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Danka Đevenica, Anita Markotić, Nikolina Režić-Mužinić, Igor Jelaska, Tatijana Zemunik, Hrvoje Delić, Vedrana Čikeš Čulić
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to estimate effects of hyperbaric (HB) treatment by determination of CD15s and CD11b leukocyte proinflammatory markers expression. In addition, this study describes changes in CD77 and CD34 expression on rat endothelial cells in renal, pulmonary and cardiac tissue following exposure to hyperbaric pressure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Expression of CD11b and CD15s on leukocytes, as well as CD77 and CD34 expression on endothelial cells in cell suspensions of renal, pulmonary and cardiac tissue in rats after hyperbaric treatment and in control rats were determined by flow cytometry...
August 2016: Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
Shan Wang, Meifang He, Linmei Li, Zhihua Liang, Zehong Zou, Ailin Tao
PURPOSE: Cell-in-cell structures are created by one living cell entering another homotypic or heterotypic living cell, which usually leads to the death of the internalized cell, specifically through caspase-dependent cell death (emperitosis) or lysosome-dependent cell death (entosis). Although entosis has attracted great attention, its occurrence is controversial, because one cell line used in its study (MCF-7) is deficient in caspase-3. METHODS: We investigated this issue using MCF-7 and A431 cell lines, which often display cell-in-cell invasion, and have different levels of caspase-3 expression...
September 2016: Journal of Breast Cancer
Yaning Zhang, Yufeng Li, Wentao Yuan, Yuting Xia, Yijuan Shen
Haemophilus parasuis (H. parasuis) is a common commensal Gram-negative extracellular bacterium in the upper respiratory tract of swine, which can cause Glässer's disease in stress conditions. Research on the pathogenicity of H. parasuis has mainly focused on immune evasion and bacterial virulence factors, while few studies have examined the interactions of H. parasuis and its host. Autophagy is associated with the replication and proliferation of many pathogenic bacteria, but whether it plays a role during infection by H...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Ewa Katarzyna Kopczyńska
The metastasis-associated in colon cancer-1 (MACC1) gene was identified in 2009. Expression of MACC1 was found to be significantly upregulated in primary and metastatic colon carcinomas compared to normal tissues or adenomas. The induction of MACC1 occurs at the crucial step of transition from a benign to a malignant phenotype. The aim of this review was to summarise current results of non-clinical and clinical studies on the role of MACC1 in the carcinogenesis and progression of cancer, as well its potential therapeutic and prognostic significance...
2016: Contemporary Oncology Współczesna Onkologia
Hongmei Duan, Xiaoguang Li, Cong Wang, Peng Hao, Wei Song, Manli Li, Wen Zhao, Yudan Gao, Zhaoyang Yang
: The traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually causes brain tissue defects, including neuronal death or loss, which ultimately results in dysfunction in some degree. The cell replacement therapy is now one of the most promising methods for such injury. There are currently various methods to induce the differentiation of stem cells into neurons, but all extremely complex, slow and unstable. Here we report that the sodium hyaluronate collagen scaffold loaded with bFGF (bFGF-controlled releasing system, bFGF-CRS) can induce neural stem cells (NSCs) to differentiate into multi-type and mature functional neurons at a high percentage of 82±1...
November 2016: Acta Biomaterialia
Yang Xia, Huimin Tao, Yangyang Hu, Quanning Chen, Xin Chen, Leiming Xia, Li Zhou, Yi Wang, Yangyi Bao, Shiang Huang, Xiubao Ren, Steven K Lundy, Fu Dai, Qiao Li, Alfred E Chang
We previously reported that antitumor B cells directly kill tumor cells via the Fas/FasL pathway and are regulated by IL-10. In this study, we defined additional mechanisms involved in B cell antitumor immunity. Administration of IL-2 significantly augmented the therapeutic efficacy of adoptively transferred tumor-draining lymph node (TDLN) B cells which express IL- 2R. Culture supernatant of purified B splenocytes harvested from the mice that received adoptive transfer of 4T1 TDLN B cells plus IL-2 administration produced larger amounts of IgG which bound to 4T1, resulting in 4T1 lysis...
