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Hep A

Marta Medina-O'Donnell, Francisco Rivas, Fernando J Reyes-Zurita, Antonio Martinez, Jose A Lupiañez, Andres Parra
A set of 18 amide derivatives of oleanolic or maslinic acid has been semi-synthesised. Twelve were diamine conjugates at C-28 of these triterpenic acids and the other six were PEGylated-diamine derivatives. The cytotoxic effects of these 18 triterpenic derivatives in three cancer-cell lines (B16-F10, HT29, and Hep G2) have been assayed, and have been compared to three non-tumour cell lines of the same or a similar tissue (HPF, IEC-18, and WRL68). The cell viability percentages for the non-tumour HPF line for almost all diamine conjugates of the tested triterpenic acids ranged from 81% to 94%...
February 16, 2018: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Teresa Carbone, Michele Gilio, Maria Carmela Padula, Giuseppina Tramontano, Salvatore D'Angelo, Vito Pafundi
OBJECTIVES: Indirect Immunofluorescence (IIF) is widely considered the Gold Standard for Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) screening. However, the high inter-reader variability remains the major disadvantage associated with ANA testing and the main reason for the increasing demand of the computer-aided immunofluorescence microscope. Previous studies proposed the quantification of the fluorescence intensity as an alternative for the classical end-point titer evaluation. However, the different distribution of bright/dark light linked to the nature of the self-antigen and its location in the cells result in different mean fluorescence intensities...
February 19, 2018: Journal of Immunological Methods
Anubama Rajan, Lucy Vela, Xi-Lei Zeng, Xiaomin Yu, Noah Shroyer, Sarah E Blutt, Nina M Poole, Lily G Carlin, James P Nataro, Mary K Estes, Pablo C Okhuysen, Anthony W Maresso
Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC) is an important diarrheal pathogen and a cause of both acute and chronic diarrhea. It is a common cause of pediatric bacterial diarrhea in developing countries. Despite its discovery in 1987, the intestinal tropism of the pathogen remains unknown. Cell lines used to study EAEC adherence include the HEp-2, T-84, and Caco-2 lines, but they exhibit abnormal metabolism and large variations in gene expression. Animal models either do not faithfully manifest human clinical symptoms or are cumbersome and expensive...
February 20, 2018: MBio
Sooneon Bae, Michael J DiBalsi, Nicole Meilinger, Chengqi Zhang, Erica Beal, Guzeliya Korneva, Robert O Brown, Konstantin G Kornev, Jeoung Soo Lee
The surgical connection of blood vessels, anastomosis, is a critical procedure in many reparative, transplantation, and reconstructive surgical procedures. However, effective restoration of circulation is complicated by pathological clotting (thrombosis) or progressive occlusion due to excess cell proliferation that often leads to additional surgeries and increases morbidity and mortality risk for patients. Pharmaceutical agents have been tested to prevent these complications, but many have unacceptable systemic side effects...
February 20, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
L Sibulesky, C E Kling, C Blosser, C K Johnson, A P Limaye, R Bakthavatsalam, N Leca, J D Perkins
KDRI introduced in 2009 included Hepatitis C serologic but not viremic status of the donors. With NAT testing now being mandatory, further evaluation of these donors is possible. We conducted a retrospective matched case-control analysis of adult deceased donor kidney transplants performed between 12/5/2014 to 12/31/2016 with the KDRI score and HCV Ab and NAT testing status obtained from UNOS database. The 205 aviremic Hep C Ab+ NAT - kidney transplants were compared to KDRI matched control kidneys that were Hep C Ab-NAT-...
February 16, 2018: American Journal of Transplantation
Xudong Wei, Jian He, Jingyu Wang, Wei Wang
Previous studies have confirmed that CD133+ cells in laryngeal tumor tissue have the characteristics of cancer stem cells. Bmi-1 gene expression is central to the tumorigenicity of CD133+ cells. In this study, we tried to develop a new siRNA carrier system using chitosan-methoxypolyethylene nanoparticles (CS-mPEG-NPs) that exhibit higher tumor-targeting ability and enhanced gene silencing efficacy in CD133+ tumor stem cells. It is hoped to block the self-renewal and kill the stem cells of laryngeal carcinoma...
March 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
André Schulz, Pascal Stammet, Angelika M Dierolf, Claus Vögele, Stefan Beyenburg, Christophe Werer, Yvan Devaux
RATIONALE: Cardiac arrest (CA) is a serious condition characterized by high mortality rates, even after initial successful resuscitation, mainly due to neurological damage. Whether brain-heart communication is associated with outcome after CA is unknown. Heartbeat-evoked brain potentials (HEPs) represent neurophysiological indicators of brain-heart communication. The aim of this study was to address the association between HEPs and survival after CA. METHODS: HEPs were calculated from resting EEG/ECG in 55 CA patients 24 hours after resuscitation...
