristics of local artisanal cheeses are almost completely preserved. However, their microbial communities have rarely been reported. The current study firstly generated the Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing bacterial diversity profiles of 6 traditional artisanal cheese samples of Kazakhstan origin, followed by comparatively analyzed the microbiota composition between the current dataset and those from cheeses originated from Belgium, Russian Republic of Kalmykia (Kalmykia) and Italy...
January 9, 2017: BMC Microbiology
M F P Domingos-Lopes, C Stanton, P R Ross, M L E Dapkevicius, C C G Silva
A total of 114 lactic acid bacteria were isolated at one and 21 days of ripening from a traditional raw cow's milk cheese without the addition of starter culture, produced by three artisanal cheese-makers in Azores Island (Pico, Portugal). Identification to species and strain level was accomplished by16S rRNA gene and PFGE analysis. Carbohydrate utilization profiles were obtained with the relevant API kits. Isolates were evaluated according to safety and technological criteria. The most frequently observed genus identified by 16S rRNA sequencing analysis was Enterococcus, whereas API system mostly identified Lactobacillus...
May 2017: Food Microbiology
Emily Lynn Osborn
The history of aluminum's transformation from a precious to a commonplace metal over the course of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries has frequently been told as a narrative about intrepid western chemists, whose discoveries made it possible for industrialized manufacturers to make the metal global. This paper questions both the singularity of that discovery and the inevitability of aluminum's global dominance as a 'modern' material of manufacture. It does so by considering the history of aluminum in West Africa and the ways in which artisans in that region domesticated the substance to an artisanal mode of production and developed quotidian chemical knowledge of it in the process...
December 2016: History of Science; An Annual Review of Literature, Research and Teaching
Young Min Park, Bong Joon Choi, Jong Soo Lee
AIM: To evaluate the effect of incision types for Artisan phakic intraocular lens (PIOL) implantation on ocular higher-order aberrations (HOAs). METHODS: A retrospective review was conducted of the patients who had undergone Artisan PIOL implantation for the correction of myopia and followed up for at least 6mo. Patients are classified into 2 groups considering the incision type: cornea group with patients undergone clear corneal incision; sclera group with patients undergone sclera tunnel incision...
2016: International Journal of Ophthalmology
Zhimin Yuan, Jun Yao, Fei Wang, Zunwei Guo, Zeqin Dong, Feng Chen, Yu Hu, Geoffrey Sunahara
Artisanal zinc smelting activities, which had been widely applied in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, southwestern of China, can pollute surrounding farmlands. In the present study, 177 farmland topsoil samples of Bijie City were collected and 11 potentially toxic trace elements (PTEs), namely Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Mn, Cr, V, Hg, As, and Cd were tested to characterize the concentrations, sources, and ecological risks. Mean concentrations of these PTEs in soils were (mg/kg) as follows: Pb (127), Zn (379), Cu (93...
January 2017: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
A Chandrasekaran, A Naseerutheen, R Ravisankar
The dataset contains concentration of major and trace elements of ancient potteries from Tamilnadu and grouping different potteries from the statistical techniques of factor and cluster analysis (Figs. 2, 3 and 4). The major and trace elemental concentration data generated using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technique (EDXRF) and factor and cluster analysis data obtained using STATISTICA (10.0 version) software. The concentration of major and trace elements determines the type of clay minerals (Calcareous/Non-Calcareous and either low or high refractory) and firing atmosphere adopted by the artisans at the time of manufacture...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Brian Pavilonis, Jean Grassman, Glen Johnson, Yilmael Diaz, Jack Caravanos
Artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) offers low-skilled workers an opportunity to elevate themselves out of poverty. However, this industry operates with little to no pollution controls and the cost to the environment and human health can be large. The objectives of this study were to measure levels of arsenic (As), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), lead (Pb), and mercury (Hg) in the environment and characterize health risks to miners and residents in an area with active ASGM operations. An exposure assessment was conducted at two different mining sites and a nearby village in the Bolivian Anders...
December 16, 2016: Environmental Research
F Devinck, S Riot, A Qassemyar, A Belkhou, A Wolber, V Martinot Duquennoy, P Guerreschi
INTRODUCTION: Cleft palate requires surgery in the first years of life, furthermore repairing anatomically the soft and hard palate is complex on a surgical level because of the fine tissues and the local intraoral configuration. It is valuable to train first on simulators before going to the operating room. However, there is no material dedicated to learning how to perform intraoral sutures in cleft palate surgery. We made one, in an artisanal manner, in order to practice before the real surgical gesture...
December 14, 2016: Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique
Ruth E Brennan, Michelle E Portman
Understanding the mental constructs underlying people's social responses, decisions and behaviors is crucial to defining the governance challenges faced in dealing with marine anthropogenic litter. Using interactive governance theory, this study provides qualitative insights into how a small group of Arab-Israeli artisanal fishermen perceive marine litter and its impact (system to be governed) in the context of the socio-institutional structures (governing system) which manage waste and aim to protect the surrounding environment...