August 9, 2016: Oncotarget
Oriana Trubiani, Simone Guarnieri, Francesca Diomede, Maria A Mariggiò, Ilaria Merciaro, Caterina Morabito, Marcos F X B Cavalcanti, Lucio Cocco, Giulia Ramazzotti
Stem cells isolated from human adult tissue niche represent a promising source for neural differentiation. Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells (hPDLSCs) originating from the neural crest are particularly suitable for induction of neural commitment. In this study, under xeno-free culture conditions, in undifferentiated hPDLSCs and in hPDLSCs induced to neuronal differentiation by basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, the level of some neural markers have been analyzed. The hPDLSCs spontaneously express Nestin, a neural progenitor marker...
November 2016: Cellular Signalling
G Mátis, A Kulcsár, J Petrilla, P Talapka, Z Neogrády
As Kupffer cells are highly involved in the regulation of hepatic inflammatory response, the main goal of this study was to improve and to characterize a hepatocyte-Kupffer cell co-culture of pig origin for modelling endotoxin-induced hepatic inflammation and for testing the efficacy of potential anti-inflammatory substances. This monolayer co-culture was prepared from primary isolated swine hepatocytes and Kupffer cells in the ratio of 6:1 and 2:1, mimicking different states of liver inflammation. The prepared cell cultures were characterized by immunohistochemical CD-68 detection...
July 23, 2016: Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
Matthew R G Russell, Thomas R Lerner, Jemima J Burden, David O Nkwe, Annegret Pelchen-Matthews, Marie-Charlotte Domart, Joanne Durgan, Anne Weston, Martin L Jones, Christopher J Peddie, Raffaella Carzaniga, Oliver Florey, Mark Marsh, Maximiliano G Gutierrez, Lucy M Collinson
The processes of life take place in multiple dimensions, but imaging these processes in even three dimensions is challenging. Here we describe a workflow for 3D correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) of cell monolayers using fluorescence microscopy to identify and follow biological events, combined with serial blockface scanning electron microscopy to analyse the underlying ultrastructure. The workflow encompasses all steps from cell culture to sample processing, imaging strategy and 3D image processing/analysis...
July 21, 2016: Journal of Cell Science
Paulina Tokarz, Agnieszka Wanda Piastowska-Ciesielska, Kai Kaarniranta, Janusz Blasiak
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is characterized by the progressive degradation of photoreceptors and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells. ARPE-19 is an RPE cell line established as an in vitro model for the study of AMD pathogenesis. Oxidative stress is an AMD pathogenesis factor that induces DNA damage. Thus, the oxidative stress-mediated DNA damage response (DDR) of ARPE-19 cells can be important in AMD pathogenesis. The metabolism of retinoids-which regulates cell proliferation, differentiation, and the visual cycle in the retina-was reported to be disturbed in AMD patients...
2016: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Qiang Sun, Hongyan Huang, Michael Overholtzer
The engulfment of live cells may represent a mechanism of cell death. We reported that E-cadherin (epithelial cadherin) expression in human cancer cells favors the formation of cell-in-cell structures through the mechanism known as entosis, and that entosis contributes to a form of cellular competition in heterogeneous cancer cell populations.
October 2015: Molecular & Cellular Oncology
Jessie Peh, Timothy M Fan, Kathryn L Wycislo, Howard S Roth, Paul J Hergenrother
The development of vemurafenib resistance limits the long-term efficacy of this drug for treatment of metastatic melanomas with the (V600E)BRAF mutation. Inhibition of downstream MAPK signaling with vemurafenib induces apoptotic cell death mediated by caspase-3, suggesting that addition of a procaspase-3 activator could enhance anticancer effects. Here, we show that the combination of PAC-1, a procaspase-activating compound, and vemurafenib is highly synergistic in enhancing caspase-3 activity and apoptotic cell death in melanoma cell lines harboring the (V600E)BRAF mutation...
August 2016: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
Gyu-Sung Cho, Felix Ritzmann, Marie Eckstein, Melanie Huch, Karlis Briviba, Diana Behsnilian, Horst Neve, Charles M A P Franz
Eggerthella and Slackia spp. are gut associated bacteria that have been suggested to play roles in host lipid and xenobiotic metabolism. A quantitative PCR method for the selective enumeration of bacteria belonging to either the genus Eggerthella or Slackia was developed in order to establish the numbers of these bacteria occurring in human feces. The primers developed for selective amplification of these genera were tested first in conventional PCR to test for their specificity. Representative species of Eggerthella and Slackia, as well as closely related genera of the Coriobacteriia, were included in the investigation...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Marilia Freitas Calmon, Laura Sichero, Enrique Boccardo, Luisa Lina Villa, Paula Rahal
Annexin 1 (ANXA1) is a substrate for E6AP mediated ubiquitylation. It has been hypothesized that HPV 16 E6 protein redirects E6AP away from ANXA1, increasing its stability and possibly contributing to viral pathogenesis. We analyzed ANXA1 expression in HPV-positive and negative cervical carcinoma-derived cells, in cells expressing HPV-16 oncogenes and in cells transduced with shRNA targeting E6AP. We observed that ANXA1 protein expression increased in HPV-16-positive tumor cells, in keratinocytes expressing HPV-16 E6wt (wild-type) or E6/E7 and C33 cells expressing HPV-16 E6wt...