February 12, 2018: Resuscitation
Yafang Liu, Kai Chang, Kexin Fu, Xinjie Dong, Xiaoshuai Chen, Jixuan Liu, Ni Cui, Jinsong Ni
Claudin-4 (CLDN4) is a member of the claudin transmembrane protein family, which consists of integral membrane proteins that are components of the epithelial cell tight junctions; these tight junctions regulate movement of solutes and ions through the paracellular space. CLDN4 is also a differentiation marker and is believed to indicate an epithelial phenotype. However, the role of CLDN4 in laryngeal squamous carcinoma is still unclear. Here, we showed that CLDN4 expression was down-regulated in laryngeal squamous carcinoma tissues and negatively correlated with Methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 (MeCP2)...
February 12, 2018: Human Pathology
Yongping Liu, Jiming Tong, Ying Tong, Ping Li, Xiaolan Cui, Hongbao Cao
Objective To investigate the in vitro antivirus effect of total flavonoid from Trollius ledebouri Reichb (TFTLR). Methods Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) and Human epithelial type 2 (HEp-2) cell lines were used to test the antivirus effect of TFTLR on nine virus subtypes: four H1N1, one H3N2, and four other subtypes prevalent in North China. Tamiflu, Ribavirin and Lianhua Qingwen were used as active comparators. Comprehensive molecular pathway analyses of TFTLR-H1N1 and TFTLR-H3N2 relationships were also conducted...
January 1, 2018: Journal of International Medical Research
Yan-Hua Li, Zhou Bei, Yi-Min Shi, Yu-Peng Xun, Yun-Han Yang, Li-Juan Yang
A series of novel 3-substituted N-methylcarbazole-imidazolium salt derivatives has been prepared and evaluated in vitro against a panel of tumor cell lines (Hep G-2, Hela and PC12). The results suggest that the presence of substituted 2-methyl-imidazole or imidazole ring and substitution of the imidazolyl-3-position with a naphthylacyl or 4-bromophenacyl group were important for improving cytotoxic activity. Compounds 17, 18, 27 and 28 with 4-bromophenacyl and naphthylacyl groups displayed good activities with IC50 values of 0...
February 11, 2018: Chemical Biology & Drug Design
Chunshan Quan, Jing Liu, Wei Zhou, Wei Zheng, Liming Jin, Jing Zhao, Pengchao Zhao, Shengdi Fan
Cyclic lipopeptide has extensive application prospect in the field of medicine due to its unique chemical structure and biological activity. This study aims to obtain high purity of cyclic lipopeptide monomer from Bacillus amyloliquefaciems strain Q-426, and illuminate preliminary antitumor mechanism of C-15 Bacillomycin D and C-16 Bacillomycin D. Firstly, crude cyclic lipopeptide solution was prepared by two-steps purification of acid precipitation and double-resins chromatography. In order to obtain purer product preparative HPLC was utilized to separate and purify cyclic lipopeptide...
February 25, 2018: Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao, Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
Chinedu Ochin, Mahdi Garelnabi
BACKGROUND: The developments of new parenteral approaches to target PCSK-9 for the treatment LDL-Cholesterol has yielded impressive results; and have shown significant decreases in the risk of mortality associated with hypercholesterolemia. However improved and convenient alternate approaches that exploit the beneficial drug target properties of PCSK-9 also need to be explored and developed. One such approach is the oral administration of Berberine using nanotechnology. METHODS: Nanoprecipitation encapsulation and physiochemical characterization of Berberine Chloride in PLGA-PEG-PLGA block copolymer has been developed and characterized in Hep-G2 cells using Berberine Chloride encapsulated nanoparticle (BC-NP)...
February 1, 2018: Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders Drug Targets
Mitsuo Nishiyama, Ryouichi Tsunedomi, Kiyoshi Yoshimura, Noriaki Hashimoto, Satoshi Matsukuma, Hiroyuki Ogihara, Shinsuke Kanekiyo, Michihisa Iida, Kazuhiko Sakamoto, Nobuaki Suzuki, Shigeru Takeda, Shigeru Yamamoto, Shigefumi Yoshino, Tomio Ueno, Yoshihiko Hamamoto, Shoichi Hazama, Hiroaki Nagano
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are thought to play important roles in cancer malignancy. Previously, we successfully induced sphere cancer stem-like cells (CSLCs) from several cell lines and observed the property of chemoresistance. In the present study, we examined the metastatic potential of these induced CSLCs. CSLCs were induced from a human hepatoma cell line (SK-HEP-1) in a unique medium containing neural survival factor-1. Splenic injection of cells into immune-deficient mice was used to assess hematogenous liver metastasis...