December 13, 2016: Marine Pollution Bulletin
K A Krumhansl, J N Bergman, A K Salomon
Coastal communities worldwide rely on small-scale artisanal fisheries as a means of increasing food security and alleviating poverty. Even small-scale fishing activities, however, are prone to resource depletion and environmental degradation, which can erode livelihoods in the long run. Thus, there is a pressing need to identify viable and resilient artisanal fisheries, and generate knowledge to support management within the context of a rapidly changing climate. We examined the ecosystem-level consequences of an artisanal kelp fishery (Macrocystis pyrifera), finding minimal impacts of small-scale harvest on kelp recovery rates, survival, and biomass dynamics, and abundances of associated commercial and culturally important fish species...
December 16, 2016: Ecological Applications: a Publication of the Ecological Society of America
Marianne Joubert, Chantal Septier, Hélène Brignot, Christian Salles, Maud Panouillé, Gilles Feron, Carole Tournier
During chewing, saliva helps in preparing the food bolus by agglomerating the formed particles, and it initiates enzymatic food breakdown. However, limited information is actually available on the adaptation of saliva composition during the oral processing of complex foods, especially for foods that are sensitive to salivary enzymes. We addressed this question in the context of starch-based products and salivary alpha-amylase. The objectives were two-fold: (1) to determine if salivary alpha-amylase secretion can be modulated by the bread type and (2) to evaluate the contribution of the oral phase in bread enzymatic breakdown...
December 14, 2016: Food & Function
Nor Aziella Mohd Rosli, Khaironizam Md Zain
Like many other countries, reservoirs in Malaysia are primarily built for various functions such as hydroelectric power generation, drinking water supply, flood mitigation and irrigation for agricultural purposes. Artisanal fisheries activities were also performed in these reservoirs. The freshwater fish are a requisite source of protein for the rural population. Consequently, the fish resources in reservoirs should be carefully maintained at sustainable level. Present study elucidates the preliminary assessment on autecological studies of beardless barb, Cyclocheilichthys apogon as a model of fish biota in Muda Reservoir...
November 2016: Tropical Life Sciences Research
Mehdi Shajari, Magdalena Scheffel, Michael Janusz Koss, Thomas Kohnen
PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of the anterior chamber depth (ACD) on the central corneal endothelial cell density (ECD) in eyes after implantation of an iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens (pIOL). SETTING: Department of Ophthalmology, Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany. DESIGN: Retrospective nonrandomized case series. METHODS: An Artisan pIOL was implanted in eyes of highly myopic patients. Follow-up examinations at 1, 12, 24, 36, and 48 months included evaluation of ECD and adverse events...
November 2016: Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Steven W Purcell, Poasi Ngaluafe, Simon J Foale, Nicole Cocks, Brian R Cullis, Watisoni Lalavanua
Small-scale fisheries are important to livelihoods and subsistence seafood consumption of millions of fishers. Sea cucumbers are fished worldwide for export to Asia, yet few studies have assessed factors affecting socioeconomics and wellbeing among fishers. We interviewed 476 men and women sea cucumber fishers at multiple villages within multiple locations in Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga and New Caledonia using structured questionnaires. Low rates of subsistence consumption confirmed a primary role of sea cucumbers in income security...
2016: PloS One
D V Cavalcante, B S Bentes, J M Martinelli-Lemos
Macrobrachium surinamicum is a small shrimp that inhabits rivers of low salinity. It is mainly caught as bycatch in Amazon shrimp Macrobrachium amazonicum fisheries, which is widely exploited by artisanal fisheries for food and economic needs of the riverside population. This study aimed to characterize the spatial and temporal distribution of the freshwater shrimp M. surinamicum in the Guajará Bay and on Mosqueiro Island, correlating the abundance of this species with abiotic factors (temperature and salinity)...
December 1, 2016: Brazilian Journal of Biology, Revista Brasleira de Biologia
Matthew McLean, Javier Cuetos-Bueno, Osamu Nedlic, Marston Luckymiss, Peter Houk
Understanding how and why coral reefs have changed over the last twenty to thirty years is crucial for sustaining coral-reef resilience. We used a historical baseline from Kosrae, a typical small island in Micronesia, to examine changes in fish and coral assemblages since 1986. We found that natural gradients in the spatial distribution of fish and coral assemblages have become amplified, as island geography is now a stronger determinant of species abundance patterns, and habitat forming Acropora corals and large-bodied fishes that were once common on the leeward side of the island have become scarce...
2016: PloS One
Valentina Franco-Trecu, Massimiliano Drago, Helena Katz, Emanuel Machín, Yamandú Marín
Plastic debris in marine environments and its impact on wildlife species is becoming a problem of increasing concern. In pinnipeds, entanglements commonly consist of loops around the neck of non-biodegradable materials from fishing gear or commercial packaging, known as "neck collars". These entanglements can cause injuries, death by suffocation and starvation, and therefore they may add to the overall decrease in population. Our objective was to describe the entanglement of two species of otariids (Arctocephalus australis and Otaria flavescens) in the South West Atlantic Ocean...
January 2017: Environmental Pollution
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