September 2016: Virology
Aaron McKenna, Gregory M Findlay, James A Gagnon, Marshall S Horwitz, Alexander F Schier, Jay Shendure
Multicellular systems develop from single cells through distinct lineages. However, current lineage-tracing approaches scale poorly to whole, complex organisms. Here, we use genome editing to progressively introduce and accumulate diverse mutations in a DNA barcode over multiple rounds of cell division. The barcode, an array of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/Cas9 target sites, marks cells and enables the elucidation of lineage relationships via the patterns of mutations shared between cells...
July 29, 2016: Science
Kazuki Nabeshima, Shinji Matsumoto, Makoto Hamasaki, Tomoyuki Hida, Toshiaki Kamei, Kenzo Hiroshima, Tohru Tsujimura, Kunimitsu Kawahara
Because most of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) patients first present with pleural effusion, detection of mesothelioma cells on effusion smears is critical for early diagnosis. Recently, accumulating evidence indicating that the cytological diagnosis of MPM supported by ancillary techniques is as reliable as that based on histopathology has led to new guidelines for the cytopathologic diagnosis of MPM. Based on the guidelines, a combination of cytomorphological criteria and verification by ancillary techniques is required for the cytologic diagnosis of MPM...
September 2016: Diagnostic Cytopathology
Caixia Yang, Rui Tian, Ting Liu, Gang Liu
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most important imaging technologies used in clinical diagnosis. Reporter genes for MRI can be applied to accurately track the delivery of cell in cell therapy, evaluate the therapy effect of gene delivery, and monitor tissue/cell-specific microenvironments. Commonly used reporter genes for MRI usually include genes encoding the enzyme (e.g., tyrosinase and β-galactosidase), the receptor on the cells (e.g., transferrin receptor), and endogenous reporter genes (e...
2016: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Maryam Ayatollahi, Tahereh Talaei-Khozani, Mahboobeh Razmkhah
OBJECTIVES: Immunosuppressive property of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) has great attraction in regenerative medicine especially when dealing with tissue damage involving immune reactions. The most attractive tissue sources of MSCs used in clinical applications are bone marrow (BM), adipose tissue (AT), and Wharton's jelly (WJ) of human umbilical cord. The current study has compared immunomodulatory properties of human BM, AT, and WJ-MSCs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three different types of human MSCs were isolated, cultured, and characterized by flow cytometry and differentiation potentials...
February 2016: Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
Shefali Krishna, Michael Overholtzer
Multiple mechanisms have emerged where the engulfment of whole live cells, leading to the formation of what are called 'cell-in-cell' structures, induces cell death. Entosis is one such mechanism that drives cell-in-cell formation during carcinogenesis and development. Curiously, entotic cells participate actively in their own engulfment, by invading into their hosts, and are then killed non-cell-autonomously. Here we review the mechanisms of entosis and entotic cell death and the consequences of entosis on cell populations...
June 2016: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences: CMLS
Tobias S Slørdahl, Pegah Abdollahi, Esten N Vandsemb, Christoph Rampa, Kristine Misund, Katarzyna A Baranowska, Marita Westhrin, Anders Waage, Torstein B Rø, Magne Børset
Multiple myeloma (MM) is a neoplastic proliferation of bone marrow plasma cells. PRL-3 is a phosphatase induced by interleukin (IL)-6 and other growth factors in MM cells and promotes MM-cell migration. PRL-3 has also been identified as a marker gene for a subgroup of patients with MM. In this study we found that forced expression of PRL-3 in the MM cell line INA-6 led to increased survival of cells that were depleted of IL-6. It also caused redistribution of cells in cell cycle, with an increased number of cells in G2M-phase...
May 10, 2016: Oncotarget
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