February 8, 2018: Cancer Science
M G Simões, A Hugo, P Alves, P F Pérez, A Gómez-Zavaglia, P N Simões
Liposomes are exceptional carriers for therapeutic drug delivery. However, they generally suffer from poor cell penetration, low half-life in bloodstream and loss of functionality during storage. To overcome these problems some strategies can be applied, such as functionalization with polymers and the use of protective molecules during dehydration processes. This work reports a complete study about the stability, including freeze-drying in the presence of trehalose, storage and internalization into HEp-2 cells, of stable formulations of pH sensitive polymer-liposome complexes (PLC) composed of soybean lecithin and crosslinked/non-crosslinked poly(acrylic acid) with a cholesterol end-group (CHO-PAA)...
January 23, 2018: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Mohamed-Ridha Barbouche, Qubo Chen, Marco Carbone, Imen Ben-Mustapha, Zakera Shums, Mehdi Trifa, Federica Malinverno, Francesca Bernuzzi, Haiyan Zhang, Nourhen Agrebi, Gary L Norman, Christopher Chang, M Eric Gershwin, Pietro Invernizzi
Hyper-immunoglobulin M syndrome is an X-linked primary immunodeficiency disease caused by mutations in the CD40 ligand gene. The CD40 ligand has been recently highlighted as playing a key role in the pathogenesis of primary biliary cholangitis. In the present study, we assessed an extensive set of serum autoantibodies in a series of well-defined patients with hyper-immunoglobulin M syndrome. Serum, liver-related and liver-not-related autoantibodies IgG, IgM and IgA were tested by ELISA and standard indirect immunofluorescence in HEp-2 cells in 13 Tunisian patients (8 males and 5 females, aged 1-12 years) with hyper-immunoglobulin M syndrome during 1995-2012 and, as controls, 21 age- and gender-matched blood donors...
February 5, 2018: Cellular & Molecular Immunology
Khuloud Bajbouj, Jasmin Shafarin, Hilda Allam, Mohamed Madkour, Samir Awadallah, Ahmed El-Serafy, Divyasree Sandeep, Mawieh Hamad
Clinical and experimental observations have long suggested that elevated levels of estrogen associate with increased serum iron availability. Additionally, recent work has shown that estrogen can downregulate hepcidin synthesis in vitro. This study aims at assessing whether the ability of estrogen to downregulate hepcidin synthesis translates into changes in serum iron status. Hepcidin synthesis was evaluated in MCF-7, Hep-G2 and SKOV-3 cells treated with increasing concentrations of estrogen and cultured for up to 24 h post treatment...
February 2, 2018: Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes
Qi N Cui, Scott J Fudemberg, Arthur F Resende, Thuy-Anh Vu, Chen Zhou, Kamran Rahmatnejad, Lisa A Hark, Jonathan S Myers, L Jay Katz, Michael Waisbourd
PURPOSE: To compare the diagnostic assessment of glaucoma specialists with an automated structure-function correlation report combining visual field (VF) and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) imagining in subjects with glaucoma. METHODS: This prospective, cross-sectional study was conducted at Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Subjects with glaucoma received ophthalmic examination, VF testing, and SD-OCT imaging. An automated report was generated describing structure-function correlations between the two structural elements [retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) and Bruch's membrane opening-minimum rim width (MRW)] and VF sectors...
February 2, 2018: International Ophthalmology
Nariatsu Sato, Akira Nakayama, Yuki Takai, Toru Kamata
A 77-year-old woman was diagnosed with HER2-positive unresectable gastric cancer with multiple lymph node and liver metastases(cT3-4, cN3, cM1[HEP, LYM], cStage IV ). Four courses of combination chemotherapy with capecitabine, oxaliplatin, and trastuzumab(XELOX plus Tras)were administered. Though all lesions showed a complete or partial response, anorexia and body weight loss appeared because of the stenosis in the primary gastric lesion. After another course, these symptoms became worse and she underwent laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy...
November 2017: Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & Chemotherapy
Rui Qi, Dongtao Wang, Lifei Xing, Zhongjun Wu
Dysregulation of mitochondrial biogenesis is associated with pathogenesis in many diseases, including liver diseases. Cyclosporine A (CsA), one of the most commonly used drug to treat many autoimmune diseases and to prevent allograft rejection after organ transplantation, has been reported to cause mitochondrial dysfunction. However, the cellular mechanisms underlying CsA on mitochondrial dysfunction remain at present not completely elucidated. In this study, we found that CsA reduced the expression of PGC-1α at both the mRNA and protein levels in HepG2 cells...
January 29, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Andrea Gmür, Philippe Kolly, Marina Knöpfli, Jean-François Dufour
BACKGROUND AND AIM: The Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status (ECOG PS) is a strong predictor of survival for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and is used with liver function and tumour burden in the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) staging system. This work assesses whether the health-related quality of life (HRQL), measured by the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Hepatobiliary (FACT-Hep) questionnaire discriminates HCC patients in terms of survival and adds prognostic information to ECOG PS...
February 1, 2018: Liver International: Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver
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