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Olga Sonia León Fernández, Renate Viebahn-Haensler, Gilberto López Cabreja, Irainis Serrano Espinosa, Yanet Hernández Matos, Liván Delgado Roche, Beatriz Tamargo Santos, Gabriel Takon Oru, Juan Carlos Polo Vega
Medical ozone reduced inflammation, IL-1β, TNF-α mRNA levels and oxidative stress in PG/PS-induced arthritis in rats. The aim of this study was to investigate the medical ozone effects in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with methotrexate and methotrexate+ozone, and to compare between them. A randomized clinical study with 60 patients was performed, who were divided into two groups: one (n=30) treated with methotrexate (MTX), folic acid and Ibuprophen (MTX group) and the second group (n=30) received the same as the MTX group+medical ozone by rectal insufflation of the gas (MTX+ozone group)...
October 15, 2016: European Journal of Pharmacology
(no author information available yet)
Mild migraine attack can be treated with acetaminophen or NSAIDs either alone or combined with metoclopramide. In severe and devastating attacks triptans should be taken immediately, and not afterwards, when first line NSAIDs have proven ineffektive. No significant differences between triptans can be shown in clinical practice, when recommended doses are used. Opioid analgesics should not be used in the treatment of migraine. The recommended drugs for migraine attacks in children are acetaminophen or ibuprophen...
2015: Duodecim; Lääketieteellinen Aikakauskirja
Johnny Edward Aguilar-Díaz, Encarna García-Montoya, Pilar Pérez-Lozano, José María Suñé-Negre, Montserrat Miñarro, José Ramón Ticó
CONTEXT: The SeDeM expert system is based on the experimental study and quantitative determination of the characterization parameters of powdered substances, the aim being to determine whether a substance is suitable for producing tablets by means of direct compression (DC) technology, thereby reducing the lead time for pre-formulation studies. Additionally, this expert system also provides formulations with a minimum number of excipients. OBJECTIVE: We used this system to analyze suitable formulas for the production of orodispersible ibuprofen tablets...
February 2014: Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Gurkan Genc, Unal Bicakci, Mithat Gunaydin, Burak Tander, Canan Aygun, Ozan Ozkaya, Riza Rizalar, Ender Ariturk, Sukru Kucukoduk, Ferit Bernay
AIM: To evaluate the indications, complications, and outcomes of temporary peritoneal dialysis (TPD) in children with acute renal failure (ARF). PATIENTS AND METHODS: All patients undergoing TPD between February 2006 and January 2011 in a children's hospital were included in the study. Patient characteristics, indications, complications, and duration of TPD (DPD), requirement of re-operation, length of stay, presence of sepsis, and outcome were recorded. RESULTS: There were 21 newborns (14 prematures), 9 infants, and 9 children...
2012: Renal Failure
Johnny Edward Aguilar-Díaz, Encarna García-Montoya, José María Suñe-Negre, Pilar Pérez-Lozano, Montserrat Miñarro, José Ramón Ticó
This article provides a new innovative tool for pharmaceutical preformulation to predict whether a disintegrant excipient or mixture of powder containing API+excipients is suitable to obtain a bucodispersible tablet by direct compression or not. This innovative tool is the new model SeDeM-ODT that provides the Index of Good Compressibility and Bucodispersibility (IGCB index), which is based on the previous SeDeM expert system that indicates the aptitude of a powder to be compressed. The IGCB index is composed of six main factors (from 15 pharmaceutical raw parameters), which indicate whether a mixture of powder has the aptitude to be compressed by direct compression and at the same time indicates whether these tablets are suitable to be used as a bucodispersible tablet (disintegration time lower than 3 min)...
April 2012: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
J Negru, A F Spac, V Dorneanu
UNLABELLED: The aim of this study is to elaborate a HPLC with UV detection method for the analysis of some AINS, method which can be transferred in a system with mass spectrometry detection. MATERIAL AND METHODS: More AINS drugs (diclofenac sodium, ibuprophen, ketoprofen, meloxicame, piroxicame, tenoxicame, nimesulide, phenylbutazone and indomethacin) were studied by UV spectrophotometry and by HPLC. RESULTS: The UV spectra of the studied AINS were recorded in pure solvents or in a mixture of solvents in order to establish the absorbance that will be used for HPLC detection in UV...
January 2011: Revista Medico-chirurgicală̆ a Societă̆ţ̜ii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti Din Iaş̧i
Robert Belvís, Rafael Ramos, Carolina Villa, Cristóbal Segura, Javier Pagonabarraga, Inmaculada Ormazabal, Jaime Kulisevsky
BACKGROUND: Reversible changes in brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) weighted in diffusion-weighted images (DWI) and apparent water diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps have been reported in acute stroke, epilepsy, eclampsia, and hypoglycemia, but they are contradictory regarding to migraine aura. OBJECTIVE: A 41-year-old woman with known basilar migraine for 5 years consulted about a persistent visual aura (visual snow phenomenon) plus bilateral paresthesias in the extremities for 4 days...
June 2010: Headache
Mark H Glasser, Peter K Heinlein, Yun-Yi Hung
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To estimate the safety and efficacy of the HydroThermAblator (HTA) system for performance of endometrial ablation in the medical office setting using local anesthesia and minimal oral sedation and to compare results obtained in patients with submucous myomas with those in patients with normal endometrial cavities. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort analysis of 246 HTA procedures (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING: Medical offices of a suburban community medical center that is part of a large health maintenance organization...
November 2009: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
E V Feroian, L E Kokaia, G D Sulaberidze
The article deals with an investigation of therapeutic efficiency combined with applications of biological preparations and special medical-improving gymnastic exercises at treatment of a vertebral cervical osteochondrosis on the one hand, traditional means on the other hand. 76 patients aged 31-62 have taken part in the given research. The basic group was made by 47 patients and the control group - by 29. The patients of the basic group applied a special complex of medical-improving gymnastic exercises, and also paravertebral injections of biological preparations Traumeel S, Neuralgo-Rheum-Injeel...
May 2009: Georgian Medical News
J L Parrott, D T Bennie
Fathead minnows were exposed for a life cycle to environmentally relevant concentrations of a mixture of six common pharmaceuticals and one personal care product (nominal concentrations: 1,000, 300, 100, 30, or 10 ng/L). Mean measured concentrations of each chemical in the highest fish exposure aquaria were: naproxen 793 ng/L, gemfibrozil 662 ng/L, diclofenac 331 ng/L, ibuprophen 217 ng/L, triclosan 115 ng/L, salicylic acid 67 ng/L, and acetaminophen (chemical analysis inconclusive, nominal 1000 ng/L). Fish exposed for a life cycle even to the highest concentrations of the six pharmaceuticals and personal care product (PPCP) mixture showed no significant changes in growth and development compared to control...
2009: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A
Hazem Khalaf, Lotta Salste, Patrik Karlsson, Per Ivarsson, Jana Jass, Per-Erik Olsson
Pharmaceuticals are regularly released into the environment; in particular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antibiotics. Erythromycin, naproxen, furosemide and atenolol are reported to be stable for up to 1 year in the environment, which increases the risk for accumulation. In the present study we have measured the occurrence and concentration of pharmaceuticals in river Viskan (Jössabron) downstream of a sewage treatment plant in Borås, Sweden. Pharmaceuticals and water samples were tested for potential human risk by evaluating inflammatory responses (NF-kappaB and AP-1) using human T24 bladder epithelial cells and Jurkat T-cells...
February 1, 2009: Science of the Total Environment
M G Khmelidze, V M Ernashvili, N B Abuladze, N G Dugashvili
Subject of marketing research may represent medical means as well as consumers which are characterizing the market. The significant and spread out methods of segmentation is group method with one or some signs, also structural and statistical analysis methods. In the grouping process the geographical, demographic, social-economic and sociological principles are frequently used. Segmentation is the method to represent the difference on the basis of defined principles. 107 persons were participated in the interviews, among them 93 women and 14 men...
January 2007: Georgian Medical News
M V Panchyshyn, O M Radchenko
The types of adaptational reactions, masses of the thymus, the spleen and the adrenal glands as well as the thymus histology and morphometry were studied in 79 healthy male rats which received one kind of medicines (sulfalen, pentoxyl, aspirin or ibuprophen), and in 20 animals as a control group. It was established that a quiet activation occurred in 24% of animals, an increased activation--in 22%, an orientation one--in 20%, a defective adaptation--in 23%, stress--in 6%, and an overactivation--in 5% of rats...
2002: Fiziolohichnyĭ Zhurnal
Forrás Krisztina Gyimesiné
The separation and quantitation of the enantiomers and also the determination of the enantiomeric purity are all current and indispensable tasks for the pharmaceutical analysis. The aim of this work was to study the sorption properties of the alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) based stationary phase, which may have crucial importance for the enantioselectivity. New binding data are presented for the mechanism of the chromatographic separation, which has not clarified in the literature yet. On the basis of these new findings the composition of the mobile phase for a given analytical separation can be designed, including the preparative separation, as well...
2002: Acta Pharmaceutica Hungarica
A I Gasco-Lopez, R Izquierdo-Hornillos, A Jimenez
An isocratic LC method for the simultaneous determination of ibuprophen (IBU) and its degradation product (4-isobutylacetophenone) has been developed and validated for different pharmaceuticals (sachets, tablets and gels). The chromatographic separation was achieved with phosphoric acid solution (pH 3.2)-acetonitrile (50:50, v/v) as mobile phase, a Hypersil C18 column and UV detection at 254 nm. In all cases, sample preparation was required before HPLC analysis.
October 1999: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
O M Laudanno, J A Cesolari, J Esnarriaga, P Flaherty, J Vada, G Guastalli, P San Miguel, O A Bedini
UNLABELLED: This work was aimed to study COX-1 and COX-2 selectivity in 16 non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), at ulcerogenic doses in 2 experimental models: 1) provided subcutaneously (sc), after solid food(SF), (antrum ulcers and intestinal erosions); and 2) orally (O) (fundic and intestinal erosions). METHODS: 17 groups of female Wistar rats (n = 7 each group), weighing 200 g, 36 h fasting with water ad libitum, were submitted to the following experiments: 1...
1998: Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana
T E Williams, A Ayala, I H Chaudry
Recent studies indicate that polymicrobial sepsis can markedly increase inducible macrophage Ao (nonnecrotic cellular suicide) and that this is associated with decreased M phi function. In vitro studies suggest that M phi Ao can be induced by IL-1 beta via interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme (ICE, a cysteine protease), prostanoids, or reactive oxygen/nitrogen. However, the mechanism(s) underlying this process in septic M phi remains unknown. To determine this, male C3H/HeN mice were subjected to sepsis (cecal ligation and puncture, CLP) or sham-operation...
July 1, 1997: Journal of Surgical Research
Kh M Nasyrov, D N Lazareva
The action on the reparative stage of inflammation of acetylsalicylic, ascorbic and mephenamic acids, amidopyrine, analgin, butadion, ibuprophen, indomethacin, voltaren, glycyrrhizic acid and its penta-O-nicotinate, delagil, methyluracil, and prednisolone was evaluated from the rate of the healing of skin wounds in mice and rats, formation of the granulation tissue on the integmentary glass implanted into the subcutaneous fat from the effect on the functional status of fibroblast chromatin and changes in phagocytosis...
January 1984: Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia
G Ia Shvarts, T S Paskhina, R I Iakubovskaia
A study was made of the effects of voltaren, naproxen, flurbiprophen and ibuprophen comparatively to those of acetylsalicylic acid, butadion and indomethacin on the reactions of kininogenesis and biological effects of bradykinin. It was found that in therapeutic concentrations (10(-6)-10(-2) M), the drugs do not inhibit BAEE-esterase activity but nonspecifically inhibit (with the exception of flurbiprophen and butadion) the kininogenase activity of the highly purified human blood plasma kallikrein. A good agreement was discovered in rats between the anti-inflammatory action and protective effect of the drugs on the toxicity of the kininogenesis stimulant, cellulose sulfate...
July 1984: Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia
V K Muratov, S D Varfolomeev, N D Igumnova, A T Mevkh, V V Churiukanov
The authors studied the pattern and mechanism of ibuprophen and naproxen interaction with endoperoxideprostaglandin synthetase (PGH synthetase) of sheep vesicular glands. The enzymatic activity of PGH synthetase was determined polarographically with the aid of a Clark electrode. Ibuprophen and naproxen were found to inhibit completely PGH synthetase at concentrations of the order of 1 X 10(-5) M. As regards the mechanism of action both the drugs are competitive inhibitors of this enzyme with reference to arachidonic acid and incompetitive inhibitors with reference to adrenaline, an electron donor...
January 1984: Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia
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